Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Comic Market Time!

Another big part of the year-end festivities for many is attending Comic Market, the sprawling doujinshi event held in Tokyo Big Sight. This year 150,000+ otakus will stand in lines to buy doujinshi and other goods from their favorite artist circles, or score some limited products from companies like Nitroplus. Going to Comiket is great fun, and there's so much to do and see, from taking pictures of the world-class cosplayers to trawling the aisles for new books by your favorite artists. Every year the Japan Red Cross encourages civic-minded fans to donate blood, and this year they're upping the ante by offering rare Madoka Magika and other posters to fans who donate 400 ml of blood, which will probably lead to a record number of donations and a lot of lightheaded fans staggering as they ride the train back home.

Another Comiket is upon us.

Anime Magazines from Japan Make Me Happy

I really love selling anime magazines from Japan, because the Japanese love to shower fans with awesome free stuff, like 16+ free posters and original calendars in the current issues of Megami Magazine and NyanType, or the free figures and other goodies other magazines we have in stock right now. Why not browse the most popular anime magazines on the site now, as ranked by J-List customers?

J-List 2011 Wrap-Up

Well, 2011 is finally at an end. It was a very strange year, filled with events that no one could have foreseen, starting off on a positive note (the Arab Spring, plus a man in Japan using the name Tiger Mask to anonymously donate school backpacks to orphaned children), then turning tragic as Japan experienced a 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11. The earthquake itself wouldn't have been that much of a problem -- Japan eats those for breakfast -- if it hadn't been for the tsunamis that caused so much sadness and loss of life in the Touhoku coastal areas. The aftermath of the disaster was terrible, though the outpouring of support from the world was wonderful to see, from the U.S. military's "Operation Tomodachi" rescue mission to thousands of images of support on Pixiv plus lots of help given by people like you. Despite the amount of damage, I was amazed at how quickly Japan got back to normal. All the suppliers J-List buys from were up and running within a few days, and the Japanese post office showed up to pick up outgoing packages the Monday after the quake as if nothing had happened, and as a result there were almost no delays shipping products to our customers.
December 31st is an important day in Japan, called Omisoka, when Japanese will make their final preparations for entering the new year. They'll bustle around town buying cleaning supplies to finish their oh-souji or "big cleaning" and will probably get their car washed, so they can enter the new year with everything fresh and new. (I finished my own "big cleaning" by rebuilding my Star Wars figures, which experienced a strange disturbance in the Force on March 11.) New Year's Eve is the day when Japanese eat Japanese soba (buckwheat) noodles, which supposedly helps everyone enjoy long lives because the noodles are long, and December 31st is the busiest day for restaurants that serve noodles. In the evening everyone will gather around the TV to watch Kohaku, the "Red and White Song Battle" which is the JPOP event of the year, with everyone from AKB48 to Gackt to Arashi performing. (Fans of J-List's prepaid iTunes Japan prepaid cards can browse this year's Kohaku music on iTunes Japan, or check out the official Kohaku iPhone app). In a lot of ways, the roles of New Years and Christmas are "flipped": January 1st in Japan is a day for solemn celebration with family while Christmas is often an excuse to have a loud party complete with firecrackers and noisemakers.
Anyway, it's time to sign off for another year, our fifteenth since starting this quirky little company (wow). I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your kind support over the past year -- J-List is really blessed to have the most awesome customers in the world, and we love you all. When wishing someone a happy new year within the month of December, you say yoi o-toshi o (lit. "I hope you have a good crossing into the new year"); after January 1 arrives you say akemashite omedetou (lit. "congratulations on opening the new year"). So until next year, yoi o-toshi o!

A sad year, but one in which Japan learned she had friends; goodbye to the year of the Rabbit.

