Friday, March 02, 2012

The End of an Era: the Subaru Factory Stops Producing "K" Cars

J-List is based in Gunma, a prefecture said to be shaped like a crane in flight, located in the exact center of Japan's main island of Honshu. We're about as far as you can get from the sea in Japan, which is a bad thing if you're a fan of fresh sushi, but we weren't sorry to be far from the tsunamis last March. Besides being famous for some of Japan's most beautiful mountains -- which are the most convenient place to dump a body when there's a murder in Tokyo, hence a lot of bodies turn up here -- Gunma has been an important manufacturing hub for Japan over the years and is the home of the Subaru Motor Corp. One of the most important cars in the history of postwar Japan was the Subaru 360, the first kei-class lightweight vehicle to gain a following inside Japan, and one of Japan's first successful export vehicles. Now an era is ending, as production of this class of vehicles ends after half a century, moving to plants operated by the affiliated companies of Toyota and Daihatsu.
("K" cars, from 軽自動車, are the lightest type of vehicle licensed to drive on the streets. They're very light and easy to drive, though most wouldn't be street legal in the U.S.)

Fun fact: the Fuji Heavy Industries factory near J-List is where the "Zero" fighters were built during WWII.

"Big O...Showtime!"

When it comes to anime, there are two sides to my personality. On the one hand, I make a point of watching most major new shows so I can keep up with the latest moe trends and decide what products we want to stock on J-List. Still, I'm "old scool" to the core, always happy to rewatch the original Macross or Bubblegum Crisis or revel in the sober refinement of classic Universal Century Gundam. Recently a show from 1999 called The Big O caught my eye, and I decided to give it a try, since I'd missed it the first time around. (Just to make things more interesting, I watched the entire series while on the treadmill at the gym, one episode per workout.) It was a wonderfully fresh idea, combining the best noir story elements of the 1990s Giant Robo with the Batman animated series, all wrapped in elements of Christopher Nolan's film "Memento." If you're ever in the mood for some classic 70s-era robot fighting with a really good story, give The Big O a try.

I watched The Big O and enjoyed its retro noir design. Plus Dorothy is the hottest android ever.

School Days, Our Favorite New "Eroge"

You probably now that J-List has long been involved with translating and selling Japanese visual novels, called eroge or H-games by fans, though it's a fascinating genre with many all-ages games to enjoy, too. One title that's in beta testing right now is our upcoming School Days, the legendary fully-animated game of love, betrayal, revenge and yandere, which is Japanese for "girls who love you so much, they'll kill you." Last week the translators working on the game sent us the "staff roll" (the ending credits that scroll by when a game ending is reached) for translation, expecting our native Japanese staff to be able to transcribe the Japanese names into English easily. But Japanese is a funny language, it's quite common for someone who's otherwise fully literate to be unsure how to read a given name in kanji, especially in the world of artists who often take archaic pen names, and we had to check with the publisher to make sure we got the names right. Incidentally, you can support the creation of visual novels and eroge in English by preordering titles like School Days, Song of Saya, Hanachirasu or Yumina the Ethereal, and you'll get free shipping on the game when each game ships. Thanks for your support!

School Days is a great eroge we're working on.

The J-List March Manga & Artbook Sale!

J-List loves Japan's visual culture, and we've been selling the best manga and artbooks from Japan for years. This year we've got a treat: a sale on all manga and artbook titles, with 2x J-List points awarded for all purchases. Best of all, we're keeping our popular EMS sale, which gives you $10 back for orders of $100 or more, or $25 back for orders of $200 or more, when you order from Japan via EMS. Click to see all the manga and anime artbooks on sale!

