Friday, February 18, 2011

My Japanese Students: "America is 'Free.'"

The idea that America is more "free" than Japan is one I've encountered quite often during my ESL teaching days. Japanese students, tired of Japan's stricter, more structured society, often pine for life in America, which is "free" and therefore good. In what way is America freer than Japan, I would ask, always eager to teach a lesson on a subject that interests my students rather than working from a boring ESL textbook. In America, there are fewer rules and more personal freedom, the answer would come back. No uniforms in junior high and high school. Most Americans start driving at age 16, not 18 as in Japan, and young people don't have to pony up $3000 or more for a month-long driving school to get their drivers' license. I enjoyed my days as an English teacher because of random, interesting discussions like this.
Seen from Japan, America is a very "free" place.

Fuji-san or Fuji-yama?

One impression of the Japanese language I got soon after arriving here was one of "duality," and it seemed that most of the new concepts I was encountering had "two faces" to them. Often ideas we cover with one word in English are split into two in Japanese, like oneesan and imouto for "older sister" and "younger sister," which takes some getting used to since we just say "sister" without considering relative ages. The Japanese have two words to express "cold," samui (sa-moo-ee) meaning coldness in the air and tsumetai (tsuoo-meh-tai) for something that's cold to the touch, and the idea of food being "good" (oishii) is completely separate from a product being of good quality (which is ii, pronounced like the letter "e"). The Japanese often import English words then split them into two versions for their own convenience: glass in a window is garasu, while a glass you drink from is gurasu, and you can be sure gaijin will get the wrong word every time. Another source of confusion comes from the fact that each kanji has two readings, a Chinese and a Japanese one. A good example of this is the kanji for "mountain," which is san using the Chinese pronunciation or yama using the Japanese one, and for most every mountain these can be used interchangeably, e.g. either Akagi-san or Akagi-yama is acceptible when referring nearby Mt. Akagi. One exception is Mt. Fuji, which should always be pronounced "Fuji-san" in Japanese, as the name Fuji-yama has become hopelessly cliched after decades overuse by American soldiers and foreign tourists.
Mt. Fuji should always be Fuji-san, never Fuji-yama. And please don't say "saki" either.

Japanese Fashion and "Gal Mama"

Japan can be a very stylish place, especially in the cities, and whenever I take a trip down to Tokyo I'm amazed at the exotic styles I see there. Not only do all manner of females exhibit an incredible sense of fashion in clothing as well as "hair & make" (as they say here), but it's common for men to also be quite up on the latest trends, checking men's fashion magazines to learn how to sculpt their hair just so with that awesome Gatsby hair wax. (My personal idea of men's fashion is owning a comb.) The other day I was in Tokyo riding the train, and a stylish girl got on the train, pushing a "baby car" (a baby stroller) which contained an extremely cute baby girl, dolled up just like her mother. This was a gyaru mama (gal mama), a member of the fashionable generation that used to be called kogals, and Amullers before that (the whole trend was started by Okinawan singer Amuro Namie) who had gotten pregnant at some point yet doesn't want to let go of her love of fashion just because she's a mother now. I've always though that the phenomenon of gal/kogal/gal mama was not unlike the boso zoku biker gang culture, in that both groups seem desperately looking for a way to rebel against society at large and be part of something original and unique. Of course, J-List has an extensive selection of Japanese fashion magazines and other fun products including magazines by monthly subscription (some of which give you cool free stuff).
Gal Mamas are an interesting side of Japanese fashion.

Traditional Products from Japan

March 3 is a special day for families with girl children: Hina Matsuri, a day for displaying beautiful traditional dolls, eating traditional hina-arare rice crackers (note: this is where Arale-chan from Dr. Slump gets her name), and celebrating their daughters in general. J-List has lots of fun items for you to experience Japanese culture, starting with our well-stocked Traditional Items from Japan product category. Browse now!

