Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Politics and Elections in Japan vs. the U.S.

There are many benefits to being an American expat in Japan. When I go to concerts I'm usually tall enough to see over the heads of the people in front of me, and fun foods like taiyaki are not hard to find (uguu). The Japanese are pretty flexible about alcohol, and no one gives you a hard time if you drink with co-workers the night before and have a bit of a hangover the next morning. It's also quite nice to not live in the U.S. when a Presidential election rolls around, and I'm looking forward to a peaceful year without being bombarded by a lot of negative political messages 24 hours a day. That's not to say Japanese elections are a walk in the park -- the primary method of getting people to vote for you involves driving around in a car shouting "I am Yamada! I will work hard for you! Please support me in the upcoming election!" through a loudspeaker from dawn til dusk -- but at least that part is over within a week or so.
Politics in Japan are fundamentally different from in the U.S., as they are probably are in every country. While the U.S. has a two-party political system with Republicans and Democrats, Japan has a number of active parties, including the current ruling Democratic Party of Japan, which rode to power on a "manifesto" of promises like making expressways toll-free and paying every family $130 per child per month, most of which have been repealed quietly; the pro-business Liberal Democratic Party, which held power for nearly 50 years in postwar Japan; the New Komeito Party, once the official political arm of the Sokka Gakkai evangelical Buddhist religion; the Japan Communist Party, and so on. To be right-wing in Japanese politics means to be pro-Emperor as well as pro-Yasukuni (the controversial shrine where Japan's wartime leaders are interred, as well as the souls of all the normal souldiers who faught and died). Right-wingers famously drive around in loudspeaker trucks blasting songs from World War II, and sometimes (awesomely) the theme to Space Battleship Yamato; they also lament Japan's weakened position in international politics and get very upset over territorial disputes with China, South Korea and Russia. Right-wingers are often anti-Korean, which is amusing since a disproportionately large number of them are "Zainichi" Koreans of North or South descent themselves (Asian politics can be awfully confusing). Left-leaning Japanese dislike the Emperor and the Japanese national anthem Kimigayo, seen as a symbol of Japan's wartime aggression, and some educators have been fired for refusing to sing the song at official events. Left-wing Japanese are apt to be pro-China and critical of the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty that has bound Japan and the U.S. militarily for the past half-century.

Politics in Japan are very different from in the U.S.

Japanese Ita-Ema, Anime Wishing Boards at Shinto Shrines

There are many Japanese customs associated with starting the new year off right, from praying for good fortune at the local Shinto shrine to enjoying traditional Japanese archery tournaments, which symbolize your wishes for the new year flying straight and true. Another custom I like is writing your wish for the new year on a wooden "wishing board" called an ema and displaying it at a shrine. One fun variation that's been catching on lately is ita-ema, or wish boards with anime-style images on them, and at certain places such as the Washinomiya Shrine (seen in Lucky Star) or Akiba Jinja (featured heavily in Steins;Gate), you can go see dozens of them on display. If you're interested in writing your own ema wishing board, we've got some cute ones on the site today.

New Year's wishing boards created by otaku are fun.