Cool Products Friday, March 2, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
NyanType April 2012
Does your room need a harem of cute girls to brighten up your day? Then grab the latest issue of NyanType for 18 new pin-up posters of the cutest girls from today's best anime. No matter what kinds of anime you like, you'll find awesome posters to drool over with this great new issue. These issues sell unbelievably fast, so get yours today!
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Dengeki G's Magazine April 2012
Dengeki G's Magazine April 2012 Catch up on the latest moe moe games with a new issue of Dengeki G's. Features PSP adaptations of anime like OreImo, Madoka, and Haganai.
Otomo Katsuhiro Artworks Kaba 2
Otomo Katsuhiro Artworks Kaba 2 Feast your eyes on the amazing art of Akira creator Otomo Katsuhiro. This thick 200-page artbook is a must-have for all fans of his work.
Nendoroid Generation  Limited Box
Nendoroid Generation ~ Limited Box 22 kawaii Nendoroid figures entertain you with their adorable antics in this new PSP game. Features characters from top anime like Fate/stay night!
Layered Parka Tops  Long Length Type
Cool Japanese Fashions Restocked Get your wardrobe into style with this season's hottest fashions from Japan. The popular Layered Parka Top is in stock again, after many months!
UTB  Up To Boy Apr 2012
UTB ~ Up To Boy Apr 2012 Immerse yourself in Japan's idol culture with a new issue of UTB. Recommended for fans of AKB48, S/Milage, and all cute Japanese girls.
Transformer Encore 22 Twin Cast
Transformer Encore 22 Twin Cast Relive the epic Transformers series with this awesome figure of transforming boom box Twin Cast and his two cassette tape friends. Autobots, roll out!
Evangelion  Logos Field Operation Stainless Mug Cup for  EVA-02 Pilot (Asuka ver.) **Preorder**
Gorgeous Evangelion Stainless Steel Cups These high quality, stainless steel mugs are designed by the popular outdoor sports company LOGOS, so they'll last nearly all your lifetime.
Doki Doki Nyan Egg NEKO TAMAGO  Mike
Plush Cats from Japan 2011 saw many kawaii products come to the J-List site, from the cute Nyanpire vampire cat to the new Doki Doki Nyan Egg Cat plush series.
Itazura Cat Coin Bank -- Tiger Cat
Itazura Cat Coin Bank Restocked Japan offers the cutest and most innovative ways to save money. Let an adorable kitten protect your coins with these coin banks, now restocked.
Hello Kitty Navy High School Bag
New Hello Kitty Navy High School Bags You'll be the envy of all your friends with these kawaii school bookbags from Sanrio, used in real Japanese schools by students. So kawaii!
Hello Kitty Face Deodorizer -- Pink
Hello Kitty Deodorizer ~ Pink & Red Make your room smell as cute as it looks, with an air freshener that looks like a decor addition. Also great for your car!
Madoka Kaname 1/8 Figure by Good Smile Company  Puella Magi Madoka Magica **Preorder**
That Gorgeous Madoka Figure is In Stock The beautiful Madoka figure by Goodsmile is now in stock, complete with an adorable Kyubey. Click to see this and other great Madoka Magica figures.
Rilakkuma Sunshine Buddies
Kawaii Rilakkuma, Kutsushita Products The cute "eco toy" featuring a solar-powered Rilakkuma is back in stock, a fun way to relax with solar energy. Also Kutsushita Nyanko!
Rias Gremory Oppai Mouse Pad  High School D x D *Preorder*
Oppai Mouse Pad, Wacky Massagers Restocked A great new oppai mousepad is here to provide your wrist a heavenly perch. Features original art of Rias Gremory from High School DxD.
iTunes Japan Music Card
Anime Songs on the iTunes Japan Store Spotted on the iTunes Japan store: a new album by Yui Horie (voice of Minori from Toradora), plus the Amagami SS song collection.
Rilakkuma Kit Kat Hot Cake Flavor
Rilakkuma Kit Kat Hot Cake Flavor, More Enjoy delicious hotcakes with the adorable Rilakkuma, courtesy of Kit Kat and San-X. A tasty and kawaii treat for the whole family.
Tokyo Nihonbashi Limited Kit Kat 'Eitaro' Kuro Mitsu (Black Honey)
Other Japan Kit Kat Flavors Restocked Kit Kat is huge in Japan, with tons of great flavors you won't find anywhere else. Try Wasabi, Black Honey, and the fun Orange Sky Tree version.
Happy Kitchen Doughnuts
Happy Kitchen Doughnuts, Volcano Candy & More We also love the fun DIY snacks from Kracie, and today we've got the Happy Kitchen Doughnuts and Cup Cakes, exploding Volcano Candy and more.
Honda Sauce Sembei
Restocked Japanese Snacks, Too Enjoy classic Toppo, Honda Sauce Rice Crackers, Glito Pretz Onion Gratin flavor, Meiji 100% Juice Gummy, Kabaya Saku Panda Chocolate Cookies plus Hi-Chew x Fanta!
