Friday, May 27, 2011

Japanese "Rirekisho" Resume Forms

One useful way of understanding Japan as a whole is using the idea of kata, a word that can mean "mold" (to shape things), "model" (as in the model number of product), "type" (for classification, also used for blood type), the customary postures taken in martial arts, or (in this case) "pre-defined customary form." While people looking for work in the West will write a resume or C.V., in Japan you always use a rirekisho (履歴書, ree-REK-sho), a standardized "employment history form" that serves as both job application and a personal resume. When you want to apply for a job in Japan, be it for a truck driver or sushi chef or computer programmer, you get one of these forms from the stationery store (or J-List) and fill it out by hand. Virtually everything that's important about you is recorded on the form: name, address, school and career history, what special certificates or qualifications you hold, as well as your hobbies and interests. Some information isn't recorded, of course, such as anything related to religion or political affiliation, and there's no space to fill in your blood type, to avoid "blood type bashing" (unfairly discriminating against people based on this odd Japanese superstition). The standardized employment history form is very different from the resumes used in America, which have no fixed format and can be plain or fancy, short and to-the-point or extremely detailed, printed on paper stock of any color and so on. The Japanese definitely prefer the kata (pre-set closed form) of a Japanese rirekisho to the open-ended American resumes.

Japanese job history forms are very set in stone, with little flexibility.

Random "Nihongo" from J-List on Twitter

I like to post various things to my Twitter feed, including various observations about Japan as well as info on new J-List products and various cool images I come across on the Internet. I'm also fond of randomly throwing out nihongo (Japanese) related tweets when I think of something unique or interesting to post. (Random nihongo: the Japanese word for "jail" is rouya, pronounced "lawyer.") Twitter is a great tool for reaching out to people, especially for getting quick feedback on ideas or for just exchanging opinions with people interested in Japan. (Random nihongo: the Japanese version of "the customer is always right" is okyakusan wa kamisama or "the customer is God.") It's also a great way for customers to ask questions and give us feedback on the products we sell, or what they'd like to see us write about here. (Random nihongo: a popular way to express "yes, you are correct!" in Japanese is atari, just like the video game company, a term that comes from the game of Go although Japanese are unaware of this connection.) Using Twitter has had a strange side-effect for me: I'm generally aware of what time it is everywhere in the world, when they're having breakfast in London or when folks in North Carolina are calling it a night. (Random nihongo: in Japanese, "arm wrestling" is called ude-zumou, literally "arm sumo wrestling.") If you're on Twitter or Facebook, please check us out there -- you might get some random nihongo!

Randon nihongo: arm wrestling is called "arm sumo" in Japanese.

When It Comes to Using English, "Nothing Venture, Nothing Win!"

Japan is a unique language in that so many of its words come from English or (depending on the era) from other European languages. Sometimes it's simple words like "glass" or "camera" or "chance" that have been imported as-is, and sometimes things get more complex, like the way the Portuguese word confeito (meaning confection or candy) morphed into the awesome Japanese star-shaped candy from Spirited Away. The Japanese language has changed rapidly over the last few decades, and it's not uncommon for previous generations to have no idea what all these new katakana words are -- referring to the writing system used for foreign loan words -- and there are actually "katakana dictionaries" for older Japanese to look up foreign words in. There's a certain kind of Japanese person who loves peppering their speech with English phrases, in part to show how smart they are. The Democratic Party of Japan is famous for this, using words like "manifesto" "populism" "innovation" or "new millennium frontier" despite a significant number of voters being unfamiliar with these English terms. In the anime Hanasaku Iroha, there's an annoying consultant who shows up, spewing English slogans like "there's no time like the present!" or "nothing venture, nothing win!" [sic].

My new manifesto is, "nothing venture, nothing win!"

Summer is Coming -- Are you Ready?

Summer is one of our favorite times of year in Japan, and we've got great items on the site, from refreshing and health mugi cha (Japanese roasted barley tea) to awesome yukata and happi coats for summer festivals (or anime conventions, we don't mind). Kill mosquitos at home or while outside with the popular katori senko mosquito coils from Japan, too. What great summer-related products can we show you today?

