Friday, April 22, 2011

The Japanese and Unnatural "Natural" English

The other day I reached for some saltine crackers and found myself smirking at the name on the package: "Mornin' Cracker." This interesting name the manufacturers had chosen for their product sheds light on the unique fascination many Japanese have with speaking "natural" English. The Japanese study English for an average of six years yet know what's being taught to them isn't a living, breathing language, and some students go out of their way to use relaxed pronunciation words like "wanna" and "gonna" instead of "want to" or "going to," which are far more natural for a Japanese person to use. As a learner of Japanese, there was a lot of temptation for me to use slang I picked up reading manga or heard others using, but often I found that this lowered people's impression of me. When learning a foreign language, it's best to go slowly when trying out the fun but potentially offensive slang terms you come across, and always watch the Japanese people around you to see what kind of reaction you get. Oh, and it's best not to pick up too much Japanese from Fist of the North Star manga...just trust me on this one.

Popin' Cookin' is another example of the Japanese trying to use natural English, brotha.

How to Input Kanji With a Computer

Back in the early days of my fascination with Japan, I used to wonder how computers and word processors could possibly work in Japanese, and I imagined a giant keyboard with 1,000 keys on it. Happily, Japanese text entry is a lot simpler than that, thanks to front-end input systems in modern computer and phone operating systems. To enter a phrase like ogenki desu ka? ("how are you today?") in kanji, you'd change to the Japanese input system and enter the phrase in romaji, that is the Roman alphabet on your keyboard. (Back in the 80s and before, there was a kana keyboard layout, which is why there are still USB keyboards with kana characters printed on the keys now.) After entering the text you want, hit the henkan ("transform") key, which is the space bar, and the kanji input software will try to guess which kanji or mix of kanji and kana you want -- though sometimes a subtle dance ensues between the user and the software to find the correct kanji. If you're not careful, you might make a henkan misu, when the input software guesses your kanji wrong, with you entering "I'm pretty tired" (だいぶつかれた, which should change to 大分疲れた) but ending up with "the Great Buddha statue has withered" (大仏枯れた).  Inputting Japanese with the romaji alphabet takes some getting used to, too -- for example, to enter "Disneyland" in katakana (ディズニーランド)you have to type "dexizuni-rando" -- and for this reason, many people find our Hiragana Mouse Pad a useful thing to have on their desk.

Keine has trouble finding Kaguya's correct kanji, so she can't access the Death Note website

Japan: It's A Whole New Paradigm.

Dealing with Japan often involves encountering new paradigms, a concept I encountered when I came to Japan as an ESL teacher. At one school I went to teach at, I walked into a new classroom and the students suddenly stood up as one, with one girl calling out kiritsu...rei...chakuseki! ("Stand...bow....take your seat!"), which is the traditional way to begin a class in Japan. Having a room full of students stand and bow to me was really bizarre, and I told the students they didn't need to do it anymore as we were here to learn English. And yet, I would realize later that some barriers between me and the students I taught were important, and helped me be a better teacher, something I had to get used to. In the new anime Hanasaku Iroha, both the main character Ohana and we as the viewers encounter many new paradigms. For example: the question of what it means to run a Japanese ryokan inn, to be totally dedicated to the satisfaction of the guests at the inn, suppressing all of your own desires. In between telling Ohana to go die, Minka asks, "What does the concept of running an inn, or of work itself, even mean to you?"
(If I may be permitted to travel back to the 1990s, this Dilbert comic about paradigms is one of my favorites.)

Hanasaku Iroha is show about new ways of thinking.

Your Favorite J-List Products

I like browsing the list of all J-List products by popularity, to see what wacky and fun products our customers are adding to their wishlists. From our kawaii fashion and cosplay items to our popular Japanese snacks to T-shirts based on anime and Internet memes, we have an awful lot of cool stuff. Why not make an order today?

