Friday, September 09, 2011

Peter's Advice for Learning Japanese (+JPLT Reminder)

September means the start of university, and I've got quite a few readers in my Twitter feed who have just begun nihongo classes, including at least one with my old sensei at SDSU -- cool! A few of them have been asking me for advice on how to properly study Japanese, so here are some random thoughts.
  • Take it a day at a time, a chapter at a time. While hiragana can look like snakes wriggling on the page, keep at it and you'll get it down. Before long your brain will be reading without thinking, just like in English.
  • Try to avoid asking why about Japanese grammar, since there's usually no reason why a language's rules are organized the way they are. Treat it like a mountain you must shape yourself around as you climb it.
  • I found memorizing Japanese sentences patterns and switching out the various parts useful. They become like mathematical equations in that way, and are less threatening.
  • Find some ways to reinforce what you're learning. I watched Japanese dramas, translated JPOP songs and read lots of manga. Everyone will have his own preferred studying method -- I learned to read kanji using the "MKG" method (manga, karaoke bars and Japanese girlfriends).
  • Avoid learning in romaji, or Romanized Japanese. Textbooks like the Genki series or the White Rabbit study cards "force" your brain to memorize words only with hiragana, kanji etc., which helps your pronunciation by a factor of 100.
  • Build connections with Japanese people. Trade English/Japanese lessons with someone, or explore "new" tools for communication like Twitter.
  • Study for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). I found attacking each level of the test was a fun goal that helped me study. The sign up period for this year is August 27-Oct 1, and the test this year is December 5...that's 87 days away.
  • Basically, you won't always understand the concepts you're learning currently, and that's okay -- by next semester you'll have them down, though it won't help your test scores this semester ^_^

Good luck, and remember that J-List has a few hundred items to help you learn Japanese!

Rei enjoys some ramen while studying Japanese. No, that's not a Photoshop at all.

The Americans Are Attacking! Time to Eat Lunch!

Every day while working in Japan, I immediately know when noon has rolled around because a siren located in the center of town goes off. It's not just any siren -- it's essentially the same type of air-raid siren that sounded half a century ago when Japan was being bombed by Allied B-29's. The siren sounds every day at noon to let people know that it's lunch time, but it serves some other purposes as well. It's used to let people know when there's a local disaster such as a fire, and hearing the siren at night means everyone should check their neighbors to make sure everything is okay. (Once we heard the siren and were surprised to see a house three doors down from us being engulfed in flame.) In this way, it provides a "community glue" for the people living in our city, unconsciously making everyone feel a part of the same happy group unit.

Our city's "noon" siren is an actual siren. This city's is a cute song.

Nichijou Daily Life

I'm a fan of the Nichijou anime and manga series, and was even before I discovered that, through a huge coincidence (or possibly trolling by Kyoto Animation), I was living in the city the series is set in. As an anime based on a 4-koma (4-panel) manga, the series is rather whimsical, with lots of random jokes and little plot, except for the ongoing tale of the robot girl Nano's quest to become a proper human and get that screw removed from her back. In one humorous scene in episode 12, Mio and Yuko are having lunch at a restaurant. Yuko says, "Anyone who speaks English starting right now is the loser." "OK," replies Mio. "Ah, you just spoke English," Yuko says. "But you hadn't said 'start' yet, so I'm 'safe,'" Mio replies, using the English words. This illustrates the fact that there are so many English words in use in Japanese it can be hard to make a sentence without at least one.

I'm enjoying the Nichijou anime.

2012 Japanese Anime Calendars, Yay!

We're extremely happy to announced the main group of 2012 Japanese calendars is finally released, and posted on the site for you browsing pleasure. This year's large-format poster calendars are especially awesome, with all your favorite series represented, from Madoka and The World God Only Knows to Bleach and Naruto and new offerings like Tiger and Bunny. Naturally we have the full lineup of Hayao Miyazaki calendars, including the desktop diorama calendars and epic Studio Ghibli calendar, with all new art. Click to see all the new 2012 Japanese calendars!

