Friday, January 21, 2011

Japanese Capitalism is Enlightened Capitalism?

The other day I called the hotel I usually stay at whenever I go to Tokyo -- Hotel Mets Shibuya, if you happen to be looking for one -- to make a reservation for next month. While on the phone with the front desk I'd gotten my credit card out, sure that they'd require me to give them the number with the understanding that the room would be charged if I failed to show up on the appointed evening. I was surprised, however, when the lady thanked me and told me they'd be waiting for me and did not take my card information down, hence there was no penalty if I had to cancel at the last minute. Another example of this "enlightened capitalism" is Cainz Home, the local "home center" (do-it-yourself superstore). When purchasing large items like lumber or furniture, the store will lend you a truck to take the items home with...for free. Even to a gaijin who didn't have a proper driver's license (this was back in the good old days when we were allowed to drive with an international driver's license). There are many other examples of capitalism in Japan seemingly working in a kinder, gentler way than they might in other countries. I've been in discount stores in the U.S. that sell food well past its expiration dates, but this would be unthinkable in Japan...and on J-List, by the way, where all the snacks and food items we sell are guaranteed to be within the freshness date printed on the package when shipped. (I'm also regularly talked out of purchases I don't need by store clerks who want to spare me from buying something stupid that I don't really need, which always amazes me.)
I'm impressed with how often Japan's brand of capitalism is "kind"

"Ningen Dock 2011" and Japan's Health Care System

Yesterday I experienced that Great Democratizer, the full body health checkup, called ningen dock or "human dock" in Japanese. (The idea is that you're docking yourself like a ship in drydock to be refitted.) While reasons for Japan's famous longevity include a healthier diet high in fish, a safe society and human-to-human social networks that provide ikigai (literally "reason for living") late in life, another big part is a well-organized health care system built around this formal ningen dock system. On the day of your check-up, you arrive at the dedicated hospital facility, which does nothing but these standardized procedures, and all morning you're poked and prodded and measured in every way possible, with blood drawn, an EKG recorded, ultrasonic images of internal organs checked, and so on. Since stomach cancer is such a big problem in Japan, there are many well-developed options for checking for stomach problems, too. Part of the effectiveness of the ningen dock system is the unspoken implication that if you don't get your check-up done regularly, you don't love your family, which can be a strong motivator for those who might not bother. The standardized check-ups also provide a huge body of regularly collected data which allows the medical community to identify trends that can improve health.

How is the health care system in your country? I've always gotten the idea that Japan took its cues from the UK, and wouldn't be surprised to see a similar system there. 

Japan's medical system is well organized and quite smart.

Associating Objects with Anime

The other day, my daughter came out of her room, and I did a double-take. She was wearing one of those Japanese gauze eye patches I will forever associate with anime characters, since most of my experience with them has been in 2D form. "Why are you doing Rei Ayanami cosplay?" I asked, and she laughed, telling me that she'd been hit in the face with a ball at school and the nurse put the eye patch on her just to be safe. Yes, the way the brain develops associations is interesting. For example, I'll always think of those traditional Japanese brooms with bamboo handles as "Maison Ikkoku brooms," and the Japanese notched axes sold in hardware stores here as "Higurashi axes" even though everyone here uses them here for cutting bamboo and not for murdering. That's an unavoidable consequence of sipping another country's culture through a straw like we do when we watch anime, manga, dramas and films. It works both ways, too: the Japanese staff of J-List report they can't look at a hockey mask without immediately thinking of Jason from Friday the 13th, and recoiling in fear.
My daughter is wearing a "Rei Ayanami" eye patch these days.

Welcome to Strawberry Time...

Winter is Strawberry Time in Japan, when companies like Glico and Lotte and Morinaga bring out many awesome new snacks flavored with delicious ichigo. J-List has dozens of delicious new snack items for strawberry fans, from Pocky to Choco Ball to several newly posted items today. (I'm really tempted to let my hand "slip" and open a bag of Choco Flake or Nestle Aero chocolates.) Click now to view all Japanese snack items, including the newly posted products, or see the most popular strawberry products here.