Cool Products Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Gothic Bible vol. 42 Winter 2011
Wanting to keep on top of the best of the best gothic fashion found in Harajuku? Then we've got great news, as the new issue of Goth-Loli Bible is in stock for you. Filled with the most excellent and authentic gothic fashion in Tokyo's Harajuku region this season. The photos are so dreamy to look through, you'll love them all.
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Young Ace Feb 2012
Young Ace Feb 2012 Grab an all-new issue of Young Ace, loaded with awesome manga like Fate/Zero and Another, plus an action-packed new series called SPEC.
Comic REX Feb 2012
Comic REX Feb 2012 We also have a new issue of Comic REX, which features great moe manga like Kannagi and Senran Kagura. Comes with a 3D surprise!
Steins Gate Hiyokurenri no Darling - Artbook/Guide
Steins;Gate Fandisc - Artbook/Guide Then, check out this beautiful artbook from the Steins;Gate fandisc for a look at the romantic side of Okabe's adventures. New outfits for everyone!
MIKUNOPOLIS Official Photobook  Hatsune Miku in Los Angeles
MIKUNOPOLIS Official Photobook Last year's Los Angeles Vocaloid concert was a huge success! Check out this concert photobook for exclusive photos from this awesome event.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Post Card Book
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Post Card Book Delight your friends or decorate your room with these extra-special postcards featuring beautiful art from Final Fantasy XIII-2.
Kawaii Rabbit Ears and Tail Set  Black
Kawaii Rabbit Ears and Tail Set Bring your cuteness level way up with this fluffy rabbit ears and tail set. Great for cosplay, parties, or as a super-kawaii fashion statement.
ViVi Kawaii Poncho Tops
Kawaii Japanese Fashions Restocked More great fashion choices for the ladies. Try our new ViVi Poncho Top or Moco Moco Hoodie Coat, each guaranteed to make you look more kawaii.
Smile Slime Plush Medium  Dragon Quest *Preorder*
Smile Slime Plush Toys Restocked Fans of the cute Smile Slime from Dragon Quest, you'll be happy to know that all three sizes of this super-squeezable toy are back in stock.
MIllhiore F. Biscotti 1/7 Figure  DOG DAYS **Preorder**
Gorgeous Anime Figures In Stock A new set of anime figures has come in, so take a look! We have Millhi from Dog Days, Chopper from One Piece, and everyone's favorite mascot Kyubey!
Mini EMA 2012  Lucky Temple's Wishing Board  Dragon
Mini EMA 2012 ~ Lucky Temple's Wishing Board Ring in the new year with some extra luck from a shrine in Japan. These authentic Japanese New Year items feature this year's animal, the dragon.
Re-ment Hello Kitty Kaiten Sushi Full Set of 6 **Preorder**
Hello Kitty Miniature Sushi, A Kitty-themed set of adorable "conveyor belt" sushi miniatures? Japan, you know the way to our hearts. We love this to death! Now in stock.
Rilakkuma Sunshine Buddies
Kawaii Rilakkuma, Kutsushita Products The cute "eco toy" featuring a solar-powered Rilakkuma is back in stock, a fun way to relax with solar energy. Also Kutsushita Nyanko!
Tora Dora Portable (PSP the Best)
Restocked PSP Games See Utawarerumono, ToHeart, To Love-Ru Doki Doki!, and the sexy Queen's Blade fighting game, plus Toradora! Portable, a true sequel to the anime.
Portable Paper Soap  Rose Scent
Portable Paper Soap Restocked Then there are these sheets of soap you can carry with you, so you can always clean your hands no matter where you find yourself. Back in stock today!
Secure Stamper  Hiding Your Privacy Information
Secure Stamper ~ Hiding Your Information A great way to securely redact documents before disposal, stamping out self-identifying or other sensitive info.
Genki I (Second Edition) Textbook  An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 1 Textbook
Restocked Japanese Study Books Get started on that New Year's resolution to master Japanese with our newly-restocked Genki series of textbooks, plus other great study aids.
Piko Piko Hammer
Piko Piko Hammer Restocked Everyone loves this delightful squeaking hammer, great for bopping heads when someone does something silly. Now back in stock!
Lotte Crunky Chocolate -- Strawberry Parfait (Set of 3)
Japan is having its winter "ichigo boom," as the harvest of strawberries goes into many delicious new snacks. See amazing Lotte Crunky Chocolate in Strawberry Parfait flavor (wow), plus Morinaga Condensed Milk & Strawberry Hi-Chew and Fruit of the Tree strawberry pies.
