Friday, January 28, 2011

Pronouncing Japanese Properly

I sometimes look back with fondness on my college days, and the adventure that was learning Japanese in Mrs. Higurashi's class at SDSU. Our textbook was Foundations of Japanese Language by Soga, a book which used hiragana, katakana and kanji exclusively, with no "Romanized" Japanese at all (that is, Japanese words or sentences written in the alphabet you're reading now). At the time it was hellishly difficult -- in order to read a simple word we had to master the entire hiragana writing system, but I soon realized it was the best possible approach as it forced us to memorize words properly, without being burdened by the phonetic rules of English. If you see the phrase ichi man en (10,000 yen) written in the Roman alphabet your brain will probably try to pronounce the middle word "man" (short vowel) rather than with a "mahn" (long vowel), which is the way the Japanese say it, so learning using books that force you to read in kana and kanji actually helps your pronunciation. It helps in other ways, too. To an English-speaker, "Evangelion" looks like it should be pronounced with a soft 'g' (as in giraffe), but katakana never lies, and the Japanese pronunciation is Evangelion, with a "g" like green. I know deep down that few English-speaking anime fans will pronounce the name of the new Magical Girl Madoka Magika using its "correct" katakana pronunciation, with a hard "g" in the middle syllable of "Magika" -- oh well. Incidentally, J-List sells several Japanese study aids that force you to learn in proper written Japanese, including the Genki textbook series and the excellent study cards and kanji poster from White Rabbit.

The Japanese Love Taking Tests and Eating Kit-Kat

Right now it's juken (test) season in Japan, when hundreds of thousands of students take the entrance exams they've spent a year or more preparing for. The tests that each student must take differ depending on which school they're shooting for: students trying to get into a prestigious national university like Tokyo or Kyoto University must take both a standardized exam called the Center Test plus the individual test for that school, while private universities like Waseda or Keio require just one. High school is not part of compulsory education in Japan, and all high schools require an entrance exam to enter, although most aren't nearly as difficult as the schools my son will be trying for next month. While foreigners are often puzzled by Japan's odd love of difficult tests, I believe the competitive academic culture is a positive thing for the country, and having worked my way through the various levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, the primary test of Japanese language ability, I can say there's nothing like setting a goal and working your butt off to achieve it. Through an accident of linguistics, "Kit Kat" sounds to the Japanese like kitto katsu meaning "you will surely win," and Nestle's popular chocolate cookie treats have become the official snack mothers give to their kids to munch on while studying. (See the new flavors of Japanese Kit Kat on the site today.)
Test-taking culture goes hand-in-hand with Kit Kat in Japan.

J-List New Year's Party 2011

I'm rushing to finish this update a little early since tonight we're having the J-List shinnen-kai, or New Year's Party. Similar to the bonen-kai or "Forget the Year Party" held in December, a Japanese-style New Year's Party is an opportunity for companies or other groups to officially mark the start of a new year, and be brought closer in the process. We've reserved a private room at a local izakaya pub known for its fresh fish (a rare commodity in our landlocked prefecture of Gunma) where we will imbibe many frosty mugs of beer and bottles of hot sake and re-dedicate ourselves to our sacred mission of covering the Earth with cute and wacky products from Japan. J-List isn't a very formal company, and we're all pretty relaxed as we work, but I'm always surprised how ceremonial these company get-togethers automatically become. Once everyone is present, the organizer of the party (Yasu does it every year) will stand up and officially announce that the party has begun. After short speeches from Tomo or myself, we'll have the kanpai (cheers) and start eating and drinking. When the beer is gone we'll gather again and Yasu will announce that the party has come to an end, upon which everyone will clap their hands together loudly once (called shime or "closing"), which symbolically ends the event so we can go sing anime karaoke.

If you're on Twitter, follow me for minute-by-minute updates.

Today is J-List's official New Year's Party.

Some Improvements at J-List

We've been making some improvements around here, adding new features and which will hopefully delight our customers. We've just rolled out an improved J-List customer email system for outgoing order emails that is a big improvement over the last version: easier to read and understand, and prettier on the eyes, too. If you should happen to notice any strange behavior in the mails you receive, please let us know so we can fix them. Thanks!
Remember that J-List is locked and loaded with hundreds of unique and delicious snacks for the fast-approaching Valentine's Day. Whether you're a woman giving chocolate to the special man in your life (Japanese style), are doing things the Western way or just want to brighten everyone's day at work with a surprise gift basket of Japanese chocolates, J-List has tons of stock for you now, Click here to see all chocolate and Valentine's Day related items, or here to view the top 100 chocolate products.