Cool Products Friday, January 21, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Fukufuku Lucky Owl with Seven Gods for Display
The Japanese interpretations of Buddhist teachings include seven gods of good luck that are each responsible for bringing happiness to the household in their own way. This display brings the charm of this Japanese tradition to your own home in the form of an owl accompanied by its miniature lucky entourage - a great traditional Japanese decoration sure to bring the best fortune possible.
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CROON A SONG meets Hello Kitty
CROON A SONG meets Hello Kitty Fashion magazine Croon a Song devotes an issue entirely to their Hello Kitty apparel collaboration, with Kitty-themed bag included as an extra!
Hello Kitty Doctor Play Set
Restocked Hello Kitty Items There's always something to surprise or delight Hello Kitty fan. Today we're restocking the Hello Kitty doctor play set, deodorizer, tea pot and lunch tray.
Totoro Stump Cushion
Totoro Stump Cushion Fashioned after a stylized tree stump with a smiling Totoro atop it, this is a great cuddly cushion to snuggle up with everyone's favorite neighbor.
Kiki's Delivery Service Cushion Chocolate Cake
Kiki's Delivery Service Cushions & Pillows We've also restocked the delightful Kiki's Delivery Service soft pillows, along with the fun Cat Bus gama-guchi wallet on a strong and more.
Monster Hunter Tissue Box Cover  Airu  Merarou
Monster Hunter Tissue Box Covers The adorable Airu mascot characters from Monster Hunter are featured on this plush tissue box cover!
Rilakkuma Desktop Dust Box
Rilakkuma DS Game, Dust Box See the super fun new Nintendo DS rhythm game for Rilakkuma fans, plush fresh stock of the Rilakkuma trash can, so cute for your desk.
Shikinami Asuka Langley Plugsuits Glasses Case **Preorder**
In the old days, merely wearing glasses was nerdy enough, but now you can find it to the next level with these Evangelion official glasses cases, which secure your spectacles in protective "plugsuit" style cases. Rei, Asuka and Mari available.
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CHOBi CAM ONE ***Pre-Order***
CHOBi CAM ONE **Pre-Order** The ingenious miniature camera on all the blogs, high quality photography literally at your fingertips! Preorder now.
Moppets -- Cute Dog Cleaner  Corgi
Cute Dog Moppets Restocked, Too Also, we've gotten in fresh stock of the popular cute dog plush toys that clean your gadgets for you. Corgi, Chihuahua, and Golden Retriever.
Elecom *Small* USB Keyboard -- White
Handy Katakana Keyboards from Elecom There's something about a computer keyboard with the Japanese katakana on the keys. Three popular Elecom keyboards restocked today.
USB Bento Box Warmer Pouch
Awesome USB Bento, Canned Drink Warmer Then, the popular USB Bento Box Warmer is restocked, a great way to warm your lunch no matter where you are.
Drift Tengoku Feb 2011
Drift Tengoku Feb 2011 Enter drift heaven with the Japanese magazine all about turning cars into competitive road-dominating machines. Fuel your gearhead needs!
Japanese T-Shirt 'No Normal Humans'  Haruhi Parody
'No Normal Humans' ~ Haruhi Parody "I'm Haruhi Suzumiya, from Higashi Junior High School. I'm not interested in normal hoodies!" We think our warm hoody and T-shirt is pretty awesome.
Queen's Gate Street Fighting Lady Lili ** Preorder **
See a huge restocking of Queen's Blade and Queen's Gate (the latter being books involving characters from other story universes, like Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury or Yagyu from Samurai Girls). Some great books restocked, for all your moe moe art needs.
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Touhou Kourindo  Curiosities of Lotus Asia
Touhou Kourindo ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia A great new Touhou illustrated book, beautifully printed on each page. Also enjoy fresh stock of the doujin Touhou games.
Queen's Blade Airi Maid Costume set  Select sizes
Queen's Blade Airi Maid Costume set Maid and Shinigami Airi from Queen's Blade is here in cosplay form! The perfect outfit for anyone aspiring for this great maid cosplay.
Blue Scarf High School Uniform
Restocked Cosplay Items, Awesome Japanese Socks Our most popular high school unifom cosplay uniform is restocked today, plus Leg Warmer Pon Pon x Knit and those awesome over-knee socks. Yay.
Japanese Style Eye Patch
Awesome Cosplay Eye Patch J-List carries the famous eyepatches seen in Evangelion, Ikki Tousen, ef and other popular shows. Great compliment to any cosplay.
