Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan Update: Week Two

The drama in Japan continues, two weeks after the worst earthquake in the country's history, and every day brings new sadness as bodies are found and tallied. One sad death that received a lot of coverage in the U.S. media was Taylor Anderson, an American woman from Richmond, VA, who went to northern Japan to teach English on Japan's JET ("Japan English Teachers") program. Having been an ESL teacher myself for several years before founding J-List, I can imagine the happy times she must have had, perhaps dodging kancho her students tried to administer (mischievous Japanese students like to sneak up on unsuspecting English teachers and push their index fingers into their butts as hard as they can). It's very sad that this tragic event engulfed her.
But daily life is slowly returning to normal in Japan, with food and other products being distributed to consumers who are still jittery with everything that's been going on. Even gasoline is starting to flow again, although there are lines at the "gasoline stand" in the mornings. The rolling blackout situation is still a bit of a challenge -- today the J-List staff arrived at work two hours early so we could get the day's orders done before the scheduled blackout in the afternoon, but the blackout ended up being cancelled. We continue to be amazed at how normal things are. All J-List's suppliers are open for business and are shipping products to us daily, and we're supporting them by placing large orders of bento boxes, toys and other items to help them through this difficult time.
I'm doing my best to enjoy being back in San Diego with my daughter, taking her around to see the many beautiful sights of our "other" home. As usual, going from one country to another involves a bit of culture shock, and it's been fun watching how my teenage daughter adjusts to being back in the U.S. "Why did you order a large drink? I can't drink all this!" (I had ordered the smallest one they had.) "This hot dog is the most delicious thing in the world. Why can't we have these in Japan?" (While Japanese are connoisseurs of delicious European-style sausages, they have no culture of eating good American style hot dogs.) Other aspects of American life that have stood out to us include how often we find ourselves in restaurants with zero unsweetened drink options (even the brewed iced tea has been replaced by sweet Raspberry Blast™ Iced tea), the bizarre feeling of writing a paper check to pay for services (checks don't exist in Japan, where cash is king), and the awesome feel of the wind in my hair when driving on the freeways (most driving in Japan is maddeningly slow city driving).
On the flight over from Japan, they had several in-flight movie choices, among them the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film. I would normally have seen a new Harry Potter movie in the theatre on opening night, but my son had been in juken mode, preparing for his high school entrance exams, and I couldn't bring myself to go see the movie while he was home studying. The film was good, but I was especially happy to see that the version they showed on the plane had Chinese subtitles. Japanese uses Chinese characters to express more complex nouns, verbs and adjectives, and it's always fun for Japanese learners to see how much Chinese they can puzzle out. The answer is...not much, but it's interesting to see how certain words or phrases that would be rendered phonetically in katakana translate into the richer kanji characters of Chinese.

Give to Japan, and New Update Info

There are many ways you can help Japan. Donating to Red Cross Japan might be difficult from outside the country, so perhaps a donation to the U.S. Red Cross or Red Cross International would be good. In addition, J-List will be donating 5% of all orders to the Japanese Red Cross through the end of April up to $10,000. Thanks for any and all support you can give!
J-List is open for business and is shipping products out more-or-less normally. Japan will need economic power to recover from this tragedy, and we're going to help them the best way we know how. Today is a great update, with the J-List staff working hard to bring you many outstanding anime, manga, bento, snack and other products. Enjoy them all!

Cool Products Friday, March 25, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine Deluxe vol. 16
It's a wonderful time to be an anime fan, as we have a new issue of Megami Magazine Deluxe. This is the "Deluxe" issue of J-List's most popular magazine, with nothing but full page original images of your favorite anime art, from Madoka to Nanoha to HOTD and more.
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Figure Maniacs Otomegumi vol. 42 2011
Figure Maniacs Otomegumi vol. 42 2011 Another superior issue of Figure Maniacs, focusing on otome or female anime characters, an awesome record of the current state of the art in figures.
Miku Hatsune 1/7 Figure Designed by Tony **Preorder**
Miku Hatsune 1/7 Figure Designed by Tony Miku Hatsune + celebrated illustrator Tony Taka, that's a potent mix. The figure is finally in, but for how long?
Black Gold Saw 1/8 Figure --animation version-- **Preorder**
Other New Figures in Stock Enjoy the awesome Black Gold Saw figure from Good Smile, a gorgeous new creation. Also, Nadeko from Bakemonogatari!
