Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan Earthquake Update

It's now been a week since the the earthquake that devastated much of northern Japan and shifted the Earth's axis by 6.5 inches, and everyone is taking stock. Though the damage has been incredible, there's no country as well equipped as Japan to recover, and the process is already beginning. I've been really impressed with the calm resolve of the Japanese people to overcome this disaster -- there's been no rioting or bad behavior, and everyone is listening to the official announcements and doing what they're asked to do. The only comparison I can make is the home front in the U.S. during World War II, when everyone came together for a common cause.
For us in the Kanto Region, the main hardship has been the 3-hour rolling blackouts we've been experiencing once or twice per day. This is only an inconvenience, especially when it's cold, but everyone is aware of how much harder people in the directly affected areas have it. Though some people are freaking out and buying more food than they need, I found convenience stores around J-List well stocked with everything from ramen to ice cream to Calorie Mate, though bread and milk are hard to find. Naturally, prices haven't inched up a single yen. Gasoline is another problem, as trucks delivering it to our area have been constrained, though the gas stations are open. For our part, J-List is functioning normally, placing large orders with our wholesale partners to help them get through this, and shipping products out daily.
Of course, the drama surrounding the damaged Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants has been among the most troubling, and everyone has been glued to the news or their web browsers following the crisis. It's a bad situation, though it's important not to worry too much -- for example, many news sites are happy to use overly-sensationalist language because it helps raise their page views. The situation is being tackled by very smart people, with much-appreciated help from the U.S. military's "Operation Tomodachi" mission, and there's every reason to believe things will be brought under control.
It's a shame that the name of Fukushima, likely unknown to most people before this sad event, had to become famous in this way, so I thought I'd write a little bit about the place. During my years in Japan, I've visited or passed through this rural prefecture in Japan's Tohoku region many times, and it's a very nice place. Most regions of Japan define a meibutsu ("famous thing") and use it to promote themselves to tourists, and Fukushima is famous for its ramen, which is indeed delicious. Although Fukushima was never the center of important political events in Japan, there was a famous battle waged there during the Meiji Restoration, when forces loyal to the Tokugawa Shogun struggled with those trying to "restore" the Emperor to power and create a modern nation. During the battle, a group of 19 young pro-Shogun samurai of the Byakkotai ("White Tiger Squad") saw smoke rising from their castle, mistakenly assumed the battle had been lost and committed mass seppuku. The battle and tragic death of the warriors is as legendary in Japan as Picket's Charge is in the U.S. Anyway, now you know more about Fukushima than what you're seeing on CNN these days!

The world is helping Japan get back on her feet.

A New Meaning for "Hibakusha" After Fukushima

I've written before about how Japanese is based on syllables rather than individual sounds, meaning you can express ka, ki, ku, ke and ko but not "k" by itself, and writing or saying the English word "weekend" can become quite a complex affair (it becomes something like oo-EE-koo-EN-doh). This is where the famous thick accents Japanese sometimes have when speaking English come from, and the strange "poverty" of available sounds means there's a higher instance of unrelated words having the same pronunciation (homonyms), which can get in the way of communication. There are quite a few examples, like the words for "public" and "private" schools having the same pronunciation (shiritsu) despite their opposite meanings, or the words for "science" and "chemistry," which are both kagaku (though the kanji are different of course). Another example in physics (which my son loves) is the word for the nucleus of an atom (kaku) is the same as the electron shell that electrons move around (also kaku). And now a new inconvenient linguistic accident: the word for someone who's been exposed to radiation, as in the case of the unfortunate people living near the Fukushima reactor, is hibakusha, which happens to be the same as the word for the victims of the atomic bombs dropped duing World War III (again, though the kanji are different). Hibakusha is a word with 60 years of historical baggage attached to it, and I'm surprised they didn't find a less prolematic term for this new situation.
(By the way, you know Japan is getting back to normal when Peter starts writing about linguistics again. )

People who Give to Japan are Cool

There are many ways you can help Japan. Donating to Red Cross Japan might be difficult from outside the country, so perhaps a donation to the U.S. Red Cross or Red Cross International would be good. In addition, J-List will be donating 5% of all orders to the Japanese Red Cross throgh April, up to $10,000. Thanks for any and all support you can give!
J-List is open for business and is shipping products out more-or-less normally. Japan will need economic power to recover from this tragedy, and we're going to help them the best way we know how. We've got a lot of excellent new products that our distributors hav e been delivering, and we foresee no special delays with outgoing shipping (but we'll post here if this changes). Thanks and God Bless.