Morinaga Choco Flake -- White Chocolate  Strawberry Chunk
Strawberry is the flavor du jour in Japanese snacks right now, and that means everything from Aero Strawberry Whip, Morinaga Koeda White Chocolate & Strawberry Chunk, White Chocolate & Strawberry Choco Flakes, Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies, Strawberry Milk Candy, and more! Welcome to Strawberry Time!
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Meiji Meltykiss -- Strawberry Chocolate
Huge Restocking of Japanese Snacks, Too! We have a big restocking of strawberry and other items too, incl. Pocky, Meltykiss, Crunky chocolate and much more.
Chopper Man 4 Piece Stacking Bento Box
Chopper Man 4 Piece Stacking Bento Box The cute mascot from One Piece, Chopper Man, quadruples himself by appearing on this four piece bento box set!
Blue Rabbit x Moon Bento Box Set  Square 2 tier Bento Box  Chopsticks  Bento Bag
Year of the Rabbit Bento Restocked See fresh stock of the outstanding "Blue Rabbit x Moon" bento set, which is both very traditional and timely, since 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit.
METAL MODE Silver Men's 2 tier Bento Box set   1000 ml Tight Box  Chopsticks  Thermal Bag
Restocked Traditional and Modern Bento Boxes Bento boxes march steadily into and out of our warehouse, such that we're always having to bring them back in stock - a new batch fresh for you today!
Banana Carrying Case for Bento
Fun Bento Accessories When life gives you bananas, make banana cream pie. Restocked banana items today include the carrying case, giant plush banana and banana slicer!
GOMASURI Set / SURIBACHI  SURIKOGI Stick  Sesame Mortar  Pestle
Other Items for your Kitchen, Bento A fun goma-suri or sesame grinding set for making ground healthy sesame seeds, plus Gyoza Dumpling Maker and "eco" reusable bento cups in various shapes.
Kanji Wall Poster
J-List has restocked the single most epic item for students of Japanese: the Kanji Wall Poster from White Rabbit, which should be known as the "God Poster" since it features every kanji you'd ever need to learn. Printed entirely in kanji and hiragana/katakana (which forces you to memorize properly, aiding pronunciation), it's a highly recommended item.
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AIR PRESS  Tombow Powerful Air Pressure Ball Pen for Working People
Japanese Pens, and More Japanese Pens Japanese pens are both well made and fun to use. Today we've restocked the ENERGEL Liquid Ink Pen, Air Press pen that writes with air pressure, and more.
DECO Packing Tape  Thank you Buddha
DECO Packing Tape ~ Thank you Buddha If you've ever wanted to sanctify your packaging for a present or some other wacky use this is the perfect tape, now with more Buddha!
Ichiban Hachimaki -- No.1 Headband
Restocked Traditional Items Fun restocked items today, including juzu (Buddhist prayer beads, worn for fashion or enlightenment), plus more hachimaki kanji headbands.
Suruga Kanbara 1/8 Figure  Bakemonogatari **Preorder**
Suruga Kanbara, KuroNeko Figures Kuroneko from Oreimo and Suruga from Bakemonogatari are the amazing new figures we have available for preorder for you today.
Sci-fi Revoltech No.20 Jason and the Argonauts Skelton Army 2nd Ver. **Preorder**
Sci-fi Revoltech Jason and the Argonauts 2nd Also coming, a new version of the most awesome skeleton figure I've seen. Would love to give them K-On! instruments and make them play.
Full Metal Daemon MURAMASA
Full Metal Daemon MURAMASA The epic Nitroplus game released to commemorate their 10th anniversary is now here in an official artbook! Tons of great ecchi CG inside.
Mellow Wave
Today is the day to check out our lineup of stress relief products for women, including this new novelty toy from A-One. Built to exacting standards and designed to provide just the sort of pleasure you need to take your mind off things, it's Japanese engineering with a very personal touch!
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R-1 Predator Wand
The Most Advanced Stress Relief Toys Also for our stressed-out female customers (or their boyfriends), the popular R-1 advanced toy series, including Predator Wand and Mont Blanc.
G.II  Special Private Massager
Even More Vibrators from Japan We also carry the best "rotar" [sic] toys from Japan, so popular with our female customers. Also: the Hello Kitty line has been restocked.
BALDR FORCE EXE The classic game from Giga with the KOTOKO / I've Sound OP that you've heard, in the definitive EXE PC release. Bishoujo action from Japan!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elegant Compound Kanji Words