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Rabbit Face Drops from Kyoto
Rabbit Face Drops from Kyoto Then enjoy some traditional candies from Kyoto that are in the shape of cute rabbit faces. Comes in a beautiful jar you can re-use for other things.
Meiji Meltykiss Three Variety Flavor Set
Fun Japanese Snacks Restocked See restocked Popin' Cookin products, Meltykiss Green Tea and other flavors, Korean BBQ Cheetos (!), and Morinaga Coffee & Pudding Caramel.
GLIT  BRILLIA  Pink 2-Tier Bento Box
Go modern this year with matching bento boxes, chopsticks and side dish containers, all from the creative Japanese minds at GLIT & BRILLA. Each box's color and design is made to compliment the others, allowing for a cute couple to look even cuter when they eat together. Great for spring picnics, lunches at the office or snacks at school.
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Hello KITTY Candy Pink Compact Bento Box  Chopsticks  Elastic Band
Hello Kitty Bento will make 2012 Bright You can't be too thin or too rich...or have too many awesome Hello Kitty bento boxes from Japan. Many restocked today.
Nina Nino PANDA Ball Shaped 2 Tier Bento Box with Kinchaku Bag
Cute Panda and Cat Bento Accessories We at J-List take great pride in our selection of kawaii bento boxes. Check out these items, including the Panda bento ball and Pink Cat bag.
FOROMAKI Shaper  Easy Roll SUSHI Making Mold
Fun Sushi Related Products Restocked See other restocked bento items, like awesome onigiri shapers and a mold for making the perfect sushi shapes and more.
2012 Calendar -- Totoro
2012 Anime, JPOP & Idol Calendars Did you hear that clicking sound? It's someone, somewhere in the world, buying the last awesome 2012 calendar from our site.
iTunes Japan Music Card
Great Anime Songs on iTunes Japan I've become a fan of the gorgeous anime Mawaru Pinguindrum. It's also fun to browse all top anime singles.
NanoBlock Torii of Itsukushima Shrine
NanoBlock Torii of Itsukushima Shrine Pick up some unique toys for 2012, like the Nanoblock creation sets, allowing you to visit Japan without traveling overseas.
Kurumu Kurono 1/7 Cast off Figure  Rosario + Vampire **Preorder**
Kurumu Kurono ~ Rosario + Vampire *Preorder* Check out this amazingly sexy Orchid Seed figure of Kurumu Kurono from Rosario + Vampire. Who wouldn't succumb to this succubus's temptations?
TIGER  BUNNY Mug Cup Human ver.   **Preorder**
TIGER & BUNNY Drinking Cups ~ *Preorder* Enjoy your tea or coffee in style with these cups featuring comic book-style art of the awesome heroes from Tiger & Bunny. Lots of different versions!
ONO48 -- Machiko Ono (AKB star)
You'll be surprised at the lengths Ono Machiko will go to become famous, as her newest photobook demonstrates in delicious "H" glory. Being just 18 gives her a very innocent look, one that she knows how to use well in front of the camera. Fans of both JPOP and JAV should take this one home.
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Nude Pose for Anime  Nude Zukan
Nude Poses for Anime ~ Nude Zukan Made for the artist in mind (of course! What did you think?), this book is a treasure for manga creators who need to see the perfect angle to create art.
Do You Like Female Announcer?
Here's another great full-body onahole for your stress relief needs. This one parodies the classic female newscaster (aka "announcer"), an object of sexual fantasy for Japanese men everywhere. There's a joke, too, since the word "announcer" is usually shortened to "ana" which also means "hole" in Japanese. Do you like female announcers? Then prove it!
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TENGA Flip Hole Serious fans of dolphin polishing know that the best male toy ever created is the Tenga Flip Hole, and we've restocked all varieties for you today.
TENGA EGG  Thunder
TENGA Eggs, Lotion and Hole Warmer, Too Celebrate the new year with a product that is sure to warm you up at night, like Tenga eggs, lotions, onaholes and many other great adult products.
Strawberry Nauts
Strawberry Nauts Our first import eroge of the new year is this delightful moe masterpiece that will have you basking in the warm glow of true love. Enjoy!
Amorous Professor Cherry
Download 'H' Game: Amorous Professor Cherry If you've ever had a really hot teacher, here's a game for you. When Kota can't keep his mind on his studies, Cherry-sensei teaches him about love.

