Friday, April 08, 2011

Curse Words in Japanese

When you study a foreign language, the first thing you usually learn are the "naughty" words -- that's just human nature. However, students of Japanese are often surprised to learn that most of the bad words they're used to in English don't map over very well. The most common Japanese insults include baka (BAH-kah, stupid), aho (ah-HO, the Osaka-ben version of the same word), and boke (BOH-kay, basically meaning "nim-wit"). Almost all the anatomical words you may be used to just don't work in Japanese, nor does the "F" word, which doesn't even exist, except occasionally in English as a foreign loan word. The most basic Japanese swear word is probably kuso (KOO-soh), the "S" word, yet it's interesting to note that it's not considered a bad word, as it's used in children's anime like Yu-Gi-Oh quite often and no one thinks anything of it. It addition to the primary meaning, the word kuso can also refer to various bodily products. The stuff that comes out of your nose is hana-kuso (nose-sh--), and ear wax is mimi-kuso (ear-sh--). The stuff that builds up in your eyes as you sleep is me-kuso (MEH-kuso), and plaque on your teeth is called ha-kuso. Now you know some interesting (and probably useless) Japanese vocabulary words!

The word kuso ("shit!") is a common occurrence in anime and manga. and no one cares.

Trains in Japan vs. the USA

When we went to the U.S. last month we rode the train from Los Angeles to San Diego, and this was actually the first time I'd ridden a train in my own home country. (The "car culture" in California is so strong it's easy to go for years without riding a train, a very different situation from Japan.) This amused my Japanese wife, who's a big fan of traveling on Amtrack when she has to travel inside the U.S., and she took great joy in explaining how to buy tickets to me. The train ride was great, with comfortable seats and electric plugs that allow you to charge your laptop or cell phone while you ride. There were some, ah, differences in the manners displayed by a few of my fellow passengers, however. In Japan, shoes are considered very dirty, and you'd never, say, rest your shoes on or stand on a seat that someone else was going to use. ("It's rude to the next person who will sit there, even if you don't know who it will be," I've been told.) A lady was doing just that, though, resting her (muddy) shoes on the seat I was about to sit on -- ugh. Also, it's quite impolite to have a telephone conversation on a crowded train in Japan (if you need to talk on the phone you can use the deck area between the cars), but one man managed to talk loudly all the way to our destination. In Japan people are more sensitive to hito no me (hee-to no meh), lit. "the eyes of others," and would realize the annoyed glares of the people around them meant they were causing annoyance.
(My wife may have riden more trains in the U.S. than me, but I know trains much better here in Japan, and whenever we go somewhere she has to trust that I know which train to ride to get where we're going in Tokyo. We're quite an interesting couple.)

Trains in the U.S. are somewhat different from Japan.

Spring, Sakura and Renewal

April is the season of beginnings in Japan, as heralded by the coming of the cherry blossoms to every corner of the country. Japan's fiscal year starts in April, and it's normal for new laws to take effect this month, too. April is also the beginning of the school year, and this is the season when many teary-eyed parents will watch their child walking through the school gate on their first day of school while sakura petals fall all around them. Yesterday was my son's high school entrance ceremony, held at a university in Tokyo (as his high school is attached to the university), and my wife and I proudly watched as he officially became a high school student. After the terrible devastation Japan has been through in the past few weeks, there's a realization that this April is also a new "beginning" for Japan as a nation, and everyone is getting ready for the important work of rebuilding.

The sakura are a symbol of renewal in Japan.

J-List [hearts] Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty has defined both Japan and the genre of kawaii ever since she debuted in 1974, and J-List has been happy to carry fun and unique Hello Kitty products you can only buy in Japan since the beginning. While we'll always have a stock of the best "Kitty-chan" bento boxes, pancake and fried egg shapers and related products, we always like to see what the future holds for Japan's most famous feline, too, and we've got such fun items as the "Hipster" Hello Kitty glasses stand (she "wears" your glasses for you while you sleep) to the awesome new Hello Kitto to Issho (Always With Hello Kitty) line of products re-imagined by Japan's top otaku artists. Click here to see the top Sanrio products from Japan!