The Japanese language is based on kanji characters in much the same way that Western languages draw from ancient Latin and Greek. Because kanji can be combined to make new compound meanings easily, it's common for some interesting words to be created. If you want to fly in a plane to America, you could use clunky language like hikoki de America ni ikimasu, or you could use the shorter, more poetic word 渡米する tobei suru, made with the characters for "cross" and "rice" (rice being the kanji arbitrarily assigned to the United States during the early Meiji Period). If a representative of the Japanese government makes an official visit to Europe, the word used might be 訪欧 houou (hoh-oh), made up of "visit" and the character for Europe. (You could also have 訪仏 houfutsu "to visit France" or 渡英 cross to England.") Another word I always thought was cool was 上京する jokyo suru, written with characters meaning "to climb up to the capital," a cool way of saying coming to Tokyo (or Kyoto, if in a past era) to find one's fortune. Whenever you read the biographies of famous actors, there'll be a note about what year they came to Tokyo from wherever they're from, which uses this word.

Campy Images of Japan in Film and on TV

Last time I wrote about ways that U.S. companies use the imagery of America to sell products in Japan, sometimes overstepping the bounds of cheesiness to create stylized versions of U.S. that don't actually exist. But America is also quite adept at creating laughable representations of "Japan" for TV and film, too. Once I was watching an episode of Alias with my wife, and there was a horrid scene in which some female spy went to "Japan" (which appeared to be shot in a sushi restaurant about ten minutes from West Hollywood), painted her face white like a "geisha" and proceeded to extract information from her target despite not knowing his language. I was livid that in the 21st century TV producers couldn't even come close to getting basic imagery right, but my wife was enthralled with it, laughing at each new hilarious plot twist. (She also giggled at the scene in Firefly when Inara washes herself out of a Japanese-looking bucket, which is a sushi-oke or sushi serving tray, something you'd never put soap or water in.) Some movies are obvious parodies of Japan, like Kill Bill, and viewers understand this and adjust their perspective. But when ridiculous versions of Tokyo are served up to viewers in a serious way, with Chinese or Koreans playing Japanese to boot, it kind of gets my gaijin dander up.
Campy imagery of Japan in film and on TV is common.

Good and Bad Things about Winter in Japan

Things I like about winter in Japan: wearing my hanten kimono coat while enjoying a dinner of nabe with the family, which is any stew made in a pot in the center of the table, such as sukiyaki. Drinking a hot can of coffee while waiting for a train. Sinking into a bath at the end of the day while one of those fizzing BUB bath tablets rejuvenates me. Then there are a few things I don't like about winter in Japan. Being cold all the time, since Japanese houses are not very well built. (There's an odd expectation left over from the bubble years that you'll tear your house down and build a new one every 15-20 years, so why build them properly?) I'm also not a fan of the kerosene space heaters used to warm rooms, or more specifically, finding that my heater has run out of fuel in the coldest part of the night, requiring me to go downstairs and fill it up again in the shivering cold. The kerosene tanks are usually kept in the genkan (shoe foyer) near the front door, and as I refill the tank from my heater with the pump there's a 50% chance I'll overfill it, spilling kerosene all over the family's shoes and making everyone mad at me.
Ah, the agony of refilling the kerosene tank during winter.

Awesome Artbooks at J-List

J-List carries hundreds of awesome and amazing artbooks from Japan, which are glossy books that are beautifully printed and filled with glossy illustrations from Japan's best artists. From the brand-new Pieces 5 by Shirow Masamune (view from the J-List) to the epic PIXIV Quarterly artbooks highlighting the best illustrators made in Japan today, to Angel Beats, One Piece and the Queen's Blade series, we've got a fantastic lineup for you to browse. Click here to see the most popular anime artbooks with J-List customers!