Cool Products Friday, January 28, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Animedia Feb 2011
A brand new issue of Animedia for February! Check out the latest anime news along with poster extras and more from all your favorite classic and upcoming shows.
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Smart Feb 2011
Smart Feb 2011 Smart is the highly visual magazine of gadget, gear, tech and fashion trends from Japan. Stay up to date with the best info out there!
Bra Hanger and Shape Protector
Bra Hanger and Shape Protector Protect your investment in a quality piece of lingerie with this ingeniously designed bra hanger - keeps the proper shape and so much more!
Baka to Test to Shokanju Plush Toy  Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Open Mouth ver.)
Baka to Test to Shokanju Plush Toys Add these adorable new plush toys to your collection from the "Bakatest" anime! Featuring Hideyoshi, Mizuki, Shoko, and Minami.
Ikkitousen GG Real Figure 1/10 scale -- Shimei Ryomou
Ikkitousen GG Real Figures Ryomou + Kanu A pair of great 1/10 scale figures of the classic original designs of Ryomou Shimei and Kanu Unchou. Sexy Ikkitousen figure goodness!
Ruiko Saten 1/8 Figure  To Aru Kagaku no Railgun **Preorder**
New Anime Figures in Stock The gorgeous Saten-san from A Certain Scientific Railgun, delicious Sorceress Manaka from ToHeart2, plus the Predator Revoltech!
Project DIVA Presents  Miku Hatsune 39's Giving Day  (Blu-ray Disc)
Awesome Anime DVD & Blu-ray From Hatsune Miku's Project Diva live concert to the "Training with Hinako" series, we've got some nice items restocked today.
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Portable  My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute
My little sister can't be this interactive! Until now, in the brand new Oreimo dating sim on PSP. Play through the story complete with real time emotes from the girls you interact with and extend the anime experience to new levels - with over 20 possible endings you can choose your favorite character in your own dream Oreimo scenario!
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To Aru Majutsu no Index  Limited First Edition w/Mikoto Misaka Figma Action Figure
A Certain Magical Index PSP Game + Figure Finally in stock, the innovative Index fighting game that's so action packed Mikoto practically bursts out of the screen - literally, in this figma version!
Totoro 2011 Calendar 'Go Go Cart' **Preorder**
Awesome 2011 Anime, JPOP and Other Calendars J-List still has great stock of your favorite anime, manga, JPOP and ecchi 2011 calendars. Prices have been reduced, so browse now!
Mamegoma Stamp Set
Add cute Japanese messages to your letters, homework, diary, or anything else you can stamp (friends' forehead...?) with these adorable Mamegoma stamps from San-X. A totally cute and fun item from Japan.
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Hello Kitty Pretty Paper Bag
Hello Kitty Gift Bag, Chocolate Papers Also, enjoy some good Hello Kitty items for Valentine's Day, great for presenting handmade chocolates or other gift items to that special someone.
Hello Kitty High School Mini Lunch Bag
Restocked Hello Kitty Bento Bags, Glasses Cases Also: the stylish Hello Kitty Bento Bag that looks like the school bags used in anime is restocked, plus the Hello Kitty glasses case.
How to Use Love Goods  Honto ni Kimochiyokunaru Love Goods no Erabikata Asobikata
Restocked Moe Moe Artbooks See restocked Moe Encyclopedia works incl. How To Use Love Goods, plus artbooks like Moe Headphone Girls and How to Draw Manga.
High School Briefcase Bookbag
Authentic School Briefcase Also, want to carry an authentic Japanese school bag to school? We've restocked the fabulous bookbag from Matsukameya of Nagoya today.
Japanese Style Eye Patch
Random Restocked Items See fresh stock of the iconic Japanese eye patch for cosplay, as seen in just about every moe anime ever, plus the red ink stamp for hanko name stamps.
Totoro Fluffy Blanket Flying Totoro -- Half Size 100 x 140cm
Soft Totoro Blankets Hang on to Totoro's soft underbelly and fly through the night sky with this adorable fuzzy fleece blanket featuring everyone's favorite neighbor.
Pop-up Doraemon Sushi Strap  Shrimp
Pop-up Doraemon Phone Straps Fresh stock of those weird-cute Doraemon food straps. The robot cat from the future pops out when you squeeze them!
Nestle Kit Kat Mini Bar Pack -- Daigaku Imo