A reminder: Please Donate to Help Japan

There are many ways you can help Japan. Donating to Red Cross Japan might be difficult from outside the country, so perhaps a donation to the U.S. Red Cross or Red Cross International would be good. In addition, J-List will be donating 5% of all orders to the Japanese Red Cross this month up to $10,000. Thanks for any and all support you can give!

Cool Products Friday, April 8, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Comptiq April 2011
Catch up with the latest bishoujo game and anime news with Comptiq! This month's cover story is Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, the new game from Type Moon. If you love awesome moe culture from Japan, you really should be a regular reader of Comptiq.
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Busou Shinki Magazine vol. 2
Busou Shinki Magazine vol. 2 Along the same lines of Mecha Musume and Sky Girls, Busou Shinki (Armored God Princess) merges beautiful anime girls with mecha. Enjoy this new item!
Giga Pudding hoodie
'Giga Pudding' (Hooded Sweatshirt) ~ Unisex By customer request, we've got...a soft and warm hoodie version of our Giga Pudding T-shirt. Printed on the highest quality hoodies available.
Angel Beats Cosplay set  Select sizes
Awesome Cosplay Products for the Summer Cons We've got some great cosplay items in stock, just in time for the coming summer anime conventions, from full outfits to accessories and cosplay books!
Pink Ribbon Hello Kitty High School Bag
Pink Ribbon Hello Kitty High School Bag  This is cool: a canvas school bag of the type seen in just about every anime from K-On! to Haruhi and beyond. This is a cute Hello Kitty version.
Queen's Gate Yagyu Jubei (Samurai Girls)
Big Restocking of Queen's Blade Books Enjoy the awesome Queen's Blade (Merfa and Echidna) and Queen's Gate (famous crossover properties, Yagyu Jubei from Samurai Girls and Mina Majikina).
How To Draw Manga Character Posing Book  Onnanoko no Karada Hen
How To Draw Manga Character Posing Book Nice! Fresh stock of that book of a girl posing in her underwear, I mean that important resource for artists seeking to draw the human body.
Totoro no Dondoko Odori **Preorder**
Today's Awesome Totoro & Ghibli Items Enjoy the Totoro Dondoko Odori light that just came in, plus Nausicaa Gunship FORMANIA, Totoro 2-tier Bento Box, Totoro plush keychain and more.
Onegai Nyanko Keychain  Mike in the Orange Box
Onegai Nyanko Plush Cat Keychains Also see fresh stock of the super kawaii line of plush cat toys which come in little mikan boxes. They're so cute!
Japanese Prefecture Cookie Cutter
This is a rare and unique item: a set of cookie cutters that will create cookies in the shapes of Japan's 47 prefectures. This wacky and fun item is great for leaning about Japan in a (delicious) way, allowing you to get creative. Make region-based bento, or cookies in the shape of Japan's recovering Tohoku region.
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Kateigaho International Edition Spring / Summer 2011 vol. 27
Kateigaho International Edition vol. 27 If you buy just one magazine about Japan this year, consider Kateigaho, the gorgeous glossy quarterly filled with information on Japan's culture.
Waku Waku! Character no Obento 2
Waku Waku! Character no Obento 2 Create characters from Pikachu to Thomas the Tank Engine in lunchbox bento form -- the fun secrets are all in this gorgeous cookbook. Restocked today.
Re-ment Rilakkuma Strawberry Sweets Party
Re-ment Rilakkuma Strawberry Sweets Party If you love Rilakkuma, the cute "relax bear" character from San-S, enjoy this new set of detailed miniature toys from Re-Ment.
Poddities iPhone4 Strap  NETSUKE
Poddities iPhone4 Strap Adapters, Cases Then: see fresh stock of the epic Poddities Japan-only iPhone phone straps and cases, which screw into the bottom of your phone so they're secure.
Popin' Cookin' Ramen  Dumpling Candy
Popin' Cookin' Ramen & Dumpling Candy Don't look now, but we've got another awesome Popin' Cookin' do-it-yourself gummy candy set. Includes everything you need to make realistic ramen w/gyoza!
Meiji Mushroom Mountain -- Caramel  Salt Candy
Other Delicious New Snacks See other fun snacks too, including Meiji Mushroom Mountain in Caramel and Salt Candy flavor, plus awesome Glico Karu Jaga stick snacks in BBQ flavor.
Yamayoshi Wasa-Beef Potato Chips
Many Restocked Japanese Snacks We've got Wasa-Beef Wasabi Potato Chips and Nori Shio Potato Chips, Monster Hunter "Airu" cookies, Royal Milk Tea, Lotte Plus x Gum, and awesome Baked Toppo!
Sapporo Beer Drops (Hokkaido Limited)  Japanese Food Drops