Cool Products Friday, April 22, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
egg May 2011 vol. 175
The colorful world of glamorous Japanese "gal" fashion unfolds before you in glittering charm through the pages of Egg, the premiere magazine packed with photos and fashion tips that are always timely and awesome!
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GeMaga  Game Magazine May 2011
GeMaga ~ Game Magazine May 2011 Get the latest news from Japan's console gaming world, with a focus on games with moe characters that you'll get all the scoops on here.
Comic Yuri Hime Mar 2011
Comic Yuri Hime Mar 2011 Enjoy another issue of Comic Yurihime, the magazine of all-girl romances that really bring yuri to you like never before.
Pet's Eye 2
Pet's Eye 2 ~ Girls Seen From Their Pet's POV Great new photobook and sequel to the first Pet's Eye, it picks up where the first left off to bring even more views of girls from the low angle of their pets.
Momoeri Romantic Panties (G-Magic)  Black size M
Momoeri Romantic Panties (G-Magic) While we're on the topic of fashion, check out these amazingly cute and ero lace panties from Momoeri, great for that special romantic night.
Princess Frontier Portable
Princess Frontier Portable Not just a simple port, this is an expansion of the original Princess Frontier with new characters and scenes for PSP. Great for visual novel fans!
Queen's Gate Street Fighting Lady Lili ** Preorder **
Restocked Queen's Blade, Queen's Gate Artbooks A huge restocking of Queen's Blade and Queen's Gate. Kasumi, Copper Puppeteer Karcha, Fighting Lady Lili, and Pirate Captain Liliana.
Ryoko Okami 1/8 Figure  Okami-san and her Seven Companions *Preorder**
Ryoko Okami, Evangelion Figures In Stock Get your fill of character goods from Ookami-san to a lovely new pose of Evangelion's plug suit Rei in today's stock of newly available figures!
Nendoroid Play Set No.04 Classic Western House A set Window Side **Preorder**
Nendoroid Playsets In Stock For figure collectors who love taking pictures or creating cute dioramas, we've got the new Nendoroid playsets in stock.
Evangelion Nerv Black iPhone 4 Case **Preorder**
Great Products for iPhone The most popular iPhone cover we've stocked is back available (the NERV case from Evangelion). Get yours before the Third Impact happens!
Den Den Mushi Measure -- Gold  One Piece**Preorder**
Den Den Mushi Tape Measures In Stock If you're looking for the perfect One Piece accessory or just a handy tape measure, this distinctive item from the show will fit the bill perfectly.
Totoro Tree House -- Large
Tons of Restocked Totoro Items We love Totoro, and so do our many customers. Today we've got the Totoro Plush Tree House (both sizes) restocked, plus the Plush Cat bus.
Microfiber Duster Mop  Pink
Microfiber Duster Mop ~ Pink Make your housecleaning a breeze and tidy up your space with a flick of the wrist with these super handy 'hand mops' that catch all dust they touch!
Milk Chocolate Photo Album  36 photos
Milk Chocolate Photo Album ~ 36 photos A clever way to display your cherished photos is this album that looks like an open box of chocolate, but pulls out to reveal the pictures within.
Silicon Ice Tray  Heart
Silicon Ice Trays ~ Heart & Star Make your beverage more interesting with these silicon ice cube trays, which create ice in cute star and heart shapes. They last forever, too.
Hello Kitty DX Ice Cube Tray
Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray Or perhaps you'd prefer kawaii Hello Kitty ice cubes this summer? If so then you're in luck, as we've restocked these popular items.
Meiji Pizza Curl Snack
We think deepening your appreciation of Japan through its snack culture is a perfectly valid approach. Check out the new Meiji Pizza Curl Snacks, Tohato Crayon Shin Chan Chocobi, new flavors of UHA Zerosh Shigekix gummy candy (sour!) and more great authentic snacks straight from Japan.
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DIY Sushi Candy
Popin' Cookin' DIY Sushi, More Restocked And some more good news: the Popin' Cookin' DIY sushi candy is finally restocked, after being disrupted from the earthquake. Make your own sushi!
Lucky Star Chocolate Cornet Cookie
Other Restocked Japanese Snacks See fun anime offerings like the Lucky Star Cornet Cookies or Kompeito (from Spirited Away), plus Shigekix "hard gummy," Tokyo Daifuku gift box and more.
Moe (Akihabara Limited)  Japanese Food Drops
Restocking of 'Food Drops' Candies Back in stock for you, the true taste of moe in candy form, an "Akihabara limited" product. Also Shirokuma Ice Cream, sushi and Pudding.