Whether you're studying for your university entrance exam or not, you'll enjoy the new Daigaku Imo ("University Sweet Potato") flavored Kit Kats, or the awesome new Kit Kat Bar. Also enjoy ichigo (strawberry) caramels from Morinaga and a chocolate heart on a stick.
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Meiji Rich Chocolate -- Strawberry
Restocked J-Snacks See Meltykiss Whips, UHA Ninja Food, Mentos in Mango Orange flavor, Green Tea Truffle Chocolate, Meiji Rich Strawberry and Green Tea Chocolate, and more.
Japanese Food  The Original 'Point And Speak' Phrasebook 9
The Ultimate Japanese Food Book A phrasebook that teaches you all about Japanese foods using easy pictures? What a great idea. Restocked today.
DX Genuine Lacquered JU-BAKO with SAKURA  Rhinestone   3-tier Square Bento
Traditional Bento Boxes from Japan Enjoy the peaceful harmony and good eating of traditional bento culture with these beautiful lunch boxes from Japan.
WAON Bento Box Set  Square 2 tier Bento Box  Chopsticks  Bento Bag
Other Restocked Bento Box Sets Also restocked: the super-cool WAON Bento Box sets, which blend the traditional with the awesome.
Hello Kitty Boiled Egg Shaper
Boiled Egg Shapers Why are you still eating normal hard boiled eggs when yo could enjoy awesome 3D eggs? We've restocked several egg shapers, including Hello Kitty.
Silicon Heart Cooking Mold
Microwave Heart Egg Maker, More Cook hear-shaped eggs in a frying pan or microwave with the wacky Japanese kitchen products restocked today.
Fujin  Raijin Lucky Cat Display
Lucky cats dressed as the god of wind and the god of thunder and lightning (Fuujin and Raijin)! This adorable display will surely bring luck with its cute blend of two traditional Japanese legends.
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New Pentel Fude Roman Brush Pen -- Bold  Thin - XSFW33B
Restocked 'Fude' Pens & More Back in stock for the aspiring kanji calligrapher or brush artist in you, the handy "brush pens" from Pentel and other quality makers!
Happi-Coat  No. 1
Restocked Traditional Items Traditional tea sets, chirimen hand bags, happi coats and more are back in stock to bring your dose of Japanese culture today.
Canvas x Chirimen Tote Bag with Bamboo Handle
Chirimen Tote Bag with Bamboo Handle An excellent bag made of canvas and chirimen (kimono fabric), with a magnetic protector flap to keep your important stuff in the bag.
Japanese T-Shirt - 'Giga Pudding'
Fun T-Shirts and Hoodies from J-List Puddi Puddi! Our shirt celebrating the gigantic and famous pudding sensation from Japan is here, along with other popular new designs.
Bakemonogatari iPhone 4 Cover -- Ending ver. **Preorder**
Bakemonogatari iPhone 4 Cover ~ *Preorder* A stylish anime-themed iPhone 4 cover featuring the ending sequence of Bakemonogatari. Preorder now open!
Fate Testarossa Metamorphose Yunomi **Preorder**
Nanoha Metamorphose Yunomi *Preorder* This ceramic mug will make you doki from the gorgeous Nanoha design featuring Fate Testarossa. Preorder open today.
ONA BEAT 1st Gig  K-On! Parody Toy
Next, a truly epic lineup of stress relief toys featuring parody versions of the cast of K-On!. The girls each have their own unique 'hole' design with the packaging evocative of the individual characters, so you can join Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi, and Yui for your own afternoon tea time. Amazing novelty items from Japan!
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Pepee Lotion -- Japanese Standard Lotion
Pepee Lotion ~ Japanese Standard Lotion We've gotten in the most famous lubrication product in Japan: Pepee Lotion, a simple product that contains no strange chemicals. Pronounced "pehpeh."
Fera Zoma
Restocked Stress Toys for Men & Women Also, enjoy the Fera Zoma amazing mouth simulator, e-Rotor and PLESTO vibrator products for our stressed-out female customers.
Maid Bride 1/6 Cast off Figure Front Cover ver. **Preorder**
Maid Bride 1/6 Cast off Figure Front Cover ver. *Preorder* This sort of maid service is the dream of every moe fan, and this figure that goes with the great "H" manga it's based on is amazing!
Kriska Barchenowa 1/7 Figure Black Lingerie ver.  Muv-Luv Alternative Eclipse **Preorder**
Kriska Barchenowa 1/7 Figure ~ Muv-Luv *Preorder* A super sexy rifle-toting gal from the Muv Luv Alternative Eclipse series, complete with "cast off" removable gear. Sexy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Steamed Meat Bun Day (Nikuman)