Restocked 'Food Drops' Today's restocked traditional Japanese "Food Drops" candies include Beer from Sapporo, awesome sake plus Takoyaki from Osaka.
Delicieux 2 tone 2 tier Bento Box Set  Elastic Band  Chopsticks  Bento Bag
Here's a great new bento box that combines elegant with function, with everything you need inside. An awesome 2-tone color bento with two sections, it has great pearl coloring on the outside. We love the Engrish on the package: "How about meal in happy daytime?"
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Hello Kitty Ball Shaped 2 Tier Bento Box with Kinchaku Bag
Kawaii Hello Kitty Bento Boxes Today is Hello Kitty Bento Day, as the products we'd had back-ordered come in as things settle down after the quake. Enjoy the Kitty-chan bento!
Hello Kitty Pink x Black Koakuma Style Microwave Rice Cooker  Steamer with SHAMOJI
Some Restocked Hello Kitty Products Also restocked, the Hello Kitty Microwave Rice Cooker, which makes it easy to cook the white rice you need for your bento lunch.
Hello Kitty Mini Push Style ONIGIRI Shaper
We Must Have More Hello Kitty Bento Accessories Also: Hello Kitty vegetable cutter, die-cut mayonnaise cup w/ spoon, Hello Kitty boiled egg shaper, onigiri maker and more.
Hello Kitty Nori Punch
Fun 'Nori Punch' for Deco Bento Also: cut your pressed dried seaweed sheets (nori) into the perfect Hello Kitty shapes, for making deco (decorated) bento lunches.
CAMPUS Standard B5 Note book 50 Sheets
J-List is always here to help students of Japanese make their dreams of learning nihongo come true, and we've got many study items in stock. Also: we posted a new standard Campus notebook.
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SELFIT Mechanical Pencil w/ Transforming Self-fit Grip
SELFIT Mechanical Pencil w/ Transforming Grip The Japanese love to use mechanical pencils, which are called sharp-pen for some reason. This is a great new offering for you.
Zebra La Flleche  Sweet's Fragrant Gel Ink Ball Pen Set of 6 Colors
More Awesome Japanese Pens Enjoy the Zebra la Flleche pens that smell like delicious desserts, the Kuretake ZIG Brush Pen for art, plus the Sarasa Ball Pen, our favorite pen.
Kiseru -- Japanese Traditional Pipe
The current crisis in Japan has seen foreign visitors all but disappear from Tokyo's bustling Asakusa tourist region, and no one is buying the cool Japanese items sold in the shops there. To help them out, J-List is placing large orders with our suppliers. Today's restocked items include awesome ohgi folding fans, a summer wind chime, and kiseru tobacco pipe from the Edo Period.
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Tsumugi Kotobuki 1/4 Figure Bunny Girl ver.  K-On! **Preorder**
Tsumugi Kotobuki 1/4 Figure Bunny Girl *Preorder* I must say, FREEing has got my attention by announcing this 1/4 scale Tsumugi in a "bunny girl" costume. One of the most epic K-On! figures ever.
Queen's Blade Nyx Nendoroid Figure **Preorder**
Other Awesome Preorder Items That's not the only great figure you can preorder today - get Queen's Blade Nyx in Nendoroid form, or a great 'see through' Ryomou from Ikkitousen!
A Night in Nude  Nude no Yoru -- Hiroko Sato
A Night in Nude ~ Nude no Yoru ~ Hiroko Sato The beautiful aesthetic of the Japanese body is captured perfectly in this exquisite artbook featuring the lush curves of Hiroko Sato.
Ubu Kano  Inexperienced Girlfriend  Special Wide Edition
Fans of slightly clumsy girls who are still enthusiastic and well-meaning will love this new compilation of manga from Kusatsu Terunyo, where the wide-eyed females seem both surprised and pleased to take everything the protagonist has to offer.
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Da Capo Limited Edition Boxed Set
English Eroge for Preorder Just a reminder: you can preorder upcoming popular games from us, including Da Capo, Demonbane, or My Girlfriend is the President.
Fate/hollow ataraxia DVD-ROM Version
Amazing Hentai Games from Japan Today's restocked imported games include Fate/hollow ataraxia DVD-ROM version, Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister, Tears to Tiara and The Devil on G-String.
Mamasen Special Ona-Hole with Drama CD
Fans of the "MILF" genre will love this stress relief toy that reminds you of the joys of mature, experienced women and the pleasure they bring. Comes with a special drama CD included that will inspire your thoughts as you put this novelty item to use!
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Future Loid Mikuty
Miku Hatsune, Vocaloid Parody Stress Toys Or if Vocaloid Miku Hatsune is more your speed, enjoy these parody toys which have all been restocked. They will help you relax at the end of the day.