Cool Products Friday, December 30, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine Feb 2012
It's time for a new issue of Megami Magazine, the number one monthly for all things moe. Enjoy 16 full-color posters, super-cute stuff from the Nanoha A's movie, and more! The coolest thing in this issue is a do-it-yourself swimsuit calendar where you get to choose the characters you want to admire from the hottest shows of the year.
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Dengeki Hime Feb 2012
Dengeki Hime Feb 2012 You'll also be glad to know that a new issue of Dengeki Hime is in stock. Note, it's rather ecchi so please see it on the J-List side.
Shonen Ace Feb 2012
Shonen Ace Feb 2012 And for your manga fix, try Shonen Ace, with over 900 pages of awesome serials like Code Geass, Haruhi, Deadman Wonderland, and more!
Egg Feb 2012
Egg Feb 2012 Stay hip and warm this winter with a new issue of Egg, an awesome magazine for fans of trendy Japanese fashion. Check out the beautiful pictures!
High School Briefcase Bookbag
Cosplay Items Restocked We've got lots of anime cosplay and other fun items for you in 2012, like the authentic high school briefcase style bookbag we restocked today.
Mitten Wear Zip-Up Parka  Light Gray
Mitten Wear Zip-Up Parka ~ Light Gray or Black More great winter fashion at J-List. Try this warm zip-up parka with built-in finger gloves, the latest in super-cool street fashion from Shibuya.
Fuwa Fuwa Panda Poncho  Black
Other Kawaii Fashion Items Restocked Warm, soft and stylish. What more could you want from a delightful Poncho? Back in stock for now, but these will sell out again fast.
Under Skirt Dream  M
Under Skirt Dream Cheerleader Pantsu Also, try these awesomely sexy panties from our favorite company, TamaToys. Great for cosplay, decoration, or a very special occasion.
Stripe Panty -- Shimapan PINK  size 5L
Shimapan ~ Striped Panties Restocked The holy grail of anime cosplay are shimapan, worn by the cutest anime girls. See pink and blue in stock, in M and 5L "trap" size.
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's  The Gears of Destiny -- Limited GOD BOX
Nanoha God Box, Umineko PS3 Game Restocked We still have a few limited editions of some truly awesome PSP and PS3 games, like Nanoha A's Gears of Destiny and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
Japanese Anime T-Shirt -- SCIENCE! Nichijou Steins;Gate COOL
Wacky T-Shirts from J-List For years J-List has brought out fun and wacky T-shirts featuring anime, kanji and more. Click to see today's top-selling shirts including...Science!
2012 Calendar -- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
We've got more than
150> 90 gorgeous anime, manga, Japanese art and other calendars in stock. Several popular calendars this year, like Madoka, Evangelion, Yotsubato, Infinite Stratos are in danger of selling out. Click to browse before the ones you want are gone forever!
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Tony Self Select Calendar 2012 **Preorder**
Anime and Traditional Art Calendars Art calendars have been really awesome this year, with offerings by Tony Taka, Shirow and other top artists. Click to see more great calendar offerings.
Totoro 2011 Schedule Book -- Leather Wappen
Totoro Schedule Books, Calendars We've also got great calendars and other items for Totoro fans, including the popular 2012 schedule book and several Ghibli calendars.
more maki -- Maki Goto Premium Photobook
more maki ~ Maki Goto Premium Photobook We know you want more of Maki Goto, the ultra-cute girl who made Morning Musume famous. Try this premium book full of cute and sexy Maki Goto photos.
AKB48 CHEER UP! 2012 Calendar
JPOP Calendars, Too We've got great 2012 JPOP calendars too, like the gorgeous AKB48 giant box calendar with other cool stuff inside, plus Gackt and more.
Nyanpire Sitting 18cm Plush
Nyanpire, Other Cat Plush Toys Do you love cats? How about vampire cats? Add to your collection of cute kitties by checking out our huge selection of Nyanpire and other cat plushes.
Totoro Soft Half Blanket 100 x 140 cm w/Box
Restocked Ghibli Blankets, Plush & More We've got other Ghibli cushions and blankets back in fresh stock as well, including plush dolls and warm fleece blankets of Totoro, Jiji and Ponyo.
GANBARE NIPPON Lucky Cat  Tumble Doll
GANBARE NIPPON Lucky Cat, Others Restocked Fun Lucky Cat products restocked today, including the awesome cat that tells Japan to ganbare! ("don't give up, do your best!").
Let's Make Fragrant Eraser with Microwave  Fruits / Vanilla  Fruits Scent