Cool Products Friday, September 9, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
2012 Calendar -- Studio Ghibli **Preorder**
We're overjoyed to have the main bulk of 2012 Japanese calendars posted to the site, including the 2012 Studio Ghibli calendar, a giant offering filled with *all new* original illustrations from your favorite Hayao Miyazaki films. Highly recommended item.
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2012 Calendar -- Evanglion 2.0 **Preorder**
2012 Calendar ~ Evangelion 2.0 *Preorder* The Evangelion calendar is always a favorite with J-List customers, and this year's looks to be outstanding, as usual.
2012 Calendar -- One Piece **Preorder**
Other Epic 2012 Calendars Of course our collection of anime calendars doesn't stop there -- we've posted more than two dozen calendars to the site, from Madoka to One Piece and more.
Young Ace Sep 2011
Young Ace Sep 2011 Packed with tons of great manga that young and old are sure to enjoy. This month comes with two cool omake items.
Gothic  Lolita Bible 41 Autumn 2011
Gothic & Lolita Bible 41 Autumn 2011 Wanting to keep on top of the best of the best gothic fashion found in Harajuku? You can't get any more authentic than this.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Official Fanbook  You Are Not Alone
Madoka Magica Official Fanbook The Madoka Magika artbook sold so fast, we had to get more. Fortunately J-List is on the job, and these great books are restocked.
Evangelion EVA01 'AT Field Break-Thru' Figure Key Chain
Evangelion Barrier Figure Keychains These Eva keychains highlight different milestones from the series that all Eva fans can connect with. Very awesome!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Playing Card **Preorder**
Preorder Products In Stock Madoka Magika keychains! Those Madoka Magika playing cards! Plus the fun "Bone Beat Pillow" that's so wacky!
Kateigaho International Edition Autumn / Winter 2011 vol. 28
Kateigaho International Autumn / Winter 2011 There's a lot more to Japan than anime and manga, and Kateigaho is a great magazine for lovers of Japan's heritage and culture.
Touhou Project  Immaterial and Missing Power
Touhou Games Restocked The doujin "bullet curtain" craze that gripped Japan's 2D fans by storm is restocked at J-List. Enjoy the restocked items.
Nihongo Power Drill N2 Moji Goroku
We've got the power to give you the power to power-up your Japanese skills for the next JLPT test, thanks to the new Nihongo Power Drill books. An excellent resource with hundreds of drills ready to be tackled by your Japanese linguistic ability. These are all written specifically for the new JLPT levels.
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Zebra 'Check Set'  Best for Memory Retention
Zebra Check Set, Other Items Restocked We have dozens of other great products to help you learn Japanese, from the Furo-Tan "study in the bath" flashcards and Zebra Check Set.
Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese vol. 3
Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese We also have the popular Erin's Challenge Japanese study system restocked, great for building listening skills.
Skull with Stars PINK T-Shirt One Piece  FREE size
Skull with Stars PINK T-Shirt One Piece Some awesome new fashion from the streets of Shibuya just arrived, and this killer pink dress is just rocking the JPOP style hard. We love it.
Japanese School Bag  Sports Type
Japanese School Bags Restocked If you watch a little anime, you'll probably see these "sports style" school bags being carried by the K-On! girls and all your favorite anime characters.
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute 8  Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 8 (Blu-ray Disc)
My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute 8 (Blu-ray) The 8th Blu-ray of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai has finally arrived and is ready for discerning collectors to pick-up.
Bath King Japanese Hokkori set  Japanese Traditional 4 scents (Tsubaki, Maccha, Karin, Anzu)
Bath King Japanese Fizzing Bath Tablets The best way to take a bath: put one of these fizzing tablets under you and angle your back so the bubbles travel up your body. It's great!
Lotte Rich Toppo -- Strawberry
Awesome New Snacks from Japan Enjoy Lotte Rich Toppo in Strawberry Custard (!), Pupururun chocolate + gummy, and amazing Lemon Squash Hi-Chew.
Glico Pretz -- Honey Milk
Other Snacks Restocked Enjoy Glico Pretz in several flavors, awesome Gyoza snacks, Japanese Frisk mints, Hi-Chew "Grapefruits" flavor, plus seedless ume treats.
DX OSECHI Style Wooden Lacquered Square Bento Box with SAKURA motif
Great Stacking Bento Boxes Wonderful bento boxes are always available at J-List or JBOX, from ones big enough for a family to some small enough for children.
SAKURA Lover's Miso Soup Bowl  Chopsticks Set
Traditional and Modern Dishware  My favorite miso soup bowl and chopstick set is definitely the Sakura Lover's Miso Soup Bowl gift set. It captures the spirit of Japan.
NORI-PIYO Egg Carrying Case
NORI-PIYO Egg Carrying Case  Neat! It's a carrying case for a hard-boiled egg for bento fans that's modeled after my favorite onigiri bento case, the NORIO Angry Face item.
Kawaii Onigiri Kitchen Sponge
Kawaii Things for your Kitchen Then see fresh stock of our Irresistibly Cute Japanese Sponges, and other kawaii items for your kitchen.
Genroku Wooden Disposable Chopsticks w/ A Pick  40 pairs
Wooden Disposable Chopsticks Just like those that you would find at a Japanese sushi restaurant, these wooden chopsticks are just wonder to have around the house.
Ramen Microwave Bowl
Awesome Items for your Dorm Room The #1 item university students love to buy from J-List is our Ramen Microwave Bowl. See this and other fun dorm-friendly items restocked today.
AZUMA Bento Kinchaku Bag  Black Sakura Chirimen
AZUMA Bento Kinchaku Bag Then check out this awesome chirimen bag for taking most any bento lunch in. Also, a great Green Tea Container.
Japanese T-shirt 'No Gaijin Allowed'
Japanese T-shirt 'No Gaijin Allowed'  Every once in a while a gaijin encounters a sign saying, "No foreigners allowed." Here's a wacky T-shirt that has this message on it.
Kiseru -- Japanese Traditional Pipe
Traditional Products from Japan See our popular Kiseru tobacco pipe, plus awesome Magatama amulet and other traditional products from our favorite island nation.
Fundoshi -- White  Traditional Men's Underwear
Also: Fundoshi, Hachimaki, More Fundoshi (pronounced foon-DOH-shi) is the traditional underwear worn by the samurai, which we've restocked. Also: kanji headbands!
Cup Noodle Mug
Awesome Japanese Coffee Cups We've restocked the most popular coffee cup in our history, the Cup Noodle Mug Cup, along with other great items.
Kotetsu Open Leg Mouse Pad  Tiger  Bunny **Preorder**
Tiger & Bunny Mouse Pad, DURARARA! Figure Fujoshi fans will love the Tiger and Bunny oshiri (buttocks) mouse pad we have for preorder, plus a cool new figure.
L. Bridgette 1/8 Figure Damage ver.  Freezing Satellizer **Preorder**
L. Bridgette 1/8 Figure Damage Ver *Preorder* This amazing figure of L. Bridgette form FREEing just looks amazing with her blade and torn dress, with lots of detail in the smallest places.
Mami Tomoe Figma Action Figure **Preorder**
Mami Tomoe, Astarotte Figures *Preorder* Also, see an awesome figure of Mami-san (with removable head) plus the newest Kugimiya Rie character, Astarotte!
Sakirise -- Saki Kouzai
Super elegant model Saki Kouzai is red-hot in this new photobook, a glossy hardcover offering that will have your engine revving. A truly fabulous woman with an absolutely perfect body, this is an item you should not miss out on.
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Kyonyu Artworks
Great Artbooks Restocked We also got fresh stock of some deliciously naughty artbooks, with great art on every page. Click to browse the items (nosebleed warnings apply).
Hanzou Hattori 1/8 Cast off Figure  Samurai Girls  **Preorder**
Hanzou Hattori 1/8 Cast off Figure *Preorder* A stunning cast off figure of Hattori from Samurai Girls, the sexy maid/ninja that we all love to see. Wonderful craftsmanship from Amiami Zero.
My Little Sister Can't Be This Tight
Our Favorite Parody Anime Toys Novelty toy parodies of Oreimo, Shin Koihime Musou, and much more are all in stock for your ecchi stress relief needs.
Risa Kasumi Bistro Great Pussy Hole
Realistic Onahole Toys for Stress Relief When realism is what you seek, check out the Meiki toy based on Risa Kasumi's real body, restocked today.
The Sagara Family
Great H-Games by Internet Download, Package J-List has tons of English-language eroge too, like the famous Sagara Family, one of the most beloved English titles ever.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Humble Japanese