Cool Products Friday, February 18, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Animage Mar 2011
Animage is the twin and compliment to Newtype magazine, presenting a polished, perfect-bound alternative and equally authoritative glimpse on the cutting edge of anime and 2D culture in Japan. Filled with exclusive coverage and extras from all the latest shows, including posters, cards and more, this is an issue you won't want to miss!
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Little Devil Ageha  Koakuma Ageha Feb 2011
Little Devil Ageha ~ Koakuma Ageha Feb 2011 Fans of the sparkling fashions of Tokyo will adore the latest issue of "little devil" Ageha, packed with all the latest glamorous trends!
Rilakuma Suction Hook
Rilakkuma Suction Hook San-X's "relax bear" aims to help you take it easy anywhere around the house with this suction cup hook. Great for any glass or flat smooth surface!
White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable  Dogma Wars
White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable ~ Dogma Wars An amazing new Japanese PSP RPG that combines the fun and heroics of 'transforming hero' films with an unforgettable high fantasy story.
Sengoku Basara 3 visualbook with iPhone Case Limited Edition
Sengoku Basara 3 Book with iPhone Case Limited Fans of the epic Sengoku Basara series will love this special collector's pack, with a fan guide plus iPhone 4 and 3GS cases.
PLAYBRICK  Canal Type Stereo Headphones -- Multicolor
PLAYBRICK ~ LEGO Style Earphones A wacky fun design reminiscent of the creative children's toy will regale your ears with epic tunes while looking great!
Bluethooth Wireless Keyboard -- White
Elecom Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for iPad/iPhone Make the most of your mobile device with this ergonomic and compact wireless keyboard - efficient computing on the go, from Elecom.
Micro BUB Geranium Green  Healthy Sparkling Bath Salt  / 4packs
Micro BUB Sparkling Bath Salt Feel the soothing sensation of natural effervescent herbs while you bathe with this micro-bubble bath salt solution, beautifully fragrant!
Sakura Petal Floating Aroma Candle -- Cherry Pink
Sakura Petal Floating Aroma Candle ~ Cherry Pink Whether for aromatherapy or sweet mood lighting these sakura cherry blossom candles are just perfect.
Maiden Lace Over Knee Socks  Black and Black
MOAR Awesome Japanese Socks! Looking for the perfect stockings to compliment your gothic lolita outfit? Or want to go for that cool "Absolute Zone" look?
Japanese School Swimsuits  Skirt type
Japanese School Swimsuits ~ Skirt type The same cute Japanese school swimsuits you've seen in anime, manga and games are right here, the authentic item for you to enjoy!
Kitty Japanese Doll -- Ume *Japanese Cherry Blossom*  Kimono Style
Just in time for Hina Matsuri (also known as Girl's Day or the Festival of Dolls), we have some of the most adorable Hello Kitty items ever back in stock for you! Combining traditional Japanese kimono with the cute Kitty look, these Sanrio-authentic dolls make great gifts or display pieces for any traditional occasion.
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Re-ment Hello Kitty Hina Matsuri (Girl's Festival)
Re-ment Hello Kitty Hina Matsuri Also: for anyone wanting to do a Hina-matsuri type display, we've got those amazing miniature Hello Kitty figures. By Re-Ment, so you know they're awesome.
Hello Kitty Wagara Tea Cup  Pot Set -- Black
Hello Kitty Wagara Tea Cup & Pot Sets, Too Those gorgeous traditional-yet-modern Hello Kitty tea pots w/ cups are back in stock, too. A great series from Japan returns.
Electric Mini Taiyaki Maker
We have a brand new edition of our popular taiyaki maker, freshly in stock for you today! Create your own classic fish-shaped treats by hand with this electric griddle that can press two taiyaki at a time. Prepare with pudding, custard, sweet bean paste, breakfast sausage and more -- the possibilities are endless!
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Hina Arare Traditional Rice Crackers
Hina Arare Traditional Rice Crackers Another special item for Hina matsuri, these are the special rice cakes eaten this time of year. Also great for Dr. Slum fans.
Japanese Traditional Girl's Day Display  Sakura Rabbit Glass Dome
Japanese Traditional Display ~ Sakura Rabbit Glass Dome The paired dolls of Hinamatsuri make an appearance as rabbits for this Year of the Rabbit, in an adorable glass dome decoration.
Meiji Pucca -- Strawberry