Cool Products Friday, March 18, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Dengeki Comic Daioh April 2011
The most moe of Japan's manga magazines is here in a brand new issue, packed with the stories you love, including Railgun, Tora Dora!, Gunslinger Girl, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls, Yotsubato!, and much more!
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Dengeki Girl's Style Mar 2011
Dengeki Girl's Style Mar 2011 Pick up the latest on all the Otome games and BL games in Japan with the new issue of Dengeki Girl's Style!
Anime Song Guitar Code Book  Nessho Anison
Anime Song Guitar Chord Book Wow, the guitar book of anison (anime songs) we posted sold out in a few hours. Happily we've gotten more stock today! Aim for the Budokan!
Koakuma Ageha + nuts + I Love Mama  Onesan ni Natta 2
Koakuma Ageha + I Love Mama Special An epic new issue of Koakuma Ageha, the magazine that brings all of Japan's glitz and glamor to your life. Perfect bound for great reference!
Stripe Panty -- Shimapan Mint  size M
Stripe Panties Restocked Level up your anime obsession with the official shimapan of Miku Hatsune! All sizes restocked, from M to 5L.
Evangelion Rei Ayanami Plugsuits iPhone 4 Case
There's never been a cooler way to shield your iPhone from the Third Impact than with these stylish plug suit cases, Rei Ayanami earphones, too. Now that the Second Impact is happened in Japan, get your Eva stuff!
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Revoltech No.102 Evangelion Evolution EVA02 **Preorder**
Revoltech Evangelion Figure See fresh stock of the Evangelion Revoltech 02 from the Eva movie, one of the most epic toys ever made. Pose into any shape!
Monster Hunter Guild Crest Stereo Headphone
Monster Hunter Guild Crest Stereo Headphone Check out these Monster Hunter headphones, with the wicked cool tribal designs on the side, restocked today. We [heart] MonHan!
Pocket Monsters Best Wishes! Aluminum Pencil Case
Pocket Monsters Aluminum Pencil Case Pika Pika! Here's a protective pencil case made out of aluminum designed not only for carrying lots of writing utensils, but to look cool!
Macross Triangle Frontier
Restocked Anime Games for PSP Super awesome PSP games: Macross Triangle Frontier for Macross fans, plus the Miku Hatsune pantsu simulator, we mean dancing game, and K-On!
Japanese T-Shirt 'Moe Warning'
Japanese T-Shirt 'Moe Warning' Now is a great time to pick up a J-List T-shirt or three. We love the "Moe Warning" shirt, since too much moe may lead to a fascination with 2D characters.
Japanese Hat - 'Cheshire Totoro Face' (Grey)
Hundreds of Totoro Products We also have a popular line of professionally embroidered hats, so you can wear Totoro and other designs on your head.
Chopper in Winter Sakura Kingdom
Chopper Man 'Tenugui' Towels Tenugui (teh-noo-goo-ee), the traditional hand towels of the Edo Period, meet One Piece with these new products.
Buden Waist Hip Bag -- Navy
Buden Waist Hip Bag Both fashion and utility are combined in this hip bag, that will hold your gear easily accessible and looks great with this retro kanji design, too!
Kanon  Memorial Edition
Kanon ~ Memorial Edition Visual Novel Te definitive all ages version of Kanon, the legendary game from Key that helped launch the visual novel genre. Windows 7 compatible!
Hello Kitty Vibrating Shoulder Massager  Black
Hello Kitty Vibrating Shoulder Massagers In other cool news, J-List has restocked the popular Hello Kitty vibrating personal massagers, one the products that defines us!
New Real KAITEN SUSHI Origami
Origami, Other Traditional Items Amazing sushi, Lucky Cat and other awesome origami from Japan, with instructions in English. Also sushi magnets and sushi for your dog?
How To Draw Manga Character Posing Book  Onnanoko no Karada Hen
How To Draw Manga Character Posing Book For aspiring artists, this how to draw manga book features a cute model who poses for you in order for you to hone your skills in art!
Morinaga Choco Ball -- Cookie  Cream
