Friday, December 02, 2011

Transliterating and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Effect

Transliteration is the act of moving from one writing system to another, which is never an easy task. When expressing Japanese in English, there are a lot of questions to consider, including which Romanization method to use. The "Hepburn" method results in words that are close to how non-Japanese pronounce them, for example shitsurei, meaning rude, while the "Nihonshiki" method forces syllables into consonant + verb pairs (e.g. siturei) despite the fact that no one pronounces words that way. One way to make Japanese words easier for English speakers to digest is to break them into smaller chunks with hypens, something the creators of Yu-Gi-Oh! got right, since Yuhgioh / Yuugiou / Yuhgioh / Yuugioh would not have stuck in people's brains as well. I generally write the word for "childhood friend" as osana-najimi with a hyphen, since osananajimi is a big jumble of hard to read letters, and we're pretty sure that our Japanese "Lucky Bags" are easier for our customers to remember when we write fuku-bukuro instead of fukubukuro.

A conversion chart between Romaji and hiragana.

The Elements of "Moe" in Anime

I write a lot about the theory and practice of moe (mo-eh), since it's a subject that's dear to me. Although the kanji literally means "sprout" (like a plant poking through the soil), my personal definition for the word is, "the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when contemplating your favorite anime character." Moe is many things to many people, however, and when I asked my Twitter and Facebook followers what the word meant to them, I got a range of answers. One replied that moe is all about the incredibly shy reactions the characters make when they get embarrassed by something, and others are charmed by how helpless moe girls are without someone to rescue them, while some loved the inner conflict in a good tsundere, angry and haughty most of the time, but with a payoff of loving tenderness later. I find myself fascinated by the flaws that are found in every good moe character, like the dojikko clumsiness of Yui from K-On!, or those cute crooked teeth, called yaeba (yah-eh-bah) and illustrated as a single rogue tooth in the corner of the mouth, which make me feel all tingly inside.

I love the yaeba fang as a "moe charm point."

Japan Loves Nostalgia

One thing I've noticed about the Japanese: they're very good at is appreciating nostalgia, and on any given day you're likely to hear someone exclaim natsukashii! (nots-ka-shee!), which can be translated as "that makes me so nostalgic I look like one of those manga characters with a tear rolling out of my eye!" Whether watching a variety show featuring the 50 best J-POP songs of the 1990s (iTunes Japan link) or appreciating the simply beauty of classic cars of a bygone era, the Japanese seem hardwired to love the old days. The heart of nostalgia to the Japanese is the Showa Period, the name for the reign of Emperor Hirohito which lasted from 1925-1989, which saw war and destruction followed by the rebuilding of the nation's dreams and toilet seats that wash your butt for you. Today the imagery of the Showa Period is loved by many as a simpler, better era, and you can travel there by visiting a dagashi shop, which sells the traditional candy popularized in the years before after World War II. We've got many of these in stock for you to try, from liquid candy you knead with chopsticks to Kompeito star-shaped candy and Sakuma Drops can Grave of the Fireflies.
(There's a scene in Gunbuster where they're up in a space station in a Japanese style sento back, washing using the yellow buckets with ケロリン stamped in red letters in the bottom. The irony of being in space while using such a famous object from the Showa Period is something only Gainax could have managed so well.)

Japan is a country that loves nostalgia.

Announcing the J-List EMS SALE!

J-List is loaded with awesome products for all the people on your holiday list this year, but there aren't that many days until Christmas. We decided to help our customers by having a week-long J-List EMS Sale, during which we'll give you cash back when you order using EMS. Need to make an order of unique bento products for your significant other, or score a selection of rare Hello Kitty or Totoro items, or maybe something special for the bedroom? Then order now! This offer expires at midnight on Monday, December 5th. What do you think?