Let's Make Crafts from Japan See various craft items restocked, including Let's Make Fragrant Eraser with Microwave and other fun crafts from Japan. Many items restocked.
NukuRinko  Japanese Warm Pad 10cps set (Kairo)
Keep Warm this Winter, the Japanese Way There are many great ways to keep warm in Japan, from our authentic kotatsu heater tables to the kairo pocket warmers, restocked today.
NINJA Shuriken Ice Tray
Ninja Shuriken Ice Cubes. Why not? A ninja is always prepared and would never be caught off guard, especially when a party is going to start. Who thought ice cubes could be so fun?
Nestle Kit Kat Pack - Strawberry Cake
Kit Kats are huge in Japan, with more flavors than you can imagine, which J-List is always happy to carry for you. Try this delicious strawberry cake Kit Kat, then check out the rest of our Kit Kat selection for great flavors you'll never find at home!
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FritoLay Cheetos W Corn Potage
FritoLay Cheetos W Corn Potage Or for something a little less sweet, try these unique Japanese Cheetos that taste like zesty corn soup, plus new Glico Cheeza!
DIY Sushi Candy
New and Restocked Popin' Cookin' from Kracie Popin' Cookin' Do-It-Yourself Sushi was one of the hottest products of 2011, and we've restocked them all for the New Year break. Enjoy.
My Melody Slim Tight 2-Tier Bento Box w/ Chopsticks
My Melody Slim Tight 2-Tier Bento w/ Chopsticks Sanrio has the most adorable mascot characters ever. Take a look at this bento featuring My Melody, Sanrio's very first bunny character. Too cute!
Totoro Square 2-tier Bento Box  Clover
Restocked Totoro Bento! Dine with Totoro in the new year with our restocked line of classic Totoro bentos in all shapes and sizes. Wonderful for Ghibli fans.
Men's 2 tier Nutritional Balance Lunch Box w/ 4 Colors Silicon Cups  Recipe
Great Modern Bento Boxes We love kawaii bento, don't get us wrong, but for us guys something metal with a more modern design might be better. Restocked today!
Donburi Animal Cup
Fresh Stock of Kawaii Bento Accessories A bento by itself is fine, but with great accessories like cups, separators, and cutters, you'll really show off the cuteness of your creations.
Pink Cat Face Bento Bag
Cute Bento Bags for Carrying your Bento Change any bento into a cat bento with this cute bag that is easy to use and clean. We like the kawaii ears. Other items restocked, too.
Lacquer-style Square Sake Cup *Black*
Awesome Sake Cups from Japan You aren't really drinking sake unless it's from a square cup, or one with great ukiyoe art on it. Become a master of sake with these fun items.
Hiragana Bath Chart Never waste time that could be used to study Japanese! With this hiragana bath chart in your shower, you'll be reading Japanese like a pro in no time.
Japanese Custom Made Stamp  Square 0.5 inch Hanko
Get Your Own Kanji Name Stamp in 2012 Get your very own custom made Japanese hanko name stamp, legal for use in Japan, with your name (or anything else you want) in kanji.
Ignis NR001 Action Figure  Jingai Makyo **Preorder**
Tons of amazing stuff is coming out next year. Sexy figures, awesome action figures, premium artbooks, one-of-a-kind accessories. Our customers have been kind enough rank all these great preorder products in order of awesomeness, making it a pretty interesting link to browse. Click now!
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Tsubu Tsubu Lotion
The Japanese have really had to deal with a lot of stress this year, but fortunately they're good at finding ways to relieve their stress. Here's a dynamite new item, a tsubu tsubu (with little bits of soft latex dots) which promise to make your private time even more special. It's 100% Sena approved.
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ONA BEAT 3rd Gig  K-On! Parody Toy
Awesome K-On! Dolphin Polishers 2011 will forever be known as the year of the parody onahole stress toy. Try these super-popular K-On versions, now restocked and ready to go.
Song of Saya  Saya no Uta + Hanachirasu *Preorder*
Saya no Uta *Preorder* Preorder the legendary Saya no Uta, a fantastic story of love and horror from game studio Nitro+ and the writer of Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero. New lower price!
Hanachirasu *Preorder*
Hanachirasu *Preorder* Also from Nitro+: Crimson flowers bloom bright as two men slaughter their way through the ruins of Tokyo. Preorder this stunning "sword opera" now.
Do Love Me Seriously!  Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!
Restocked Import Eroge from Japan Nice, we've restocked several eroge from Japan including Little Busters, Custom AI-Droid, Quantum Girlfriend (I love that title) and MajiKoi!