One of the more welcome aspects of the Japanese people is their tendency to be humble, a trait you observe a lot of Japanese athletes, who smile in a self-effacing way after winning a great victory rather than running across the field yelling, "I'm #1!" Humility is an important trait for people to have in Japan, and the "correct" way to accept a compliment is usually to deny it, which can take some getting used to coming from the West. There are quite a few anime characters whose humility is an important part of their charm, including Ranka Lee or Max Jenius of the Macross universe, Kousaka of Genshiken and Sawako of Kimi ni Todoke, and we like them more as fans because of their modesty. The Japanese phrase for a person with a good humble nature is koshi ga hikui, lit. "his lower back is low and close to the ground."
Humility can change the course of politics, too. One reason Yoshihiko Noda was chosen as Japan's next Prime Minister by his party was speech in which he compared himself to a bottom-feeding fish called a dojo loach, about the lowliest fish in the sea, saying, "I am exactly as you see me, not flashy like a goldfish. I want to roll up my sleeves and work hard for the people of Japan, even tough it means getting dirty with mud." This was a reference to a poem by Mitsuo Aida, who revolutionized poetry by combining it with beautiful and highly stylized visual kanji calligraphy. The poem (above) reads, Dojo ga sa, kingyo no mane suru koto nen da yo naa ("You know, there's no need for a dirty dojo fish to pretend to be a glamorous goldfish"). In other words, be what you are, and be happy with the contributions you can make to the world without pretending to be something you're not.