S Cawaii April 2011
S Cawaii April 2011 Dive into the glamorous world of Japanese Cute fashions, for the young woman who wants a bit more chic in her look. We love Amuro Namie!
Stripe Panty -- Shimapan Mint  size M
'Shimapan' Striped Panties, Gothic + Geisha In addition to fresh stock of the most kawaii striped panties you've ever seen, we have Gothic Arm Coverings and those awesome Geisha Kimonos.
High School Briefcase Bookbag
Authentic School Briefcase Also, want to carry an authentic Japanese school bag to school? We've restocked the fabulous bookbag from Matsukameya of Nagoya today.
Calcifur Fire Demon - Men's standard
Calcifur Fire Demon T-Shirt By customer request, J-List has brought the popular Calcifur Fire Demon T-shirt back. Featuring the cutest demon ever known to anime! Great for Ghibli fans.
Kaname Madoka iPhone 4 Cover  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
For fans of the "dark" magical girl show Madoka Magika, we've got a special treat -- a whole lineup of iPhone 4 cases! Show your dedication to your favorite Madoka character! I am so going for Honami and Mami myself.
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Gakuen Hetalia Portable  Limited Edition
Gakuen Hetalia Portable ~ Hetalia PSP Games! A new PSP game for Hetalia fans -- that's made of win! Two different versions, compatible with PSP units all over the world.
Panty  Stocking with Garterbelt Vol. 01 (Blu-ray Disc)
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Vol. 1-2 (Blu-ray) For fans of Gainax's bold new tribute to Dirty Pair, Power Puff Girls and just about everything else, we've got a great pair of Blu-rays for you.
Queen's Gate  -- Ivy (Soul Calibur) ** preorder **
Queen's Gate ~ Ivy (Soul Calibur) Queen's Gate are Queen's Blade artbooks using "crossover" characters. Enjoy the epic Ivy from Soul Calibur, which was just released!
Dissidia Final Fantasy 2011 Trading Calendar
Dissidia Final Fantasy 2011 Trading Calendar Enjoy the just-released 2011-2012 Dissidia Final Fantasy "trading calendar" posters, which are an awesome item for fans.
Miku Hatsune Graphics 2
Miku Hatsune Graphics 2 Fun restocked artbooks, including the Miku Hatsune Graphics book, the Moe Business Guide (for using moe in your work), plus joso karuta cards!
Touhou Project  Mountain of Faith
Major Restocking of Touhou Project Games Touhou is more than a series of well made shooting games with gorgeous graphics/music: it's the base of Japan's pop culture.
Mousse-chan 3 Shaped DECO Rhinestone Set  Heart  Star  Flower
Mousse-chan 3 Shaped DECO Rhinestone Set We love the Mousse-chan Paper Clay products, which let you mold lightweight air-drying clay into works of art, or even jewelry.
Spring Sakura w/ Rabbit Wearing Chirimen Kimono Display
Spring Sakura w/ Rabbit Wearing Kimono  Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, here's a delightful Spring Sakura Bunny wearing a Heian Era style kimono.
Mini Magic Sakura Tree
Mini Magic Sakura Tree Restocked Celebrate spring the Japanese way, with sakura (cherry blossoms) and hanami (flower viewing)! This tree sprouts before your very eyes.
Itazura Cat Coin Bank -- Tiger Cat
Itazura Cat Coin Banks Restocked The most popular kawaii item on J-List these days is the Itazura Cat Coin Bank, with a cat who steals your money. So cute!
Cup Noodle Mug
Wacky Products Restocked A super item from Japan, this is a large ceramic cup that will hold any hot drink you like, from coffee to tea to ramen noodles!
Nabisco Oreo Green Tea Soft Cookie
Today is Green Tea Day in Japan Amazing lineup of new Green Tea products today. Green tea Oreo cookies (!), cola, Tohato corn crisps and more -- our heads are spinning from it all.
Nestle Green Tea Kit Kat Mini Pack
Restocked Snacks, Too Also: Green Tea Kit Kats (of course), Matcha flavored cookies, Meiji Rich Chocolate in (you guessed it) Green Tea flavor, plus Morinaga Caramels!
Blue Hiragana Man Genuine Lacquered 2 Tier Square  Bento Box  Elastic Band
For all fans of Japan's amazing bento culture, we've gotten in a new "Hiragana Man" bento box which shows the face made of hiragana characters (known as nohenohemoheji to the Japanese). Enjoy.