BluexGreen LEGO Block Style 2 tier Bento Box w/ Chopsticks   Elastic Band  Refrigerant
BluexGreen LEGO Block Style Bento Set Here's a great bento for fans of the classic LEGO toys. Designed to look like a giant LEGO brick, this 2-tier box is sure make your lunches fun.
MAGE-WAPPA  Curving Natural Wood Bento Box
Lots of New and Restocked Bento Boxes See a great pre-Black Friday posting of new bento boxes that are perfect for the people on your list, even if it's yourself.
Pikachu Silicon Cake Mold 2pcs  Pokemon
Pikachu Silicon Cake Mold, Bento Cup Mold And speaking of fun lunches, these silicon molds will let you shape your favorite snacks into cute Pikachu heads. Works on cakes, ice cubs, and more!
NORIO Onigiri Bento Case
My Favorite Onigiri Cases Ah, my favorite angry onigiri-shaped bento boxes are back in stock, plus the cute Pana Onigiri Case and Onigiri Style Bento w/Fork. Kawaii!
Easy Boiled-Egg Shaper -- Rabbit   Bear
Amazing Boiled Egg Shapers, More You can even shape eggs now! Just stick a boiled egg in one of these shapers come out with a cute and delicious treat.
Ramen Microwave Bowl
Ramen Microwave Bowl, Gyoza Maker Make delicious ramen noodles and gyoza dumplings, two of Japan's favorite foods, with these handy cooking tools. It's easy!
New SAND de PANDA -- Clover  Push Style Easy Sandwich Maker
Bento Cups, Sandwich Cutters, More Also: fantastic sandwich shapers which make the most interesting sandwiches ever, bento cups for separating your lunch and more.
Mild Liner  New Smokey Color Highlight Marker Set of 3 Colors
Restocked Japanese Pens, Notebooks Tons of great pen and more on the site, including the Pilot Latte Magical Decorating Pen, Reusable Water Magic Calligraphy Set, plus Mild Liner Smoky Color Markers.
Rabbit Hina Doll Girl's Day Display
Rabbit Hina Doll Girl's Day Display  Celebrate one of Japan's cutest festivals with this miniature doll display featuring two rabbits in traditional Japanese dress. So kawaii!
KITSUNE MASK  Traditional Fox Mask
Traditional Japanese Products From kitsune (fox) masks is a famous image of Japan to the most excellent miso soup bowls w/chopsticks, we have great items today.
Revoltech Takeya Part.4 Zochoten (Virudhaka) *Preorder*
Gorgeous New Revoltech Figures *Preorder* Nobody does action figures like Revoltech. Check out their latest, a fearsome Buddhist war god and one of the powered suits that inspired Gundam.
Revoltech Queen's Blade No.014 Siggy 1P Color *Preorder*
Siggy Action Figures from Revoltech *Preorder* And for fans of Queen's Blade, we have these sexy Siggy action figures that come with plenty of optional clothes damage. Revoltech rules!
Chie Satonaka Figma Action Figure  Persona 4 *Preorder*
Chie Satonaka, FLCL Figure *Preorder* The action figures keep coming! Check out a cute Figma of Persona 4's Chie, then indulge in some nostalgia with a super-cool Canti from Furi Kuri.
Sena Kashiwazaki Petanko Figure  Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai *Preorder*
Kawaii Petanko Figures for Haganai Fans *Preorder* The "petanko" series of cute seated figures continues with these delightfully moe renditions of Yozora and Sena from Haganai. Take a look.
Feather Touch -- Ai Haneda's 1st Photobook
Restocked 'H' Photobooks Too You'll also want to browse our selection of sexy photobooks, including restocked volumes of Asuka no Yume, School Swimsuits, and Feather Touch.
My Coworker Suzuki-san Can't Be This Erotic
My Coworker Suzuki-san Can't Be This Erotic A brand-new stress relief toy is waiting for you to explore her every nook and cranny. This girl is great fun when the work shift is done!
A10 Cyclone
A10 Cyclone & Starter Set Stress Relief System The most famous stress relief toys ever is the A10 Cyclone series by Rends, which promises to bring more stress relief than you can possibly imagine.
The Dignity of Great 'Maria Ozawa'
Fun Toys for JAV Fans Restocked Check out our excellent selection of relaxation toys for our J-List fans, featuring the bodies of stars like Maria Ozawa, Sarah and more. Personal lotion too!
Grisaia no Meikyuu  Le Labyrinthe De La Grisaia
Beautiful Adult Games from Japan Browse J-List's selection of top-quality eroge. We have The Devil on G-String, the Grisaia series by the Bakemonogatari artist, White Album 2 and more.
School Days HQ *Preorder*
School Days HQ *Preorder* The ultimate love triangle with the "nice boat" bad end is now up for preorder! The game will be fully uncensored and translated to English, and feature all the new endings!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Being Bilingual in Japanese Isn't Perfect

