Friday, May 20, 2011

The "Message" of Anime

Should anime have a message? It's an interesting question which was recently taken up on Japan's 2ch BBS. If you're above a certain age, you grew up in the Bad Old Days of American animation, circa 1966-1989, stretching from the end of The Flinstones to the beginning of The Simpsons, though these dates are highly debatable. These dark days were characterized by preachy parents' groups demanding that "cartoons" (which were for children, after all) be filled with sappy family-friendly messages and dumbed down to the level of a decomposed chipmunk. The action-packed animated series Johnny Quest, one of the most amazing shows to ever come out of U.S. animation studios, was attacked for basically being awesome and not insulting the intelligence of viewers at every opportunity, and forced to censor itself. In response to this total "white-breadening" of television, some of us turned to Japanese animation, which had the freedom to tell compelling climax-filled stories in which characters could die or fall in love, forever shunning boring, preachy cartoons about cooperation and teamwork.
That said, it's not unheard of for modern anime to sneak a positive moral message in here and there. Hayao Miyazaki, for example, has said that the character No-Face from Spirited Away was created to make viewers think about the greed and avarice he saw in young people. Several anime series, such as Welcome to the N.H.K., Rozen Maiden and the currently running Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai (abbreviated as "AnoHana" by fans) take on the problem of NEETs, young people who shun social interaction with others, subtly encouraging fans who have fallen into that trap to open up to the wider world. There's a scene in which Aria, the twin-tailed tsundere star of the popular anime and manga Aria the Scarlet Ammo, says, "There are three words I hate: muri ("that's impossible"), tsukareta ("I'm tired") and mendokusai ("that's a lot of bothersome work"). These words push down the limitless potential of human beings, and you must never say them again." While the animators are creating a cool and iconic character to tell a story around, it's easy to imagine they're also offering a bit of advice to viewers about how to live life a tiny bit more positively.
(I know I will likely be flamed by someone for choosing the dates for the Bad Days of animation in the U.S. Do you have any other dates you'd pick instead?)

Aria hates negative-sounding words. Be positive!

Things I Don't Like about Japan (Fish Sausage Edition)

There are some things I like about Japan. Drinking a can of hot "corn soup" on the train platform during winter. Going for a drive in the mountains to my favorite onsen hot spring with Initial D music playing. Turning a corner in Tokyo and seeing a really gorgeous Goth-Loli girl walk by. Or the time an OL ("office lady," or a female employee of a company) fell asleep with her head on my shoulder on the train -- that was pretty cool. Then there are some things I just don't like about Japan. Maps where "up" is a direction other than north, or Japanese-style public toilets that are a challenge to use. Also, fish sausages, pressed fish that tastes basically like spam that was made with fish instead of...whatever spam is made from -- I just don't like that stuff. Kids, however, love them, and anime-branded fish sausages are popular items in stores. The most infamous brand of homogenized fish sausages in Japan goes by the apparently un-ironic name of...wait for it..."Homo Sausage." (There's also a brand of homogenized milk called Homo Milk, and the official mascot is Homo-chan. I swear I am not making this stuff up.)
If you've ever lived in Japan or visited here, what things do you/did you dislike?

Japanese kids love Dragonball Z™ brand fish sausages. Tabenaika?

The Summer of Cosplay '11

The awesome summer anime conventions are just around the corner, so it's a great time to look at J-List's cosplay product page and see if there aren't any items you need to pick up. Whether you're looking for cosplay outfits like our outstanding school uniforms from Matsukameya of Nagoya -- which are real frigging uniforms, not replicas -- or need some cool cosplay accessories like our Japanese Eye Patch, Nekomimi One-Piece Dress or our famous Hachimaki Kanji Headbands. Or if you'll be hitting a concert, you should pick up some of the cool Japanese glow sticks we're posting to the site today.