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Red Stuffed  Rabbit Bento Box Band
Traditional Rabbit Bento w/Rabbits 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, and we've restocked rabbit-themed bento boxes and accessories from Japan for you.
Natural Leaf Bento Tote Bag
Bento Bags, Other Accessories Also for bento enthusiasts, several fun bento bags to carry your lunch in, anti-bacterial sheets for bento, and awesome Smile Onigiri Wrapping Sheets.
Pretty Cell Phone Shaped Slide Pencil Case
Pretty Cell Phone Shaped Slide Pencil Case It's a cell phone! No, it's a pencil case! No, it's a pencil case that looks like a cool sleek Japanese sliding-type cell phone. I love it.
Japonica Kanji Practice Notebook (84 squares)
Japanese Study Notebooks & More Also: writing kanji and hiragana repeatedly is the best way to memorize it. See fresh stock of our kanji notebooks.
Year of the Rabbit Traditional Pair Display  2011
Awesome Traditional Products for Year of the Rabbit Also, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, and we've restocked several of our popular traditional display items for the new year. Enjoy them all.
Arare Norimaki Action Figure Dr. Slump Arare-Chan **Preorder**
Dr. Slump Action Figures *Preorder* Before Dragonball redefined all anime to revolve around endless fighting and spikey hair, there was Dr. Slump. Now we've got figures coming!
Shaomei 1/7 Figure  Shining Hearts **Preorder**
Shaomei 1/7 Figure ~ Shining Hearts *Preorder* Max Factory presents the adorable Shaomei from Shining Hearts! Enjoy the moe cat ears and tail, created by Tony Taka himself. Preorder now!
Motoko Kusanagi 1/6 Figure SEBURO M-5  HK-VP70 ver.  Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. 2nd GIG **Preorder**
Motoko Kusanagi 1/6 Figure GitS S.A.C. *Preorder* Then, an epic 1/6 figure of the Major from the Cyberpunk anime to end all Cyberpunk animes, Ghost in the Shell. We like her a lot!
Revoltech No.104 Evangelion Evolution EVA00 **Preorder**
Finally, yet another gorgeous Evangelion Revoltech to redefine how awesome a fully posable action figure can be. This guy can be put into any pose! Or get four of them and give them K-On! instruments so they can form a band!
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Mayuka -- Mayuka Akimoto
Mayuka ~ Mayuka Akimoto AV actress Mayuka Akimoto is the star of this new hardcover photobook, featuring plenty of beautiful natural photos of this amazing woman.
Zettai Shojo -- Tsukasa Aoi
Other Photobooks, Too Also, enjoy the awesome Tsukasa Aoi's Zettai Shojo (Absolute Girl), plus other books we've gotten in stock from our suppliers in Tokyo.
Kono Yarou!!
It's not often a hentai manga work is so good it stops us in our tracks, beckoning us to read it cover to cover rather than do our normal works, but this manga is that good. We loved every one of the seven stories inside. Includes futanari.
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New Madohom!   Madoka Magica Parody Doujinshi
Epic Doujinshi from Japan A great volley of new ero doujinshi comics from japan. Enjoy Touhou Project, One Piece, Madoka Magika and other parody works. Lots of futa too.
The Authorization of Great Manko  Karen Hatsuhara Hole
Japan is known for its ingenuity and innovation, and you can see this spirit even in the ero toys the company creates for male stress relief. This meiki (lit "famous device") is a perfect replica of AV star Karen Hatsuhara, down to every detail. So realistic, you might just buy it dinner.
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Love Body Ren
Love Body Ren Pillow, Hole Toy Enjoy the popular Love Body Ren blow-up toy with accompanying hole toy, two of our most popular products for stressed-out Japanophiles.
Bakujiri Musou -- Extreme Impact  Samurai Girls Parody Toy
Samurai Girls, One Piece Parody Toys Also, anime-themed toys are popular, and we've restocked the epic Samurai Girls/Ikki Tousen parody hole. Also: One Piece love simulators!
Uncho Kanu 1/6 Cast off  Figure Miss. Photogenic Suntan ver.  Dragon Destiny XX *Preorder*
Uncho Kanu 1/6 Cast off Figure I've always wanted a gorgeous prepainted figure of Uncho Kanu from Ikki Tousen with "cast of" clothing.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Cross + J-List

There are many ways you can help Japan. Donating to Red Cross Japan might be difficult from outside the country, so perhaps a donation to the U.S. Red Cross or Red Cross International would be good. In addition, J-List will be donating 5% of all orders to the Japanese Red Cross this month up to $10,000. Thanks for any and all support you can give!