Cool Products Friday, May 27, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
B's LOG July 2011
Boy, are these boys beautiful! This is B's LOG, the definitive yaoi/otome magazine that features such great titles as Tokyo Yamanote Boys, Storm Lover, VitaminX, Uta no Prince-sama, Starry Sky and many more! Recommended for fujoshi all over the world!
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Angel Beats Itasha Sunshade A Type
Angel Beats Itasha Car Sunshades You can show your love for the masterpiece from Key writer Jun Maeda, the anime and serial novel Angel Beats with these great shades for your car!
Hideyoshi Kinoshita Dancing Speaker Baka to Test to Shoukanju **Preorder**
Hideyoshi, One Piece Dancing Speaker Cans USB "Dancing Speaker" toys including Hideyoshi and Chopper. They're cute -- just plug them in and they dance for you.
Tsumugi Kotobuki 1/7 Figure Waitress ver.  K-On!**Preorder**
Tsumugi, Kirino Figures In Stock Two figures in stock today: the gorgeous Kirino from OreImo plus Tsumugi from K-On! Both are in short supply, apologies of they sell out.
Unchi (Poop) Super Ball  individual
Unchi Super Balls! The Japanese view "poop" as being lucky, since the word for the stuff sounds similar to the word for "good luck" in Japanese. Love these lucky poop balls!
Headphones and School Uniform -- Ongaku to Seifuku
Headphones and School Uniform From the fashion brand Cecil McBee, comes this beautifully book of school girl style and chic. Girls wearing headphones are truly alive!
The Tour Bus T-Shirt
Stylish T-Shirts from Japan Harajuku girls, they've got wicked style. We like they way they are, we are their biggest fans! Another great fashion item from Y's Enterprise.
Green Tea Skin Soap
Green Tea Skin Soap Made from natural green tea leaves, this soap will make your skin feel fresh and new. A hit in Japan, and we're sure it will be a hit with you too!
Retro Cassette Tape Cutter
Retro Cassette Tape Dispenser Dump your old, boring tape dispenser and make your desk more hip with this! This is a great new idea from Japan.
Moe Moe Military Uniform Encyclopedia  Moe Moe Gunpuku Jiten
More Moe Moe Encyclopedia Books Enjoy fresh stock of the unique book series, too, including Moe Moe Military Uniform, Moe Moe Angels, Swords, plus Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Monster Hunter Illustrations
Monster Hunter Illustrations Monster Hunter is getting more and more popular, and we've got tons of great items on the site. Click to see the DX artbook, restocked today.
One Piece PansonWorks Cushion -- Luffy  Hancock
One Piece PansonWorks Cushions Kawaii!!! See fresh stock of those cute One Piece cushions featuring all your favorite characters. Great for outfitting your otaku space.
Tora Dora Portable (PSP the Best)
Other Restocked PSP Games The PSP has blossomed into the perfect platform for anime gaming. See Last Promise Story, ToraDora and Hetalia, restocked today!
Pop-up Hello Kitty Oil Absorb Paper 50 Sheets  Jewel
Delightful Hello Kitty Products Restocked Those dreamy Hello Kitty bags to carry your stuff in are restocked, plus the amazing Pop-Up Hello Kitty Oil Absorb Papers.
Silver  Metal Polishing Cloth
Silver & Metal Polishing Cloth This is a handy item made exclusively in Japan that can polishing all your jewelry, coins, and metals to a pika pika shine.
Catchy Japanese Phrases  Nihongo Maruanki Cho
Japanese Study Books Restocked Today we're restocking Catchy Japanese Phrases, which present a "situational" way to learn the language that's something, which I recommend a lot.
KATAKANA Dictionary
KATAKANA Dictionary Here's a fun item for students of Japanese, a dictionary explaining foreign loan words from English and other languages.
Meiji 100% Juice Gummy -- Unshu Mikan Flavor
Got a lot of new Japanese snacks today, including fabulous Black Shichimi Cheetos with spices from Kyoto, plus 100% Juice Gummy, Pinky Peach mints plus...Stride Gum from Japan?
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Happy Kitchen Doughnuts