The Ladies of "My Girlfriend is the President"

Here are three of the lovely girls from our new English-transalated eroge visual novel, My Girlfriend is the President, which is in stock and shipping now. On the left is Yukino, aka President Ohama, who was made president of Nippon when an alien spaceship crashes into Japan, destroying its government. Next is President Putina of Russia, who comes to Japan on a diplomatic visit and falls in love with you. Finally there's Ezekiel, aka Ell, the moe humanoid core of a starship, who is very shy around you. See the game here, or visit the My Girlfriend is the President official site.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Learning About My Brain with Japanese

One thing I like about learning a foreign language is the insight I gain into my own brain. For example, I've learned a lot about how my memory works, and the steps needed to move a new vocabulary word from my short-term memory (which can hold a few ideas for 15-20 seconds) into my longer-term memory. My preferred memorization methods were writing example sentences several times in a kanji notebook, drilling with flashcards, and trying to use a new word in a social situation but failing spectacularly, which caused embarrassment but at least guaranteed I'd never forget the word for as long as I live. Another thing I've learned is that, when faced with a Japanese word the brain doesn't know, it will try to "force" comprehension by substituting another word, like the time a Japanese friend told me to meet her near the 自動販売機 jidou-hanbaiki (lit. "automatic selling machine" or vending machine) but I waited near the 自転車 jitensha (bicycles) because that's the word my brain substituted for some reason. In Tokyo there's a famous doujinshi shop called Mandarake (mahn-dah-rah-kay, lit. "manga everywhere, all over the place"), yet when native English speakers see the name their brains often substitute the word "mandrake" instead, because recognizing stuff is what brains do, even if it's slightly wrong. (This word is also used in the Pandadarake game we have on the site, literally meaning "Pandas all over the place.")

Mandarake is a great doujin and toy shop. Mandrake is a plant.

I Have Few Friends 1st Season Ends

Well, the first season of the I Have Few Friends anime has ended, although I wish it would go on forever. As usual, each new moe anime stretches anime character types in new directions, and "Haganai" (the official 4-syllable nickname of the series since every show with a long title must have one these days) offered some new otaku character types to sample. We got Kobato, the goth-loli cosplaying imouto with mismatched eye colors; the PSP and eroge-loving Sena Kashiwazaki (nickname "Meat"), who has brought joy to many J-List customers (ahem); plus Rika, the perverted science girl who taught me that it's fun to type the words "perverted science girl." One theme that has been popular in recent years are "traps" (boys pretending to be girls) and "reverse traps" (girls pretending to be boys), and the deep philosophical issues that they raise in all of us. This series manages to work both popular themes into the story.

Haganai features some fun new moe characters.

My Girlfriend is the President NOW SHIPPING

What would happen if an alien spacecraft crashed into Japan, destroying the government completely? Naturally a cute girl would be chosen to be the President of Japan, with all the people brainwashed into accepting it as normal reality. That's the premise of the new English eroge My Girlfriend is the President, and it's a really outstanding game for all fans of visual novels to try. See the game here, or visit the My Girlfriend is the President official site.

IKUZE, TOHOKU! ~ We're Off to Tohoku

I went to Tokyo the other day, always a treat for me since I like riding shinkansen and eating ekiben, the pre-made bento lunches they sell at train stations. I also like Tokyo because I don't live there, and at the end of the day I can return to quiet, peaceful Gunma with its mountains and hot springs and restaurant tables of reasonable width. When I was passing through bustling Ueno Station I saw many advertisements proclaiming ikuze, Tohoku ("We're off to Tohoku!"), ostensibly commemorating the one-year anniversary of the opening of bullet train service between Tokyo and Aomori, though in reality they were promoting tourism in the region damaged by the Great Tohoku Earthquake and subsequent tsunamis. The ads are brilliant, with a fabulous blending of retro art and popular imagery of Aomori (famous for apples and enka singers), Iwate (known for soba noodles), Fukushima (home of one of the most famous battles of the Meiji Restoration in which 19 samurai committed ritual suicide rather than live in a modernized Japan), Miyagi (founded by famous samurai Date Masamune, so badass he provided the inspiration for Darth Vader), and so on. I've traveled through the region often, hitchhiking during my single days and taking a trip there with my son in 2009, and I want to go back soon. Remember, if you're able to consider a visit to Japan sometime in 2012, people here could really use the tourism!

A gorgeous advertising campaign for Tohoku.