Cool Products Friday, December 2, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
NyanType Jan 2012
First, we have this month's selection of awesome magazines full of cute moe girls. NyanType leads the way with lots of posters and cool omake free stuff! The posters in this issue are extra-awesome, a snapshot of everything that's good about anime this month. Grab a copy now!
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Dengeki G's Magazine Jan 2012
Dengeki G's Magazine Jan 2012 Next is the huge Dengeki G's, with tons of pictures from shows like Idolm@ster and K-On! Free super-cute figure of Haruka included with the issue!
Saber Tooth Cats 4 Shirow Masamune Calendar 2012 Limited Edition **preorder**
Shirow Masamune Calendar 2012 We got the last stock of the 2012 Shirow Masamune calendar today. Last year's sold out fast, so don't let it get away this year! Click to see all our calendars.
Japanese Anime T-Shirt -- Angry Choco
Japanese Anime T-Shirt ~ Angry Choco A fun new T-shirt just in time for the Holidays! Chocobo is angry at Cactaur and is going to smash him into a pulp! Grab this fun shirt now.
Miku Hatsune Figma Action Figure **Preorder**
Hatsune Miku, Mirai Suenaga, Horo! Then enjoy fresh stock of some kawaii figures, including Hatsune Miku, Mirai Suenaga plus Horo the awesome wolf girl.
Fuku-Bukuro 2012 Wacky Traditional Culture Set
Gifts They'll Never Forget From our popular line of Fuku-bukuro traditional grab-bags filled with random items to the official Hello Kitty vibrators, I mean shoulder massages.
go to natura... -- Maki Goto
go to natura... ~ Maki Goto Maki Goto (Gotoh) is the talented former Morning Musume star, and we're happy to have her final photobook in stock. (Please see on the "R" side).
Neck T One Piece Dress  Black
Tokyo Fashions Restocked Enjoy some cool restocked fashions, including the Neck T One Piece Dress, Bohemian Top for Fashion plus those elegant striped socks. Nice!
Shimapan Dream  Sky Blue M
Nice Restocking of Shimapan See a nice restocking of shimapan for girls and guys, plus other awesome products like the school uniform for Hideyoshi fans.
Totoro Organic Cotton Bath Towel Gift Box
We have the honor of being able to bring out customers the most awesome products from Studio Ghibli, and today see some of the best Totoro towels and washcloth products we've ever seen. Fabulous quality, great for gifts or to make your guest bathroom really special.
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Totoro Plush *Smile* -- Small
Restocked Totoro Plush Toys We've got a nice selection of restocked Totoro plush toys too, including the Totoro and Ponyo no Sanpo plush toys that "walk" when you pull their strings.
restocked ghibli items
Wake Up to Totoro Every Morning Also, our popular Miyazaki-approved real wood Totoro alarm clocks, that Totoro China Tea Cup plus awesome Ghibli cushions.
PSP Black Rock Shooter the Game Limited Edition w/Black rock Shooter White ver. Figma Figure **Preorder**
PSP Black Rock Shooter Limited Edition Only a few copies left of this awesome limited edition Black Rock Shooter game, which comes with an exclusive Figma and more!
Maji de Watashi ni Koi shinasai!!  Maji-Koi!! (Blu-ray)
Maji-Koi!! on Blu-ray Disc! The first volume of Maji-Koi is here, and it's full of awesome special features! Follow the wacky adventures of five beautiful samurai girls!
Macross Frontier the Movie  Sayonara no Tsubasa -- Hybrid Pack (Blu-ray Disc)
Macross Blu-ray + PS3 Game, PSP Anime Games Big restocking of PSP and PS3 titles, including Hatsune Miku, Weiss Schwartz Portable plus my favorite, the Macross Frontier 2nd movie w/ PS3 game (!!).
Pixiv Girls Collection 2011  Pixiv Official Art Collection
Gorgeous Artbooks from Japan Restocked See great restocked artbooks on the site today, including the Pixiv Girls Collection, so pleasant to look at page after page.
Hello Kitty Glasses Stand Pink Heart  Megane Holder
Hello Kitty Glasses Stand Pink Heart ~ Megane Holder Our customers love our first Hello Kitty Glasses Stand so much, so we're happy to have this alternate version. Kitty-chan will wear your glasses!
Re-ment Hello Kitty Kaiten Sushi Full Set of 6 **Preorder**
Hello Kitty Miniature Sushi, Kawaii Violin A Kitty-themed set of adorable "conveyor belt" sushi miniatures? Japan, you know the way to our hearts. We love this to death! Now in stock.
Higurashi -- When they Cry
Higurashi ~ When they Cry Great all-ages games from Japan in English, including the Higurashi ~ When They Cry series, Aselia the Eternal and more. We love them all.
Tentacle Mustache
What's up with tentacles this year? From the Tentacle Grape carbonated soda we stock to the wacky Tentacle Fingers, this year as really been a good one for tentacle-themed products. Click to see the ultimate item, a tentacle mustache.
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Okinawa Limited Puccho Pineapple Set of 5