Happy Kitchen Doughnuts, Cup Cakes For fans of that amazing Popin' Cookin' sushi candy you make yourself, see more Happy Kitchen Doughnuts and Cup Cakes. So much fun!
Bull-Dog Sauce
Huge Restocking of Japanese Snacks Bull-Dog Sauce (yay!), authentic wasabi potato chips, "No Time" gum that brushes your teeth for you, Sushikko powder for making sushi, Sakuma Drops and more!
Hello Kitty DECO Bento Set  Onigiri Shaper  Mayonnaise Cup  Furikake Stencil
Hello Kitty Bento Accessories &More Bento and Hello Kitty go together like peanut butter and jelly, and we love the new items we've gotten for you today. Bento and accessories!
One Piece 4 Piece Stacking Bento Box Type B (Chopper on the Top Lid)
One Piece 4 Piece Stacking Bento Box Also, fresh stock of those One Piece stacking bento boxes, so much fun to eat out of. Several types in stock.
Electric Takoyaki Maker
Takoyaki Items Restocked We love takoyaki, the batter balls that contain a bit of octopus meat inside. Today see our electric takoyaki cooker and more!
Japanese T-Shirt -- Kyuubee Eyes
Awesome Anime T-Shirts Our popular Kyubey T-shirt is back in stock for Madoka fans (no contract required!). See our other popular anime T-shirts, too.
His-and-Hers Sake Set
Traditional Items from Japan Restocked Fun Japanese traditional items restocked include the His-n-Hers Sake Set for couples, Ukiyoe playing cards, Kyudo Mini Archery Set and more.
Black 25.5cm Genuine Tabi (Ninja Shoes)
Authentic 'Tabi' (Ninja Shoes) Looking for real ninja boots? Well, we've got them in stock for you. These are the split-toed boots that ninjas (and carpenters) wear.
Black Hanekawa 1/7 Figure  Bakemonogatari **Preorder**
Gorgeous New Bakemonogatari Figures *Preorder* For fans of Bakemonogatari, see some new preorder figures. Suruga in Figma form is looking good, and we love Black Hanekawa.
Azusa Nakano 1/8 Candy by Max Factory  K-On! **Preorder**
Even More Awesome Preorder Figures Also: super sexy Namida Nyorai figures, the Ikaros Nendoroid, a great figure from Working! plus something special for Azunyan fans.
BJ  Bejean June 2011
We know you've been waiting for it. Here is the latest edition of everyone's favorite Japanese adult entertainment magazine, BJ! In this issue you will find some of the most beautiful hotness you have ever seen with AV models Nana Ogura, Rune Tsujishiro, Kirara Asuka, An Shinohara, Yuika Seno, just to name a few, plus a bonus DVD with 3hours+ of content.
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PIECES 6  HELL CAT -- Masamune Shirow ** preorder **
PIECES 6 ~ HELL CAT ~ Masamune Shirow Ghost in the Shell creator and ero artist Masamune Shirow is back with the next gorgeous installment of his epic series, Pieces! In stock now!
Triple Combo Idol  Purudoru (Puru Puru Idol)
The Japanese are geniuses when it comes to innovative ways to relieve stress. Here's a brand new toy made in Japan which lets you connect with your favorite fantasy idol stars in new ways.
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Fera Zoma
Also: Fera Zoma, Other Stress Toys That mouth-shaped love hole is back in stock for you to enjoy, plus Air Doll Eri Himekawa, AKETEMITE! plus a wonderful present for our female readers.
Maria Ozawa Great Pussy Legend Hole
Maria Ozawa Great Pussy Legend Hole One of the most famous names in the Japanese AV world enters the toy arena with a product so fine she's willing to endorse it herself. Fabulously detailed!
STARLESS *Preorder*
STARLESS In Stock Now The newest game from Sei Shojo, the creator of Bible Black and Discipline, is coming finally in stock and shipping now.
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls  Ha Ha CG Collection
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girl Another fun doujin soft offering, here's a great new item for fans of the Samurai Girls anime. You will love all the artwork.
Love Fetish -- Leg Fetish Version  UMD PSP Game
Love Fetish ~ Leg Fetish Version Got a PSP? Want to enjoy authentic eroge titles on your device? We've gotten a new UMD game in that's great fun for ero fans.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Of Rain and Grammar