Cool Products Friday, May 20, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Glowing Light Stick  Orange  Green
Fans at Anime Expo have something to look forward to: the first ever U.S. tour of Miku Hatsune, who will perform "live" in concert for her fans. Be ready for the action with the Japanese Light Sticks we're posting to the site, with proper leek coloring!
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mini June 2011
mini June 2011 It's the next issue of Mini, the magazine that brings all the casual fashion of Tokyo to your door! Chic styles for spring with accessories galore.
Stripe Panty -- Shimapan Mint  size 5L
Restocked 'Shimapan' Anime Pantsu Sometimes it's the simple things you treasure, like the briefest flash of striped underwear. Several styles restocked.
Angel Beats SR Series Figure Set of 5
Angel Beats SR Series Figure Set of 5  Check out this great set of Angel Beats SR capsule toy figures, with no blind figures or randoms. They're very kawaii!
Ruiko Saten 1/8 Figure  To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun  **Preorder**
Ruiko Saten, Other Figures In Stock Other great figures including Ruiko from Railgun (w/ included iPhone!) and the gorgeous sexy Asuka from Evangelion. We love them both.
How to Draw Moe Character  Costume ver. -- Moe Chara no Kakikata
How to Draw Moe Character ~ Costume ver If you're an aspiring manga artist, this book will become the key to your success! Restocked today.
Kuraray High Grade School Backpack  Red  RANDOSERU
Japanese elementary school children are known the world over for the iconic red backpacks called randoseru, from the German "ranzel," they wear to school every day, and now we have them for purchase! Sturdy and built to last for years, this makes a great carry-all or conversation piece (or cosplay prop). Check out these newly in stock authentic high quality backpacks!
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Lucky Cat Fuurin / Japanese Summer Wind Chime
Japanese Summer Wind Chimes Transport yourself to Japan with the sound of these relaxing wind chimes, just like the ones you'll see and hear all over in anime and real life.
Nekobus Mosquito Coil Holder.
Totoro Products Restocked Several popular Totoro items back in stock, including the Cat Bus Mosquito Coil Holder, the cutest item for summer ever!
Evangelion Nerv Black iPhone 4 Case **Preorder**
Evangelion iPhone Cases Restocked See fresh stock of several awesome Evangelion cases for iPhone 4, plus other anime products for iPhone. Gets yours before the Second Impact happens!
iTunes Japan Music Card
JPOP & Anime Songs from iTunes Japan Like a lot of fans, I often get into shows through the music. When I heard the OP for Denpa Onna I was enthralled. Available through iTunes Japan.
Evangelion Overhead Headphone -- Nerv Type
Evangelion Headphones Restocked Also for Eva fans, the super cool DX Evangelion Headphones have been restocked. They combine great sound with Angel technology!
Monster Hunter Airu Stereo Headphone
Monster Hunter Airu Stereo Headphone Get your Monster Hunter groove on with these stylish headphones styled after the cute game mascot cat-creature Airu. Restocked today.
Yubisashi mini  Japan (Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwacho)
Yubisashi mini Japan Guide Book A wonderful traveling guide for those planning trips to Japan, navigate bilingually for the full experience when you visit. Great for studying too!
Beautiful Kanji Training
Learn Japanese with your Nintendo DS Help your Japanese skills with the Nintendo DS. Today we've restocked Beautiful Kanji Training, Perfect Kanji, Kanji Test DS and more.
Japanese T-Shirt - 'Underground Person'
Japanese T-Shirt - 'Underground Person' A great new shirt based on the one worn by Jinta in new hit anime AnoHana! Be on top of the newest memes with this mysterious message.
Ichiban Hachimaki -- No.1 Headband
Awesome 'Hachimaki' Headbands Channel the spirit of Japan or use these to focus your concentration while studying - these headbands will put you in the right frame of mind!
Glico Beer Edamame Pretz Flavor
Awesome New Japanese Snacks Check out today's new snack offerings, including the wondrous Beer Pretz Edamame flavor, plus new 100% Fruit Juice Gummy and Chip Chops.
DIY Sushi Candy
Popin' Cookin' DIY Sushi Restocked! Also see new stock of the super popular Popin' Cookin' series of do-it-yourself sweet snacks, including the sushi candy you can make at home!
Pocari Sweat Powder