Fun New Snacks from japan Enjoy awesome new and restocked Japanese snacks, including Choco Balls from Morinaga and delicious Milk Cocoa in a can.
House Morning Rescue **Preorder**
House Morning Rescue *Preorder* The brand of energy drink made famous during the broadcast of Madoka Magica, enjoy your Morning Rescue straight from Japan!
Kompeito  Five Color Traditional Japanese Candy
Restocked Kompeito, Other Snacks Also, restocked snacks, including traditional Kompeito from Spirited Away, plus Hi-Chew, Sweet Milk Pocky, Xylitol gum and awesome "Nori Salt" potato chips.
Pirika Moe Melon Milk (Hokkaido)  Japanese Food Drops
Restocked Food Drops ~ Yay! Get the traditional flavors of Japan and other more exotic tastes from these food drops candies, including 'polar bear' and moe melon flavors!
Pearl LPK Sakura Slim Square 2 tier Bento Box  Microwave  Dishwasher Safe w/o Lid
Wow, some of the most beautiful and spring-themed bento we've seen! Both the stylish, sleek box and the lovely bag are patterned after the traditional cherry blossom in the perfect company for your hanami (cherry blossom viewing) or spring picnics.
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Panda Paws 2-tier Bento Box
Kawaii Bento Boxes See restocked cute bento boxes, too, including panda-themed lunchboxes. Japan, you are the most awesome country in the world.
DX Genuine Lacquered JU-BAKO with SAKURA  Rhinestone   3-tier Square Bento
Stacking 'Jubako' Bento, Too Enjoy the peaceful harmony and good eating of traditional bento culture with these beautiful lunch boxes from Japan. Stack them up!
Easy Microwave Rice Cooker  Steamer with Shamoji
Easy Microwave Rice Cooker, Rice Scoops Our popular Microwave Rice Cooker is back in stock, which saves you from having to buy an expensive electric rice cooker. Also, awesome rice scoops!
Kawaii Red Cheek Panda Chopsticks Rest
Panda Chopstick Rests ~ Kawaii! I love these -- ceramic pandas that act as chopstick rests, to hold your chopsticks while you eat. K- Kawaii! Restocked today.
Sakura Arm Cover for Housework
Sakura Arm Cover for Housework A practical Japanese touch to aid your housework, you'll love these floral print arm covers to protect from dust and sun.
Happy Tanuki Sake Set
Fun Traditional Items from Japan We always have lots of fun and random traditional Japanese items, including the Kyoto Tea Sets, Happy Tanuki Sake Set and more.
Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks -- Obi-Wan Kenobi
Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks The battle between the Light and Dark side of the force continues with these wonderfully designed light-saber chopsticks.
Kuro Neko Mug Cup  Ore no Imoto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai **Preorder**
Great Kuroneko Products We love KuroNeko, and we love the Figma figure that's coming soon. Also, a KuroNeko mug cup for drinking your otaku drinks.
We're not sure why, but Tenga and related products have been flying off the shelves since the disaster -- I know we could all use a little less stress -- thanks, everyone. The epic Tenga Warmer is restocked today, plus TENGA Flip Lite US (in "gaijin size").
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Kanu 1/8 Cast off Figure w/Stretchy Swimsuits ver.  Koihime Musou **Preorder**
Kanu 1/8 Cast off Koihime Musou *Preorder* Another super sexy Castoff figure is in the making featuring the character Kanu and stretchy swimsuits. We *love* this figure.
Yuka Yoshino 1/7 Cast off Figure  Tsundero **Preorder**
Yuka Yoshino 1/7 Cast off Figure ~ Tsundero *Preorder* The lusty Yuka Yoshino appears in this curvaceous 1/7th scale figure. Complete with beanie, scarf, and even micro bikini that's "cast-offable."
Tentacle Girl  UMD PSP Game
Tentacle Girl ~ UMD PSP Game Next, check out one of the most hardcore and ero games we've seen in awhile, this one for PSP UMD. A super development for "H" game fans.
Peach Princess's 'Tokimeki Check-in!!'
Great Eroge in English, Package or Download Now is a great time to pick up a couple of our awesome games in English. One I love is Tokimeki Check in!, a game about love in a traditional Japanese inn