A famous kanji poem by Mitsuo Aida, in his famous calligraphy style.

2012 Calendars @ J-List

2012 Calendar Season is heating up, and every day we're adding awesome new calendars you can normally only buy in Japan, including the awesome anime desktop calendars we posted today, to the Studio Ghibli schedule books that are great to use all year long, to traditional images of Japan. Click here to see the most popular Japanese calendars, as selected by J-List customers.

Chopsticks and Japan

One thing everyone knows about the Japanese people is that they use chopsticks to eat with. Yes, except for certain Western foods like spaghetti or curry rice, the Japanese eat most every meal with chopsticks, and they're so ubiquitous here no one gives them a second thought. Children learn to use chopsticks around the age of three, often using training chopsticks to get started, and the first real peer pressure a child will experience is having to eat in front of the other children at preschool, with the fear of embarrassment if they're behind the other kids at chopstick skill. Although I've lived in Japan nearly 20 years, I still get an occasional ohashi ga jozu! ("you use chopsticks very well") compliment -- ah the Japanese can be so silly. One of the symbols of overly industrialized Japan are waribashi, the disposable chopsticks that are everywhere. While the vast majority of disposable chopsticks consumed in Japan come from lumber stocks that are continuously replanted, there's been a movement away from disposable chopsticks at many restaurants. Incidentally, J-List stocks dozens of fun chopsticks for you, including Pocky Chopsticks, Star Wars Lightsaber chopsticks and more traditional fare.
So, how do you feel about chopsticks? Are they hard to use?

Chopsticks are a common facet of Japanese life.