Okinawa Limited Puccho Soft Candy More fun treats you can only get in Okinawa, including delicious Puccho in Pineapple and Shikwasa flavor. Delicious and fun to eat.
Meiji Pokemon Assort
Big Restocking of J-Snacks Then see Winter Pocky (my favorite!, I love the cocoa powder), Monster Hunter snacks, Ramune treats in a gift box plus Pokemon candy!
Neri Ame - Traditional Liquid Candy w/ Chopsticks
Traditional 'Dagashi' Snacks The traditional snacks of the Showa Period are in stock and waiting for you to order now. Try Kompeito, Sakuma Drops, or my favorite, Ramune Mochi.
UCC Melon Cream Soda
Fun Japanese Snacks Shipping from San Diego In addition to our popular Tentacle Grape, we're starting to carry other Japanese snacks and drinks in San Diego. Click to see our selection here.
Evangelion Nerv 2-Tier Slim Bento Box w/Chopsticks
Evangelion Bento, More Restocked In addition to the popular stainless steel Evangelion cups we've been posting to the site, enjoy the best Evangelion bento boxes ever.
OURAN  Red Sakura Bento Box With Chopsticks  Elastic Band
Sakura Bento Box With Chopsticks We carry a complete bento sets which come with everything you need including chopsticks. See these traditional bento boxes, restocked today.
Hello Kitty Friends Soy Sauce Dispenser
Kawaii New Soy Sauce Bottles, Bento Cups Some nice new bento items too, including Hello Kitty soy sauce bottles (kyaa! Kawaii!) and bento cups featuring Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma.
ONIGIRI /Rice Ball Maker  ---  Ball Shape
Onigiri Shapers & Other Bento Accessories Also: random bento items restocked including our most popular onigiril shapers, so you can avoid the embarrassment of improperly shaped rice balls.
Hello Kitty DECO Bento Set  Onigiri Shaper  Mayonnaise Cup  Furikake Stencil
Hello Kitty Bento Accessories & More We love Hello Kitty and we love bento. Enjoy the Sanrio DECO Bento Set with onigiri shapers and mayonnaise cups and more, plus that Die Cut Mug Cup.
Easy Microwave Rice Cooker  Steamer with Shamoji
Easy Microwave Rice Cooker Our popular Microwave Rice Cooker is back in stock, which saves you from having to buy an expensive electric rice cooker. Great for college students!
Bath King Japanese Traditional set  4 scents (Hinoki, Yuzu, Peach, Orange)
Back King Bath Tablets See fresh stock of the fizzing bath tablets that also make your bath a very pleasant experience. The fizzing bath tablets are my favorites.
Rubber Ninja SHURIKEN  Hexagon Style with Dragon Art
Rubber Ninja Shuriken, Other Traditional Items From realistic looking rubber Ninja throwing stars to traditional items for your room, we've got a lot of nice items. Tokyo Sky Tree too!
Meiko Honma 1/10 Figure Beach Queen  Ano Hana *Preorder*
Kawaii 'Beach Queen' Anime Figures *Preorder* It's always summer with these cute and sexy Beach Queen figures. Each one portrays a different anime girl in her best swimwear. Check them out!
Kyouko Sakura Figma Action Figure  Puella Magi Madoka Magica *Preorder*
More Awesome Preorder Figures Preorders are open on lots of great figures, like Kyouko from Madoka Magica, Sonic the Hedgehog, Iron Man, and more!
Fuku-Bukuro Adult Set  (Japanese Lucky Bag) Large -- from San Diego
Great news: we've got fuku-bukuro grab bags in stock in San Diego now, as wella s Japan, a great way to grab a bunch of naughty products for a great price! The set includes several "H" DVDs, a full English eroge chosen at random, a Tenga stress toy, H-manga and more.
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Dengeki Hime Dec 2011
Dengeki Hime Dec 2011 Then enjoy the new Dengeki Hime, back on the site after many months. Filled with awesome information on the newest eroge and anime.
Feather Touch -- Ai Haneda's 1st Photobook
Restocked 'H' Photobooks Too See fresh stock of gorgeous photobooks and 2012 calendars, which JAV fans should not miss out on. Ai Haneda is so angelic and beautiful...
Shizuka Marikawa 1/8 Figure W Stretchy Costume ver. Highshool of the Dead **Preorder**
Epic 'Cast Off' Figures Available Again There's nothing like a good "cast off" anime figure to get your blood pumping, if you know what I mean. See the restocked ecchi figures today.
PIECES 7  HELL HOUND 01 and 02  **preorder**  -- Masamune Shirow
Shirow Masamune's 'Pieces' Restocked Shirow Masamune is a legend in the manga world, and today we've restocked his gorgeous Pieces 7 and other ero illustration works.
 Hana Parody Toy
Stress Toys for the Other Side, Too We've restocked the toy that lets you know your favorite anime characters and JAV stars in a whole new way. Click to see the restocked items.
I Have Few Sexual Desire!?  Aozora Hinata
'I Have Few Friends' Parody Stress Toys Then, great news for fans of the hit anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, also known as I Have Few Friends. Which girl will you choose?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Relationships in Japan are "Vertical"

