Friday, February 03, 2012

English "Gairaigo" Loan Words in Japanese

Japanese sentences are peppered with a variety of colorful English phrases, since adding foreign words to one's speech gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. Of course, every linguistic group on Earth changes language to suit its own needs, and often the "English" words used in Japan might not be recognizable to you or me. One rule is, the stranger a foreign loan word sounds, the longer it's probably been in use, and I can tell almost instinctively that orai, koohii and ramune have been around for a century or more based on how far they've drifted from "alright," "coffee" and "lemonade." Then there are words that somehow got mapped incorrectly, like "cunning" (which means to cheat on a test in Japanese, which sort of makes sense, I guess), "rouge" (which means lipstick), "manicure" (what nail polish is called), or "mansion" (the upscale Japanese word for a condominium). One of the strangest words is "hormone," which is used in its normal meaning (the chemicals that are inside all of us), but it also refers to cuisine involving fried pork intestines, a delicacy of Osaka.

Hassha orai! (permission to start a train in motion) has been around since the 1880s.

Reminder about our Chocolate, TENGA and EMS Sale This Month

Remember that J-List is having a great February Sale this month, giving you 2x J-List points on all awesome chocolate products all month long, including Pocky, Kit Kat, Meltykiss. In case you don't have anyone to exchange chocolate with, we're also giving double points on all TENGA, Hello Kitty Shoulder Massagers and other stress toys. Best of all: get an $10 store credit when ordering $100, or $25 store credit for ordering $200 or more via EMS shipping. What awesome stuff will you get during the sale?

Crowded Trains in Tokyo

One thing about living in Japan is having many more people around you than you may be used to, especially in Tokyo, where the population density is 5500 people per square kilometer. Just about everything in Japan's capital is more semai (narrow, cramped), with the average width of tables in restaurants being about half what you'd expect to find when eating out. Riding trains during the morning or evening commutes is the worst -- being entombed inside a train, completely unable to move, can really take getting used to. (I quickly learned to wait for the rush to subside before taking the train.) Many Tokyo residents tire of living in such a densely populated area and dream of moving back to their more rural home prefectures (called a "U-turn" in Japanese), escaping the daily grind of life as a salaried employee in a large company (which is called datsu-sara or "escape from salaryman prison") and running a rural bed-and-breakfast instead.

Rriding a crowded train in Japan (artist's concept).

Deconstructing the "Moe" of Amagami

I'm currently enjoying the second season of Amagami, an anime based on a popular PS2 game in which you get to experience romance with six different main female characters. One of the fundamental problems with converting a multi-scenario eroge or visual novel into a mainstream anime series is what to do about the different paths -- choosing just one "main route" to show viewers removes much of the story depth that these games are known for and leads to dissatisfied fans. Happily, Amagami solves this problem by giving separate story arcs to each girl, which seems to be a pretty good compromise. The six main girls aren't just random cute faces: they're meticulously constructed moe archetypes, designed to appeal to different kinds of fans. There's Haruka-senpai, the ditzy upperclassman who's confident and experienced, a challenge for Junichi to woo since he lacks self-confidence; classmate Kaoru, who attended the same junior high school as him; shy underclassman Sae, who Junichi naturally takes a leading role with; the smart Ai Nanasaki, who likes to troll Junichi by wearing a swimsuit under her uniform at random times; Rihoko, an osana-najimi or childhood friend who has known Junichi all her life; plus Tsukasa, the super-organized class representative. Whenever two Amagami fans get together, they will have fervent debates about the merits of each girl.

Deconstructing the moe girls of Amagami.