Today's Other New Japanese Snacks Enjoy epic ebisen shrimp flavored potato snacks for Spring, amazing Strawberry Milk Mousse Toppo baked stick snacks, and Strawberry Pucca.
Meiji Meltykiss -- Strawberry Chocolate
Restocked Japanese Snacks, Too Also: Meltykiss and Meiji Rich Chocolate, Strawberry Shortcake Japan Kit Kat, Glamatic "Gothic Lolita" and My Cube Gum, Ninja Food Candy and more. Om nom nom.
Sapporo Beer Drops (Hokkaido Limited)  Japanese Food Drops
Restocked 'Food Drops' Today's restocked traditional Japanese "Food Drops" candies include Beer from Sapporo, Shirokuma Ice Cream Drops from Kagoshima and "Hot Milk Moe" from Akiba.
Takoyaki FURIKAKE (Osaka)  Japanese Food Furikake
Takoyaki FURIKAKE (Osaka) Furikake is a dry food you sprinkle over steamed white rice (also good in bento). The most popular flavor is takoyaki, and it's restocked today.
Hello Kitty Wagara 3-Tier Celebration Bento Box -- Black
Hello Kitty Wagara 3-Tier Bento, Face Bento More Hello Kitty bento goodness with the modern and traditional meeting on these cute and stylish bentos featuring a floral kimono pattern.
Blue Rabbit x Moon Bento Box Set  Square 2 tier Bento Box  Chopsticks  Bento Bag
Restocked Bento Boxes We have many other bentos back in stock for you today, including Blue Rabbit & Moon, One Piece, and traditional gorgeous pattern boxes.
Monkey FURIKAKE Bottle Double Face
Other Restocked Bento Items See also our large stock of bento related items, from bento picks to furikake containers and more.
Super Triangle  ONIGIRI Maker
Awesome Onigiri Shapers Also, make perfectly shaped onigiri every time with the rice ball shapers we're restocking. Onigiri is the "soul food" of Japan.
Microwave Potato Chip Maker
Microwave Potato Chip Maker Then: Why buy store-bought potato chips when you can make your own at home, using this wacky microwave potato chip maker from Japan? Restocked today.
Polo Shirt - Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend (Black)
Embroidered Polo Shirts For professionals who like to "keep it real" even while working, we've got our line of polo shirts, like our "Japanese girlfriend" design.
A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Sentence Patterns
Great Books for Learning Japanese Approach Japanese the way I did by internalizing sentence patterns with the restocked books we have today, plus Japanese verbs and more.
Japonica Kanji Practice Notebook (84 squares)
Japanese Study Notebooks & More Also: writing kanji and hiragana repeatedly is the best way to memorize it. See fresh stock of our kanji notebooks.
Japanese Shinto Lucky Charm - Sakura Omamori good luck
Fun Traditional Products from Japan See traditional Shinto omamori lucky charms, the Happy Lovers Owl Display, Mt. Fuji Crystal for Souvenirs plus he Hina Doll.
Ningen Gakki
Ningen Gakki ~ Making Music Through Human Touch A kinetic touch-based musical instrument and interactive toy that generates sounds from touching the pressure points on the edges in unison. Fun with music!
female Ninja iLfa 1/8 Figure  ToHeart2 Manaka de Ikuno!! **Preorder**
Today's Preorder Figures A beautiful Kaguya figure from Tony Taka's Shining Hearts, and Ninja Ilfa from To Heart 2 Manaka de Ikuno! Preorders are open today.
Teens Memory
Awesome Photobooks from Japan See some gorgeous photobooks from Japan, which capture the beauty and enigma of the country and its beautiful girls.
Air Doll Girls Collection -- Mika
A brand new entry in the 'love doll' department are Mika and Aki, inflatable love dolls that feature a cute moe design ready made for equipping with the novelty hole of your choice (she comes with one, too). A great stress relief aid or gag gift for your friends!
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Haru Nyan mini! vol. 2  Yuki Nagato Parody Toy
Restocked Haruhi, Bible Black Stress Toys Taking inspiration from both the hardcore ecchi sources and mainstream anime, popular love holes are back in stock today!
Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048 *Preorder*
Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048 Want a great game that combines tactical combat with futuristic weapons with naughty tentacle monsters? We recommend this game a lot!
Little Busters!
Awesome Games from Japan Today's restocked items include Manaka de Ikuno! limited edition, Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia plus the epic Little Busters!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cultural Symbols and the Playstation