Pocari Sweat, Restocked Snacks Got other restocked snacks, too, incl. Pocari Sweat, Calorie Mate, Tyrant Habanero, Bourbon Cubyrop and...Morning Rescue!
Sapporo Ichiban 'Shio'(Salt) Ramen
Big Restocking of Ramen Noodles Taste the delicious flavors of Japanese original ramen noodles, plus awesome "UFO" instant yakisoba noodles.
SENGOKU SAMURAI DX Bento Box Set - Kanji
If a more traditional look is your thing, we've got bento boxes harking back to the origins of the historical lunch packing style! We love these authentic bento boxes based on the family crests of real historical samurai.
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Mini Sauce Bottle Assortment
Kawaii Soy Sauce Bottles for bento A large restocking of soy sauce bottles for bento fans, shaped like fish, flying pigs, anything. Sometimes it's the little things that make you love Japan.
Monkey FURIKAKE Bottle Double Face
Kawaii Furikake Bottles See also our large stock of bento related items, from bento picks to furikake containers and more. They're so cute!
New SAND de PANDA -- Clover  Push Style Easy Sandwich Maker
New SAND de PANDA ~ Easy Sandwich Makers You haven't eaten a sandwich until you've had one that's been cut and shaped, with the insides "sealed" for you. We love Japanese sandwiches!
5 Way Smart Eraser  Mili Keshi
Amazing Pens and Erasers See the most amazing erasers in the history of the human race, plus the Pentel Tradio Fountain Pen, Kanji Entry Pen for Elementary School and more.
Wacky Things from Japan Enjoy the lighter side of Japan with these awesome items you'll only find at J-List - from comedy folding fans to squeaking hammers!
Chirimen YOKOBUE / Chic Color  Traditional Bamboo Flute
Other Random Traditional Items See our stock of traditional bamboo flutes, long-stemmed slender smoking pipes, tatami sandals, sake cups and much more.
Horo 1/8 Figure by Kotobukiya Spice  Wolf *Preorder*
Wolf and Spice Figure Being Reissued Fans of Horo, the popular wolf goddess, we've got some good news for you: the popular figure from Kotobukiya is going to be reissued.
Mega Man Full D-arts Armor Action  **Preorder**
Mega Man Full D-arts Armor Action *Preorder* Check out this epic new Mega Man action figure coming from Bandai! Fully equipped with option parts to power your way through to the next level.
Amagami Haruka Morishima Socks Pack  **Preorder**
Amagami Haruka Morishima Socks Pack *Preorder* One of the more unique character goods items out there are these fun socks featuring your favorite Amagami characters! Wao, nice socks!
Fate Testarossa  Plate  **Preorder**
Nanoha, Fate Testarossa Anime Plates *Preorder* Also, see plates bearing the faces of Nanoha and Fate from the popular Nanoha The MOVIE 1st, durable ceramic and open for preorder.
Anri photobook  -- Aya Kanei
Anri photobook ~ Aya Kanei A new photobook featuring the luscious Aya Kanei, showing it all with her fully in the nude for you. Includes a 45 minute DVD you'll love!
Futanatte! Yukareimu  Touhou Project Parody Doujinshi
A super sexy new doujinshi today from Rebis of circle TGWOA, featuring his first futanari foray into the Touhou realm. It's a great take on the awesome Touhou characters, adding just a little extra that makes them so much more interesting.
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Manzoku Gakuen -- Hozumi Kosaka
A wonderful '2D' themed stress relief toy, complete with gorgeously illustrated moe girl on the cover who's happy to cater to your every need. Two different dolls to choose from, and they come with both love hole and body part so you'll be able to get all the stress worked out easily! Great new novelty item from Japan.
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My Little Sister Can't Be This Tight
Our Favorite Parody Anime Toys Novelty toy parodies of Oreimo, Shin Koihime Musou, and much more are all in stock for your ecchi stress relief needs.
T-Back Kuri Kuri  T-Back Panty  Mini Rotor
T-Back Kuri Kuri ~ Panty & Mini Rotor, Lotion A pair of panties specially made to hide a vibrating surprise inside, a great way to treat that special girl to an erotic moment.
GLAMOUROUS BUTTERFLY SWEETS Japanese condoms are the best in the world, and we've restocked several today. How can you resist kawaii "Strawberry Parfait" condoms?
BOIN ~ UMD PSP Game Next, enjoy the Happoubi Jin-illustrated classic cosplay eroge extravaganza featuring all large-chested heroines, now on the PSP!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Does Language Change How we Perceive the World