Aya Ayanokouji 1/5 'Toushirou' Original Cast off Figure **Preorder**
Aya Ayanokouji 1/5 Cast off Figure *Preorder* Check out this awesome new figure from famous sculptor Toushirou - you'll love her curves, and how she looks under the bikini too! Preorder open.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 Revisited

I have an odd policy when it comes to anime: I watch nearly every show twice. If it's worth watching once, I figure, it's worth a second viewing, since you'll always find something you missed the first time around, some subtle nuance of story or character that's worth appreciating. It's with great trepidation, therefore, that I started re-watching the now-prophetic Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, which tells the story of a large earthquake centered in Tokyo and the journey of a girl named Mirai and her younger brother Yuki to get back home, with the help of a woman named Mari. The project was conceived by Fuji TV and animation studio Bones as a way to realistically portray how a serious disaster might unfold, to tell an interesting story as well as to prepare people for this kind of disaster ahead of time. The series is great, with fascinating and realistic characters and better writing than a whole shelf of anime series, and I recommend it (but keep a box of tissues handy).
The show is interesting in another way, because it lets those living outside Japan experience a realistic side of modern Japanese young people in the 21st century, in the character of the 13-year-old Mirai. At the beginning of the series, she uses her keitai (cell phone) constantly to retreat from the real world and all its unpleasantness, earning her the nickname keitai seijin, or "Alien from Planet Cell Phone." Mirai is constantly bored, lacking the capacity to be emotionally moved by anything, and the only opinions she offers about the world are futsu (translatable as "normal" or "same as usual" but in this case it functions more like "whatever" or "I don't care") and betsu ni (meaning "nothing in particular"), which are indicative of her general melancholy about life. In the first episode she becomes frustrated with everything and says, "I wish the whole world would be destroyed," and naturally that's when the quake hits. By the end of the show she's changed greatly, a personal journey that can be compared to Spirited Away, only with more sadness and earthquakes. I am secretly hopeful that Japan's young people, who have been heiwa boke (hei-wa boh-kay), meaning "spoiled rotten from too much peace and prosperity," will somehow be changed for the better by the great tragedy Japan has experienced, and will realize the preciousness of life, like Mirai eventually did.

I'm re-watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 now...wish me luck.

Back in Japan, Greeted by a Creepy Hot Dog Statue at Narita Airport

My family and I have safely made the hop back to Japan. Although we had fun in San Diego, zipping around the freeways and shopping for clothes and shoes in U.S. stores and enjoying the warmer weather, it's nice being back in my adopted home country. It's such a difficult time for Japan right now, and I'm happy to be back where I belong so I can help her get back on her feet in the coming months.
Japan is 14 hours ahead of California (13 hours during Daylight Savings Time in the summer), which has the convenient side-effect of making it possible to forget important birthdays of family members back home for a whole day before you get in trouble. When you take the 12-hour flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles you essentially arrive earlier than when you left, stretching that "day" (as your body perceives it) to 38 hours or so. But nothing in life is free, and when you travel back to Japan you have to give that partial day back -- we basically got on the plane at 2 pm on Sunday and arrived at 5 pm on Monday, totally killing a day for us. My son was really unlucky this trip: the day we "lost" just happened to be his birthday, which he only got to enjoy a few hours of, local time.

Creepy Hot Dog Guy greets new arrivals at Narita Airport.