Electric Mini Taiyaki Maker
Electric Mini Taiyaki Maker ~ Uguu! Have you ever wanted to try that delicious fish-shaped sweet pastry snack you've seen in anime, manga or games? Now you can make it at home!
ONE PIECE Square Volume Bento Box with Chopsticks  Microwave Safe without Lid
Whether your true love in anime is One Piece, Totoro, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, or something else, odds are good we've got the kawaii bento lunch box you've been looking for! Check out the wide variety of colorful, healthy anime-themed bento that we offer.
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METAL MODE Silver Men's 2 tier Bento Box set   1000 ml Tight Box  Chopsticks  Thermal Bag
Restocked Traditional and Modern Bento Boxes If you'd rather have a more reserved touch to your bento look, check out the sleek and stylish modern and traditional Japanese boxes back in stock.
Super Triangle  ONIGIRI Maker
Awesome Onigiri Shapers Have trouble molding your onigiri rice balls into a perfect triangle? Worry no more, with these handy shapers that get them perfectly shaped!
Genki I (Second Edition) Textbook  An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 1 Textbook
Whether you want to learn just a little Japanese or go for level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, J-List is here for you. Today's restocked study supplies include the Genki textbook series (revised edition), the Chibi Maruko-chan Kanji Dictionary and more. How can J-List help you make your Japanese studying dreams come true this year?
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ENERGEL for Woman Pearl  Skeleton Body  Liquid Ink Ball Pen
Awesome Japanese Pens Restocked Never let it be said that J-List didn't have a lot of cool Japanese pens for you. Pental VICUNA stylish pens for women, Surari Emulsion Ink Pen, and more.
Celadon Porcelain SAMURAI KABUTO Display
Porcelain SAMURAI KABUTO Display If you're looking for a great authentic ornament from Japan, check out this classic stylized replica of a samurai kabuto helmet.
TAKE-TOMOBO  Japanese Retro Toy Bamboo flying Propeller
Traditional Toys From Japan See TAKE-TOMBO, the bamboo helicopter toy that's been played with in Japan for hundreds of years, plus the Bamboo Cicada Whistle, sumo game and more.
Black Lacquer Shaft Ear Cleaner with Origami Happy Bird
Mimikaki Ear Cleaners Have you ever seen a Japanese person with dirty ears? Neither have we, and the reason is their strong traditional of mimikaki ear cleaners. Restocked today.
Madoka Kaname 1/10 Figure Beach Queen  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
Madoka Kaname 1/10 Figure Beach Queen *Preorder* Fall in love with Madoka from Madoka Magica all over again with this lovely Beach Queens figure from Wave. Preorders available today!
Suzumiya Haruhi Nendoroid Petite Summer Festival Set **Preorder**
Other Preorder Figures Coming out just in time for summer festival season, it's a great new set of yukata-wearing Haruhi girls! Also, a Strike Witches figure.
Octopus Luka Plush No.01 Smile ver. **Preorder**
Octopus Luka Plush Toys *Preorder* These may be the most adorable things we've ever seen: "Takoluka" Vocaloid plushies that you can put anywhere! Preorder now open.
Moco No. 1
Here's a great pair of new stress toys that are great for letting off a little steam at the end of the day. Featuring unique design that simulates your perfect anime girl, either is great for those lonely evenings when you want a quick fantasy. Both are made in Japan.
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Yen Ju Lee Hole
Amazing Stress Toys, Lotion Enjoy the company of your favorite AV stars virtually with these amazing, realistic novelty items that feel like the real thing. 'Love juices', too!
Sexy Twins Perfect Body  Yukkina
Amazing Stress Toys for Guys Or if you like your sex toys in 2D, check the popular Sexy Twins Perfect Body series we restocked, which offers double the pleasure, if you get our meaning.
Maid to Hohshi to Goshujinsama
Maids, Service and My Master You'll enjoy pure maid bliss in this professional 'doujin' game from Soft Circle Courreges. Packed with juicy scenes and service, and fully voiced!
Super Strip Fighter IV
Restocked H-Games, Doujin Soft Got some popular titles restocked, like the Yotsubato Parody, Miss Pig Princess, The Melancholy of Yuunan, Super Strip Fighter IV and Hatsujo Exorcist.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New J-List Service: Miyazaki Museum Tickets