One of the more interesting aspects of Japan is the top-down nature of its society, how it's ostensibly structured in a way that channels more respect to senior individuals in a school or organization, and society in general. When a younger student or junior employee in a company (kohai) sees an older student or senior employee (senpai), he's expected to greet his senior using a formal salutation like ohayo gozaimasu (good morning), while the senior will reply with the more informal ohayo. In English, I might talk about my brother or my sister without necessarily concerning myself with whether the sibling in question were older or younger than me, but in Japanese these concepts are always split into oniisan / ototo and oneesan / imoto for older and younger brother and sister, respectively. What about twins, you ask? The one to pop out first is the older one, even if it's only by a few minutes (Kagami, in the case of the Hiiragi twins). My wife loves to watch her kaigai dorama or "overseas drama" like CSI or Drop Dead Diva dubbed into Japanese, and she always sniggers at the informal speech people use when talking with their superiors, which you could never actually do in Japan.

Foreigners need to understand how up/down relationships work when dealing with Japan.

Japan, the Land of Polite Capitalism

Like the U.S. and Europe, Japan is a free market economy in which companies compete to offer the best products and services that will delight consumers and result in profits for shareholders, but there are some differences in how capitalism works here. First, some of the harsher aspects of competition seen in other countries don't exist here, like the now-commonplace strategy of "disrupt the stable business of a competitor and profit from the confusion that results" -- Sony never sabotages Panasonic's business for its own benefit. Though there are abuses, like when construction companies teamed up with government to push through a tunnel across Tokyo Bay which no one needed or uses today, one refreshing aspect of capitalism in Japan is that the average salaries of Japanese CEOs is only 16x the lowest employee, compared with 344x in the U.S. (2007 numbers). One of the strangest aspects of doing business in Japan as J-List is the way companies cooperate rather than compete. If we want to work with a new distributor for bento boxes for example, they might decline to sell to us lest it appear they're trying to steal our business away from a competitor we're already established with. So the free market economy in Japan is really based on "polite capitalism."

Japan is the land of "polite capitalism."