J-List is open for business and is shipping products out more-or-less normally. Japan will need economic power to recover from this tragedy, and we're going to help them the best way we know how. Some nice items for you today, plus restocked bento, anime, manga and other products -- enjoy them all!

J-List Earthquake Diary Update -- From the USA?

Japan's crisis continues, though things are slowly coming under control. As calm returns and companies work hard to normalize the situation, food distribution is getting better, and the convenience store I checked had shelves overflowing with bread, which had been in short supply a few days before. In the more heavily damaged northern regions, of course, the sadness continues to unfold, as the damage is assessed and body counts are totaled. A huge amount of help continues to pour in, with large donations announced by famous businessmen (Uniqlo founder Tadashi Yanai, Johnny's Talent Agency), JPOP and KPOP performers (Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48, KARA, Bae Yong Joon), sports figures (Ichiro) and more, but Japan will need more help to recover. Many famous artists and anime companies have picked up on the meme of creating earthquake-related art and posting it to their websites and Pixiv to console those affected by the disaster, and I continue posting it to my Twitter feed and J-List's official Facebook page.
There's been a lot of discussion about the reporting of the disaster by foreign news sources, which sometimes over-dramatize the situation with sensationalist language to make it more exciting and increase their page views, or (as various Japanese have pointed out) view the situation through Hollywood-colored spectacles. While the disaster has been unprecedented, I have yet to see Japanese news reports using excited language, anointing the brave workers at the Fukushima plant with titles like "the Fukushima Fifty" to add to the drama (in reality, there are more than fifty engineers in the Fukushima power plants and they're constantly being rotated out in shifts). It's got to be a challenge for foreign Western news reporters to come up with angles for their stories, since the Japanese don't behave as the reporters expect, acting calm with very little panicking -- heck, the only case of looting was me, raiding the J-List stock of instant ramen when I forgot to bring my lunch the other day.
Yes, the Japanese news reports have been much calmer, reporting the facts and telling people what they should be doing without getting them too excited. As the eternal wisdom "you've been in Japan too long when NHK warnings about landslides, heavy rains, and other disasters make you feel reassured that someone is benevolently watching over you" shows, this is part of the role of NHK, Japan's public broadcasting system, essentially a great clone of the BBC. NHK has been the best source of information for people inside Japan during the crisis, and during the blackouts there's been little else to do than listen to NHK news programs on AM radio. During one broadcast, there was a "radio essay" by a commentator who pointed out some of the good things coming from the current mess. Because of the gasoline shortage, he had walked to work instead of driving, and he found himself having the most interesting conversations with people in his neighborhood while waiting at the train crossing. He found that he'd rediscovered the lost art of having conversations with his family, while everyone huddled in a candlelit room in the dark, no Playstation to distract the kids. Another small good thing about the current crisis is that it gives young people a small taste of what their grandparents endured during World War II.
There have been reports of an exodus of foreigners from Japan, as gaijin employees of foreign companies evacuate their staff, and other foreigners working in Japan decide to head to safer locations, either inside Japan away from the Kanto (Tokyo) area or back to their home countries. I certainly understand the fear they feel, but I'm betting that Japan will right itself soon and bounce back better than ever, even with the release of limited amounts of radiation (which has been approximately 1/333,333 the radiation released from Chernobyl). In the end I look at the Japanese themselves, and know things will be okay. If Tsutomu Yamaguchi -- the man who was present in Hiroshima during the bombing then returned to his home in Nagasaki only have that city bombed three days later -- could live to the ripe age of 93, most of us will come through this fine.
The irony is that I'm currently in San Diego, where I've come with my daughter. Not to escape current events in Japan, but to attend an important family event that had been planned several months in the past. I'll be getting back to Japan in two weeks, and believe me, I can't wait to get back to where I'm needed. orz

Japan's heroes work hard to save lives.

Cool Products Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Shonen ACE April 2011
Shonen Ace has declared March to be Haruhi bonanza month, packed full of great original Ito Noizi art, haruhi manga and more! Great extras too.
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GeMaga  Game Magazine April 2011
GeMaga ~ Game Magazine April 2011 It's time for another issue of the magazine that brings all the news on the latest Japanese bishoujo games for consoles! Idolm@ster 2 is here.
