Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Of J-Snacks and H-Games

J-List is a fun place where you can find everything from kanji T-shirts that say "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend" to the actual Sanrio-licensed Hello Kitty personal massagers. We're also quite fond of the concept of learning about Japan through its delicious snack culture, and we carry hundreds of interesting items for you. The unique Japanese flavors of Kit Kat have become popular all over the world, and we carry the best of them, although remember that all chocolate will be removed from the site in a month or so as summer gets near. There are many fun traditional snacks, like Kompeito, the star-shaped candy that's been in Japan for 500 years, or the popular Ukiyoe Food Drops we carry. Finally, don't miss our selection of Japanese gum, including Fuwarinka Rose Essence Gum, which promises to make you smell nicer from the inside out.

Good news for fans of the PC dating-sim games that J-List sells: you can now purchase the excellent games by Crowd in convenient Internet Download Editions along with our other games. Crowd has brought us some of the most awesome titles over the years, from the legendary X-Change series of games about a boy who accidentally changes into a girl to Tokimeki Check in!, an awesome game about finding love in a traditional Japanese inn. We're also including the outstanding Brave Soul, a full-featured RPG with scrolling maps and real combat and a great system that gives you "love points" with the girls in your party after each mission. Best of all, we're lowering the price on these games, too. Click to see the top 50 dating-sim games on CD-ROM or Download Edition.