Friday, September 24, 2004

Greetings from J-List September 24, 2004

Hello again from Japan, where staplers are known as "hotchkiss," after a company that made them back in the 19th century.

There are many differences between Japan and the U.S. Once I went to buy canned coffee from a vending machine, and noticed they had two sizes of the same coffee, with a choice of 200 or 350 ml sized cans (or 7 and 12 oz, for our American readers) for the same price. This struck me as very odd -- who wouldn't choose the larger can? I went for the bigger size, while the Japanese people I was with all chose the smaller can. Turns out they knew something I didn't, though. The amount of coffee in both cans was the same; the larger can contained more water, and didn't taste as good as the smaller can. Often, Americans are conditioned to perceive value based on size or quantity rather than taste, something I would never have noticed without coming to Japan.

Sadly, one of the major economic themes of Japan today is the triumph of inefficiency. When you drive past road construction, there are sure to be several men whose job it is to stand by the road with orange flashlights, ostensibly directing traffic even though everyone ignores them. Then there are the ever-present "parking old men" who do nothing more than stand in parking lots and direct you to a parking spot that you could have easily found yourself. NHK is Japan's public television network, funded by households paying $20 every month to NHK representatives who visit each house door-to-door to collect the money -- no one has ever considered doing direct deposit from people's bank accounts? Japan is a very cash-centric country, and personal checks (or cheques, for our European readers) don't exist here at all. When individuals or businesses need to send money to someone, they usually go to the bank and execute a manual bank transfer (furikomi), paying a $6 fee to the bank for this privilege.

Another bastion of inefficiency is the Japanese post office, but this might be changing soon, as Prime Minister Koizumi pushes for privatizing Japan's behemoth postal system. The Japanese post office does more than just deliver mail and sell stamps: they also operate as the worlds largest bank, holding $3.2 trillion in cash deposits for individuals at a whopping 0.02 rate of return and also selling government-backed insurance. The post office operates 25,000 branches of branches throughout the country, offering various local services and providing a place for elderly people to gather and talk, but it's terribly wasteful. There's a lot of opposition to the reform plans from Japan's 1 million postal employees, who fear losing jobs, and from rural areas which depend on postal services.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Greetings from J-List September 22, 2004

Japan can be a very uniform place: because things like education and transportation policy tend to get decided on a national level, it can be surprising how similar different parts of the country might look to an outsider. In Japan, a traffic light is a traffic light -- they're all exactly the same color and shape, horizontally oriented, except in northern Honshu and Hokkaido, where they hang them vertically to keep the snow off in the winter. In the U.S., there is quite a lot of variation in how schools are structured, with traditional, charter and year-round schools, schools in large, easy-to-heat buildings on the East Coast but spread-out multi-structure schools in warmer parts of the country. In Japan, however, a school is a school, with drab concrete buildings that look like they came out of some Communist country, uniforms, and textbooks that are the same from one end of the country to the other. And while there are big differences between Japanese cities, from overdeveloped Tokyo to the gritty charm of Osaka to Hiroshima with its street cars and solemn park around the A-Bomb Dome, there is uniformity here, too. No city seems complete without a tower (Tokyo Tower, Yokohama Marine Tower, etc.), a Tanabata festival in July, and in August, a huge fireworks show.

One minor thing I've noticed about Japanese restaurants and similar establishments: they love to trumpet how long they've been around by adding what year they were established. Our favorite Indian restaurant is Mahatma Net Delhi, which has been in business since 1978, according to their sign. They don't always wait before bragging about how long they've been in business, though. My wife and I went to a newly opened Italian restaurant that featured "Since 2004" on their sign. Another wacky one: a coffee shop I go to in Tokyo informs us they've been around "since A.D. 1987" (thanks for the clarification).

Every country has a list of things that are considered rude, and each country is different. In Japan, of course, you take your shoes off when you go into a house (and into some businesses -- J-List included). Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice, since this is "only for dead people" (chopsticks are placed standing upright in rice as part of a last offering of rice to the departed at Japanese funerals). I've noticed that some Japanese, at least the ones I've encountered, are more open than Americans about discussing topics like menstruation or masturbation. Accidental flatulence is not nearly as rude in Japan as it is in the U.S. On the other hand, something that I personally consider very rude -- someone reading over my shoulder -- is not rude at all here. As a result, anything being read or written by a foreigner on a train is considered fair game, and it's not rare to have one or more Japanese straining their necks to see what this gaijin is writing on his Powerbook.

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Remember that J-List carries dozens of excellent English-language dating-sim games which allow you to interact with virtual anime girls in a unique Japanese story. These games are really great -- with long, developed stories, beautiful graphics and characters, and lots of replay value. J-List is the exclusive distributor of Casual Romance Club, an interesting love-sim game release in English, even though it was released here in Japan. It's the only game to offer not just game text in English, but also character voices too.