Cool Products Friday, February 3, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
NyanType Mar 2012
A new issue of NyanType is here, and that means another 18 huge pinup posters of your favorite moe girls from shows like K-On!, Nanoha, and Lagrange. This magazine gives Megami a run for its money! All posters are limited edition, so don't miss out!
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Dengeki G's Magazine Mar 2012
Dengeki G's Magazine Mar 2012 Dengeki G's is the best magazine for fans of bishoujo games on any system. Grab this month's issue for great info, art, and an oppai cellphone strap!
S Cawaii Feb 2012
S Cawaii Feb 2012 Enjoy a new issue of S Cawaii, an awesome magazine full of fashion tips and photos of gorgeous and trendy Japanese women. Shibuya rules!
Sake Skin Lotion
Fun Health & Skin Care Products from Japan Keep your skin looking young and smooth with our great lotions and face washes containing Japanese sake and rejuvenating charcoal.
Nyanpire Nekomimi Hat
Kawaii Nyanpire Products Restocked Great news for all our Nyanpire fans! We've restocked several fun products including the cute plush hat, and cases for PSP and 3DS.
Azarashi-kun Bath Ball  Tropical Fruits
Azarashi-kun & Dinosaur Bath Balls Not only do these balls help you relax with the soothing scent of orange or lavender, they even turn into cute toys to add some fun to your bath time.
Self Photographed Cosplayer  Jigadori Cosplayer
Gorgeous Photobooks Restocked Japan is famous for awesome photography, and we've recently restocked the gorgeous Self-Photographed Cosplayer, with some seriously sexy anime cosplay.
BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT EXTEND Blazblue is one of the best fighting games around, with both hardcore gameplay and an epic story. Get the complete saga today!
Nakayoshi Love Love Panda Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
Kawaii Products for your Kitchen We've got tons of cute products for your kitchen, including the Love Love Panda Salt and Pepper Shakers we restocked today. We love these!
Poddities iPhone4 Strap  NETSUKE
Poddities iPhone4 Strap Adapters, Cases We restocked the Poddities phone strap adapters which let you add great Japanese phone straps and carabiner clips to your iPhone 4 or 4S!
iTunes Japan Music Card
Moe Moe iOS Apps from Japan I like to see what fun things I can find on the iTunes Japan store to recommend here. Here's a kawaii DreamClub Clock with an anime maid, free with iTJ account.
Jiji Thermal Bento Box Set -- Kiki's Delivery Service
Kawaii Anime Bento from J-List One of our favorite bento boxes is back in stock, the Kiki's Delivery Service Thermal Bento, for Jiji the Cat fans. Enjoy!
Totoro Baby Rattle
Fun Totoro, Jiji and Ponyo Products Restocked We love Hayao Miyazaki around here, and today we've restocked our Totoro and Jiji Baby Rattles, plush fun Ponyo plush toys.
Genki Plus: Kanji Look and Learn
Genki Plus: Kanji Look and Learn Series The Genki Plus series is publish by the some people who make the Japan Times, the Japanese newspaper that knows what foreigners want.
AQUATEC Fadeless  Waterproof Water-base Ink Set  8 colors / You can write anywhere with this ink
AQUATEC Fadeless & Waterproof Pens A great new set of colorful Japanese pens which are extra-cool because you can wrote on anything with these. The pens look great, and are dual-tipped.
New Real KAITEN SUSHI Origami
Origami Sushi & More Fun traditional items from Japan restocked, including the origami folded sets that let you create sushi, delicious cakes and more.
NanoBlock Torii of Himeji Castle
NanoBlock Toys from Japan  Building LEGO style versions of your favorite places in Japan, that's awfully nerdy and fun, and we've restocked several kits for you.
Gift Wrapped Rillakuma Face Chocolate  Cake Set
Valentine's Day isn't far off, and we're stocking J-List with some of the most awesome Japanese chocolates we've ever seen, in beautiful decorated boxes. See kawaii chocolates and cookies featuring Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma.
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Gift Wrapped Green Tea Chocolate  Cookie Set
Delicious Green Tea Chocolates & Cookies On Valentine's Day, why settle for regular chocolates when you can give your darling a taste of Japan with these delicious green tea snacks.
PURIN L / Homemade Pudding Mix with Caramel
Other Fun Japanese Foods Restocked Make traditional Japanese egg custard pudding (aka flan), and also the dark and delicious black sesame pudding. Also, pancake mix made with rice flour?
Nestle Kit Kat Sakura Matcha Latte **Preorder**