Does language influence how we perceive the world? It's certainly an interesting question, and one that I sometimes bat around with my Twitter followers. While people are fundamentally the same, the languages we're exposed to as children can be thought of as our "operating system," which affects how we view the world around us. English is famous for its directness, and if a guy named Johnny broke a window, we'd generally say, "Johnny broke the window." But in Japanese (and Spanish, I've heard) it's likely you'd say just say the window broke, without necessarily specifying who did the breaking. Does this change how different people perceive what actually took place? The tendency to use passive voice shows up in business settings, too, where it's more polite to say "it has been decided" rather than "my boss decided this, it's his fault." English tends to be unisex, with the same language used by both men and women, but Japanese is very different, with unique pronouns and sentence-ending particles for each group to use (ne?). It may be only me, but my subjective perception is that men can feel more masculine and women more feminine when speaking Japanese than they do in English, because of these language differences. (Remember that J-List is well stocked with Japanese study supplies and cool manga for anyone wanting to learn more Japanese.)

For example, you might perceive Hetalia characters dressed in Madoka outfits as really cool, or horrible.

The Unique "Physics of Anime"

Sometimes it's fun to deconstruct the bizarre "physics" of anime, which violate the laws of the universe we live in yet add a lot of fun to the genre. Of course anime is rife with various sight gags such as the giant "sweat drop" that appears over the head of a character who's upset, or tsundere girls who throw male characters into the sky so high they become tiny points of light. Anime of the 80s and 90s employed a complex system of gags involving female characters who would pull 100-ton "Hyperspace Hammers" out of nowhere to hit male characters who were being ecchi, and fans naturally created complex models describing the alternate dimension of "hammerspace" and how it might function. Just as hair comes in any color of the rainbow, with "Japanese" characters somehow sporting pink, blue, green and blonde hair, there are hair styles that defy reality, like the recent rise in "drill hair" which in some cases spins when the character gets mad. Sometimes the unique physical laws found in anime are more subtle. Since emotion must always be communicated to viewers, the eyes of characters with glasses are usually visible to us even when viewed from the side, thanks to one of Albert Einstein's lesser-known theories, the Third Principle of Moe Meganekko Light Bending.

Anime often creates its own physics models.

Kawaii Japan

One aspect of living in Japan is constantly being surrounded by cute images, a fact I was reminded of this morning when, while putting on my shoes, I happened to spy a bag of kitty litter that featured a cat holding his nose to keep out bad smells -- k- kawaii! There's almost no aspect of life that can't be made cute in Japan, and even something as mundane as the instruction manual for a new DVD player will include little manga images of the product sweating with a sad face to indicate that you shouldn't put it in direct sunlight, or crying while standing in a puddle of water, letting you know not to ever get the DVD player wet.

Everything is more kawaii in Japan, even kitty litter.

Deus Machina Demonbane Available as Shrinkwrap or Download Edition!

We're very happy to have Deus Machina Demonbane finally in stock and shipping. As this is a special game, the first release by Nitroplus in English (but not the last), we made sure it was a great English release, complete with limited edition slip-case and 16-page color artbook-manual for you. Still, some customers like the convenience of our convenient Internet Download Edition games, and you can order this awesome title as a download, if you like. Which version will you get?