Today is February 29th, which is possible because 2012 is a Leap Year. In Japanese, Leap Year is urudoshi, but don't worry if you didn't know that word -- I didn't either, and I had to look it up in a dictionary just now. After studying Japanese for four years in university and living in Japan for 20, I am as "bilingual" in the language as I need to be, which means that I'm competent in the core areas of my life including social interaction with people, navigating business relationships with Japanese companies and making contracts. But there are plenty of areas where my Japanese is quite pathetic, a fact I'm reminded of whenever I visit the local history museum, since the Japanese language used even just 60 years ago can be quite archaic and difficult for me. I also have no awareness of the language of mathematics in Japanese, as I learned they other day when my son was helping my daughter with her math homework. Listening to their conversation, I didn't have the slightest idea if they were doing geometry, algebra or calculus.

Japanese has changed so much since WWII, reading newspapers from the wartime era is quite a challenge.

AKB48, Japan's New "Gatekeepers" for Suicide Prevention

One of the many challenges Japan faces in the 21st century is getting a handle on its suicide rate, which has remained steady at about 30,000 per year over the past decade, about the same as in the U.S. despite Japan having less than half the population. Don't worry though, because The Government Has a Plan: it's designated popular singing group AKB48 as the official "Gatekeepers" in a campaign to draw attention to the problem and suggest ways we can all help. While some are critical of the new initiative, dubbed GKB48 (the letters stand for "GateKeeper Basic," though they remind Japanese people of the word gokiburi, or cockroach), at least it's a start, as long as more concrete steps are taken (if...). Part of Japan's suicide problem comes from differing social mores -- suicide has at times been seen in a positive light, a way to regain honor and a source of romantic stories about lovers' suicide (shinju) during the Edo Period, for example. But in my opinion, the biggest problem modern Japan faces is its outdated custom of mistrusting most psychoactive drugs as "always bad," despite the existence of proven drugs that could surely help alleviate the situation in individuals with real depression. I'd love to see some new thinking in this area.

AKB48 are "Gatekeepers" for Suicide Prevention.

Cute Japanese Gestures

One interesting aspect of living in Japan is learning to read the unique body language of people around you, which is generally not something taught in Japanese textbooks. There are quite a few communicative gestures the Japanese make which are significantly different from what we'd use in the West, from the famous "waving hand" gesture that Lucky Cat does (which could easily be interpreted as "get away from me" if you didn't know it) to the childish akkanbeh! insult some characters do. A raised pinky is the universal gesture meaning "I've got a hot date tonight," while embarrassment in social situations will be communicated by toying with your forefingers (if female) or rubbing the back of your head (if male). Expressing "no" without giving offense can be quite involved in Japanese; you can do it non-verbally by waving your hand in front of your face, and "that is not allowed" can be indicated by making a little "X" with your fingers. Finally, the concept of "brown-nosing" someone in a position of authority is called goma-suri, literally grinding up sesame seeds, and indicating a weasely coworker while grinding imaginary sesame seeds in your fist is the accepted gesture for "ass-kisser."

Body language in Japan can be hard to read when you first arrive in Japan.