Cool Products Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine Jan 2012
Another outstanding issue of Megami for you, which is loaded with awesome omake free stuff in the form of large original posters of all the latest anime series, plus other cool stuff This issue has no less than 22 posters for you to enjoy, with original art from all the top shows. Enjoy all the moe goodness on the site for you today!
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Shonen Ace Jan 2012
New Awesome Manga In Stock We have other magazines posted. The new issues of Shonen Ace and Dengkei Daioh. Both come with awesome free figures, but will sell out soon.
Homura Akemi Figma Action Figure  Puella Magi Madoka Magica  **Preorder**
Great Anime Figures In Stock See the epic Homura Akemi Figma in stock, which comes with tons of additional parts for her. Also: the Edward figure from Fullmetal Alchemist.
Ano Hana Naruko Anjo 3D Mouse Pad
AnoHana Anaru, Menma Mouse Pads Want an alternative 3D mouse pad? Try one of these Ano Hana mouse pads, like Menma's knees or one Anaru's arm. Rare "UFO Catcher" toys from Japan.
Gelgoog Car Cup Holder  Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gunda, Car Cup Holders If you're like us, you wish you could commute to work in a mech. While that dream is still a far away future, you can mod your car to get a bit of that feeling.
Evangelion  Logos Field Operation Stainless Mug Cup for  EVA-02 Pilot (Asuka ver.) **Preorder**
New EVA Mugs In Stock These high quality, stainless steel mugs are designed by the popular outdoor sports company LOGOS, so they'll last nearly all your lifetime.
2012 Calendar -- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
J-List is Loaded with Awesome Calendars We've got more than 150 gorgeous anime, manga, Japanese art and other calendars in stock. Click to browse our selection now!
2012 Calendar -- GACKT
2012 JPOP Calendars Many of your favorite JPOP singers and stars have their own 2012 calendars, like GACKT, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Morning Musume.
Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle
Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle  Now you can enjoy hot-blooded Saint Seiya action on the PS3! This beat-em-up action game is guaranteed to blow any Saint Seiya fan's mind!
Cosmic Nyaan  Super-Dimensional Super Live (Blu-ray Disc)
Cosmic Nyaan ~ Super-Dimensional Super Live A Macross Frontier concert Blu-ray with over two-and-a-half hours of awesome Yoko Kanno music! Show your love for Ranka and Sheryl!
Hatsune Miku Live Party 2011  39's Thanks Live in Tokyo/Sapporo  (Blu-ray Disc) -- Limited Edition
We Love Hatsune Miku Lots of great stuff for fans of Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends. Figures, manga, concert DVDs! Have a Miku Miku Christmas this year.
Sonicomi  Communication with Sonico
We Love Super Sonico The super sexy mascot of Nitroplus has released some great products recently. See the new CG game restocked, plus awesome Sonico stickers for your iPhone.
Rilakkuma Plush Small
Near Christmas time, J-List customers love to pick up plush toys, and we've been adding new stock left and right. We love the new Rilakkuma plush toys that were just released, which are extremely well made soft little friends for hugging or talking to when you feel down. They are 100% kawaii, guaranteed.
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Tokyo Jessica Kawaii Coat  Green
Tokyo Jessica Kawaii Coat ~ Green  We found this cute coat while strolling down the streets of Shibuya, and couldn't help ourselves to pick it up and offer it to you, our Japanese fashion fans.
Fuwa Fuwa Panda Poncho  Black
Fuwa Fuwa Panda Poncho Restocked Warm, soft and stylish. What more could you want from a delightful Poncho? Back in stock for now, but these will sell out again fast.
Kera Jan 2012
Kera Jan 2012 Get the latest fashion news straight from the source, the streets of Tokyo, with fashion ranging fro punk and gothic to wild and kawaii.
Mofu Mofu Earmuffs -- White
Kawaii Earmuffs, Japanese Socks, Keep your ears and legs warm this winter with the same weapons Japanese girls use, long socks and cute earmuffs.
Alpaca Flower Incense Kairo (Heat Pack)
Cool Products for Health and Warmth Enjoy the awesome Alpaca Flower Incense Hand Warmer, which will keep your hands warm through the magic of kairo, plus Japanese hand cream.
iTunes Japan Music Card
iTunes Prepaid Cards The K-On! movie is coming, and the iTunes Japan store is celebrating by releasing new tracks, like the awesome Come With Me life performance.
Fate Stay Night  Rin Tohsaka Portraits
Awesome Artbooks Restocked We've got all your Fate needs covered, with great artbooks from the anime and game as well as Rin Tohsaka cosplay and more!
Kutsuwa Study Flashcards w/Check Sheet