In the Mazda MPV we use as a family car we've got a navi (er, GPS car navigation thing, whatever they're called in English) which greets me every morning and tells me what day today is. For example, on November 22 it informed that today is "Happy Married Couple's Day" since 11/25 can be pronounced ii fuufu (lit. "close married couple"), while February 22 is "Cat Day" since 2/22 sounds like nyan nyan nyan (a cat's meow) to Japanese ears. Yesterday my car announced it was nikuman-no-hi or Steamed Meat Bun Day, so I curtailed my driving activities, sallied forth, and infiltrated my local 7-11 to negotiate the vending of some meaty comestibles. Nikuman are basically steamed rolls of white bread with flavored meat inside, which are said to have been imported from China in 1349, and they're sold in convenience stores to anyone who needs a quick bite. There are alternate versions, too, including butaman (pork), anman (sweet beans) and another favorite of mine, pizza-man, with pizza sauce and cheese inside. One of the highlights of going sightseeing in Yokohama is visiting Chinatown and enjoying the largest, most delicious steamed nikuman you can buy in Japan.
The best thing about winter is eating hot nikuman meat buns.

SpongeBob Square WHAT?

The other day I went through the McDonald's drive-thru with my son, and I noticed they were giving out SpongeBob SquarePants toys with the Happy Meals. I knew instinctively that the sentient sea creature's name would been amended to leave the "Pants" part off, thanks to the Japanese use of the word "pants" to mean underwear (which is the same in most of the U.K.). It's similar to the way the nickname of Horatio Cane from CSI: Miami had to be changed from "H" to "chief" in the Japanese-dubbed version. The letter "H" (e.g. ecchi) is a catch-all for anything sexual, and it'd be just about the last word a subordinate would call his boss. Similarly, the Miyzaki classic Laputa was released as "Castle in the Sky" in the U.S. since Laputa means a woman of ill repute in Spanish. Finding cross-cultural wrinkles can be fun!

Expat Life in Japan

One unexpected aspect of expat life in Japan is making friends with gaijin -- the word the Japanese use for "foreign-looking" foreigners -- from various countries. (Incidentally, Koreans and Chinese are usually not referred to with this term, instead being called by their nationality, e.g. kankoku-jin or chugoku-jin.) While I might not think I've got much in common with someone from Peru or Poland or Brazil, something about living side-by-side with other foreigners in Japan makes us all understand each other a little better. I've developed a love for Peruvian pollo a la brasa chicken I didn't know about before I came here, had beers with Iranians passing by on the street during the Golden Age of Beer Vending Machines during the 1990s, discussed 20th century history with a Vietnamese girl while we waited to take our drivers' license exams, and have talked politics with friends from Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It's not quite as romantic as Hemingway's "Lost Generation" of Paris in the 1920s, but it's still fun. It's also interesting learning the various "Japanese" accents foreigners speak, which are as varied as the accents of English that exist around the world, though no one thinks about this much. The other day I was watching a cooking show with my waifu which featured a foreign chef whose nationality I wondered about. "That's Mario Frittoli, the famous chef in Tokyo. He's obviously Italian, can't you tell by his accent?" But I had no idea.
Being an expat in Japan can be interesting.

Valentine's Day Alert!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it's a great time to start making plans. In Japan, of course, it's common for girls to give chocolate to the special men in their life, be it husbands, boyfriends or dear-old-Dad, and speaking as a man I have to say I'm quite in favor of this practice. Chocolate is also given out at work, and anyone who receives a surprise of chocolate from you will be happy all week long. J-List is loaded to the hilt with amazing and delicious chocolate of all kinds, from classic Pocky and Meltykiss to unique items like the new Japanese Strawberry Oreos. We've also posted some fun tools for making homemade chocolates to present to that someone special, just like they do in anime. Click here to see all chocolate and Valentine's Day related items, or here to view the top 100 chocolate products.