One of the best things about making a visit to Japan is going to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. It's truly a magical place for fans of Hayao Miyazaki's films, where you can see a life-sized nekobus and Laputa robot, see and touch the desk and reference materials Miyazaki-sensei used when creating his films, peer through stained-glass windows with images of his characters, and more. There's also a theater where you get to see an original short Ghibli film, and a gift shop filled with wonderful Ghibli products to browse. There's one problem, however: tickets for the museum must be purchased in advance, and it's difficult to obtain them from outside Japan. So as part of our "Why Don't You Consider a Trip to Japan Sometime in the Near Future?" campaign -- since people here could really use the tourist dollars right now -- we've started a service allowing you reserve Ghibli Museum tickets through us. So please keep this service in mind if find yourself planning a trip to Japan in the future. In the meantime, we've always got stock of outstanding Totoro and Ghibli items -- click to see some of them now.

Plan a trip to Japan and visit the Ghibli Museum! It's the Holy Land for Miyazaki fans.

The Japanese Language is Vague

I like to write about my impressions of the Japanese language and how it differs from English, since language is such a big part of what makes people unique. One area Japanese excels at is being vague and open-ended when it wants to be, which is good in some ways -- speakers can express subtle ideas indirectly, for example -- even as it makes it a challenge for gaijin like us to know what's being said. One powerful catch-all euphemism in the language is the word are (ah-rey), which really means "that thing over there, away from us" but which can act as a stand-in for anything you don't want to mention specifically. In episode 6 of Lucky Star there's a funny scene in which Kagami and her twin sister Tsukasa are talking in the bath. "Actually, today was kind of dangerous. I thought 'that' was going to arrive." "What was?" "You know...'that.'" "Oh, 'that.' Yes, I hate it when you have 'that' and can't go swimming with everyone else. And I'd be way too scared to ever use one of 'those'..." At no time is any word every specified yet communication flows smoothly.
(In case you were wondering, apparently 99.9% of Japanese females prefer pads to tampons. I've never met one who didn't start giggling uncontrollably at the prospect of using a tampon. Apparently someone is buying them because they're available in stores. If you ever figure Japanese women out, please tell me.)

The Japanese language is good at being vague.

The Four Seasons in Japan

Japan is a very seasonal place, where people are accustomed to doing what's appropriate for whatever season it is, and Japanese often take great pride in this, as if their country was the only one in the world with four distinct seasons. It frankly took me a while to get into the spirit of Japan's season-centric view when I first arrived here, and I often found myself being kisetsu-hazure (out of sync with the seasons), wearing my "summer" clothes well into October and trying to buy products that weren't in stores anymore because the season had changed. I go with the flow of Japanese seasons better now -- for example, I know summer is coming because suddenly stores and restaurants have started carrying one of my favorite Japanese dishes, Hiyashi Chuka, a cold ramen dish
I love to eat in the summer.

Summer is coming, is your swimsuit ready?

Anime is Interactive

It's an interactive world we live in, and we love the way anime has broken out of its 2-dimensional world to engage us in new ways. You can browse our selection of fun snacks and drinks seen in your favorite anime, try your hand at making authentic Taiyaki (uguu) or Takoyaki, or touch and wear the cosplay products seen in your favorite shows. What can J-List do for you today?

