Friday, February 10, 2012

Raising Bilingual Kids

My Japanese wife and I have given a special gift to our children, making sure they grew up bilingual in both English and Japanese so they didn't have to suffer through the verb conjugations and kanji memorization that we both had endure. Of course, a child's language acquisition is made somewhat more complex by the fact that they must separate the two languages in their brains as they learn. When my son was very small, he would engage in wordplay with me, telling me the cold-water bath at the hot springs we'd just visited was "cold-katta," attaching the Japanese past tense ending to the English adjective, which was a lot of fun. Things could get confusing, too, like when my son asked me why Americans put "chopsticks" on their lips (he meant Chapstick), or the time I asked him to pick up his clothes so he promptly closed the door ("close" and "clothes" are the bane of ESL learners). Once he asked me why Nicholas Cage only made detective movies -- it turns out that "Cage" has the same pronunciation as keiji, Japanese for police detective, and he thought every movie the actor had done was part of a series of police films.

My son was confused by the words "chopsticks" and "Chapstick."

Ghosts and Japan

I often write about the kokumin-sei or "national character" of the Japanese. By and large they're a harmonious people, preferring to get along without unpleasant confrontations in their daily lives, and they're especially good at gaman, that is, stoically enduring unpleasant situations without complaint. The Japanese can also be quite superstitious, and many believe actively in ghosts and related supernatural phenomena. Every few weeks it seems there's a TV special exampling photographs with strange flares in them, or videos sent in by viewers of children talking with mysterious reflections in the TV screen, or shows in which popular male idols like Arashi are asked to sleep in a haunted house while viewers watch through hidden cameras. I'm not sure why the Japanese are so open to believing in the occult. Maybe it has to do with the tradition of youkai, a pantheon of Japanese "folk ghosts" like Hanako of the Toilet, the ghost of a girl who inhabits the fourth stall on the fourth floor of the girl's bathroom, or Akaname, a spirit who comes into homes with dirty bathtubs, used by parents to get their children to clean the tubs more diligently. (And if you like a good scare, I recommend the new horror anime-and-manga Another.)

The Japanese are big fans of ghost lore.

The History of Naughty Tentacles and Harem Anime

Because of the popularity of anime and manga, certain aspects of Japan's popular culture have spread across the globe, and I could travel to countries like Russia or South Africa or Peru and find like-minded fans with whom I could discuss my favorite character designers or doujinshi artists. However, it might surprise you to learn that many of the themes and memes in anime aren't new at all. Due to the popularity of certain hentai videos in the 1990s more than a few people might think of Tentacle Grape style "naughty tentacles" when they think of modern Japan, but this particular fantasy is much older, being based on an illustration called The Dream of the Fishman's Wife by Hokusai, pretty much the most famous ukiyoe artist ever, created in 1814. The next time you hear an anime fan complain that every show these days is a "harem" anime, with a lucky male main character surrounded by multiple cute girls fawning over him, you can smile. It turns out that the "harem" tradition goes way back, to the 1000-year-old Tale of Genji, the story of a playboy prince during the Heian Period who has more romantic encounters than Makoto from School Days.

Harem anime series are part of a 1000 year old tradition.

J-List Close-out T-shirt Sale

J-List loves to make unique kanji and anime T-shirts, like the new Touhou "Bad Apple" shirt we've just released. But there's one problem: since we have so many shirts and hoodies, we can't make new ones until we close out some of our existing designs. So we decided to have a really big sale on our close-out Japanese T-shirts to give everyone a reason to take some off our hands. We've got our epic Highschool of the Dead shirts up, our "neat" tribute to Hikikomori, our Beware Panty Thieves and more. Lots of shirts for girls and hoodies, too, especially in size S and 2XL. Prices starting at $9.95, with the full 15% discount for 3-or-more shirts in place, too. Thanks in advance for helping us get rid of these close-out items!