In other news, I'm happy to announce that, okagesama de, my son passed his high school entrance exams. Since his long year of studying for several hours a day is behind him, we've been making a list of all the things we want to catch up on, including catching the new Harry Potter movie and Gundam Unicorn series. I remembered that we hadn't tried out the Macross Trial Frontier that comes on the Macross Frontier Blu-ray disc yet, so I grabbed it and we sat down to play the game on my US-imported PS3. It's a positively awesome upscaled version of the Macross games for PSP I love so well, but as we played we kept having trouble with the menus, cancelling when we intended to execute an option. The reason was related to an interesting cultural wrinkle between Japan and the West: here, a circle (maru) always means "yes" or "correct" while an X (batsu) is always "no" or "wrong." So while gamers from America and Europe expect the X button to execute the current menu option, in Japanese Playstation (and PSP) games this is reversed. We've had similar cultural issues with the coffee maker we use at J-List, a large 12-cup model purchased in the U.S., since the girly-man coffee makers they sell here are laughably small. The Mr. Coffee switch displays a 1 for "on" and a 0 for "off," and invariably one of our Japanese staff members will put the switch in the "circle" position, expecting the coffee to flow then wondering when nothing happens.
The O and X buttons on Playstation 3 and PSP are reversed in Japan.

Japanese Language Weirdness

As with any language, Japanese has certain weirdness built into it. There are, of course, words for occupations which have become associated with females, like nurse (kangofu, lit. "nursing wife") or the usually-but-not-always female teachers at preschools, called hobo or "protective mothers." While most of these terms eventually get updated to gender-neutral (some might say "politically correct") versions, other terms remain odd. A Japanese child who has lived abroad for several years then returned to Japan (like Asuka from Eva or Kaede from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei) is always called kikoku shijo, a word that literally means "returned-to-the-country girl-child," even if the child in question is a boy. Similarly, the word for "single parent" in Japanese is boshi katei, which literally means "mother-and-child household," which isn't a terribly useful word if the single parent is the father. (Foreigners love pointing out oddities like this to Japanese people, who just grunt, not usually thinking deeply about their own language.) There's another linguistic oddity that I'll pass along because it's fun. In humble Japan it's common to turn a compliment back on the person giving it by using the phrase okage-sama de (oh-KAH-gay sah-mah de), which literally means "yes, thanks to you," despite the fact that the person doing the complimenting probably didn't assist in any way. If a Japanese person says something nice to you, bow and use this self-effacing phrase, and watch them jump out of their shoes in surprise.
Japanese kids who have lived overseas are called "returned girl children" even if they're boys.

Ninja Products @ J-List

Ninjas are a famous symbol of Japan, and J-List has plenty of fun ninja products for budding ninjas all over the world, from the awesome Ninja Food candy that's loaded with vitamins growing assassins need, to traditional ninja ear cleaners and even authentic tabi split-toe boots that are useful for balancing on wooden beams when invading castles. We love shuriken and have several fun items, including soft rubber throwing stars and even awesome ninja throwing star shaped ice cube trays. Fun!

China > Japan

It's official: China has surpassed Japan as the world's second largest economy after the United States, reaching an estimated GDP of $5.8 trillion, compared to Japan's $5.4 trillion in 2010. It was a long time coming, but the combination of the rising vitality and massive population of China (at 1.3 billion, more than ten times Japan's 127 million) and the slow greying of Japan's workers
"lost decade" of the 90s made the change of positions inevitable. Japan is taking the official announcement in stride, pointing out how much its trading relationship with China benefits both sides, but it's a shock to have 42 years as the world's second largest economy come to an end. The Japanese have a mantra they use whenever contemplating anything they find unpleasant, which is sho ga nai, meaning "it can't be helped," and I believe more than a few Japanese are uttering this line today. Well, congratulations to China on your new global status. Now that you're #2, could you maybe do something about those ridiculous Gundam bootlegs?
China is the world's #2 economy. Enjoy your fake Hello Kitty.