Nestle Kit Kat Sakura Matcha Latte *Preorder* We restocked the eternally popular Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat today, a super item from Japan. Remember that this is a limited item that won't be around forever.
Kameda Rice Crackers w/ Peanuts  Kaki no Tane (6 Packs)
Excellent Restocked Snacks Rice Crackers w/peanuts, Kompeito traditional star-shaped candy, Meiji Fran, Wata Gum cotton candy gum, plus the official Crayon Shin Chan snacks!
Kutsushita Nyanko 3 Piece Stackable Bento Box
Kutsushita Nyanko Stackable Bento, Chopsticks We love the cute new kitty Kutsushita, so we're very happy to have even more goodies features this delightful nekko, like bentos and plushies.
PANDA Slim 2-Tier Bento Box w/ Chopsticks
PANDA Slim 2-Tier Bento Box, Kawaii Chopsticks And we've also got an wide assortment of Japanese lunch boxes available for everyone, from the smallest of tummies to the largest of stomachs.
FUTAKKURU Spout  Keep Food Fresh  Don't need Clip or Food Container
FUTAKKURU Food Clip Spout Need a way to make saving money easier? Buy in bulk and add a spout for easy access to cereals, rice, dog food and more.
Mama's Assist Tare Bin Friend  Sauce Bottle
J-List's Most Kawaii Bento Accessories Restocked Make your lunch extra cute with our restocked bento accessories, including Mama's Assist sauce bottles, Panda bento picks, and animal food cutters.
Traditional Japanese Daruma Doll Lucky Gods Bodhidarma
Awesome 'Daruma' Products Restocked Check out our awesome collection of Japanese traditional goods, like the luck-giving daruma, ninja swords and more.
Revoltech Takeya No.003 Ashura  *Preorder*
Revoltech Takeya No.003 Ashura *Preorder* The latest in Revoltech's line of cool and unique Buddhist action figures. Let this fearsome Ashura take the van when you storm the gates of Heaven.
Messenger Girl 1/7 Figure Designed by SUZU *Preorder*
Beautiful and Sexy Moe Figures for Preorder We have a beautiful Hatsune Miku figure, who looks truly hot with her hair down, and a 100-percent original figure of a sexy bike messenger girl.
Carnival Phantasm Fate/stay night Mug Cup  *Preorder*
Type-Moon, Bakemonogatari Cups *Preorder* Some great new drinking mugs coming your way. Each features moe art of the characters from Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, or Bakemonogatari. Too cute!
Momoyo Kawakami Nendoroid Figure Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai !! *Preorder*
Momoyo Nendoroid - Majikoi *Preorder* Check out this cute chibi Nendoroid of one of the strongest girls in anime. Optional parts include beam effects and kawaii expressions. It's MOMOYO!
Princess of the Crystal Figma Action Figure  Mawaru Penguindrum *Preorder*
Princess of the Crystal Figma *Preorder* Fans of Mawaru Penguindrum will definitely want to check out this upcoming figma, which is gorgeous. Let's initiate the Survival Strategy!
ONO48 -- Machiko Ono (AKB star)
Gorgeous Ero Photobooks from Japan Browse J-List's hand-picked selection of adult photobooks featuring only the most beautiful Japanese girls. There's a girl waiting just for you.
ONA BEAT DX Vol. 3  K-On! Parody Toy  OnaBeat!
If you love the cute girls of K-On!, you can express that love in fun new ways thanks to the New OnaBeat DX series, vol. 3, which features Mio, Yui and Azunyan, ready to make your fantasies come true. Sold as a novelty only.
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Do You Like Female Announcer?
Female Announcer, Shakuhachi Musume Restocked Two of our most popular recent products are restocked, the super-realistic female announcer stress toy plus Shakuhachi Musume Oral Pump. Nice!
Air Doll  Airi Himekawa
Restocked Love Dolls, Onahole Toys Other fun toys are restocked, including the Airi Himekawa Air Doll, Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion plus the innovative Greatest Stroke II.
KAN -- Satoshi Urushihara illustrations ** preorder **
Super Awesome Ero Artbooks See some great artbooks for ecchi-minded people, like the amazing new Satoshi Urushihara offering, Shirow Masamune and more.
Bazooka Cafe
Bazooka Cafe, a Great Game for Valentine's Day A superb game for February 14th, Bazooka Cafe features gorgeous buxom maids who work at your coffee shop. Includes the bonus "Valentine Special" game free!
Corona the Dragon Maiden
Corona the Dragon Maiden Enjoy the latest challenging, in-depth RPG experience from the developers of Aselia the Eternal. Full of cute girls to add to your party and romance.
Artificial Academy  Jinkou Gakuen
Nice Restocking of Import Eroge Enjoy some great games from Japan, too, including Houkago Custom Time, Rance Quest, Artificial Academy and Fate/stay night.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thinking About Kanji and the Mediterranean Sea