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Tohoku Region of Japan, as Peter Sees It

The main Japanese island of Honshu is divided into five regions, which are (moving from west to east), Chugoku, where Hiroshima is located; the oddly-named Kinki region, more commonly known as Kansai, where Kyoto, Kobe and Osaka sit; Chubu in the middle, with Nagoya as the major urban center; Kanto, the large plain holding Tokyo, Yokohama and J-List's home prefecture of Gunma; and Tohoku (lit. "east-north"), the sprawling region above Tokyo. It's the Tohoku region that's seen the majority of sadness from the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (as it's been officially named), with most of the dead and displaced located here. Since this part of Japan was likely unknown to most people before this tragedy, I thought I'd talk a little bit about it.
Back during my bachelor days I saw quite a lot of Japan, and hitchhiked or took the train up to the Tohoku area many times, in part because it was relatively close by (just a couple hours from Gunma), and also because I've always been fascinated with enka, (iTunes Japan link), the "country music" of Japan. Just as country & western was born in the American south, enka is closely associated with the less urbanized Tohoku region, and I always loved these eerily beautiful sad songs. The Tohoku region was the domain of the Ainu, the aboriginal inhabitants of Japan, who were slowly absorbed as the "Yamato" Japanese civilization spread northward from Kyoto. The Ainu left their mark mainly on the accents of the region (they're among the most colorful in Japan, and darned difficult for me to understand) and in place names that sound strange to the ear, written with kanji characters no one from Tokyo can read.
I spent my first Japanese Christmas in Sendai (being from San Diego, I wanted to go somewhere where I could see snow), and was very impressed with the efficient, bustling provincial city of 1 million people, especially with its straight, wide streets. (I would later learn that Japanese cities with wide streets indicates cities that were heavily bombed during World War II, while cities that avoided large-scale bombing have narrow, inconvenient streets today.) The city of Sendai was founded by one of the most enigmatic characters in Japanese history, Masamune Date (dah-tay), the one-eyed samurai lord who was fascinated with Western technology, built Japan's first Western-style sailing ship, sent a trade delegation to Rome via Mexico, and provided the inspiration for a character you might have heard of named Darth Vader. I can't wait to see how awesome the city is once it gets back on its feet!

Some information on the Tohoku region of Japan.

Japan Earthquake Update

Japan's terrible national tragedy continues five days after the strongest earthquake ever recorded here. Cleanup is proceeding, but it's a painful process at every step, especially as the reality that the death toll will not be merely "more than 10,000" but may exceed that number for Miyagi Prefecture alone, where the city of Sendai is located. Japan remains touched by the warm outpouring of help from the international community including the U.S. military, and there are many media reports following the rescue efforts of international teams from all over the world. In the middle of this sadness, there are rare images of joyous life, including several people found still floating at sea alive, a four month old baby miraculously rescued in a damaged home, and another baby who was born in an evacuation center in Fukushima (her mother named her with kanji meaning "Hope"). There were also plenty of happy images on TV of people reunited with family members they'd feared gone forever. (I am posting Japanese fan-art related to the quake on Twitter and J-List's Facebook page, if you're interested.)
We continue to be surprised at the amount of normalcy in Japan. The post office has come every day to pick up outgoing packages and we have been told there should be no issue with delays for international shipping. All of our distributors are operating more or less normally, and orders were placed Monday were delivered the next day -- Japan is truly an amazing place. At this point one of the major challenge for us are the rolling blackouts, which cut all electricity (including traffic lights and power to hospitals and mass transit) in three hour blocks in different parts of the Kanto region. J-List has made some schedule adjustments so we can get our work done around these blackouts and shouldn't be affected. (Our servers are hosted in the U.S., so our website will not be affected in any event.)

The world is helping Japan recover after the earthquake; amid the destruction, a rare happy sight.