Cool Products Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Young Ace May 2011
The official Neon Genesis Evangelion manga has found a new home officially in Young Ace magazine! No longer serialized in Shonen Ace, if you want to get your fix of official Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Evangelion on the Gainax/Khara approved timeline, this issue is where to start. Great new Rei figure and tons of other awesome manga also included.
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How to Draw Manga  Yasashii Manga no Kakikata
How to Draw Manga ~ Yasashii Manga no Kakikata Want to learn to draw manga, but intimidated about where to begin? This book has all the tips you need whether amateur or pro.
Wonder JAPAN Vol. 4
Wonder JAPAN Vol. 4 Enjoy the mysteries and beauties of Japan's cultural heritage through the unique photo exploration in the beautiful Wonder Japan magazine.
Japanese T-Shirt -- Keep Fighting, Japan! (Fitted girl's Tee)
Japanese T-Shirt ~ Keep Fighting, Japan! (Fitted girl's Tee) We're happy to announce a new fitted girls' version of the popular t-shirt by J-List and Danny Choo that contributes to the Japan relief effort, too!
Hetalia Axis Powers Trading MIni Figure Basic Set of 8 *Preorder*
Hetalia Axis Powers Figures If you're a Hetalia fan you'll love these adorable chibi versions of the characters that personify each of the nations appearing in the story.
mini May 2011
mini May 2011 Catch up on all the chic fashions and accessories charming the Tokyo fashion scene this spring with the latest issue of mini!
One piece and Cardigan set  Purple
Restocked Japanese Fashions from Y's Enterprise A great fashion item from Japan, check out this cute cardigan + one piece top from Y's Enterprise, one of our favorite companies.
BUB  Healthy Sparkling Bath Tablet Milky White Rose
BUB ~ Healthy Sparkling Bath Tablets There's nothing like taking a relaxing hot bath with a BUB fizzing bath tablet. Place it under you and let the bubbles move up your back... Nice desu!
SUMIGAKI   Black Tooth Paste with Charcoal Essence
Awesome Charcoal Products for Health Get your teeth sparkling clean with the power of natural charcoal (it works!), check out the charcoal soap and shampoo too!
My Neighbor Totoro Satsuki  Mei House 1/150 Miniture Paper Craft Kit **Preorder**
Wow, this is one of the most amazing and nostalgic things we've seen in ages - you can build your own Totoro house and Kiki's bakery out of paper?! These adorable pre-cut craft kits will fill your Ghibli-loving heart! Hayao Miyazaki approved.
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Totoro Cushion 45cm x 45cm Oak -- Green
Awesome Totoro Cushions Restocked There's no room that can't be improved by a little more Totoro in it, and the deluxe Totoro cushions we sell are back in stock.
Deluxe Mousse-chan Kira-Kira Paper Clay Full Set  Sweets Shop
Fun Crafts from Japan Craft your fun with this new edition of the Mousse-chan clay sweets shop, the most artful and inventive crafts project you'll see, in pretty pastels!
Pikachu Pokemon Best Wish Plush
Pokemon Best Wish Plush Toys For the Pokemon lovers, an adorable new set of plushes of many of your favorites: including Snivy, Tepig), Oshawott, and Pikachu.
Rilakkuma Brown 2-Tier Bento Box
Pokemon, Dragonball Bento Restocked Speaking of Pokemon, see fresh stock of our hugely popular Pokeball Bento Box. We also got the Dragonball bento back in, too.
Kimi ni Todoke  Reaching You
Kimi ni Todoke ~ Reaching You Now you can experience for yourself an original story of the romance found in the popular Kimi ni Todoke anime and manga on your Nintendo DS!
iTunes Japan Music Card
Aria of the Scarlet Ammunition Free App The new Aria of the Scarlet Ammunition app is a great idea! You get free wallpaper, manga, a game and more. Free but requires a Japanese iTunes account.
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 9  Science Projects for Adult -- Pinhole Planetarium
Otona no Kagaku ~ Science Projects for Adults Build a working electric guitar, make a Japanese clock from the Edo Period, or bring the stars to life with a pinhole planetarium -- all restocked today.
Bluetooth 3.0  5 Buttons Laser Sensor Mouse
Bluetooth 3.0 ~ 5 Buttons Laser Sensor Mouse Check out this amazing new high tech mouse design from Elecom, fully compatible with the Bluetooth 3.0 spec. Great tech gear for you!