Learning a foreign language is good for reasons beyond the obvious benefit of being able to communicate and share ideas with people from other parts of the world. It can also give you unexpected insights, including the etymology of words you might miss otherwise. The name China uses for itself (中国) literally means the Kingdom at the Center of the World, which struck me as very ethnocentric when I heard it for the first time. And yet, the name of the Mediterranean Sea means the exact same thing, the Sea at the Center of the Earth (地中海), something I never would have picked up on if I hadn't seen the name in kanji characters. Similarly, I'd never consciously realized the days of the week were named after the ancient gods, although it's very clear when you write the Japanese days of the week in kanji, which correspond to Moon Day 月曜日, Mars Day 火曜日, Mercury Day 水曜日, Jupiter Day 木曜日, Venus Day 金曜日, etc. (The names in English have been filtered through the Germanic/Norse pantheon, for example Thursday comes from Thor's Day, although the system is the same.) Sometimes words can get lost in translation when they move from one language to another. The name for the Statue of Liberty in Japanese is jiyu no megami or Goddess of Freedom, and the official word for the Olympic Torch translates as the Holy Fire of the Five Rings.

The ancient Romans and Chinese had serious humility deficents.

Out with Devils! In with Happiness! Moe Devils can stay.

This Friday is Setsubun, a special Japanese day when fathers will put on paper masks and become an oni (devil or ogre) and pretend to attack the family's children, who pelt him with dried soybeans shouting, "Out with devils! In with happiness!" Setsubun has a very long history, dating back to the Heian Period (794-1185) -- it's mentioned in The Tale of Genji -- and it's a unique part of Japanese folk culture. I'm sure more than a few Western anime fans will wonder why these ogres are cosplaying as Lum from the classic Urusei Yatsura anime, but in fact it's the other way around -- Lum's clothing is pays cultural homage to Japanese oni lore, and in fact her homeworld is Oniboshi (Planet Ogre). While Setsubun used to fall at the end of the year when Japan used the Chinese lunar calendar, these days it's not unlike Groundhog Day in the U.S. (which is tomorrow), the mid-point of winter when people are starting to think about warmer days to come.

Throwing soybeans at ogres on Setsubun. Moe ogres.

The February Chocolate + TENGA Sale!

Announcing the J-List February Sale! When you think of Valentine's Day you naturally think of chocolate, so we're having 2x J-List Points on all chocolate items, including Pocky, Kit Kat, Meltykiss and more. But February can be a lonely time for some, so we decided to also give 2x J-List Points for all TENGA, Hello Kitty Shoulder Massagers and other stress toys. Best of all: get an $10 store credit when ordering $100, or $25 store credit for ordering $200 or more via EMS shipping.

Interesting Places to Visit in Japan

One reason I'm a fan of Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus is, it's easy to talk with customers and exchange ideas. One Twitter user is coming to Japan soon and asked if I could recommend places "off the beaten path" he might visit. There are plenty of wonderful things to see in Japan, from the Ghibli Museum to the most loyal dog in the world and the Great Buddha of Kamakura, but if you want to get more esoteric there are many options. These days anime series are usually based in real locations, and you can "make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land" (seichi junrei, in Japanese fanspeak) and visit the location of your favorite series, if you like. Northern Japan is usually the "dark continent" to foreigners since it's in the other direction from the more familiar Kyoto, and sightseeing highlights include the bright floats of the Nebuta Festival in Aomori or the unearthly beauty of the Osore-zan volcano, whose name translates as "Mt. Fear." At the other end of Japan you might visit Tottori Prefecture, famous as Japan's only desert (well, "sand dune" officially), or check out the former home of Lafcadio Hearn, the Father of Japan Bloggers. Other random suggestions: visit the Yokohama Ramen Museum, which recreates a 1950s neighborhood with various shops so you can experience noodles the way they did in the postwar period, or go to Yasukuni Shrine and have some Navy Curry, an exact replica of the curry eaten by Japanese sailors during WWII. Remember, of course that the number of foreign visitors to Japan has dropped off terribly in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunamis last year. If it's at all possible for you to consider a trip here, Japan could really use the tourist dollars!

The Yokohama Ramen Museum takes you back in time.