Cool Products Friday, February 10, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Ane Ageha vol. 7
With another amazing issue of Ane Ageha, learn Japanese secrets to looking and feeling young, even if you are a mother or wife. (IAne mans 'older sister' and also refers to any woman aged 23 or older). Every month has great tips on make-up and fashion, and this month is no different. We have subscriptions available too so you can always on top of Japanese fashion.
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Akimando  Akira Yasuda Artworks
Akimando ~ Akira Yasuda Artworks Famed character designer Akira Yasuda (Street Fighter 2) presents his unique take on 45 video game characters, including Saber, Zelda, and Samus Aran.
Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Maruhadaka na Wakeganai Official Guidebook
Other Anime Artbooks See fresh stock of gorgeous anime artbooks, including CLAMP's gorgeous Blood C, OreImo, the Tiger and Bunny Roman Album and more. We love art.
Rilakkuma Lying Glasses Stand
Rilakkuma Lying Glasses Stand Let the lovable Rilakkuma keep your glasses ready for use with this kawaii glasses stand from San-X. Could not be cuter!
Mami Tomoe Nendoroid Figure **Preorder**
Mami Tomoe Nendoroid Figure Now In Stock! The adorable Nendoroid of Mami from Madoka Magica is now in stock. Comes with tea set, Charlotte head, and plenty of guns! Click to see our Madoka products.
Japanese School Bag  Sports Type
Japanese School Bags Restocked Our customers keep buying them so we keep restocking them. This Japanese school bookbag can be seen in just about ever anime made in the past decade.
Japanese Style Eye Patch for Anime Cosplay - Evangelion
Popular Cosplay Products Restocked See other fun cosplay products restocked, including the classic anime eyepatch, as seen in Evangelion, Ikki Tousen and Another.
Totoro Mini Towel Lets Eat Strawberry
Totoro Mini Towel Lets Eat Strawberry Our latest super-cute Totoro product is this soft face towel covered with beautiful flowers, kawaii spirits, and a Totoro eating a ripe strawberry.
Totoro Cushion 45cm x 45cm Oak -- Green
Restocked Ghibli Products, Too The Neko Bus House w/ little plush Totoros that can ride inside is restocked, plus our popular soft Totoro Cushions, great for your living room.
Tyrant  HABANERO  Water-in Pencil Case
Restocked Japanese Pencil Cases, More Life's too short for lame pencil cases, so we've restocked some fun items from Japan, incl. One Piece, Hello Kitty, and Tyrant Habanero cases, plus more pens.
Kanji DS Dictionary
Study Japanese with your Nintendo DS It's never been handier or more comprehensive to study Japanese than with our lineup of software for your Nintendo DS. Highly recommended!
Bath King Japanese Hokkori set  Japanese Traditional 4 scents (Tsubaki, Maccha, Karin, Anzu)
Bath King Japanese Fizzing Bath Tablets The best way to take a bath: put one of these fizzing tablets under you and angle your back so the bubbles travel up your body. It's great!
Hetalia Conversation Book  English for Traveling All About USA
Restocked Nichijou, Hetalia, Hello Kitty We've also restocked some of our most popular books, like Nichijou, Panty & Stocking, and the awesome Hetalia study guides. Great fun for all.
Gift Wrapped DX Sakura Sweets Collection
Gift Wrapped DX Sakura Sweets, Hello Kitty  Make a smile on someone's face when they receive something they will never find in a local store, Sakura Sweets from Japan, also Hello Kitty treats too.
Japanese Sake Drops  Japanese Food Drops
Traditional 'Food Drops' Candies See fresh stock of the amazing "Food Drops" candies that capture the taste of Japan! Sake, Osaka Takoyaki and "First Kiss" flavors posted today.
Chocolate Medicine for the Love Sick (Set of 3)
Japanese Chocolate, Other Snacks Restocked See fun chocolate products restocked, including the Chocolate Medicine for Love Sick, Crunky Chocolate, Meltykiss. Black Black Caffeine Gum and more.
Tentacle Grape
San Diego-based Snacks & Drinks J-List carries Japanese snacks and drinks from San Diego now, and we've restocked Super Mario Mushroom Candy, Ramune Soda and Tentacle Grape!
Nyanpire 2-Tier Bento Box
Evangelion, Nyanpire Anime Bento Check out our anime-themed bento boxes, great for carrying your lunch while showing your love for your favorite series, like Eva, Nyanpire, and more.
Hello KITTY Candy Pink Compact Bento Box  Chopsticks  Elastic Band
Brighten Your Day with Hello Kitty Bento And don't forget we've also got some great Hello Kitty Bento items, ready for you to take home, in all sizes for all types of hungry tummies.