Cool Products Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Newtype Mar 2011
The brand new issue of Newtype is here, the definitive anime and 2D culture magazine for fans. Packed with extras like clear files from Type-Moon and A Certain Magical Index along with extra-large posters, and with all the latest anime news and features, this is another great issue you'll love.
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Dragon Age Mar 2011
Dragon Age Mar 2011 Dragon Age is the manga magazine with Full Metal Panic, Highschool of the Dead, Is This a Zombie? and more - cute figure extra with this issue!
Nanoha Takamachi actsta Action Figure  Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st **Preorder**
Nanoha Figure In Stock Enjoy an awesome Nanoha figure from the movie, plus the Black Rock Shooter Dead Master Figma. We like very much.
Japanese Prefecture Learning Sheet
Japanese Prefecture, Hiragana Learning Sheets Learn your Japanese geography and phonetic kana characters with the help of these durable waterproof 'bath sheets' for your shower walls.
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Daihyakka Official Artbook
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Official Artbook The sexy uncensored artbook for the super fanservicey Samurai Girls anime is here! Check it out on the J-List side for all the juicy details.
Queen's Gate  -- Yukimura Sanada (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls) ** preorder **
New Queen's Gate Books for Preorder Speaking of Samurai Girls, Yukimura Sanada is coming to Queen's Gate combat artbooks, along with Ivy from Soul Caliber! Preorders open.
Enter a world of seduction from the makers of Shin Megami Tensei/Persona. Can you resolve Vincent's horrific nightmares? This most epic of games is in stock now, and compatible with PS3s from all over the world!
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Macross Frontier the Movie  The False Songstress -- Hybrid Pack(Blu-ray Disc)
Macross Frontier Movie, Other Anime Blu-Ray Enjoy the Macross Frontier movie w/the awesome PS3 trial game free. Also, the Fate/stay night movie and Disappearance of Haruhi are restocked.
anime PSP games
Restocked PSP Anime Games We've got PSP anime games restocked, too, including the AKB48 dating-sim, A Certain Magical Index and the new Macross PSP game.
Onegai Nyanko Keychain  Mike in the Orange Box
The most adorable plush keychains we've ever seen, cute kittens posed in an onegai or "please" position just begging you to take them home and into your arms. You'll want to pet them again and again!
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USAPANDA Back Wash Sponge  Long Type
USAPANDA Back Wash Sponge ~ Long Type Is it a rabbit (usagi) or a panda?! The Usapanda is a whimsical combination of both, and is here in comfortable sponge shape for you.
Charcoal Natural Face Pack
Get Clean with the Power of Charcoal Charcoal (sumi in Japanese) get things clean, and we've restocked our most popular face and skin products from Japan.
Leg Warmer Pon Pon x Knit  Black
Leg Warmer Pon Pon, Gothic Lolita Dresses The winter season means cute clothes and fashions that combine warmth and style. These awesome items are in stock now!
Stripe Panty and Half Top set -- Shimapan set  Blue
Stripe Pantsu Restocked What can we say? The meme of anime character wearing striped panties (called shimapan in Japanese) is awesome. Big restocking today.
SCOPE NODE -- Black Mouse  Elecom
SCOPE NODE, Other Elecom Items One of the most ergonomic computing devices ever produced is this epic mouse from Elecom, and that's just the beginning of their lineup here in stock!
Electric Rainbow Umbrella
Electric Rainbow Umbrella (Blade Runner Style) J-List is your #1 place to come when looking for rare and bizarre umbrellas from Japan. Today we're posting a "Blade Runner" style light-up umbrella.
Ginger for Bath  Ase Dashi Shouga
Fun Bath Products Restocked Items for your bath restocked, including Ginger and Hot Pepper Bath Powder, "Bath King" fizzing bath tablets (which I love), and...Handy Toilet?
DECOLE Manmaru Frog  Mug Cup  Spoon
DECOLE Manmaru Frog Mug Cup & Spoon  Fresh stock of those "OMG that's cute!" frog and panda coffee cups with matching ceramic spoons. Kawaii Japan is kawaii!
Meiji Shu Cookie Green Tea Flavor  Chou Cookie