Cool Products Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine Mar 2012
It's time for a new issue of Megami magazine, the number one publication for all your moe needs. Get 18 new pinup posters featuring beautiful art of all your favorite anime girls, then enjoy some exclusive coverage of the season's hottest shows, which are all original and all awesome. Click to see all the awesome newly-released anime magazines on the site!
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Rilakkuma Vibrating Massager  Rilakkuma
Rilakkuma Vibrating Massagers These miniature vibrating keychains are the perfect way to grab a quick massage from Rilakkuma, the cutest and most relaxed bear around.
Ninja Umbrella Reflector w/ Strap
Ninja Umbrella Reflector w/ Strap This cute reflective ninja is a great way to keep yourself safe from cars while you're walking home on a rainy night. Doubles as a cellphone strap!
Authentic Japanese Super Loose Socks  120 cm
Restocked Japan Socks, Anime Eye Patch See fresh stock of the popular Japanese "Loose Socks" as worn by Biri Biri in the popular Index/Railgun anime. Also: our wacky anime eye patches!
Shimapan  Shimabra Dream  Blue M
The Best Things in Life are Striped We've restocked our popular striped Japanese stockings and over-knee socks, too, plus awesome shimapan so you can cosplay secretly.
Star Wars Silicon Tray -- Han Solo In Carbonite
The possibilities are endless with these silicon molds featuring the most iconic figures from the Star Wars trilogy. Make your very own Millennium Falcon ice cubes and Darth Vader brownies, or freeze Han Solo in carbonite and make him the centerpiece of your dinner table. You can make chocolate with these too -- anyone up for chocolate Stormtrooper heads?
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Queen's Blade  Spiral Chaos (PSP the Best)
Region Free Anime Games for PSP Restocked Enjoy the best anime games on PSP, including Queen's Blade and Ikki Tousen (yay ecchi fighting games), plus OreImo, Busou Shinki and more.
Monster Hunter Smart Phone/MP3 Player Carrying Case  White ivory
Monster Hunter Smart Phone/MP3 Player Cases If you love Monster Hunter (or Mon-Han as the Japanese call it), we've restocked our great phone cases for you.
WANDA X HARUHI w/Figure -- Yuki Nagato School Uniform ver.
WONDA X HARUHI Canned Coffee w/Figures Enjoy fresh stock of the popular WONDA Haruhi coffee + figure sets, which sold out in record time last week. Enjoy all your favorite Haruhi characters!
UCC Canned Coffee  Rei Ayanami Evangelion Figure Set New Evanglion Movie 'Q'
UCC Canned Coffee w/ Figures Restocked The new set of the hugely popular UCC Evangelion coffee is in stock, with exclusive figures of Rei, Asuka, and Mari.
Stakora Bank American Short Hair
Stakora Bank American Short Hair Wow, so cute! This cute cat and mouse movement and sound money bank is sure to be popular with the kids. Click to watch the YouTube movie too.
Manekko Peechan -- Romantic Blue
Manekko Peechan Talking Bird Toys These are great: robot birds that hear what you say, remember, and repeat it, just like real birds. Check out the great TV commercial too!
iTunes Japan Music Card
Great Anime Songs @ iTunes Japan You can always find the latest anime songs on the iTunes Japan store, like the OP for the Another horror anime, or the K-On! movie song collection.
Go! Go! Nippon!  My First Trip to Japan
Go! Go! Nippon! Not able to visit Japan right now? Then you should play Go! Go! Nippon!, a great all-ages visual novel that's almost as good as being here. In stock now.
NukuRinko  Japanese Warm Pad 10cps set (Kairo)
Keep Warm this Winter, the Japanese Way We've restocked one of our favorite winter-related items on J-List, the kairo warming pads, which keep you toasty no matter how cold it is outside.
Japanese T-shirt - Moe (Standard men's shirt)
Kanji T-Shirts and Hoodies We love the aesthetic beauty of kanji and have many great T-shirts that capture this, like our popular moe shirt, an elegant design for discerning otaku.
Microwave de Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki
Takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (Japanese "pizza") are two of the most famous Japanese foods, and now you can enjoy them in your own home with this awesome tool. The directions are simple: just select frame, add ingredients, and go! Delicious and fun!
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Hello Kitty Face Die Cut Vinyl Bag  Pink
Hello Kitty Face Die Cut Vinyl Bags We have lots of fun Hello Kitty products, including the restocked Hello Kitty Die Cut Vinyl Bags, great for carrying your stuff in kawaii fashion.
Mini Magic Sakura Tree