Comic Rex April 2011
Comic Rex April 2011 The latest issue of Comic Rex brings your favorite manga to you, with Azanael, Assassin Colosseum, Little Busters, and more. Sells out fast!
B's Log Apr 2011
B's Log Apr 2011 A great new issue of B's Log with extras that will make the otome game lover in you glow with joy. BL games and anime info too!
Fruits Apr 2011 NO. 165
Fruits Apr 2011 NO. 165 The latest issue of the hip FRUiTS magazine is packed with nothing but pages of full-page fashion plates from the trendiest streets of Tokyo.
Queen's Blade Rebellion Bitoushi Senki Gekidou ver. Limited Edition w/Sai Nyan Figure **Preorder**
Queen's Blade Rebellion Sai Nyan Figure Delicious new Queen's Blade figures in stock. But sadly, they are popular and most sold out as preorders, so hurry...
One Piece SHARK  Color Walk 5
Restocked Artbooks, Too Amazing artbooks from Japan, incl. Totoro, One Piece, the Moe Business Guide and more. We love Japan, and we love art!
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute 2  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2 (Blu-ray Disc)
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute vol. 1-3 My little sister can't be this HD! The definitive Blu-ray release of Oreimo is restocked, in full 1080p/North American compatible discs!
Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya  Limited Edition (Blu-ray Disc)
Disappearance, Nanoha Blu-ray too Also see fresh stock of the epic Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya movie (both versions), plus the gorgeous Fate/stay night movie.
Japanese T-Shirt -- Kyuubee Eyes
J-List customers asked for it, so how could we refuse? Here's a simple but elegant shirt that turns you into Kyubeh, the bizarre creature who grants wishes to girls in return for making them become Magical Girls. I want you to make a contract with me!
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Japanese T-Shirt - Property of Highschool of the Dead (Black)
Browse the Top Selling J-List T-Shirts It's a great time to browse the top selling J-List T-shirts now. The summer anime conventions are coming, and you need to be ready!
Japanese T-shirt 'No Gaijin Allowed'
J-List T-Shirts and Hoodies Being Retired Note that some designs are retired to make room for new ones. If you want any of these great shirts, hurry before they're gone for good.
Men's High School Uniform Top
Authentic High School Uniforms from Matsukameya One item I'm proud to carry is our line of authentic high school uniforms from Matsukameya of Nagoya. The boys' uniform is especially awesome.
Girlie Border Knee High Socks
Japanese Fashion Items You can never have too many pairs of awesome Japanese over knee socks, with the shimapan style stripes.
Totoro Tree House -- Large
Some fun restocked Totoro items, including the DX Totoro Tree House plush toy that Totoro can live inside -- kawaii! Also Totoro music boxes restocked today. I don't know about you, but we could use a bit more Totoro in our lives these days.
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One Piece B5 Blank Notebook
One Piece B5 Notebooks, Pens This is the Year of One Piece, and we've restocked the fun One Piece notebook plus several pens.
Injection Ball Point Pen  GREEN
Random Restocked Products Also see: the Injection Ball Point Pen, Kotobuki Celebration Envelope (it's beautiful), a really awesome Grapefruits and Lemon Juice Maker and more.
Japanese Hat - 'Echo Base' Star Wars Parody
Japanese Hat - 'Echo Base' Star Wars Parody J-List stocks some mighty cool professionally embroidered hats, which we make right in our San Diego office (not mass-produced in Asia). Click to see.
Cho Kousou Building 3 -- Skyscrapers 3
More Amazing Photobooks from Japan We love these photobooks, and will always carry them for our customers. Super high-rise buildings, retro travel postcards, train photobooks and more.
DIY Sushi Candy
Popin' Cookin' DIY Sushi Candy It's a challenge for us to keep all our wacky products from Japan in stock. One awesome item is the candy sushi you make yourself -- back on the site!
House Morning Rescue **Preorder**
Morning Rescue, Other Awesome Drinks Also browse our fun drink section, including the cult hit favorite Morning Rescue. Click to see the YouTube commercial, it's great.
Kuro Ame -- Traditional Black Sugar Candy
Today's Restocked J-Snacks Enjoy traditional Sakuma Drops and Okinawa Kuro Ame, Giant Tomato Pretz, Fuuwa Chocolate Ball, Black Black Caffeine Gum and Candy, plus Bontan Ame.