Cool Products Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Revoltech Daizen 2  Figure King Premium Series 9
Revoltech action figure fans and collectors take note -- the magazine that helps you catalogue your collection with exhaustive listings and high quality pictures is here! Includes all the latest models and trivia about Kaiyodo's epic action figure lineup. Evangelion figure included with the magazine! Awesome and highly recommended.
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Cirno 1/6 Figure  Touhou Project **Preorder**
Cirno Figure In Stock There's no way my Cirno can be this cute! But she is, and she's here for you waiting to be taken away. Awesome figure is now in stock.
To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun Nendoroid Petite Set of 4 **Preorder**
To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Nendoroid Set of 4 Railgun comes to the Petit Nendoroid lineup with this full set, so you can get all four girls at once.
Totoro  Umbrella Wooden Music Box Key Chain
Totoro Wooden Music Box Key Chains A miniature authentic music box made for use as a keychain, each plays a tune from Totoro when wound up and let to play out. A Totoro lover's dream!
Sleepy Totoro Giant Plush
Totoro Plush Toys Restocked The really large Sleepy Totoro Giant Plush is restocked, plus another favorite item of ours, the soft Totoro Plush Baby Rattle for little hands!
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute 1  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 1 (Blu-ray Disc)
A great limited edition Blu-ray release of one of the most popular shows of 2010! Join Kirino on her secret otaku crusade in full HD, packed with tons of great extras to go along with it. My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute? Yes she can!
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High School of the Dead 3 (Blu-ray Disc)
High School of the Dead 3 (Blu-ray Disc)  The fanservicey action adventures of the high school resistance against apocalyptic zombie invasion continue! Gorgeous full HD!
Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya  Limited Edition (Blu-ray Disc)
Disappearance of Haruhi, More Restocked Enjoy more restocked Blu-Ray from Japan, including the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, both Samurai Girls discs and Laputa w/full subtitles.
Hello Kitty USB e-Kairo
Hello Kitty USB e-Kairo A great item to keep you warm at your desk or workplace, a plug-in handwarmer with a Sanrio-approved Hello Kitty theme!
Darth Vader USB e-Kairo
Darth Vader USB e-Kairo Also, a fun Star Wars themed hand warmer that will keep you toasty the next time you're on Hoth. You don't know the warmth of the Dark Side!
Kitty Japanese Doll -- Ao Momiji *Blue Maple*  Kimono
Fantastic Hello Kitty Traditional Dolls The epic Hello Kitty traditional kimono dolls are back in production after a several year hiatus. These high quality items are super for collectors!
KYOTO Omuro Beauty Sakura Bath Oil
Kyoto Bath Tablets Have a fabulous bath with this sakura essence bath oil, which we just got in stock. It's made in Kyoto!
Bomb Feb 2011
Bomb Feb 2011 The curvaceous beauties of Japan's bikini idol scene are on parade in the newly rebooted BOMB magazine. A brand new issue with all the latest!
Health and Physical Education for Over Thirty  Efforts of Love  30 Sai no Hoken Taiiku
Health and Physical Education for Over Thirty This book is a health manual for 30 or older which describes how to get along with the opposite sex, if you know what we mean. Great for hikikomori types!
AIUEO Study with Anpanman DX
AIUEO Study with Anpanman DX An amazing Nintendo DS learning tool for Japanese beginners working on kana reading and writing, and more advanced grammar students too!
Also, Restocked PSP Anime Games Enjoy the 2-disc awesomeness of Clannad on your Sony PSP, or the pantsu-filled fun of the Miku Hatsune Project DIVA games. Also, K-On! After School Life!
iTunes Japan Music Card
You can find awesome anime songs with our iTunes Prepaid Cards, like this outstanding selection made by a fan, or roam the app store looking for cool Japan-only apps!
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Boa Parka with Bear ear  Brown
Boa Parka with Bear ear ~ Brown Fresh stock of the ultra-cute Boa Parka with Bear Ears, because every pretty girl should have cute bear ears.