Evangelion Nerv Chopsticks  Case
Evangelion Nerv Chopsticks & Case Show that you are a member of the elite fighting force that is saving the earth, as you eat with these official NERV chopsticks. Very cool.
Hello Kitty Onigiri Decorate Set
Hello Kitty & Other Bento Accessories Nothing can make us smile like a really kawaii Hello Kitty bento box, and we've restocked some fun items today!
Mama's Assist Animal Friend Picks
Mama's Assist Animal Friend & Leaf Picks Decorate your lunch with these colorful plastic picks that come in a variety of cute animal and bright leaf shapes. A fun and easy way to eat!
Food Pencil
Food Pencil for Bento, Egg & Sandwich Shapers A big restocking of bento & kitchen items, incl. Food Pencil for Bento, our sandwich cutters and Dream Land Egg Shaper, so wonderful!
Heart Design Easy Grater
Chocolate Grater, Other Fun Kitchen Items Also, enjoy our Heart Design Chocolate Grater, plus Frog Patterned Aluminum Foil and "deco" cookie cutters for making 3D objects of art. Nice!
Microwave Waffle Maker
Microwave Waffle Maker, Other Fun Products Or try making waffles in your microwave with the fun cooker we restocked today. We sell dozens of wacky Japanese microwave products.
JLPT N4, N5 Textbook with CD  Goukaku Dekiru Nihongo Nouryoku Shiken N4, 5
JLPT N4, N5 Textbook with CD For those just starting out on the quest to master Japanese, these books will help you pass the first two levels of the JLPT. Fully updated for the new test levels!
Japan's Cultural Code Words
More Great Books on Japan Posted Long readers of J-List know that J-List carries some great books about Japan. Enjoy Japan's Cultural Code Words, Tea Ceremony and The Samurai Sword.
YOKOBUE  Traditional Bamboo Flute
Other Traditional Items Restocked See some of our most beloved traditional Japanese items, including yokobue flutes that our customers love, plus other fun items.
DX SHITAN /  Sandalwood JUZU with Natural Stone
Traditional 'Juzu' Buddhist Prayer Beads We restocked some fun traditional Buddhist Prayer Beads called juzu, a great way to seek enlightenment and ward off evil spirits.
Iori Minase 1/7 Figure  THE IDOLM@STER
Gorgeous Anime Figures for Preorder Some beautiful figures are on the horizon. Check out the Mahiru Nendoroid, Iori from Idolm@ster, Beach Queen Ruri Alba, and Fate/Extra's Saber.
Yotsubato Danbo Plastic Model Kit
Yotsubato Danbo Kit, Stocking Figure We've also gotten the cute Yotsubato Danbo posable figure, and Stocking from Panty and Stocking, looking amazing as always, plus many more.
Dengeki Hime Mar 2012
A new issue of the ultimate magazine for eroge fans is here. This issue of Dengeki Hime brings you the latest information on upcoming titles like Gakuoh and Grisaia no Meikyuu. You also get what is perhaps the most amazing omake we've ever seen - a pair of underwear with two cute girls waiting to lick your penis. Superb!
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Emeraude -- Miku Hasegawa
Emeraude ~ Miku Hasegawa Miku Hasegawa has the perfect body, that looks too elegant to be true. She takes us on an erotic journey to France in her first photobook.
Shunga  48 Artists in Edo period
Shunga ~ 48 Artists in Edo period  Many of you have already seen The Fisherman's Wife. Now enjoy hundreds more beautiful erotic paintings from Japan in this shunga artbook.
Eririka's Perfect Replica
Eririka's Pussy Perfect Replica Experience ultimate pleasure with this parody stress toy based on the body of popular JAV idol Eririka Katagiri. Comes with a free bottle of lube.
USB ONACON & 3D CUSTOM GIRL By popular demand, we've restocked the awesome Onacon stress toy. Live out your 2D fantasies or discover a new way to enjoy your favorite rhythm game!
ONA BEAT DX Vol. 3  K-On! Parody Toy  OnaBeat!
ONA BEAT DX K-On! Parody Stress Toys The K-ON! parody stress toys we sell are a fun way to get to know your favorite Light Music Club member on a new level. Mio, Yui and Azunyan restocked.
Bokkin Boy Beast  Type B (8cm)
Futanari Stress Toy, Bokkin Boy Beast Restocked A stress toy for Hideyoshi fans, and two Dragonball Z-inspired rings that can help a guy last longer. Pretty darned awesome.
Bible Black
Bible Black, The Game If you want to have a really outstanding eroge experience in English, you can't do much better than the legendary Bible Black. Restocked today.
Fate/stay night DVD-ROM Version
Visual Novels from Japan We also carry Fate/stay night, Venus Blood - DESIRE, Sengoku Rance, Little Busters, and many other top-quality visual novels from Japan.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fun on Trains in Japan