Cool Products Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Comic Alive Oct 2011
One of the best monthly magazines for all your moe manga wants. This newest issue includes Mayo Chiki, Infinite Stratos, plus Hidan no Aria! Check inside of the full list. We've also got many other amazing manga magazines too. Find your favorite and get a subscription.
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To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun Special Box
To Aru Kagaku no Rail Gun Special Box We are very pleased to be able to release this very special box of lots of cool items from the awesome series To Aru Kagaku.
Megami Fetish  Onnanoko ga Egaku Onnanoko
Megami Fetish ~ Girls Drawn by Girls Take a magical trip into this beautifully illustrated color artbook, with huge glossy moe images from Megami Magazine.
Saber Tooth Cats 4 Shirow Masamune Calendar 2012 Limited Edition **preorder**
Shirow Masamune Calendar 2012 *preorder* Saber Tooth Cats, the awesome calendar from the artist behind Ghost In The Shell and Appleseed, is ready for preorders. You won't be sorry you ordered!
2012 Desktop Calendar  Ore no Imoto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai **Preorder**
2012 Anime Desktop Calendars Get a calendar or two for 2012 of your favorite anime characters. We've got Denpa Onna, Ore no Imo, Ano Hana and A Certain Scientific Railgun.
PSP Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable Limited Edition **Preorder**
PSP Madoka Magica Portable Limited *Preorder* Explore of the weird and horrific worlds of the Witches in the new Madoka Magica PSP game, but this Limited Edition is something really special.
Colorful T-Shirt One Piece  FREE size
Rainbow Color T-Shirt Dress This dress has all the color and flare you would expect from the streets of Shibuya. Wear it and feel like the models in the fashion magazines.
Girlie Border Knee High Socks
Striped Knee High Socks, Other Fashion Items You can't show off your "Absolute Zone" unless you have a pair of above the knee socks. We've got those, and many other great fashion products.
Airou x Hello Kitty Long Pouch: Airou Cosplay
More Airou x Hello Kitty This funny mash-up of Hello Kitty and Airou, of Monster Hunter fame, just can't get any cuter than this. We love these cats!
Cirno Nendoroid Figure **Preorder**
Cirno Nendoroid Figure Celebrate the release of another great Toho Nendoroid figure, this time the always popular Cirno. Would look great with your other Nendoroid figures.
Panty  Stocking Rubber Strap Collection **Preorder**
Various Anime Products Restocked See random anime products restocked, including the Railgun Beach figures, the Panty & Stocking Rubber Stamp collection and Eva sun shade!
Aselia  The Eternal **Preorder**
Aselia The Eternal *Preorder* Remember, the upcoming Aselia the ETERNAL is one of the most awesome JRPGs ever, and we'll be releasing the all-ages game soon. Preorder now.
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 9  Science Projects for Adult -- Pinhole Planetarium
Otona no Kagaku ~ Science Projects for Adults Build a working planetarium in your bedroom, or an awesome Edo Period traditional Japanese clock, or a folding origami lamp!
Totoro Stamp 'Onegaishimasu'
Totoro Messages Stamps Restocked One of my favorite Totoro products are these wood-and-rubber stamps, which feature images of Totoro and messages in Japanese.
Kanji in Mangaland Levels  1 and 2
Kanji in Mangaland Restocked See fresh stock of the popular Japanese in Mangaland series, which helps you learn Japanese using our favorite visual medium.
13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese
Restocked Japanese Study Books Also: Basic Japanese Sentence Patterns, 13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese, Beyond Polite Japanese and other great books restocked.
Microwave Potato Chip Maker
Microwave Potato Chip Maker? Then: Why buy store-bought potato chips when you can make your own at home, using this wacky microwave potato chip maker from Japan? Restocked today.
Electric Takoyaki Maker
Electric Takoyaki Makers Restocked Our very popular Takoyaki maker is now back in stock, so you can sate desire for Osaka-style octopus batter balls any time.
Fujiya Country Ma'am -- Soft Cream Flavor
Fujiya Country Ma'am ~ Soft Cream Flavor Take home a bag or two of these delicious Japanese snacks, like Fujiya's soft creme cookies, Meiji's gummy drops or Lotte gum.
Peko-chan Milky Candy