Cool Products Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Eda Mameshiba Plush w/Baby Bib
Cuddle up with this soft plush Mameshiba (San-X's famous "bean dog" mascot) at meal time or any time! He's ready to play fitted with an adorable bib and large enouhg to squeeze comfortably.
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Haruhi Suzumiya EX Figure --Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi ver.--
Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi Figures The enigmatic Haruhi appears in her cute outfit from her film debut in The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi! Two great "UFO Catcher" figures!
Shikinami Asuka Langley Figma Action Figure Test Plugsuits ver. Evangelion New Movie Part.2 **Preorder**
Shikinami Asuka Langley Figma I so love the Asuka Test Plugsuit version from the Evangelion 2.22 movie. It's very, ah, revealing, and in stock today.
Love Plus Nintendo DSi Protect Case  Nene Anegasaki
For some, the love of a 2D character goes beyond mere devotion. However deep your love for the girls of DS dating sim Love Plus goes, you can show it with these great new cases for your DSi featuring the alluring heroines of Love Plus!
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learn japanese with ds
More DS Japanese Study  Learn hiragana and katakana with Doraemon and Anpanman, try Beautiful Kanji Training, or use the Kanji DS Dictionary.
Hiragana Times Feb 2011 NO. 292
Hiragana Times Feb 2011 NO. 292 Also, the superb bilingual Japanese study magazine is restocked today. "For relaxing times, make it Hiragana Times."
The Pose Book of The Girls in Pretty School Uniform For Artists  Winter Uniform ver.  Seifuku Fashion Pose Shu
The Pose Book of Girls in Pretty School Uniforms Whether you're an aspiring artist or a fan of school uniforms this book is the perfect resource for deeper investigation of the genre.
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 29  Science Projects for Adult -- AKARI Origami
Updated Gakken Science Projects The English assembly instructions have been posted for the beautiful light-up origami creation from Gakken. Also, the planetarium is restocked!
Lily White  Suigun Murakami Works
Restocked Artbooks from Japan J-List always has tons of gorgeous glossy anime artbooks in stock, and today we're restocking the beautiful Lily White by Suigun Murakami.
Hello Kitty Cute Gift Plastic Bag  20 pcs
Give your Valentine that special Hello Kitty touch with anything from chocolate molds (for making your own Valentine chocolate) to gift bags marked with the Kitty logo. Find what you need at J-List to make your Valentine's Day memorable!
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Hello Kitty iPad Cover -- Red 'I wish...' **Preorder**
Japan iPad, iPhone Products We've got some really awesome Hello Kitty iPad covers for protecting your precious tablet, plus fresh stock of Evangelion iPhone cases.
Hello Kitty Pink x Black Koakuma Style Microwave Rice Cooker  Steamer with SHAMOJI
Hello Kitty Pink x Black Microwave Rice Cooker Then, make rice without buying an expensive rice cooker with the restocked items we've got today. Great for college students, too.
Studio Ghibli Collection Keychain Set of 6 -- (Makkuro Kurosuke)
More Ghibli Plush Toys, More It's always nice to have some Totoro plush toys in your life, and we've restocked several today, including the Ghibli Plush Keychains.
Totoro Cushion 45cm x 45cm Oak -- Brown
Totoro Cushions, Plush Toys Restocked Also: those soft, soft Totoro cushions are restocked, great for sitting or napping on, plus Totoro blankets!
Rei Ayanami Special Chocolate
Chocolate candy themed on your favorite Evangelion heroine?! Not just Rei, but Asuka and Mari versions as well are available just in time for your Valentine needs.
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Oreo Strawberry Chocolate Pie
More New Japanese Snacks Enjoy new Japanese Oreo snacks, incl. strawberry chocolate pie and chocolate bar, plus light and dream Mille-feuille layered cakes.
Sasebo Burger Drops (Sasebo Limited)  Japanese Food Drops
Restocked Japanese Food Drops, Too Today's flavors include Sasebo Hamburger Drops, Strawberry from Tochigi Prefecture, Sushi and Hokkaido Miso Ramen!