One of the more enjoyable aspects of getting used to life in Japan, at least coming from California, is the train culture. Trains run everywhere here, and they're very convenient to ride, especially in this era of always-on Internet connectivity through iPads and cell phones. While people living in J-List's home prefecture of Gunma probably need a car to get around conveniently, it's not difficult at all to live in Tokyo without one. The most famous train line in Japan is probably the Yamanote line (yama-no-teh, lit. "mountain's hand"), the loop line that goes around the Tokyo area, which takes you to convenient places like Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara and is almost the only train you need to go most places in the city. Since the train travels in an endless circle, you never reach the end of the line, and there are drinking games college students and gaijin play as they pass through each of the 29 stations. Today we got in some rather cool towels featuring the iconic signs of the Yamanote train line!

Pretty much the most convenient train line in Japan.

Gaijin Criticizing Japan

No country is without problems, and the list of challenges Japan faces in the 21st century is certainly not short. Sometimes we foreign expats in Japan take it upon ourselves to point out the things we perceive as being "wrong" with the country, something I've been known to do in my J-List updates, for example taking the government to task for massive construction projects like the Shinkansen bullet train to Hokkaido or the building of new universities despite the coming drop in the Japanese population. To be sure, foreigners pointing out Japan's faults can go too far: there's a book called Dogs and Demons in which longtime Japan resident Alex Kerr lays out every problem he sees with the country, which was so depressing to read I had to take breaks between the chapters. Still, the desire to not be viewed in a negative light by its foreign community can be a powerful agent for change, like when Japan was finally embarrassed into passing a law requiring the use of child safety seats in the 1990s, or home smoke detectors a few years later. One area I'm regularly concerned about is the lack of "entrepreneurial spirit" by the average Japanese, who are much less likely to seek interesting business opportunities than people in the U.S., China or South Korea, and it'd be great to see the government do more to support start-ups and small businesses.
So what do you think the biggest problems in Japan are?

There's a lack of "entrepreneurial spirit" in Japan..

A Fun New Anime: Inu x Boku SS

It's fun to observe the way visual memes move from one anime series to the next, always evolving and changing in interesting ways. One anime I'm watching this season is Inu x Boku SS (pronounced Inu-Boku Secret Service), a show about a girl who is half-human, half-youkai (Japanese magical spirit), watched over by a "Secret Service" (a full-time bodyguard) who she starts to feel affection for. The show is a treasure trove of contemporary anime memes which were often invented by other shows but adapted and built on by this series, including the hawt tsundere with the "Absolute Zone" stockings-and-skirt fashion, a nosebleed-prone yuri comic relief character, and the dashing fox-spirit bodyguard with mismatched color eyes. (Incidentally, we carry many interesting manga series on J-List including Inu x Boku SS, as well as epic anime magazines like Megami and NyanType, loaded with free posters from currently-running shows.)

Inu x Boku is filled with delicious visual memes.