Many Restocked Snacks Today Enjoy new stock of Peko-chan Milky Candy, UHA Puccho candy, Matcha Milk Caramels, Super Ramune Shigekix and more. Yum!
Miso Soup Assortment -- Wakame/Shijimi/Asari
Traditional Items from Japan You can depend on J-List to offer fun foods direct from Japan. Today we've restocked several versions of miso soup!
Genmaicha  High Grade Brown Rice Tea Powder ( Sushi Restaurant Style)
Delicious Japanese Tea in Stock We also love Japanese tea, and today we've gotten in several varieties incl. sushi shop style green tea, genmaicha and more.
Fuujin  Raijin Genuine Lacquered 2 tier Bento Box w/ Elastic Band  Microwave  Dishwasher Safe
Fuujin & Raijin Lacquered 2 tier Bento Box These ancient Japanese gods are sworn to protect your bento lunch, even against the power of microwaves. Looks more amazing in person.
Genuine Lacquered Miso Soup Bowl Style Bento Box  Rabbit
Great Bento Boxes Restocked But we've also got many other great traditional-style bento boxes too, like this bento with a built-in soup bowl.
Hello Kitty Chopsticks Training Set w/ Stars
Awesome Chopsticks from Japan Avoid the embarrassment of not having enough chopsticks with the new offerings we posted today. Great for the whole family!
SUSHI Non-slip Chopsticks Set
Traditional Chopsticks, Too We've got other chopsticks in stock for you too, including our popular Sushi Non-Slip Chopstick Set and more.
The Ghost in the Shell -- Bilingual comic
Bilingual Manga to Learn Japanese With We've gotten the bilingual Ghost in the Shell manga -- which features all the content cut from the U.S. release -- plus the best translation ever.
CAMPUS Standard B5 Note book 50 Sheets
Restocked Japanese Notebooks Various Japanese notebooks, including the classic CAMPUS by Kokuyo, because "CAMPUS notebooks contain the best ruled foolscap suitable for writing."
Japanese Classic Waraji Sandals
Traditional Samurai Sandals Our most popular Japanese sandals ever are restocked, great for roaming the streets like a samurai or doing Bleach cosplay.
Rewrite Shiruzu Nakatsu 3D Oppai Mouse Pad **Preorder**
Rewrite 3D Oppai Mouse Pad *Preorder* Let your wrists rest on the softest parts of Shiruzu Nakatsu's body, helping protect yourself from unnecessary body strain. 100% otaku approved.
Erio Towa 1/7 Figure by Alfa Max  Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko **Preorder**
Erio Towa 1/7 Figure *Preorder* We're huge fans of the kawaii-ness of Erio Towa, whose initials are E.T. She's the cutest hikikomori we've ever seen.
Mayuri Shiina 1/10 Figure Beach Queen  Steins;Gate **Preorder**
Other Awesome Preorder Figures Finally see other figures like Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate, Rise from Persona4, Sasara Samurai Style from ToHeart2 Dungeon Traveler and more.
D Cup Kana -- Yuuki Kana
D Cup Kana ~ Yuuki Kana We truly love Japan's photography of beautiful women, and here's a new photobook that collectors will start drooling over.
Azalea Floating  Risa Miyasu artbook
New Ecchi Artbooks Restocked See some nice restocked ero artbooks on the site, including Irinka ~ Kagami Visual Works plus Azelea Floating and more.
Bakujuu Musou -- Extreme Impact 3  Ikkitousen Parody Toy | Kanu Unchou
Here's a treat: three large sized, super realistic toys for fans of the Ikki Tousen ecchi anime. Whether you're a fan of Hakufu, the eye-patch wearing Ryomou or the sizzling Kanu Unchou, you need to click now.
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A Certain Magical Index Parody Toy
A Certain Magical & Scientific Parody Toys Also: we've restocked the Index/Railgun parody toys, which are so popular they sell out every week.
The Dignity of Great 'Maria Ozawa'
Toys for JAV Fans Then see JAV-themed stress toys, including the perfect recreation of Maria Ozawa for your enjoyment, plus other realistic toys.
Japanese Pure Lotion  Peach
Japanese Pure Lotion Restocked See a big restocking of popular personal lotion products, which are great because they're more natural, being made from seaweed.
Gyakushu  1 2 3 Pack
Gyakushu ~ 1 2 3 Pack Here's an outstanding new eroge from Japan by ANIM, specializing in tentacles, miko princesses and more. A great import title.
Sakura-Iro Quartet
Restocked H-Games from Japan Enjoy some great eroge from Japan, incl. Let's Nupu Nupu, Sakura-iro Quartet, Ijira Rental, Forbidden Hospital Ward and more.
Let's Meow Meow!
Fun H-Game: Let's Meow Meow! We have dozens of outstanding English-translated eroge for you =. If you like cat girls (and who doesn't?) why not try this one?