One observation I've made about the Japanese people is that they often don't pay close attention to their own language, and in the course of writing these slice-of-life posts I often ask linguistic questions of J-List's Japanese staff that completely stump them. Japan will soon be entering one of my least favorite times of the year, its month-long rainy season, when it will rain most every day and generally be dreary. This rainy season is called tsuyu in Japanese, written with kanji for ume (Japanese plum) and rain, but when I ask a Japanese person where this unique kanji name comes from they will often shrug and say they never thought about it much. Or when I observe that the ben kanji in bento (弁当)is the same as the one in Osaka-ben (大阪弁), they'll say something like, "You're right! I never realized that!" The ben character means "speech," but the word bento comes from a 12-century Chinese word meaning "convenient" which got corrupted over time. Incidentally the to (当)character in bento is atari, meaning "to hit" (either to hit against something such as a car with another car, or to "hit a bullseye" and get the correct answer), which is where Atari got its name and the idea for its corporate logo. Of course, we English speakers don't always think so deeply about our language, either, and Japanese are frequently disappointed that the average person on the street can't explain grammar related to gerunds, infinitives and prepositions to them.

Rainy season is my least favorite time in Japan. Though I like this picture plenty.

Buddhist Hospitals and Preschools in Japan

Although only around 1-2% of Japanese report themselves as Christians, the cultural footprint of Christianity in Japan is much larger. When I first arrived in Japan I found myself pressed into service playing "Santa-san" for a friendly local Baptist church, and there are many Christian hospitals and "mission-kei" schools in Japan, too. (My daughter attends one.) They're less common, but there are similar Buddhist facilities in Japan as well. Once I had to go to the hospital because of a knee injury, and the one we chose to was a nearby Buddhist hospital, which was interesting to me specifically for that reason. I also used to teach English at a Buddhist preschool, which was a learning experience. It was just a preschool, the same as any other, but one that exposed the kids to the teachings of Buddha and respect for their ancestors. When Christmas rolled around I also played Santa Claus at that school, too, which made the kids happy, though it felt really strange to mix cultures like that.

The Mystery of "Touhou"

Japan certainly has the power to confuse us with strange and wonderful things, and Japanese popular culture can be very perplexing. One of the best examples of this is Touhou, a complex world of subculture centered around a series of indie shooting games first released in 1998 by a guy named ZUN. It's hard to explain why Touhou -- no relation to the Toho Movie company, though it's fun seeing people try to figure where Godzilla comes in -- went from being a mild-mannered "bullet hell" style scrolling shooter to one of the primary engines for creative doujin culture today, but I'll try my best. First of all, the Touhou shooting games are of outstanding quality, with great music and graphics, and this got people's attention early on. There's a huge cast of characters who appear in the games as protagonists or level bosses, and no matter how hard you try, a few will start to appeal to you for different reasons -- I fell in love with Patchouli Knowledgebecause smart girls who read a lot are hot. Many of the inhabitants of Gensyoko (as the Touhou world is called) are youkai, a kind of Japanese folk spirit/ghost/monster, and the Touhouverse benefited from the general "youkai boom" Japan has experienced over the past decade or so. Another theory about how Touhou became so popular: "It's the hats." Most characters feature extremely cute headgear that becomes hard for fans to resist, try as they might. (Of course J-List stocks many Touhou products, including all the popular shooting games for Windows including the new game for 2011 which you can preorder, the official Touhou manga, and many other awesome products.)
Who's your favorite Touhou character? I also like Cirno (naturally), Remilla, and Marisa/Reimu.

Touhou is a complex world of Japanese subculture.

Our New "Yuri" Game has Gone Golden Master

There are many ways to express your fascination with Japan -- through its language, through anime and manga, or even through awesome eroge, it's okay with us. We're happy to announce that the new upcoming 100% yuri adventure + arcade game Yukkuri Panic Escalation has gone "Golden Master" and is being duplicated right now. We'll have the game in stock soon, but you can still preorder for free shipping when the game is ready. It's two games in one, and pure joy for yuri lovers.