Off to Taiwan, and Traditional Products from Japan

One thing I love about Japan is how there's something here that everyone can really get excited about, and at J-List we've always wanted to be a lot more than a place to buy anime products. That's why we carry to many traditional Japanese items, fun bento boxes, ridiculously kawaii products for your kitchen and more. Click here to see the cutest traditional products, and see our bento boxes and other kitchen items here!
(I'm taking a little time off for a short vacation with the family, making our first visit to Taiwan ever. Since we won't be updating the site on Friday (though the staff will be here, processing and shipping orders speedily), we've posted an extra-awesome selection of anime, manga, bento, ero and other products for you to browse today. I'll probably post pictures if you want to follow me on Twitter or Facebook!)

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Happy New Year 2012 from J-List!

Happy New Year, or as Japanese young people say these days, ake-ome! which is short for akemashite omedetou gozaimasu or "congratulations on opening the new year." We hope that 2012 is a peaceful and happy one for you and all your loved ones.
As usual, we had a nice quiet holiday here in Japan, watching the New Year's marathon on TV (by a strange coincidence it runs right through our city) as we looked through the nengajo New Year's Greeting cards we received. Sending New Year's Cards is a fun tradition that helps keep open certain connections that would disappear otherwise. Nengajo are sent in late December and delivered by the post office on the morning of January 1, and it's always fun to see how many you get. Not everyone can receive a nengajo card however: families that have had a death occur that year are officially in a state of mourning and can't receive them, so you have to be careful who you send the cards to. I've been posting examples of moe-kei New Year's Cards on Twitter and the J-List Facebook page if you want to check them out. Also, if you want to see the New Year's Card we sent this year, it's right here.
In addition to being a day for relaxing, January 1st is a day for aisatsu (greeting) of family members, traveling to their homes and spending an hour or two visiting while they ply us with beer as well as traditional New Year's foods, including Tsumugi's eyebrows (which are pickled radishes called takuwan). When I asked my kids (aged 16 and 15) if they wanted to go with us, I half-expected them to decline, since it's normal for kids to prefer playing video games or watching YouTube to visiting with relatives. They cheerfully agreed to come, however, and I knew why: the Japanese tradition of toshi-dama (lit. "new year coin"), cash that other family members are obliged to give them. The amount of money at stake is quite large -- $50 for high school students, $30 for junior high and $10 for elementary school kids, from each family -- so the kids were all to happy to endure the banter of relatives they hardly know for a quick cash payout. I think it's a great custom, since in addition to giving kids a reason to be extremely pleasant and social, it forms the basis for the Japanese love of saving money, as parents will usually make kids put half the money they receive in the bank.
Another good thing about New Year's in Japan is the TV -- the shows are extra interesting as TV stations compete against each other for ratings. One show I caught featured the comedy duo Downtown. (For some reason, nearly all Japanese comedy is built around pairs of manzai comedians who do boke and tsukkomi acts, translatable as simple-minded guy and abusive straight man). In the show, the two main comedians were put on a bus and told they could not laugh no matter what, then at each stop, various strange people got on the bus and performed comedy skits. If Downtown laughed, strange men would appear and beat them with rubber hoses. It was silly, but hard not to giggle after a few minutes of this. There are also plenty of special anime shows on TV around New Year's, too, like shows that countdown the best anime of the past 20 years.

The first visit to the Shinto Shrine in the new year; we hope 2012 is awesome for everyone.