Maruchan Hiyashi Ramen **Preorder**
Maruchan Hiyashi Ramen *Preorder* Get a jump on the summer heat with these delicious ramen noodles meant to be served and eaten cold. Preorder now open!
UHA Ninja Meshi (Shigekix) -- Green Apple Flavor Ninja Food
From green apple-flavored "Ninja Food" candy to Fuwamoco Strawberry Soft, Fanta Grape Hi-Chew Mini, and much much more are all in stock for you today! Check out our large selection of delicious Japanese snacks.
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Deco Bento 3 Colors Vegetable Flavored Furikake   Edamame  Pumpkin  Japanese Basil
Deco Bento 3 Colors Vegetable Flavored Furikake Make your bento lunch more colorful and delicious with these three colors and flavors of 'furikake' topping in different colors.
Morinaga Chocolate Caramel
Restocked Japanese Snacks Also: Doraemon Kawarinbo Candy, Himo Q (a 1.2m gummy string to eat), Morinaga Chocolate Carmel, Tomato Pretz, Japanese Frisk and Watering Kiss Mint.
Panda Paws 2-tier Bento Box
Kawaii Panda Bento Boxes Several kawaii panda bento boxes and related items restocked today. Level up your Panda Cute Life today!
MANEKINEKO Die-cut Lucky 2 tier Bento Box with Elastic Band
Other Fun Bento Boxes Restocked We also have traditional bento restocked. See the cool koban old Japanese gold coin-shaped bento box, plus the cute Lucky Cat bento is back in stock.
Vegetable Shaper Assortment Set  SAKURA, Plum, Maple Leaf, Chrysanthemum
Restocked Bento Accessories Restocked bento items too, including the Vegetable Shaper for Bento (make sakura-shaped vegetables!), onigiri shapers, plus Easy Boiled Egg Shapers.
Bear Silicon Reusable BARAN for Bento
Bear Silicon Reusable BARAN for Bento Baran is the decorative separators that keep your rice from getting mixed up with the other parts of your bento lunch. See some great varieties restocked!
Zebra Check Pen  Green
Zebra Check Pens Take advantage of time-tested Japanese memorization techniques with this 'highlighter' that makes your words selectively disappear.
Bleach iPhone 4 Cover **Preorder**
Bleach & Naruto iPhone 4 Cases *Preorder* Show your fandom for the awesome Naruto Shippuden series or the Bleach anime and manga with these great new iPhone cases! Preorders open.
Tron Legacy Light Cycle 2010 Die-Cast Figure **Preorder**
Tron Legacy Light Cycle 2010 Die-Cast Figure *Preorder* Wow, this new Light Cycle model really blows us away - built off the digital specs from the new Legacy movie. Users and Programs unite!
OGUNANA -- Nana Ogura
OGUNANA ~ Nana Ogura Enjoy this photobook packed with stunning full body visuals of the new AV starlet Nana Ogura. We think you'll agree she has quite the bod!
How to Use Love Goods  Honto ni Kimochiyokunaru Love Goods no Erabikata Asobikata
Restocked Moe Moe Artbooks See restocked Moe Encyclopedia works incl. How To Use Love Goods, SM Goods Moe Moe Collection and more.
PIECES 6  HELL CAT -- Masamune Shirow ** preorder **
PIECES 6 ~ HELL CAT ~ Masamune Shirow Ghost in the Shell creator and erotic artist Masamune Shirow is back with the next gorgeous installment of his epic series, Pieces! Preorder now.
Tomoe 1/8 Cast off Figure 2P Color **Preorder**
Gorgeous 'Cast Off' Figures We've always got some amazing "cast off" anime figures for you, a term which refers to figures whose clothes can be, er, reconfigured.
Manzoku Gakuen -- Hozumi Kosaka
A wonderful '2D' themed stress relief toy, complete with gorgeously illustrated moe girl on the cover who's happy to cater to your every need. Two different dolls to choose from, and they come with both love hole and body part so you'll be able to get all the stress worked out easily! Great new novelty item from Japan.
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Love Body Aki
Other Love Goods for Men Restocked Enjoy the popular inflatable Love Body Aki doll and onahole, plus clothes to dress the doll in -- wow. Also, Risa Kasumi Bistro Onahole.
T-Back Kun Kun  T-Back Panty  Artificial Love Juice Bottles
T-Back Kun Kun ~ Thong + Toys Restocked This one was so popular we rushed to order it again, and it's back in stock - the 'panties' with love juice and massager, wow.
Manaka de Ikuno!!
For fans of Japanese language import dating sims, we've got the great To Heart 2 fan disc from Leaf, Manaka de Ikuno!! You can play all of the fun minigames inside, getting to know the girls even better though 3D adventures, action games, and even the RPG Final Dragon Chronicle Guilty Requiem! A must play for any TH2 fan.
View products »
I'm an 'H' Doll ~ UMD PSP Game A new game for the PSP that says it all, an online meeting site introduces you to a new world of sexual delights with an aspiring 'pet' who wants you.
Sengoku Rance
Restocked 'H' Games From Japan Also, super restocked import games, incl. Sengoku Rance, Wonderful Every Day (I love that title), Little Busters! And Chu x Chu Idol 2.