Cool Products Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Touhou Gensou Gahou 3  Touhou Project Tribute Arts 3
Touhou fans take note: a brand new limited edition artbook release of Touhou Project art is here! Drawn by famous doujin artists from around Japan and collected here for the first time, check out the gorgeous boxed presentation and glossy full color pages. Limited stock!
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SLUGGER Baseball Game  Yakyuu-Ban
SLUGGER Baseball Game ~ Yakyuu-Ban Take your love of baseball to a new level and enjoy the sport in a new way with Japan's classic "baseball pinball". The authentic original!
Evangelion Monitor Screen Wrist Watch w/Brown Belt
Evangelion Monitor Screen Wrist Watches Evangelion fans have a new reason to rejoice, with these watches themed after the console interface of the Eva unit cockpit.
Beer Hour (Handy Beer Server) - Yellow
Anyone who's ever been frustrated in the pursuit of pouring a perfect glass of beer can relate to the need for a gadget that does all the hard work for you, and that's what the genius minds of Takara Tomy are bringing you today. Kampai!
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Gothic Lolita Hairband  Black
Gothic Lolita Hairband ~ Black From the fashion corner comes this great new headband you can add to your gothic lolita ensemble, or use for the maid cosplay of your choice.
One piece and Cardigan set  Purple
Awesome Japanese Fashions Restocked Also in our fashion lineup, see restock of Gothic Lolita fashions, and cute, stylish tops from Y's Enterprise.
Japanese School Swimsuits  Skirt type
Japanese School Swimsuits Also great for cosplay or casual wear (?), authentic Japanese style school swimsuits and those great striped panties from anime and manga!
Sora Kasugano 1/6 Figure School Swimsuits  Yosuga no Sora **Preorder**
Sora Kasugano 1/6 Figure School Swimsuit From maker Griffon comes this new figure of Sora from Yosuga no Sora, wearing a sexy swimsuit that she's having trouble keeping on, apparently.
Touhou Project 13  Ten Desires ***Preorder***
Touhou Project 13 ~ Ten Desires **Preorder** Next, it's the newest game in the official Touhou Project series of shooters, scheduled for release in August. Get your preorder today!
PIECES 5  HELL HOUND 02 -- Masamune Shirow **preorder**
Big Restocking of Shirow Masamune Artbooks Back in stock for you today, some of the most popular and sexy artbooks from creator of Ghost in the Shell, Masamune Shirow. Please view on the J-List side.
RUINS NOTEBOOK ~ Haikyo Techo Japan is a land of high tech buildings and equally, those abandoned to the mists of time. See a unique side of Japan in this 'urban ruins' photobook!
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 30  Science Projects for Adult -- Theo Jansen's Mini Beast (Animaris Ordis Parvus)
Gakken Otona no Kagaku Science Kits Next, see the amazing interactive devices you can build with these English-enabled series of science/engineering project magazines for adults.
FUDEGOKOCHI Beginner's Fude Pen
FUDEGOKOCHI Beginner's Fude Pen  You too can learn the art of Japanese kanji calligraphy with this helpful pen for beginners, self-inked for easy writing practice.
Secure Stamper  Hiding Your Privacy Information
Secure Stamper ~ Hiding Your Privacy Information A great way to securely redact documents before disposal, stamping out self-identifying or other sensitive info.
Campus Wide Japanese Learning Word Book
Campus Vocabulary Books, Notebooks Japan's stationery industry is second to none, and you can experience the difference with these smart ruled notebooks from Campus.
SAKURA Small Dish
SAKURA Small Dishes Enjoy the aesthetic of cherry blossoms on this dish from Japan, a subtle pink pattern that will compliment your meal perfectly.
Hello Kitty Wagara Tea Cup  Pot Set -- Pink
Traditional Hello Kitty Awesomeness We love traditional Hello Kitty items, and some of the coolest in stock are the "Wagara" tea pots w/cups and stacking bento boxes. Other items restocked too!
FritoLay Salmon Furikake Doritos
Got some awesome new official Doritos and Cheetos from FritoLay Japan in innovative furikake flavor -- wasabi Cheetos and salmon Doritos, wow! Also see Qun! gummy snacks and Ju-C candy with vitamin C.
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Moe Banana FURIKAKE (Akihabara)