Mini Magic Sakura Tree Spring is still a couple months off, but you can get an early start with the magic sakura tree that blooms right on your desk. Spring has come early!
Cutting-edge Business Notebook - KOKUYO CamiApp (A5 6mm Ruled)
Japanese Notebooks, Pens and More Browse our huge selection of Japanese stationery, including cool pressurized pens and a notebook that works great with iPhone or Android phones.
Secure Stamper  Hiding Your Privacy Information
Secure Stamper ~ Hiding Your Information A great way to securely redact documents before disposal, stamping out self-identifying or other sensitive info. A popular J-List product.
Glico Cheeza -- 3 Variety Cheese Set
J-List is proud to always be bringing you the tastiest new snacks from Japan. Today, we have fun new Glico Cheeza crackers, made with real cheese inside -- they go great with wine and are a fun treat to eat from Japan. Several sets in stock now. Also browse our site for other restocked Japanese snacks.
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Nestle Kit Kat Pack - Strawberry Cake
Big Restocking of Japanese Snacks Enjoy a huge restocking of J-Snacks too, incl. Glico Pocky x Mart, Japanese Kit Kat, Glico Pretz Super Butter flavor, Meltykiss, Shigekix and more.
Okonomiyaki Drops (Osaka Limited)  Japanese Food Drops
Traditional Food Drops from Japan We've got awesome Okonomiyaki flavored Food Drops restocked, plus Sapporo Beer and strawberries from Tochigi -- yum!
Kutsushita Nyanko 2-Tier Bento Box
Kutsushita Nyanko 2-Tier Bento Box Our latest decorative bento box features the adorable Socks Cat and his family of kitties gathered for a delicious meal. Join in the fun now!
Sakura-Patterned Picnic Style Lacquered 3 Tier Bento Box with Chopsticks  Elastic Band
Picnic Style Lacquered 3-tier Bento Boxes We also have these beautiful and elegant lacquered bento boxes from Hakoya, great for having a picnic or any time to you want to eat in beautiful style.
Ocean Friends Bento Picks (10 pcs)
Kawaii Bento Picks for Decoration, Eating Browse our selection of cute plastic picks for a great new way to decorate and eat sandwiches, sausages, bologna, or any other food you can imagine.
BARAN -- Bento/Sushi Decorative Partition Grass
'Baran' Fake Grass for Bento Give your bento lunches a touch of elegance with "baran" fake grass, now available in various colors. No Japanese bento is complete without it.
Deluxe Kyoto Tea Gift Set  Umekobucha  Mini Spoon  Crane  Konpeito
Kyoto Tea Time Every time is tea time with the great Kyoto green tea varieties we've restocked today. J-List has so many fun items from Kyoto, it's just like being here.
White Dragon Chirimen Otedama
White Dragon Chirimen Otedama Celebrate the year of the Dragon with this cute plush white dragon charm. Great for your desk, locker, or office.
Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai iPhone4 Case *Preorder*
PapaKiki iPhone4 Case *Preorder* Make your iPhone moe with this cute and colorful case featuring the girls from Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai (Girls, Listen to your Father). Kawaii!
Nendoroid Petite Racing Miku Set 2011 ver. *Preorder*
Race Queen Vocaloids *Preorder* Relive Hatsue Miku's smashing victory in the 2011 SUPER GT race with this set of cute chibi Nendoroid figures. Also comes with a cool model car!
G Cup Tsurukana -- Kana Tsuruta
G Cup Tsurukana ~ Kana Tsuruta This 19-year-old JAV starlet is positively breathtaking with her innocent looks and enormous G-cup breasts. Get her first nude photobook today.
Shimei Ryomou 1/6 Cast off Figure *Preorder*
Shimei Ryomou 1/6 Cast off Figure *Preorder* Check out this incredibly sexy figure of Ikkitousen's Ryomou on all fours wearing nothing but a bra and panties, which are fully removable. Hot!
AiKimi vol. 1 -- Tsubasa Ayakaze  Amagami Parody Toy
Stress Toys of Your Favorite Anime Characters Check out these amazing parody stress toys based on moe characters from shows like Haganai, Amagami, Index, Railgun, and OreImo. Hours of fun!
Bakujuu Musou -- Extreme Impact 3  Ikkitousen Parody Toy | Kanu Unchou
Parody Onaholes for Fans of Strong Anime Girls The Ikki Tousen toys are popular because they're large, realistic, and based on our favorite ecchi characters. Several types restocked today.
HOTEL Akatsuki Works Blade (Izuna, Yurikago yori Tenshi made) is back with a stylish game about a chic hotel full of strange characters. Beautiful!
Do You Like Bunnies? 1  2 set
Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 1 & 2 A great pair of games from G-Collections, translated into English for the enjoyment of eroge fans. We like them a lot, how about you?