Cool Products Monday, January 2, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine Feb 2012
J-List carries all the best anime, manga and moe magazines from Japan, and many are extra awesome because they come with free stuff, like 16 free double sided posters or the free 2012 calendars that come with the current Megami and NyanType magazines. Enjoy all the original posters and new art from your favorite anime series!
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iTunes Japan Music Card
Kohaku Songs Available Via iTunes Japan At Kohaku, one of the best performances was Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi, who performed on the grounds of one of the elementary schools destroyed in the tsunamis.
2012 Calendar -- The World God Only Knows
Epic 2012 Anime Calendars In Stock Remember, J-List is well stocked with awesome anime calendars, but many of the best ones are close to selling out. Don't let your favorite calendar disappear!
2012 Calendar -- Tiger  Bunny
2012 Calendar ~ Tiger & Bunny  2011 was a great year for fujoshi anime fangirls, and one reason was the awesomeness of Tiger & Bunny. We've got a few copies of their 2012 calendar left.
Tony Self Select Calendar 2012 **Preorder**
Tony Taka's Calendar We really love the art of master eroge illustrator Tony Taka, and we've got his first-ever calendar, with 12 gorgeous glossy pages for you to enjoy.
2012 Calendar -- Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat, Other Calendars Restocked I love our "Impressions of Japan" calendar page, since it's filled with such wonderful traditional calendar awesomeness. The Lucky Cat one is very popular.
Shimapan Dream  Mint Green M
Ecchi Anime Cosplay @ J-List Japanese memes are even more fun when you can touch them, and we've got stock of real shimapan striped anime pantsu plus sukumizu swimsuits.
Authentic Japanese Super Loose Socks  120 cm
Anime Eyepatch, Cool Japanese Socks We also stock that awesome anime eye patch so for cosplay or other uses, plus rare Japanese socks and "socks glue" to hold them up.
Rabbit Moko Moko Parka  Pink
Kawaii Japanese Fashions Restocked Japan leads the world in cool teen fashion, and we've got some wonderful pieces in stock. Click to browse these fun fashion items.
Men's High School Uniform Top
Authentic High School Uniforms from Matsukameya One item I'm proud to carry are the high school uniforms from Matsukameya. The boys' uniform is especially popular -- great for the summer anime conventions!
Japanese Anime T-Shirt -- Angry Choco
Japanese Anime T-Shirts in San Diego J-List T-shirts are an institution, and we've got dozens of great ones in stock, from Angry Choco to Tsundere to Science! and more.
Japanese T-shirt DOMO-KUN Cute Character DOMOKUN NHK
Japanese T-shirt DOMO-KUN J-List has been a Friend of Domo-kun ever since the cute brown monster became an icon in the Interwebs 43 years ago. See our official Domo T-shirts now.
looking for a japanese girlfriend
'Looking for a Japanese Girlfriend' Embroidered Hats We have professionally embroidered hats, too, like our popular classic "Looking for a Japanese girlfriend" (Japanese girlfriend sold separately), Domo and more.
Doki Doki Nyan Egg NEKO TAMAGO  Mike
Plush Cats from Japan 2011 saw many kawaii products come to the J-List site, from the cute Nyanpire vampire cat to the new Doki Doki Nyan Egg Cat plush series.
Illustrator huke Art Book BLK w/Figma BRSB **Preorder**
Awesome Artbooks from Japan J-List wouldn't be J-List without gorgeous artbooks in stock for you. Click to see the most popular items on the site now, as ranked by our customers.
Steins;Gate (PC Game)
Steins;Gate, Super Sonico and More! We love to carry fun games for PC from Japan, and we've got Steins;Gate, the Super Sonico photography game plus all the Touhou 'bullet curtain' games!
Chris Makise Mug Cup w/Lid  Steins;Gate
Preorder Anime Figures, Too We also carry fabulous anime figures via preorder, and they are delightful to browse and drool over. Click to see the top selling preorder anime figures.
Megami MAGAZINE Reserve Subscription
Epic Anime Magazines via Reserve Subscription J-List sells many cool things from Japan, including our popular revolving magazine subscriptions. A great idea for 2012!
goth Bible Reserve Subscription
Fashion & Cosplay Magazines, Too We are also well stocked with Japanese fashion magazines, including the always-fun Goth-Loli Bible, which my mother once thought was a real Bible. Long story...
Totoro Thermal Bento Box Set Flower in Garden
Totoro & Ghibli Bento Boxes Restocked There's something extra-awesome about an anime-themed bento box with Totoro on it, and we've got dozens in stock for you today. Click to browse.
Totoro no Dondoko Odori **Preorder**
Today's Awesome Totoro & Ghibli Items No one loves Totoro like J-List, and we've got hundreds of awesome Totoro and Ghibli products on the site for you, from soft blankets to cool plush toys.
Castle in the Sky Laputa (Blu-ray Disc)
Ghibli Blu-ray w/full Subtitles! One thing I love are the official Blu-ray releases of films like Laputa and Nausicaa from Studio Ghibli: full subtitles and dubbed track, and region free!