Moe Banana FURIKAKE (Akihabara) A new flavor of Food Furikake, which you sprinkle over rice. This is the banana flavored furikake, served in the best maid cafes in Akihabara.
Topp One Piece Gum Box
One Piece Gum Box, Other Snacks See One Piece Anime Gum, Habanero Chinese Chili Oil Flavor, Wasabi Cheetos and Steak Doritos (!), UHA Puccho, Black Black Caffeine Candy, ramen noodles and more!
Blue Rabbit x Moon Bento Box Set  Square 2 tier Bento Box  Chopsticks  Bento Bag
Today's Restocked Bento Boxes Back in stock today, see Bento boxes from Ponyo, Hello Kitty plus this wonderful Blue Rabbit x Moon traditional bento.
Square Totoro Tight Bento Box Brown
Totoro Bento Boxes, Hiragana Learning Puzzle We've also restocked kawaii Totoro bento boxes, plus a favorite of mine, the Totoro Hiragana Learning Board. Learn to read Japanese with Totoro!
Samurai Sword Key Chain -- Black
Restocked Traditional Items Also enjoy miniature samurai sword keychains, a ninja "shuriken" strap with power stone, plus our fun Retracting Parody Ninja Blade.
Monthly Anime Style vol.1 w/ Taiga Aisaka Nendoroid Petite
Monthly Anime Style vol.1 w/ Taiga Aisaka Nendoroid Petite The popular Monthly Anime Style magazine is being rebooted in a new format by Goodsmile, and this first issue has a great Taiga figure too!
Ruri Hoshino 1/7 Figure Swimsuits ver.  Martian Successor Nadesico **Preorder**
Ruri Hoshino 1/7 Figure Swimsuits ver. *Preorder* If you've seen the beloved 1996 anime series Nadesico, odds are you remember the blue-haired Ruri with fondness. A great nostalgic figure!
Sawako Kuronuma Nendoroid Figure  Kimi ni Todoke **Preorder**
Kawaii Nendoroid Figures I'm loving the Sawako Nendoroid figure for KimiTodo fans, plus the cool new figure from Level E. They come with many extra parts for re-arranging the figure.
Real Action Heros No.50 Black Rock Shooter Action Figure **Preorder**
A whole lot of great figures are now available for preorder, including the world's most famous cybernetic bringer of justice RoboCop in Figma form (don't tell 4chan), a bad-arse Real Action Heroes Black Rock Shooter action figure, Eva unit 03 from the Renewal of Evangelion movies, and even more. Check it out!
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Natsu Raru -- Kana Natsugaki  Natsuraru
Natsu Raru ~ Kana Natsugaki ~ Natsuraru A great new photobook featuring the beautiful Kana Natsugaki, in all sorts of nude poses that will surprise and delight. Hardcover!
Maid Bride Tsuneko 1/6 Cast off Figure Alternative Color Black ver. **Preorder**
Fabulous 'Cast Off' Figures Beautiful new "cast off" figures with clothing you can remove to see all of the ecchi bits beneath. Preorders now open!
K-POP Idol Hole
This is one stress relief product that goes all the way, styling itself after the famous Korean pop idols who are all the rage these days. You'll be able to get all the relief you need with their help, and the help of this great novelty item. A parody of the cutest pop bands from Korea, such as KARA.
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The Perfect Pussy Principle  Miharu Kai Hole
Amazing Restocked Onahole Toys Also see fresh stock of the legendary "OreImo" stress toy, plus the highly detailed "meiki" holes based on your favorite JAV stars.
Pururun Angel Bust
Pururun Angel Oppai Also enjoy fresh stock of the soft replica oppai, which feel real to the touch, for all those times a person need something soft to hold.
Azuaji !  K-On! Parody Doujin Soft
Azuaji ! ~ K-On! Parody Doujin Soft Enjoy the cute and popular Azunyan (Azusa) from K-On! in this animated and voiced doujin software extravaganza from circle Kinoko no Yama.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica  Ha Ha CG Collection
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Doujin Game Next, see a great new doujin CG and story collection packed with "H" moments featuring all your favorite Madoka Magica characters!
Real Kanojo
Restocked Eroge from Japan Also: a healthy restocking of import eroge incl. Real Kanojo and Sexy Beach 555, Ama Futa Mata Sandwich, Virtual Character Trouble.
Yukkuri Panic: Escalation *Preorder*
Yukkuri Panic: Escalation Golden Master! We're happy to confirm that the latest game from Peach Princess has gone Golden Master and will be out soon! Preorder this yuri love sim + arcade game today.