Anime Snacks @ J-List

J-List loves anime, and we also love Japanese snacks, so it's no surprise that we carry a lot of Japanese snacks for anime fans. From the new Conan Case Closed candies to the popular Lucky Star gift boxes of cakes and cookies to Evangelion chocolates and even anime-themed drinks, our selection is second to none. Click here to see the most popular anime snacks on the site.

Cool Products Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Dengeki Comic Daioh May 2011
It's time for a brand new issue of the magazine with the most moe manga per square inch, Dengeki Daioh! Packed with favorites like Yotsubato!, Toradora, Gunslinger Girl, Shakugan no Shana and much more.
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How to Draw Moe Character  Costume ver. -- Moe Chara no Kakikata
How to Draw Moe Character ~ Costume ver. If you're an aspiring manga artist or just curious about the principles of costume design, this book will become the key to your success!
Xecty 1/7 Figure by Max Factory  Shinning Wind **Preorder**
New Anime Figures In Stock Great new figures in stock today include Xecty from Shining Wind and the Black Magician from Yu Gi Oh. Get them while they're hot!
Airu Long Cushion  Monster Hunter **Preorder**
Monster Hunter Plush Toys Monster Hunter is all the rage again in Japan, and the cute Airu mascots have made their way out of the game and into your arms as these cuddly plushes.
Rainbow Spectrum: colors  artworks of Kiyotaka Haimura
Gorgeous Anime Artbooks Restocked We're big fans of the many awesome anime artbooks that come from Japan, with their glossy printing and high quality art. See today's restocked items.
Queen's Blade Rebellion  Shigi *preorder*
Awesome Queen's Blade Books If you're a fan of Queen's Blade, we've got some great offerings for you, incl. the new Shigi Queen's Blade artbook that's super ecchi, but not too ecchi.
Touhou Project  The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Touhou is a line of doujin shooting games that is also a huge source of pop culture the likes of which hasn't been seen before. If you want to play these excellent games, which are compatible with all Windows computers, we've restocked several today.
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Japanese T-Shirt - Property of Highschool of the Dead (Black)
Awesome J-List T-shirts The new Danny Choo charity T-shirt for Japan to our "Property of Highschool of the Dead" and Panty & Stocking "Bitches in Black" shirt.
looking for a japanese girlfriend
'Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend' Embroidered Hats We have professionally embroidered hats, too, like our popular classic "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend" design and Totoro. Click to see them all.
Hello Kitty 204 Pieces Petit Puzzle  Japanese Umbrella
Traditional Hello Kitty Items We love the combination of traditional Japanese awesomeness and Hello Kitty, and we've got some great products for you to browse today.
Totoro Backpack Large
Awesome Totoro Products Restocked Totoro fans know that J-List always has awesome products for them, and today we've got that epic Totoro plush backpack for carrying all your stuff.
Popin' Cookin' DIY Bento Candy
The Popin' Cookin' craze is still in full swing, with these unique "do it yourself" candy confections that you can shape into fun and delicious treats. Enjoy the new Popin' Cookin Bento set, plus other fun snacks including Pizza Potato Chips and Ramune Gummy.
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Japanese Old Style Soda Gum
Japanese Old Style Orange & Ramune Gum Yum! Japanese bubble gum packaged like mikan oranges from the Showa Period. In orange and ramune flavors.
Maruchan Soy Sauce Ramen
Ramen is Back in Stock at J-List Instant ramen is finally available in Japan again, and J-List has restocked our selection for you. Enjoy these popular flavors.
Glico Chocolate on Chocolate Pocky Caramel
Restocked Japanese Snacks Also enjoy restocked snacks, including Glico Pocky (several flavors), Felix the Cat Bubblegum, Meiji Porte, and the famous Morinaga Choco Flake.
Red Electric Takoyaki Maker 18 Balls
Awesome Takoyaki Maker Mmm, bite-sized takoyaki octopus balls pipin' hot and fresh from the griddle. We've restocked our most popular electric takoyaki maker.
EDO Style Wooden Lacquered Cool Volume  2 Tier Bento Box  Elastic Band