Donate to the Red Cross -- 5% of J-List Sales Donated

There are many ways you can help Japan. Donating to Red Cross Japan might be difficult from outside the country, so perhaps a donation to the U.S. Red Cross or Red Cross International would be good. In addition, J-List will be donating 5% of all orders to the Japanese Red Cross this month up to $10,000. Thanks for any and all support you can give!
J-List is open for business and is shipping products out more-or-less normally. Japan will need economic power to recover from this tragedy, and we're going to help them the best way we know how. Currently there should be no major delays shipping products out, and if any crop up in the future we'll post an update here. Thanks and God Bless.

Cool Products Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Dengeki G's Festival vol. 20
The newest issue of Dengeki G's Festival is here! The quarterly magazine packed with epic extras for you focuses this month on the new August epic game, Aiyoku no Eustia. Get a great dakimakura hug pillowcase of the heroine Eustia Astraea along with the magazine, plus other extras!
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GeMaga  Game Magazine Mar 2011
GeMaga ~ Game Magazine Mar 2011 This month's magazine dedicated to all things console gaming in Japan is here, packed with the latest scoops and exclusive info.
Oxide 2X  Kim Hyung-Tae Illustration
Gorgeous Artbooks Restocked We've got a bunch of great artbooks back in stock today, including the epic Oxide 2x from Korean master Kim Hyung-Tae, and more.
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute 3  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 3 (Blu-ray Disc)
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute 3 ~ Blu-ray Disc Next, see the latest installment of the epic Blu-ray release of Oreimo, packed with great extras in a sleek high quality presentation.
Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE First Trading Figure Set of 8 *Preorder*
Nanoha, Little Busters Figures A super cute version of Noumi Kudryavka from Little Busters!, and a great trading figures set from the Nanoha movie now in stock!
Monster Seitaizukan 2  Monster Hunter 3rd Portable - Jinouga version
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd brought with it tons of great new beasts to conquer, and now you can add them to your figure collection in these boldly designed great new figures! Official Capcom products.
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Nekomimi Parka Onepiece with Pink Ribbon and Tail
Nekomimi Parka Onepiece with Pink Ribbon and Tail Another super kawaii parka is ready for the taking. This time featuring neko mimi (cat ears), and we're sure it will be very popular.
Kawaii Long Sleeve Rabbit Onepiece  Black
Kawaii Long Sleeve Rabbit Dress Restocked Those super kawaii bunny-eared hoodie and pants sets are back, for fans of kawaii Japanese fashion. We love selling cute things like this.
Nendoroid Queen's Blade Leina
Queen's Blade Nendoroid Figure, More Check out the great Nendoroid action figures from everyone's favorite combat heroine series, including Leina, Airi, Tomoe, Aldora, more!
Yotsubato Himekuri Daily Calendar 2011 April  2012 Mar.
2011 Anime, Idol and Other Calendars Our customers liked the new Yotsubato 2011-2012 calendar so much it was about to sell out. Happily we got another 10 copies in.
Let's Make Fragrant Beads with Magical Water
Let's Make Erasers, Other Items Restocked Japan loves to make cute things, and we've restocked the Fragrant Eraser crafts sets, with molds that can be used again and again.
Mini Magic Sakura Tree
You can recreate your own hanami flower viewing at home with this amazing mini 'magic sakura' tree! Unfold the branches and add the special water (included) to watch the flowers bloom within hours. Enjoy Japan-style flower viewing with this cool item!
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Kyoto SAKURA CHA Gift Set  Sakura Tea  Sakura Flavored Green Tea  Cookie  Konpeito
Kyoto SAKURA CHA Gift Set A great gift with the authentic taste of Japan, enjoy the delicate sakura flavor of spring in traditional tea and treats, incl. sakura cookies & konpeito.
White Geta Style Tabi Socks
Geta Style Tabi, aka 'Ninja Socks' Tabi are the famous split-toe footwear worn by ninjas, or with traditional Japanese kimonos. Enjoy these awesome restocked socks!
Bathtub Dust Catcher