Cool Products Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
NyanType Feb 2012
We have lots of great stuff for you today, starting with a new issue of NyanType that's bursting with super-cute moe artwork for your consumption. In addition to the awesome free posters the magazine showers you, you get a free moe artwork calendar that's totally awesome!
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Dengeki G's Magazine Feb 2012
Dengeki G's Magazine Feb 2012 Then check out Dengeki G's, another hot magazine full of moe art. Lots of great stuff for Majikoi fans this issue, including a Mayucchi figure!
Monthly Anime Style vol.5 w/ Sawako Yamanaka (K-On!) Nendoroid Petite **Preorder**
Monthly Anime Style Vol.5 *Preorder* Then: the new Monthly Anime Style is in stock. This is a popular magazine because it comes with a free Nendoroid figure!
Quarterly Pixiv vol. 07
Quarterly Pixiv vol. 07 For the art connoisseurs out there, we have a new issue of Quarterly Pixiv, full of the best art from Japan's number one art sharing site.
One Piece 2012 B2 size Poster Calendar
One Piece 2012 B2 size Poster Calendar One Piece fans will love this super-cheap calendar featuring the characters from the ultra-popular series. Enjoy a great 2012!!
Comic Alive Feb 2012
Comic Alive Feb 2012 We've got various other monthly manga in stock today, which collectors should get before we run out. (Subscription customers always get priority.).
Homura Akemi 1/10 Figure Beach Queen  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
Gorgeous Madoka Magika Figures In Stock Madoka fans will be happy to know we just got in Nendoroid Mami, Beach Queens Homura, and the best Kyubey figure yet. Contracts for everyone!
L. Bridgette 1/8 Figure Damage ver.  Freezing Satellizer **Preorder**
Lelouche, Freezing Figures In Stock We also have these fabulous figures of Lelouche from Code Geass and Bridgette from Freezing. Warning: only a few in stock and they will sell out fast.
Reversible Fuwa Fuwa Jacket  Black
Stay Warm and Cute this Winter Check out our large selection of cute, fuzzy, and stylish clothes to keep you warm through the cold months ahead.
Layered Parka Tops  Long Length Type
Cool Japanese Fashions Restocked Get your wardrobe into style with this season's hottest fashions from Japan. The popular Layered Parka Top is in stock again, after many months!
S Cawaii Jan 2012
S Cawaii Jan 2012 Our fashion-conscious customers will also want to check out this new issue of S Cawaii, a great magazine full of fashion tips and beautiful pictures.
A Certain School Swimsuits  White Color Ver.
A Certain School Swimsuits ~ White Color Ver If you're into cosplay or swimsuits, try this pure white school swimsuit with a parody twist. We're sure you'll find tons of great uses for it.
Stripe Panty -- Shimapan Mint  size M
Restocked Shimapan? Bring it on! A huge restocking of popular shimapan striped anime panties in all colors. Will you choose blue, green, pink or...?
2 Line Bloomers  RED
2 Line Bloomers ~ RED Bloomer moe is big in Japan, which is why we're offering you your very own bright red bloomers. What cosplay will you do?
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 9  Science Projects for Adult -- Pinhole Planetarium
Otona no Kagaku ~ Science Projects for Adults Build a working planetarium in your bedroom, an awesome Edo Period traditional Japanese clock, or a folding origami lamp! Such awesomeness from Japan.
Steins;Gate (PC Game)
Steins;Gate, Super Sonico and More! Speaking of science, we've restocked the popular Steins;Gate games from Nitroplus, as well as Super Sonico and other Japanese PC games.
Annual Events in Japan 2  Autumn and Winter
Annual Events in Japan vol 1 & 2 Keep up with Japanese holidays and events with this two volume guidebook designed for learners of Japanese. A great way to study language and culture.
Kutsuwa Study Flashcards w/Check Sheet
Japanese Flashcards, Other Study Products A new year is a great time to start a program of Japanese study. See some great products restocked today, including Zebra Check Set and flashcards!
SUMIGAKI   Black Tooth Paste with Charcoal Essence
Charcoal, Green Tea Toothpaste Get your teeth sparkling clean with the power of natural charcoal (it works!), plus other restocked health items from Japan.
Coffret du couturier Greeting Card Set 7 Cards  Envelopes, Stickers, Strings, Mini Card
Greeting Card Making Set This amazingly cute assortment of greeting card creativity will warm the hearts of your friends and family. We love this popular series.
