Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This year it's Gyaco Choco from Japan!

Japan is getting ready for Valentine's Day, that very special time when women show their devotion to the men in their lives by presenting chocolate to their boyfriends, husbands, fathers and, if they don't mind giving "obligation chocolate" (expected in certain social situations), male co-workers. But confectionary maker Morinaga is doing things differently this year, promoting the idea of gyaku choco or "reverse chocolate," by which they mean guys giving chocolate to girls, just like they do in the rest of the world. "Instead of waiting for a girl to give you chocolate," a tag line on their website reads, "be bold and give chocolate to them instead!" They've even released some packages of their delicious chocolates printed with reversed images, specially made for trend-setting males who want to be original and give a chocolate gift to that special girl instead of waiting for her to come to him. Whether you're giving chocolate the standard Japanese way or doing things in reverse, J-List has an excellent selection of delicious chocolate snacks from Japan in stock for you right now.

Enjoy some "reverse chocolate" from Morinaga this year!