Cool Products Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
GeMaga  Game Magazine June 2011
This latest issue of GeMaga, the magazine with a focus on all-ages bishoujo titles for all platforms, is a super awesome one you won't want to miss - featuring Nitroplus's Super Sonico in a ton of unique extras from her upcoming 'communication' game!
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Girls Touch Painting Calendar 1  Nyotai Goyomi 1
Girls Touch Painting Calendar Wow, an amazing new item with a unique concept from Japan - the passing of time as written on the bodies of beautiful Japanese girls.
Illustrations of Real Campus Girls Collection Book  Daigakusei Zukan 2012
Illustrations of Real Campus Girls If you've ever wondered about campus life on Tokyo's most famous universities, especially the co-eds, wonder no more! Beautiful illustrations here.
Rei Ayanami Plugsuits ver. Figma Action Figure  Evangelion New Movie 2.0 **Preorder**
Rei Ayanami Figma, Other Figures In Stock Oh neat, a new Figma for Eva fans, featuring a gorgeously designed Rei. She even has a chair to sit in! Now in stock.
Revoltech No.104 Evangelion Evolution EVA00 **Preorder**
Evangelion Revoltech, Fate/stay night Figure Enjoy amazing new Revoltech action figures from the Eva lineup, and Dark Saber from Fate! Both figures are in stock and available now.
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute 4  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 4 (Blu-ray Disc)
Enjoy the ultimate release of Oreimo on the highest quality format available, packed with beautiful extras in a slick presentation! Each disc comes with a bonus music CD and art cards included. Discs 4 and 5 now in stock!
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Ore no Imoto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai SR Series Figure Set of 5
OreImo Capsule Toy Figures Set of 5  Speaking of Oreimo, check out these great figures of the entire cast of the show, you can get the entire set assembled here with no duplicates!
Tora Dora Portable (PSP the Best)
Other Restocked PSP Games Don't look now, but we've got the DX OreImo game, the fun To LOVE-Ru and Toradora! game (with proper Minorin ending!) restocked for PSP.
The Reminiscence of Haruhi Suzumiya  PSP Version
The Reminiscence of Haruhi Suzumiya ~ PSP & PS3 The new Haruhi games are in stock for PSP and PS3, continuing the story beyond "Disappearance." What will happen? God knows.
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls Special Box 01  (Blu-ray Disc)
Samurai Girls Blu-ray Discs Restocked The action packed fanservicey sendup of feudal Japan with sexy female characters in historical roles is back in stock in gorgeous Blu-ray!
Skull Head One Piece -- See through shoulder  Black
Skull Head One Piece ~ See through shoulder Another great new fashion item from Japan, this striking motif emblazoned one piece is bound to attract all the right attention this summer.
Hello Kitty Face Die Cut Vinyl Bag  Lovely Monotone
Hello Kitty Face Die Cut Vinyl Bag Here's a large Hello Kitty bag in the new Gothic Lolita-esque style known as "Lovely Monotone." Carry all your stuff in kawaii fashion!
Geisha Sexy Yukata  Blue
Geisha Sexy Yukata, Gymnastics Uniforms We've got all your cosplay and sexy Japanese outfit needs taken care of at J-List, incl. the Geisha Sexy Yukata and more.
Hetalia Character CD Complete Guide
Hetalia Character CG Complete Guide For Hetalia fans we've got fresh stock of the Character CD Complete Guide, which even comes with the sheet music to the character songs -- awesome.
Pour ma Beaute Mint Green Notebook
A lovely new stationery item that makes a wonderful writing journal, or for beautiful paper for hand-written letters (remember those?). Exchange this book with a friend and write notes back and forth, a great place to record all your precious memories.
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Totoro *Large* Blanket -- 140 X 200cm
Today's Awesome Totoro Stuff See the last Totoro blanket restocking until next winter, plus...Totoro plush baby rattles? What a great way to start your small one off right.
Introduction to Zen  Eigo Taiyaku ZEN Nyumon
Introduction to Zen ~ Eigo Taiyaku ZEN Nyumon Experience the wonders of zen meditation through this introductory guide to the most famous form of Japanese Buddhism. Bilingual for study too!
Japanese Custom Made Stamp  Square 0.5 inch Hanko
Kanji Name Stamps, Stamp Pads Custom made Japanese hanko name stamps, legal for use in Japan, with your name in kanji. We've also restocked the ink pads today.