Stripe Panty -- Shimapan Light Blue  size 5L
Restocked 'Shimapan,' Other Fashions Then, from stylish Gothic Lolita Ribbon Skirt to Japanese leg warmers to our awesome shimapan, we've got fantastic items restocked today.
Ninja Driver 4GB  Black -- USB Flash Memory
Ninja Driver 4GB ~ USB Flash Memory Restocked This ninja-themed USB memory stick will protect your valuable data with ruthless efficiency and stealth. Also acts as a luck charm against pirates!
FritoLay Sukiyaki Cheetos
Chances are, when you got out of bed this morning, you didn't say to yourself, "What I need are some sukiyaki flavored Cheetos. Well we've got those, official products from FritoLay Japan to boot, plus Meiji Almond Choco covered with chocolate and rice crackers (!) and a candy that I personally love, Poifull.
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Lucky Star Strawberry Cake
Fun Snacks Restocked More Lucky Star themed cakes and cookies, plus Tokyo Strawberry Daifuku, Peko-chan Milky Cnady, Lotte My Cube Gum and Pizza Potato (chips).
HANAKO 2 Tier Bento Box  Miso Soup Bowl
HANAKO 2 Tier Bento Box & Miso Soup Bowl  Looking like a stylized kokeshi doll, the adorable Hanako makes a cute blend of traditional and modern to go with your bento meal.
Zojirushi Warm Bento Box Set  Black
Zojirushi Warming Bento Box Designer Set If Louis Vuitton made a bento box, surely this is what it would look like. This stylish bento from Zojirushi is one of the most elegant we've ever carried.
Genuine Lacquered Miso Soup Bowl Style Bento Box  Rabbit
Even More Bento Boxes Restocked Enjoy the Momotaro Bento that goes well with Hanako, plus the Chrysanthemum Kimono Bento and Lacquered Miso Soup Bento, one of my favorites!
One Piece 4 Piece Stacking Bento Box
One Piece 4 Piece Stacking Bento Box Add some One Piece style to your lunch collection with this great new bento box featuring Luffy's "wanted" poster.
ONIGIRI / Rice Ball Maker  Triangle
Restocked Onigiri Shapers, Kitchen Items Say goodbye to improperly shaped onigiri rice balls with the shapers we're restocking, plus the vegetable shaper and bamboo "cooking chopsticks."
Basic Kanji Drill New -- 2nd Grade
Japanese Study Books Restocked Then: fresh stock of the Japanese kanji drill books used by Japanese children, with several back in stock.
Parody Milk Chocolate Mirror
Random Stuff Restocked A parody mirror that looks like delicious chocolate? A "Beauty Massage Pen" that keeps you young? Portable Paper Soap for washing your hands anywhere? Great!
Japanese traditional items
Restocked Traditional Items We love kokeshi wooden dolls form Japan, and make sure to carry some nice ones for our customers. All four seasons restocked!
Revoltech No.102 Evangelion Evolution EVA02 **Preorder**
Revoltech Queen's Blade, Evangelion Preorder Figures A fresh concept of Eva Unit 02 and Yumil from Queen's Blade lead today's batch of figure preorders, Revoltech action figures representing!
VERITA Complete Guide Book
Ikusa Megami Verita, the game from Eushully that took second place in the 2010 Moe Game Awards, gets its own deluxe guidebook! Everything you need to make it through the epic fantasy RPG, plus tons of background, promotional images and supplementary material to make the game experience even richer. Massive book, 2x the thickness of most other artbooks.
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Snow Moon Flower 3 Sisters -- Mitsuki
Snow Moon Flower 3 Sisters Toy Collection  Three epic stress relief items are new in stock for you today, representing three different sisters and the unique characteristics of their bodies.
Angelica Special Ona-Hole
Restocked Stress Relief Toys from Japan Then see some of our best onahole toys restocked, including the Angelica "Elf" series, the Power of Love Stroke Hole and favorite Bible Black characters.
PIECES 5  HELL HOUND 02 -- Masamune Shirow **preorder**
Another sexy new artbook from legendary Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed creator Masamune Shirow, featuring art that is much more...mature than his stuff in those days. We're extremely happy to have this awesome book in stock finally!
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Princess Waltz *Preorder*
Recommended Game: Princess Waltz In a dance of flashing blades one princess must emerge triumphant. Guide hero Arata through romantic intrigue and find victory in the Princess Waltz!