If you order "shoe (shu) cream" in Japan, you'll get a very delicious cream puff filled with delicious "chou a la creme," like the green tea cookies we've got today. Also, we have Double Cream Royal Cake Toppo, plus amazing Ume flavord corn snacks from FritoLay Japan...?
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Lotte 'No Time' Gum
Restocked Japanese Snacks & Gum Lotte "No Time" gum that brushes your teeth for you, Meiji 100% Juice Gummy, Wata Pachi cotton candy w/pop rocks in it, Rich Chocolate, and Crunky!
Deluxe Kyoto Green Tea  SENCHA
Deluxe Kyoto Green Tea ~ SENCHA Delicious green tea straight from the historical capital of Japan! Several popular varieties restocked.
Square Totoro Tight Bento Box Brown
We love Totoro and we love Bento, so why not bring them together? We've restocked several of our Ghibli-themed bento boxes and related items today. I especially like the Totoro thermos bottle and Jiji the Cat Thermal Bento Box.
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Men's Gold  Silver Hemp Pattern Large Compact Bento Box  Lacquered 2 Tier Bento Box  Elastic Band
Traditional Bento Boxes Restocked, Too Enjoy the stylish Men's Gold and Silver Hemp Pattern bento box, plus the "Nonbiri" (relaxing) Hiragana Man bento.
NORIKO Mini  Onigiri Bento Case
Awesome 'Onigiri' Style Bento Boxes We have also restocked some onigiri bento boxes which hold rice balls in a very cute way. Click to see the restocked items.
Stainless Rabbit Rice Mold
Stainless Rabbit Rice Mold Sculpt your rice into fun and fanciful shapes for serving with these easy-to-use molds! Great for bento or any other mealtime.
sandwich shaper
Hello Kitty Stuff Restocked Say no to boring square-shaped sandwiches and yes to kawaii Hello Kitty shaped ones.
Japanese Calligraphy T-shirt - 'Sake-bito' (I Love Alcohol)
Japanese Calligraphy Shirt 'I Love Alcohol' J-List sells fun T-shirts with kanji messages on them, like "Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend." or this one, celebrating alcohol in all its forms.
restocked Japanese pens and erasers
Restocked Japanese Pens, Erasers See popular Japanese erasers restocked, including Kado-Keshi, with so many rubbing corners you won't believe it. More Japanese pens, too.
Dead Master Nenrodoid Plus Plush **Preorder**
Nendoroid Plush *Preorder* A super-kawaii Dead Master Nendoroid plush from Black Rock Shooter, and Youmu Nendoroid figure from Touhou. Preorders open!
Moving Airour Rathian Neko Series Game Characters Collection  Monster Hunter Portable 3 **Preorder**
Sora Kasuga Figure, Monster Hunter Toys Sora from Yosuga no Sora and Monster Hunter Airu (Airou) figures in Hunter armor - great new figures for preorder today!
Riku -- Riku Yamaguchi
Riku ~ Riku Yamaguchi Riku Yamaguchi is the sister of AKB48 star-turned-AV professional Rico Yamaguchi, and this debut nude photobook shows she's just as beautiful.
Hi Mohanteki Koudou e no Osasoi  Angel Beats parody doujinshi
New doujinshi in today from Angel Beats (Yuri!) and Highschool of the Dead (Saeko!) that we think you'll love - limited quantities available.
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Full Metal Daemon MURAMASA
Restocked Naughty Artbooks from Japan Artbooks from Nitroplus's Muramasa, Battle Goddess Verita, Queen's Blade and more. Click to see them all.
High School of the Dead Secret Box **Preorder**
High School of the Dead Secret Box The hugely popular HOTD Secret Box sold so fast it ran out of stock, but we were able to get a few more. We recommend you grab it now though.
Bakujiri Musou -- Extreme Impact  Samurai Girls Parody Toy
A new novelty toy that's based off both Hakufu from Ikkitousen (Battle Vixens) and the new Samurai Girls (Hyakka Ryouran) anime, this is sure to get you in the spirit for all sorts of naughtiness with two holes included in one. Great stress relief from Japan!
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Dungeon Crusaderz 2
Dungeon Crusaderz 2 A new import game in our lineup of Japanese language eroge, and a great dungeon crawling RPG packed with sexy scenes!
Bible Black
Bible Black, The Game If you want to have a really outstanding eroge experience, you can't do much better than Bible Black. This legendary game is finally back in stock.
Demonbane *preorder*
Demonbane *preorder* One of the most epic eroge ever is coming in English, the Cthulhu-mythos title Demonbane. It's coming soon -- will you preorder your copy? (It really is coming us)