Moe Banana FURIKAKE (Akihabara)
Gyoza, Moe Banana Furikake Also: amazing gyoza flavored furikake that you sprinkle over rise. Or if you're in a moe mood, try Moe Banana from Akihabara.
LEGO Block Style 2 tier Bento Box with Built-in Chopsticks   Elastic Band
LEGO Block Style 2 tier Bento Boxes Fuel your imagination and need to build along with your appetite, with these great 'brick' Lego bentos back in stock today. Great for Lego lovers.
Mini Sauce Bottle Assortment
Big Restocking of Kawaii Soy Sauce Bottles Big restocking of soy sauce bottles for bento fans, shaped like fish, flying pigs, anything. Sometimes it's the little things that make you love Japan.
Lucky Charm for Safety Driving -- Red 'Mikoshi' Car Window Mascot
Awesome 'Omamori' Lucky Charms Increase your personal good luck with these Lucky Charms, for driving safety or for avoidance of bad luck (yakuyoke).
Japanese Custom Made Stamp  Square 0.5 inch Hanko
Your Name in Kanji Custom made Japanese hanko name stamps, legal for use in Japan. Our Japanese staff will help you find the right kanji for your name!
Thunder Empress Arshes Nei 1/6 Cast off Figure  BASTARDS!! **Preorder**
Thunder Empress Arshes Nei 1/6 Figure! *Preorder* A super, gorgeous new castoff figure from Orchid Seed, the voluptuous Arshes Nei will charm you with her ero-ero curves. Preorder today!
SIF EX Tower of Druaga the Recovery of BABYLIM Kai Equipped Girl 1/7 Figure **Preorder**
SIF EX Tower of Druaga the Recovery of BABYLIM *Preorder* Fans of Tower of Druaga know about the MMO it recently inspired, and here's a cute, genki character from it you'll love. Preorder open!
SIF EX Satanikus ENMA Kerberos Yuki Oni Hime 1/7 Figure **Preorder**
Yuki Oni Hime 1/7 Figure *Preorder* Wow! This great new castoff figure from Yamato is completely stunning, a 'snow demon princess' who'll bewitch you. Preorders available today.
Kanade 1/10 Figure BEACH QUEENS  Angel Beats! **Preorder**
Kanade & Yuri Figures ~ Angel Beats! *Preorder* Two new adorable Angel Beats preorder figures for you today, from Wave's Beach Queens series. Kanade and Yuki are totally moe!
Tamaki Kousaka 1/7 Cast off Figure White Maid Swimsuits ver.  ToHeart2 XRATED
Tamaki Kousaka 1/7 Cast off Figure Oo, the delicious ToHeart 2 ecchi figure came in, for people who love naught red-haired girls like Tamaki-chan. Sorry if it sells out, our stock is limted.
Nitroplus Super Sonico 1/7 Cast off Figure Shimapan ver **Preorder**
Other Epic Cast Off Figures Also enjoy Uncho Kanu in huge 1/6 cast off goodness, Super Sonico's 1/7 shimapan figure, plus a Queen's Blade figure for you. Yum.
Air Doll Girls Collection -- Mika
Awesome Restocked 'Air Dolls' & More A brand new entry in the 'love doll' department are Mika and Aki, inflatable love dolls that feature a cute moe design ready for action. Restocked today.
SOD Mobile Denma  Green
SOD Mobile Denma Massagers SOD has made great engineering advances in the field of portable massagers. All flavors of awesome Denma restocked.
Pepee Lotion -- Japanese Standard Lotion
Pepee Lotion ~ Japanese Standard Lotion We've gotten in the most famous lubrication product in Japan: Pepee Lotion, a simple product that contains no strange chemicals. Pronounced "pehpeh."
Da Capo Limited Edition Boxed Set
English Eroge for Preorder Just a reminder: you can preorder upcoming popular games from us, including Da Capo, Demonbane, or My Girlfriend is the President.
Remember 11  The Age of Infinity
Restocked Import Visual Novels & Eroge Enjoy some great restocked works, including Dungeon Crusaderz 2 BALDR SKY Dive 1 ~ Lost Memory, Pastel Chime Continue plus the gorgeous Remember 11.
Secret Wife's Club Download Edition
Amazing 'H' Games by Download Remember that you can get great eroge and visual novels by convenient Internet Download. What awesome game can we send you today?