Nestle Kit Kat -- Cheese
Restocked Japanese Kit Kat, Other Snacks Japan-only Kit Kat flavors, Spicy Chicken Doritos, Winter Limited Pocky, Lotte Shasha chocolates, Meiji Creamy Air Choco w/Marshmallows, and more.
100 Recipes from Japanese Cooking  Eigo de Nihon Ryori
Restocked Bilingual Cookbooks, More The popular "bilingual" Japanese Cooking book is restocked along with the Manga Cookbook and the handy guidebook Eating in Japan.
Hello KITTY Candy Pink Compact Bento Box  Chopsticks  Elastic Band
Hello KITTY Pink Compact Bento w/ Chopsticks You can't be too thin or too rich...or have too many awesome Hello Kitty bento boxes from Japan. We've restocked the Candy Pink Bento today.
4 Color Cube Convenient Container Set  Microwave Safe
Restocked Bento Accessories Several popular bento related items restocked today, including the Convenient Container Set, plus those cute little fish-shaped soy sauce bottles!
R2-D2 Pepper Mill --
R2-D2 Pepper Mill Restocked Would you like fresh ground pepper on that delicious salad? Would you like it to come from an R2-D2 pepper mill from Japan?
Hello Kitty Die-Cut Mug Cup
Restocked Hello Kitty Items, too Other random Hello Kitty items too, including the Die-Cup Mug Cup, all-purpose Clear Plastic Box and more. Kawaii as always!
3M Donut Shaped Scotch Tape Cutter  Tape Set
Restocked Wacky Stationery Restocked pens and other fun items, too, including the 3M Donut Shaped Tape Dispenser, a Handmade Sweets Eraser set and MEKU-RIN finger protectors.
Black Lacquer Shaft Ear Cleaner with Origami Happy Bird
Traditional Items from Japan Traditional mimikaki ear cleaners! Beautifully crafted Shinto omamori charms for good luck! Simple Green Tea Left Container for storing all kinds of tea!
Choun Shiryu 1/8 Cast off Figure Maid ver.  Ikki Tousen XX **Preorder**
Awesome Preorder Figures Check out the hot new Chouun figure from Ikkitousen XX, along with Rikuo Nura from Rise of the Youkai Clan and others! Preorders now open.
JESSICA 1st photobook -- Jessica Kizaki
JESSICA 1st photobook ~ Jessica Kizaki We love beautiful Japanese women around here, and today we've restocked some red-hot photobooks, including Jessica Kizaki.
Restocked oujinshi
Enjoy more new fap-tastic doujinshi comics from the latest Comiket. Oreimo and Kuroneko, Final Fantasy 7, and Macross Frontier. As usual, they will sell out and they can't be restocked, so browse sooner rather than later.
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Django! official visual book - Satsuriku no Django
Restocked Nitroplus Artbooks Enjoy superb restocked artbooks today, including Nitroplus's famous works Django! and Jingai Makyou, with by Nishi.
Love Venus
Japanese engineering has reached a new pinnacle in the creation of virtual stress relief companionship, and that is the Love Venus doll. Much more than a hug pillow, the firm padding construction, and sexy, realistic dimensions -- along with anatomical equipment possibilities - makes this the indispensable novelty item for those wanting to take interactive pleasure to the next level.
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Love Body Aki Costume  AKB Type Uniform
Love Body Aki Costumes ~ AKB48, Swimsuit, PE Outfits are now in stock you can use to personalize the look and appeal of your favorite "flog pillow" like your favorite Japanese icon!
LOVE PiECE Vol. 02
Restocked Stress Toys Also, see some fun stress toys for guys and girls, incl. Risa Kasumi Great Hold, our One Piece parody toys plus personal massagers made in Japan.
BALDR SKY Dive 1  Lost Memory
BALDR SKY Dive 1 ~ Lost Memory Check out the beginning of the new Japanese erogaming BALDR saga, complete with KOTOKO opening theme and epic mecha combat action!
DEBU PLUS And in another long-awaited title, the import parody of Love Plus that brings love to the 2D BBW (big beautiful women) like never before.
Maid Bride Tsuneko 1/6 Cast off Figure **Preorder**
Check out the sexy, ecchi Maid Bride figure newly up for preorder today! In her super-skimpy see through lingerie your heart will be captured, but don't take our word for it - check out the sample images inside!
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