Beautiful Traditional Bento Boxes Restocked From beautiful authentic wood-pattern bento to the flower pattern Kasuri Purple Bento, we've got some great traditional lunchboxes in today.
OKASHI-NA Picks  Magical 2 Faces Deco Picks
OKASHI-NA Picks ~ Magical 2 Faces Deco Picks  Enjoy these colorful dessert-themed picks you can use to decorate your bento in fun ways, and hold your food just where you want it.
Bear  Apple  Lunch Bottle Set
Restocked Sauce Bottles for Bento We love those cute little bottles for bringing soy sauce, mayonnaise and other condiments, and have restocked several for you today.
ECO Reusable Silicon Bento Cup  Heart Shape
ECO Reusable Silicon Bento Cups Also: bento cups that keep your food from running together in your lunchbox. These "eco" bento cups are silicon and reusable.
Food Pencil
Food Pencil for Bento Nothing makes a man happier than having a heart drawn on an plate of omrice (omelet over rice) or in bento by a woman he loves.
Hello Kitty Onigiri Decorate Set
Hello Kitty Bento Accessories Or get your Hello Kitty onigiri on with the awesome Hello Kitty Decorate Set. I'm man enough to admit that Hello Kitty rice balls are awesome.
Kutsuwa Study Flashcards w/Check Sheet
Flashcards for Studying Japanese The old classic standby that enforces your tactile and visual memory, helping you master vocabulary and kanji better than just about anything!
Simple Brown B5 Notebook  6mm ruled 30sheets
Restocked Japanese Notebooks Fans of Japanese stationery will enjoy the simple, functional appeal of the Japanese notebooks we're restocking today. Elegant and awesome.
Surprise Daruma Netsuke
Restocked Traditional Items The fun "Surprise Daruma" phone strap whose eyes pop out at you, plus Omamori phone straps for good luck and other awesome items.
Strength Nendoroid  Black Rock Shooter **Preorder**
Strength Nendoroid & Figma Posted Check out the preorders for this dynamic duo of Nendoroid and Figma versions of Strength, the Ogre-Armed character from Black Rock Shooter.
Queen's Blade Vanquished Queens Limited Issue w/Revoltech Annelotte **Preorder**
Queen's Blade Revoltech Annelotte *Preorder* Also see the beautiful Queen's Blade Annelotte in her new fanservicey storybook form, complete with limited edition Revoltech action figure!
KOS-MOS ver. 4 Action Figure
And Even More Preorder Figures But wait...we have even more awesome figures, including the new Lum figure, a gorgeous KOS-MOS figure plus Samurai Girls Nendoroid.
Zettai Ryoiki  The Absolute Zone
Zettai Ryoiki ~ The Absolute Zone We are fans of the concept of the mysterious 'absolute zone' between the top of stockings and bottom of a skirt, and this photobook has it all. We love Japan.
Onedari Jouzu
You'll love this brand new "H" manga packed with juicy action and overflowing on each page with the well-endowed bodies of the naughty heroines who will delight you. Over 200 pages of hot, ecchi manga action in this "wide" manga from Japan.
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The Perfect Pussy Principle  Miharu Kai Hole
Japan never fails to fearlessly innovate in the realm of stress relief toys, and this 'perfect' series may just live up to the name, with toys based on the actual bodies of famous JAV stars. A great concept that will remove all your stress in no time.
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Pururun Angel Bust
Pururun Angel Oppai, Meiji Hole Also enjoy fresh stock of the soft replica oppai, which feel real to the touch, plus the Risa Kasumi Bistro Onahole -- wow.
ONA BEAT 2nd Gig  K-On! Parody Toy
ONA BEAT 2nd Gig ~ K-On! Parody Toys For those who really enjoy their K-On!, a unique way to show your affection for your favorite heroine(s) in the form of parody stress relief toys.
Aki no Urara no -- Akaneiro Shoutengai  UMD PSP Game
Aki no Urara no ~ Akaneiro Shoutengai ~ UMD PSP Game A dreamy new ecchi eroge for you, ported for the first time to region 2 compatible PSP UMD! Enjoy life with your sisters-in-law today.
Inran Maid Kurumi  3D Original Doujin Soft
Inran Maid Kurumi ~ 3D Original Doujin Soft A wonderful addition to the lifelike 3D animation doujin world, a beautiful maid who'll fulfill your every desire. Sexy 3D anime for you!
Demonbane *preorder*
Demonbane *preorder* One of the most epic eroge ever is coming in English, the Cthulhu-mythos title Demonbane. It really is coming soon -- have you preordered your copy?