Give the Gift of Nihongo We've restocked several popular items for learning Japanese, from flashcards to the Zebra Check Set to our deluxe Kanji Study Poster!
Hetalia Conversation Book  English for Traveling All About USA
Hetalia Japanese/English Conversation Learn Japanese or English with the help of your favorite Hetalia characters. Before you know it, you'll be speaking like a native.
Electric Takoyaki Maker
Electric Takoyaki Makers Restocked Our very popular Takoyaki maker is now back in stock, so you can satisfy your desire for Osaka-style octopus batter balls any time. Yum!
The Japanese KOTATSU (Black)
The Japanese KOTATSU (Black) A warm, cozy central fixture of Japanese life is the kotatsu, and we've got one in stock for you to grab. Available by seamail or EMS.
Kyubey Yaki  Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Kyubey Shaped Snacks, No Contract Required These custard-filled Kyubey snacks are an awesome novelty item for fans of Madoka Magica. Now you too can eat Kyubey!
Yokohama Limited Kit Kat Annin Tofu
Yokohama Limited Kit Kat Annin Tofu  Yokohama is the home of Japan's largest China Town, and this limited edition Yokohama Kit Kat features the flavor of sweet Chinese Annin Tofu.
Sakuma Drops Candy
Restocked Candies and Snacks Also: restocked snacky goodness, including Calorie Mate, Melji Meltykiss, Sakuma Drops, Pokemon Assort candy, plus popular gum from Lotte.
Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks (Red) -- Darth Vader ver.  *Preorder*
Darth Vader's Favorite Chopsticks Also, feel the Force with these amazing Star Wars Lightsaber themed chopsticks, in various colors to go with your favorite characters.
Thermal Zojirushi Bento Box set  OLIVE GREEN
Thermal Zojirushi Bento Box set The perfect gift for a guy who wants the benefits of bento (low cost, calorie control) without the kawaii-ness. Very well made bento set from Zojirushi.
Hello KITTY  Red Ribbon Shiny Bento Box w/Trio Set (Chopsticks  Spoon  Fork)
Hello KITTY Red Ribbon Shiny Bento Box Set This very cute bento box is the perfect match for those who want to add some adorableness to their lunch. Comes with a spoon, fork and chopsticks.
WAON Bento Box Set  Square 2 tier Bento Box  Chopsticks  Bento Bag
Restocked Bento Boxes Too See the super-cool WAON Bento Box sets, which blend the traditional with modern awesomeness, plus the Men's 2-tier Nutritional Balance Bento.
Hello Kitty  FURIKAKE Cylinder Bento Bottle
Hello Kitty x Bento Hello Kitty goes with bento products like miso and soup, and we've restocked some kawaii bento items from Sanrio today.
DX Basic TABI Socks  M size
DX Basic TABI Socks (Ninja Socks), More See fresh stock of popular traditional footwear, including tabi (the split-toe "ninja shoes") plus ukiyoe towels that change when you get them wet?
Getting Along with the Japanese
Awesome Books About Japan J-List has many popular books about Japanese language, culture and how to live her. See a great book on how to live in Japan, restocked today.
Super Sonico 1/6 Figure Bath Time ver. *Preorder*
Super Sonico, Erio Towa are Kawaii Today we've got a dreamy new Super Sonico figure that might give you some nosebleeds, plus the best Erio Towa I've ever seen. Dreamy and awesome.
Shaomei 1/6 Figure  Shining Hearts *Preorder*
And Even More Preorder Figures And that's not all! Preorders are also open on figures of Shaomei from Shining Hearts, Madoka , an awesome Homura doll, a BAKUMAN Nendoroid and new Saber -- wow!
LOVE 48 ~ The 48 Ways of Love This Karma Sutra book features Kokomi Naruse showing off 48 positions to expand your love making skills to the professional level.
Greatest Stroker II
Greatest Stroker II Not your regular stress toy here. This motorized toy is sure to add an extra level of relaxation for men looking for a release. The power of technology!
U.S. TENGA  Deep Throat
Our Stress Relief Toys Can't Be This Awesome Plus all your favorite adults toys are here and restocked, like the popular Tenga series and anime themed onaholes.
Bakujiri Musou -- Extreme Impact  Samurai Girls Parody Toy
Fighting Girl Onaholes, Too We all love strong girls, and here are some stress toys featuring some of the best female fighters from Ikki Tousen. So much win.
Casual Romance Club
Special Price on Casual Romance Club The only game published in Japan in English is nearly out of print, and we're helping it by offering a special price this month. Collectors take note!
Shinryaku! Ika Musume  Ha Ha CG Collection
Shinryaku! Ika Musume ~ Ha Ha CG Collection Load this CD into your computer and you'll be blessed with a collection of gorgeous hardcore Ika Musume doujin images.
Real Kanojo
Restocked Eroge from Japan Also: a healthy restocking of import eroge incl. Real Kanojo and Sexy Beach ZERO, plus the excellent Delusion Virtual Character Trouble with included T-CAM.