SAKURA Lover's Miso Soup Bowl  Chopsticks Set
Traditional Products from Japan J-List has always wanted to go beyond anime with the products we offer, and we've got hundreds of traditional Japanese items for you to browse and love.
DIY Sushi Candy
We've been happy to be part of the Great Popin' Cookin' Boom of 2011, and in 2012 we'll continue to bring these fun do-it-yourself gummy candy toys, which let you create your very own sushi candy (or bento, or little doughnuts, or whatever) then eat them. Fun!
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Yokohama Limited Kit Kat Strawberry Cheese Cake
Restocked Japanese Snacks, incl. Kit Kat! Japan's Kit Kat flavors are famous all around the world, and we've got them all, from Kyoto Green Tea to Yokohama Strawberry Cheese Cake!
UCC Canned Coffee  Asuka Evangelion Figure Set New Evanglion Movie 'Q'
Anime Snacks & Drinks, Too We love to sell anime-related snacks too, and if you see it in your favorite anime we probably have it on the site. Click to browse now.
Pokemon Pokeball Bento Lunch Box  Best Wishes!
Fun Anime Bento Boxes from Japan We love it when anime and bento come together, and the Pokemon Bento Box (ball...?) is a totally fun way to enjoy a great bento experience. In stock now.
Nyanpire 2-Tier Bento Box
Kawaii Anime Bento Too We've got many other anime bento boxes for you to browse too, including that excellent Nyanpire cat + vampire bento, Totoro and more.
Bull-Dog Sauce
Japanese Bento & Kitchen Items We've got a few hundred awesome products for your bento or kitchen, so if you don't want to be tempted, don't click this link.
Mama's Assist Tare Bin Friend  Sauce Bottle
Cute Soy Sauce Bottles We love the kawaii soy sauce bottles they make in Japan, and go out of our way to sell the cutest ones we can find. So much fun!
Madoka Kaname 1/8 Figure by Good Smile Company  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
The Most Awesome Madoka Magika Products If you love Puella Magi Madoka Magica, basically the Empire Strikes Back of magical girls shows, we've got many items for you now. Click to see.
EVALOGOS EVA-02 Asuka Stainless Eco-Friendly Tumbler (350ml) **Preorder**
Awesome Evangelion Products Also: Evangelion is the most epic thing since The Force, and our customers know we have many products in stock. Click to see the best ones now.
Lingerie The Best  Girl's Sportswear
The newest trend in ero magazines from Japan is to give you the pantsu and other costume items right in the magazine, which brings a '3D' element to enjoying the gorgeous models that's very interesting. Click to see the most popular "H" magazines, as chosen by our customers.
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Dengeki Moeoh Feb 2012
'Ecchi' Anime Magazines We carry popular anime and eroge magazines that are on the ecchi side too, like Dengkei Hime and Dengeki Moeoh. Nosebleed warnings apply...
KAN -- Satoshi Urushihara illustrations ** preorder **
Super Awesome Ero Artbooks See some great artbooks for ecchi-minded people, like the amazing new Satoshi Urushihara offering, Shirow Masamune and more.
My Little Sister Can't Be This Tight
Our Favorite Parody Anime Toys Novelty toy parodies of Oreimo including Kirino, Kuroneko and Ayase, plus K-On! parody toys with Mio and Yui. J-List, relieving stress since 1996.
Oppai Onanie Hole
Fap-tastic Onahole Toys from Japan We love Japan for being so innovative when it comes to the ero products they invent. This oppai onahole might be all you need for the rest of your days.
Fate/hollow ataraxia DVD-ROM Version
We Love Eroge from Japan See Fate/stay night and Fate/hollow ataraxia, the gorgeous Tears to Tiara, plus many other import eroge from Japan on our site.
Casual Romance Club
Special Price on Casual Romance Club The only game published in Japan in English is nearly out of print, and we're helping it by offering a special price this month. Collectors take note!
My Girlfriend is the President **Preorder**
My Girlfriend is the President is In Stock! Ever since that hilarious trailer w/English voiceover hit YouTube, our customers have been asking us to localize this gerat game. It's in stock now!
Demonbane *preorder*
Other Awesome Eroge from Japan Also: Demonbane is a fabulous game you should get now, perhaps while you preorder the other two Nitroplus titles we've got posted?
Absolute Obedience - Zettai Fukuju Meirei
Awesome 'BL' Games in English Fans of "BL" games should make sure not to miss our English-language game offerings, Absolute Obedience and Enzai ~ Falsely Accused.
2012 Calendar -- Tsubasa Amami **Preorder**
JAV 2012 Calendars, for a Stimulating New Year The doe-eyed vixen Tsubasa Amami is one of our favorite JAV stars, and we have her 2012 calendar, plus many others in stock.
Fuku-Bukuro 2012 Japanese Adult/Sexy Set
Fuku-Bukuro 2012 Japanese Adult/Sexy Set J-List's fuku-bukuro Lucky Bags are a great way to score a bunch of items for a special price, and we still have this year's ero ones in stock.