Cool Products Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Young Ace Mar 2012
The new issue of Young Ace is out, and that means its time for more awesome manga like Fate/Zero, Evangelion, Another, and The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan. You also get awesome omake, including a Black Rock Shooter pencil board and a set of cute Evangelion straps! We're happy to carry this outstanding manga and recommended it to everyone.
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Persona Magazine 04
Persona Magazine 04 This magazine just for Persona fans is packed with interviews, Persona manga, and previews of upcoming figures and games. Ami Koshimizu is so moe!
Astarotte Ygvar 1/8 Figure 'Gu to Kuru' Collection  Astarotte no Omocha!
Gorgeous Anime Figures In Stock We have nice anime figures in stock for you, including Astarotte Ygvar from the cute anime Lotte no Omocha. She talks with Rie Kugimiya's voice, so I love her.
Alien Head Silicon Ice Tray / Chocolate Molds
In Space, No One Can Year Your Ice Clink... Make your very own ice cubes and chocolate treats shaped like the head of a fearsome alien from the Alien movies. A great way to blow friends' minds.
Rilakkuma Silicon Chocolate Mold
Rilakkuma Silicon Chocolate Molds Or, for cuter snacks, you can try this adorable Rilakkuma chocolate mold. Comes with molds for six different faces, so you'll have plenty of variety!
Super Cawaii! Mar 2012
Super Cawaii! Mar 2012 Then, grab a new issue of Super Cawaii! to keep your style trendy and cool. Features only the absolute hottest Tokyo fashions, with great photographs inside.
Kissing Long Sleeve Shirt  Black
Kissing Long Sleeve Shirt ~ Black or Pink Got elegant Japanese fashions on the site today, with two beautiful tops that feature kissing lips on them. Lots of other Japan fashion items, too.
Japanese Anime T-Shirt -- Bad Apple
Touhou is the indies shooting game (specifically known as danmaku or "bullet curtain" due to the number of on-screen objects trying to kill you), and it's become the primary generator of popular culture in Japan today. Here's a tribute to the "Bad Apple" video from Touhou, one of the most awesome things to come out on the Internet in many years. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click through and watch the YouTube video now.
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Yamanote Line Bath Towel -- Akihabara
Awesome Otaku Products Anyone who's been to Tokyo has ridden the Yamanote (yama-no-teh) train line which goes through Akihabara. We've restocked the cool towers for you today.
Evangelion 2.0 Mouse Pad 3D -- Rei Ayanami
Evangelion 2.0 Mouse Pads Restocked Each of these awesome ergonomic mousepads features one of the lovable Evangelion heroines in an attractive pose. Comes in Rei, Asuka, or Mari.
Bicycle Life with KAWAII Girls  Shojo Jitensha Kaihouku
Bicycle Life with KAWAII Girls Restocked With the theme of girls + motorbikes -- we can't get enough of this beautiful artbook, with illustrations from 40 different artists. Very cool.
NINJA Shuriken Ice Tray
Random Fun Ice Cube Makers Restocked Also: see fresh stock of some other interesting ice cube tray molds, including Ninja Shuriken throwing stars and Star Wars shaped ice.
Nyanpire Standing 18cm Plush
Nyanpire Plush Toys Restocked What's cuter than a cat? A cat who's a cute vampire, as in the Nyanpire anime series. These popular plush toys have been restocked!
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 33  Robot Cleaner
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 33 ~ Robot Cleaner For people who love to build cool machines, we have the new issue of Gakken's Otona no Kagaku. Make your very own robot vacuum cleaner!
A Certain 5L Sailor Uniform (Hideyoshi Type)
Other Cosplay Products Restocked Then see a big restocking of other cosplay items, including shimapan in several sizes, the Hideyoshi school uniform, bloomer, swimsuits and more.
Panchira Office Lady -- Usual Panty with the Scent of Office Lady  White M
Ero-Kawaii Cosplay Products For yourself or your friend, see our restocked OL pantsu plus the popular striped "over knee socks" from Tamatoys.
Photo Kano
Photo Kano for PSP The latest game from the creators of Amagami has you snapping pictures of beautiful schoolgirls. Find true love through the lens of your camera.
Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd  Popular Edition
Hatsune Miku, Other PSP Games Restocked If you love pantsu, I mean awesome Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, we've restocked her hit PSP games. Also, the K-On! Game and Railgun!
Totoro Stamp 'Onegaishimasu'
Fun Totoro & Ponyo Products Today See the kawaii Soot Sprite plush from Totoro, which can attach to your car's window, plus the Totoro and Ponyo kanji stamp sets.
Hello Kitty License Plate Accessory