iTunes Japan Music Card
Cool New Anime Songs Posted to iTunes Japan Awesome -- the new Haganai character songs are all up on iTunes Japan. The "trap" Yukimura enka song is totally cool.
Kawaii Panda Strap
Kawaii Panda Strap, Panda Pen A great little strap that we think you will love, featuring an adorable little panda bear and pink bell. Also: a new Panda pen from Japan?
Japanese Anime T-Shirt -- Angry Choco
Japanese Anime T-Shirt ~ Angry Choco We're happy to report that the Angry Choco parody T-shirt is in stock in San Diego. Customers really love this design, and so do we!
Coris Waku Waku Doubutsu Soft Candy (Set of 3)
More Fun Snacks from Japan More awesome Japanese snacks, including the soft candy that you shape yourself before eating, plus Peach Soda Puccho, yum!
Glico Pocky Panda -- Cookie  Cream
Pocky Panda, Other Retocked Snacks See great restocked J-snacks, including Pocky Panda, Meiji Cocoa Biscuit Chocolate, Meiji Fran Original, Charcoal Roasted Coffee Candy, plus fun Fit's gum!
Wagokoro Purple  Pink Sakura  Bento Box Set  Square 2 tier Bento Box  Elastic band  Bento Bag
Wagokoro Purple & Pink Sakura Bento A stylish modern bento box with plenty of room for even the hungriest of tummies. Comes with matching sakura bag.
ASCII Art Bento - 2-tier Tight Box KITA
ASCII Art Bento Boxes & More Then, we've restocked the popular ASCII bento, a great lunchbox with a cute face made using Japanese ASCII characters. Nerd ho!
Super Triangle  ONIGIRI Maker
Awesome Onigiri Shapers Restocked, Too Have trouble molding your onigiri rice balls into a perfect triangle? Worry no more, with these handy shapers that get them perfectly shaped!
eco green japan
KATAMETE-PON ~ ECO Powder to Dispose Oil "Eco powder" that you sprinkle over oil you've used, and it becomes hard instantly, so you can throw it away without harming the environment.
Magical Sakura Kimono Wearing Woman with Mt. Fuji Tree Sexy Nude Transforming Towel
Amazing 'Transforming' Towel? The Lucky Charm for "Safety Driving," plus Ukiyoe Postcard Collection, Bamboo Rice Washer and Magical Towel with Disappearing Kimono.
Japanese Bamboo Ear Pick - Mimikaki
Traditional Japanese Ear Cleaners You haven't lived until you've had your ears cleaned by a Japanese bamboo mimikaki. See the restocked items today.
Kan'u Uncho 1/7 Figure Race Queen ver.  Ikki Tousen **Preorder**
Race Queen Kanu Uncho ~ Ikki Tousen *Preorder* Kan'u Uncho is one of the sexiest characters in all anime, with her long black hair, striking features, and amazing body. Check out this new figure!
Ohana Matsumae 1/10 Figure Beach Queen  Hanasaku Iroha **Preorder**
Hanasaku Iroha Beach Queen Figures *Preorder* And on the cute side of the spectrum, we have these fantastically moe figures of the girls from Hanasaku Iroha dressed in their best swimsuits.
Black Hanekawa 1/8 Figure  Bakemonogatari **Preorder**
Black Hanekawa ~ Bakemonogatari *Preorder* You'll also want to take a look at this superb figure of Black Hanekawa from Bakemonogatari. The level of detail on this one is simply astounding.
Sakuya 1/8 Figure Cerulean Mode  Shining Blade **Preorder**
Cerulean Mode Sakuya ~ Shining Blade *Preorder* Our last figure is this beautiful rendition of Shining Blade heroine Sakuya. You can practically see her dress shining with magical light.
Dengeki Moeoh Feb 2012
Dengeki Moeoh Feb 2012 Enjoy an all-new issue of Dengeki Moeoh, the best magazine for fans of ecchi and moe art. This issue features some of the cutest art, plus awesome free stuff for you.
PIECES 2  Masamune Shirow Premium Gallery Phantom Cats
Masamune Shirow Artbooks Restocked Shirow is our favorite ecchi illustrator, and we've restocked some of his popular artbooks. Warning, they are nosebleed-inducing.
I Only Need Onanie Hole  I Have Few Friends Parody Toy
J-List has restocked our popular parody onahole toys, allowing you to experience your favorite anime characters in bold new ways. From the awesome Sena and Yozora toys to K-On, Bible Black and Nanoha, you will always find a little joy at the end of your day. Sold as novelty goods only.
View products »
Bakujuu Musou -- Extreme Impact 3  Ikkitousen Parody Toy | Kanu Unchou
Parody Onaholes for Fans of Strong Anime Girls The Ikki Tousen toys are popular because they're large, realistic, and based on our favorite ecchi characters. Several types restocked today.
Pururun Angel Bust 3
Great Oppai Products Restocked J-List prides itself on its wide variety of oppai products for lovers of soft breasts. Try Angel Bust, the oppai hole, and more!