Bathtub Hair Catcher, Other Household Products Bring this piece of Japanese bath culture to your home, a net that captures foreign objects for removal from your bath water like hair.
Boa Hancock 3D Oppai Mouse Pad  One Piece
Fun One Piece Products Japan will always be Japan, and that means wacky products like the One Piece "Oppai" mouse pads and other fun One Piece products, in stock now.
Meiji Chelsea Strawberry Mix
New Snacks from Japan Japan always has amazing new snacks for you. Today see Meiji Chelsea Strawberry Mix candy, Koeda Coffee chocolate, and a bold Jagarico flavor!
Sakuma Drop  Grave of the Fireflies
Restocked Sakuma Drops, Other J-Snacks Classic Sakuma Drops (as seen in "Grave of the Fireflies"), Neri Ame traditional liquid candy, Royal Milk Tea, Mix Fruit Mentos, plus new Hi-Chew flavors.
HENOHENOMOHEJI Genuine Lacquered 2 Tier Square  Bento Box  Elastic Band
Also for fans of traditional bento boxes, we've restocked the awesome "hiragana man," know as "HENOHENOMOHEJI" to the Japanese, plus other awesome traditional bento restocked. As long as Japan is here, J-List will sell awesome bento boxes!
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NORIKO Mini  Onigiri Bento Case
Awesome 'Onigiri' Style Bento Boxes We have also restocked some onigiri bento boxes which hold rice balls in a very cute way. Click to see the restocked items.
Kawaii Bento Boxes
Kawaii Bento Boxes See fresh stock of our English-language bento book which will have you making awesome kawaii bento lunches in no time.
Basic Kanji Drill New -- 3rd Grade
Basic Kanji Drill Books Restocked The books packed with all the materials you need to sharpen your kanji skills are here, built for penmanship practice to reinforce your knowledge.
YOKOBUE  Traditional Bamboo Flute
Popular Traditional Items From Japan Our classic Yokobue (yoko-boo-eh) flute is restocked, plus traditional Daruma Otoshi game, the classic Ken-dama, our famous Soba Dish and more.
Japanese T-Shirt - Tsundere Tribute
Our popular Japanese shirts are all in stock and shipping from San Diego with no delay to customers -- check out our tribute to the feisty tsundere characters of anime, as well as our new Panty & Stocking / Men in Black parody, plus "Property of Highschool of the Dead."
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Reimu Hakurei Nendoroid Figure **Preorder**
Marisa, Reimu Nendoroid Figures *Preorder* We've got 3 new Nendoroid figures from the Touhou Project that we're sure you'll jump for joy over! Now available for preorder!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mug Cup **Preorder**
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Mug Cup *Preorder* Enjoy the company of your favorite mahou shoujo magical girl initiate in these great new mugs from Broccoli. Preorder open today!
Kirino Kousaka PVC Figure from Resinya  Ore no Imoto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai **Preorder**
Kirino Kousaka PVC Figure *Preorder* We absolutely love Oreimo and are excited about this Kirino Kousaka PVC figure by COSPA!
Airi Queen's Blade Nendoroid
Other Awesome Preorder Products Enjoy Rei Ayanmi in "Beach Queen" mode, cute Dancer Marryan from ToHeart2, kawaii maids Airi and Kuroko, plus new Kenshin figures (!).
HiToZuMa EROS 15/X
HiToZuMa EROS 15/X This erotic photobook focuses on your average hitozuma or wife. A specially selected group of women for you to drool over.
And of course J-List has more amazing stress relieving toys for you, featuring this 1/1 scale onahole based off the details of this mystery cybergirl, down to every possible detail. Lord knows we could all use a little less stress now.
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Yen Ju Lee Hole
Amazing Stress Toys, Lotion Stress is a commodity not in short supply in the world these days, and Japan is here to help with its full industry of relief novelty items for you.
BAND GAL!! -- Yukko  K-On! Parody Toy
BAND GAL! Parody Stress Toys Especially winning are these K-On! parody toys, modeled after your favorite characters from the hit anime series. More stock came in yesterday.
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo  UMD PSP Game
Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo ~ UMD PSP Game Enjoy the famous Sharin no Kuni, now on your PSP! See region restrictions for info, and play your 18+ eroge portable!
Kyonyu Seido Kaicho
Large Oppai Slave Class President Next, enjoy the sensation of turning your large-chested class president into a sex slave in this super ecchi new import game from Erect Lip.