Glico Beer Pretz -- Grilled Corn Flaver
Today's New Snacks from Japan See awesome Beer Pretz that go great with a cold one, Edamame chips and the delicious but bizarrely named "Watering Kiss Mint" gum.
Miso Soup Cup with Lid
We Love Miso Soup We have a wide variety of miso soups and bowls just waiting for you to try! Taste the authentic flavor of Japanese cuisine in beautiful kitchenware.
PURIN L / Homemade Pudding Mix with Caramel
Homemade Pudding Mix with Caramel Make your own pudding at home with this authentic Japanese pudding mix! More accurately called caramel cream pudding or flan, it's a great taste from Japan!
Morinaga Milk Cocoa Caramel
Restocked Japanese Snacks We have cool Japanese cookies, Cubyrop Fruit Candy, Meiji Sushi Gummy, Shigekix in "Energy Drink" flavor, plus Morinaga caramels!
HENOHENOMOHEJI Genuine Lacquered 2 Tier Square  Bento Box  Elastic Band
Great Bento From Japan, Restocked We've restocked that awesome hiragana bento box, one of my favorites, plus more traditional bento boxes from Hakoya.
Dream Land Egg Shaper
Awesome Egg Shapers from Japan Also: the epic Dream Land Egg Shaper is joined by Niko Niko Nori Punch which makes smiling rice balls, and more. Always something fun at J-List.
Deluxe Pentel Fude Brush Pen 2way Type
Restocked 'Fude' Pens from Japan Super awesome pens restocked on the site, incl. "fude" pens for writing Japanese brush calligraphy. We love selling these.
Kutsushita Nyanko Pen Pouch
Kawaii Japanese Pen & Pencil Cases Also: Japan is home to the cutest and most outstanding pen and pencil cases. We've restocked some kawaii ones today!
Basic Kanji Drill New -- 1st Grade
Kanji Drill Workbooks, Other Study Items We always have fun Japanese study tools, and today we're restocking the Basic Kanji Drill series, plus study cards.
Lucky Cat Inviting Love for Display
Lucky Cat, Other Traditional Items See awesome traditional products for you, like the Lucky Cat Inviting Love Display, the Sleeping Lucky Cat and the Make a Wish! Temple Bell Strap.
Kyubey Face Cushion  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
We have to warn you: today is Madoka Magika day at J-List. We're kicking things off with the most amazing and kawaii cushions featuring all the girls in the series, plus a fantastic Kyubey face cushion that you can sit on!
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Mami Tomoe Lucky Charm  Road Safety  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
Madoka 'Omamori' Charms *Preorder* Finally, good luck charms which are appropriately themed to each character from the show, including a talisman against decapitation!
Mami Tomoe Rubber Key Holder  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
Even More Madoka Preorder Products Also, don't be sure to miss the great Madoka character keychains and coin purses which will give you the dose of Puella Magi for your day!
NUDE POSE LAB 2 Duo Here's a dynamite photobook that shows amazing women posing together. Both a delicious feast for any fan of Japanese photography and a great tool for artists.
JESSICA 1st photobook -- Jessica Kizaki
Super Gorgeous Photobooks Restocked See fresh stock of the popular JESSICA 1st Photobook, plus the lovely H-Cup Anna, on the site today. We like very much.
Super Sonico 1/7 Cast off Figure Bondage ver.
Super Sonico Cast Off Figure Anime is all about freedom...the freedom to have a story where characters die or fall in love, or hawt figures like this, with clothes that can be removed.
Tsun Ero
We admit it -- we love tsundere girls, and the way they are angry (in Japanese, tsun tsun) is so deliciously balanced by their kind, loving side (dere dere). Here's a fun hole toy for fans of Kagami from Lucky Star. "It's my first time, so be gentle with me!"
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Mamasen Special Ona-Hole with Drama CD
Onahole w/ Drama CD, Power of Love The amazing onahole that comes with an ecchi drama voice CD is great fun, plus see the Power of Love toys restocked.
Bible Black Puchi Hole 05 -- Kaori Saeki
Bible Black Onahole Toys The ever-popular Bible Black series of novelty toys is back in stock! Great stress relief holes to simulate your favorite characters from the anime.
DAITEIKOKU ~ Great Empire We're big fans of the eroge by Alice Soft, and love their titles a lot. Enjoy the new game, DAITEIKOKU, a great new title for collectors!
Demonbane *preorder*
Demonbane Available for Download Purchase We're happy to announce that you can order the epic Demonbane via convenient Internet Download Edition as well as our shrinkwrapped DVD-ROM edition.