Cute New Hello Kitty Products Posted Trick-out your ride with some Hello Kitty flare with these cool License plate accessories, plus enjoy a classic Kitty-chan plush toy.
Pilot Latte Magical Decorating Pen   10 Colors
Pilot Latte Magical Decorating Pen ~ 10 Colors Decorate every inch of your life with these magical pens that can draw on just about any surface you can imagine. Comes with 10 beautiful colors.
Let's Make Eraser with Microwave  Sushi
'Let's Make Eraser with Microwave' Restocked When life gives you boring erasers, put them in the microwave and make awesome new ones. These popular mold toys can also mold other stuff, like chocolate.
Glico Pretz -- Butter  Soy Sauce Set of 3
We at J-List love Glico and their huge variety of tasty snacks. Check out these new flavors of Pretz, Glico's famous pretzel stick. We have caramel pudding, octopus ball, and even butter with soy sauce for your enjoyment -- you apply the sauce to the prezels while you eat! Each is a unique taste sensation that you'll never find outside of Japan.
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Rabbit Face Drops from Kyoto
Traditional Rabbit Face Drops from Kyoto We love traditional dagachi snacks from the Showa Period, and have restocked the popular Rabbit Face Drops from Kyoto, so kawaii and delicious.
Kracie Dinosaur Making Gummy Set of 3
Fun Restocked J-Snacks Too Then enjoy restocked snacks like the Kracie DIY Dinosaur Gummy Making Set, Glico Kiss Mint, Winter Pocky w/Cocoa Powder and Takoyaki Making!
Kokeshi Bento -- Samurai 2 Tier Bento Box  Miso Soup Bowl
We Love Kawaii Kokeshi Bento Japan excels at making kawaii bento boxes. Check out the cool samurai and beautiful geisha boxes, plus lots of other cute kokeshi and bento items.
Rabbit Slim Thermos Bottle 250ml  Black
Rabbit-related Bento Items Restocked Today Speaking of rabbits, this slim thermos will keep your drink hot or cold and look cute doing it! A simple, elegant design for fans of Japanese art.
Shining Pastel Color Chopsticks  Set of 5
Shining Pastel Color Chopsticks ~ Set of 5 Keep your meals bright with these clear plastic chopsticks in five beautiful pastel colors. Now everyone in your family can have a unique pair!
Donburi Animal Cup
Fresh Stock of Kawaii Bento Accessories A bento by itself is fine, but with great accessories like cups, separators, and cutters, you'll really show off the cuteness of your creations.
Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go
Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go Learn how to make delicious and healthy bento lunches with this amazing English-language cookbook. By Makiko Itoh, of the popular Just Bento blog.
Japanese Homestyle Dishes
Japanese Cookbooks, Culture Books In Stock We have many other excellent cookbooks that will teach you how to make everything from sushi to Teriyaki, plus guides to essential Japanese customs.
iTunes Japan Music Card
New Anime Songs on iTunes Japan I noticed the OP theme of High School DxD is up, plus the opening them of PapaKiKi (Papa no Iu koto wo Kikinasai).
White Lucky Cat Tea Cup
Lucky Cat Tea Cups, More Restocked Awesome: those Lucky Cat tea cups, which can be displayed as art objects of turned upside down to drink tea from, are back. We love Japan!
Airou Playing Cards  Monster Hunter *Preorder*
Airou Playing Cards ~ Monster Hunter *Preorder* Airou are the cute catlike creatures that roam the world of Monster Hunter. Show your love for the adorable mascot with these Airou playing cards.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Witch Collection Set of 8 **Preorder**
Madoka Magica Witch Figures Set of 8 *Preorder* Enjoy these miniature figures of the most memorable witches from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Is it just us, or does Charlotte have her mouth full?
Saber Lily Plastic Kit Action Figure Fate/stay night *Preorder*
Saber Lily Kit - Fate/stay night *Preorder* Model enthusiasts should definitely check out this cool action figure of Saber Lily. Now you can have the pleasure of painting Saber yourself!
Smile Slime Mug Cup **Preorder**
Fun Smile Slime Products *Preorder* Tons of fun products are coming out featuring the smiling slime from Dragon Quest. We have cups, coin banks, cushions -- you name it!
Mana X Factory -- Mana Sakura
Mana X Factory ~ Mana Sakura This full-color photobook features the delightful Mana Sakura and her massive F-cup breasts in all sorts of revealing and alluring poses. Amazing!
ONA BEAT 5th Gig  K-On! Parody Toy
Parody Stress Toys of Your Favorite Girls Browse our huge selection of top-quality onahole stress toys based on the most moe anime girls, like K-On's Azunyan and Haganai's Sena.
Puru Puru Oppai Finale
Fun Oppai Toys Restocked The Oppai Onanie Hole is back, one of the most amazing inventions for self-pleasure we've seen, plus the welcoming mounds of Mami from Madoka.