Cool Products Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine April 2012
A new issue of Megami is here, and you know what that means! Cover your walls with 18 beautiful new pinup posters of this anime season's most moe girls. Then catch up on all the latest anime and game news with full-color info and art spreads. It's the best time of the month for anime fans!
View products »
Gothic Lolita Bible Spring 2012 vol. 43
Gothic Lolita Bible Spring 2012 vol. 43 Dive into gothic lolita culture with a new issue of this fantastic magazine that features beautiful girls in the most elegant dresses you've ever seen.
Hobby Japan April 2012
Hobby Japan April 2012 The latest issue of Hobby Japan will have you drooling with page after page of awesome mecha models and beautiful bishoujo figures.
Comic Rex April 2012
Comic Rex April 2012 Grab a new issue of Comic REX, the magazine that offers moe comedy like Kannagi, ecchi fanservice like Senran Kagura, and tons more great manga.
Evangelion NERV Black iPhone 4/4S Case EV-57A
Evangelion NERV Black iPhone 4/4S Case Wow, this just looks amazing. Show off your EVA fandom on your iPhone4 with this amazing protective case. I bet even Gendo has one.
Beautiful Line Chiffon Knit Tops  Gray
Today's New and Restocked Japanese Fashions Also, browse our choice selection of cute and trendy Japanese fashion items, like our Chiffon Knit Tops and Brassiere & Shorts set, now restocked.
Stripe Panty and Half Top set 5L size  Pink Shimapan
Sailor Uniform, Shimapan for 'Trap' Fans We've got them all in 5L sizes, perfect for those who want to cosplay as their favorite girls from anime, manga and games.
White Geta Style Tabi Socks
Geta Style Tabi, aka 'Ninja Socks' Tabi are the famous split-toe footwear worn by ninjas, or with traditional Japanese kimonos. Enjoy these awesome restocked socks!
Men's Charcoal Nose Cleaning Pack  10 Sheets
Men's Charcoal Nose Cleaning Pack ~ 10 Sheets Cleansing strips that flush out your nose's pores with the charcoal powered chemistry. Men, look your best for that cute someone in your life.
Quarterly Pixiv vol. 07
Restocked Pixiv & Anime Artbooks For the art connoisseurs out there, we have a new issue of Quarterly Pixiv, full of the best art from Japan's number one art sharing site.
Charlotte E. Yeager Nendoroid Figure  Strike Witches  **Preorder**
Gorgeous Nendoroid, Revoltech Figures In Stock We've got some amazing Nendoroid figure preorders just in from series like Strike Witches and Ano Hana. Check them out.
Ore wa Shoujo Mangaka
Ore wa Shoujo Mangaka Romance cute girls as an aspiring shoujo manga artist in this new PSP visual novel. A great romantic comedy full of joso crossdressing humor.
Photo Kano
Restocked PSP Anime Games Also see new PSP anime games, including Photo Kano (Photo Girlfriend), Utawarerumono, Fate/EXTRA PSP, ToHeart and "Railgun" limited edition.
Kutsushita Nyanko Sitting Plush
Kutsushita Nyanko Products Restocked Kawaii mascot kitties from San-X (Rilakkuma brand) are so adorable, you'll want one for everyone. Exceptionally high quality.
Jiji Baby Rattle
Restocked Ghibli Products We've got some super cute Ghibli and Totoro products back in stock that is sure to make any child (or adult) very happy.
Genki I (Second Edition) Textbook  An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 1 Textbook
Restocked Japanese Study Books Get started on that New Year's resolution to master Japanese with our newly-restocked Genki series of textbooks, plus other great study aids.
Annual Events in Japan 2  Autumn and Winter
Annual Events in Japan vol 1 & 2 Keep up with Japanese holidays and events with this two volume guidebook designed for learners of Japanese. A great way to study language and culture.
Takoyaki Soft Candy
Japan's "interesting caramel boom" continues, with a bold new flavor of caramels in stock -- Takoyaki! Or if you prefer a different taste sensation, try Cheese Fondu potato snacks, Peach Hi-Chew gum, or one of our many other unique and delicious Japanese snacks. J-List supports world peace through shared snack-related popular culture!
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Microwave Potato Chip Maker
Epic Microwave Products from Japan Wacky microwave products restocked, including our Microwave Potato Chip Maker, Microwave Waffle Maker and even Takoyaki. Yum!
UHA Devil Fruits One Piece x Shigekix
Today's Restocked Japanese Snacks Enjoy Devil Fruits One Piece gummy, plus Kracie's Dinosaur and Insect Making Gummy Set, Meltykiss Fran Green Tea, plus awesome Glico Pretz in many flavors.
Hello Kitty Strawberry Flower Slim Tight Bento Box w/Chopsticks  Pink
Hello Kitty Strawberry Bento Box We've got a bunch of cuteness today from Japan, like this Hello Kitty bento box. Fits perfectly in your purse.
Round Totoro Tight Bento Box Brown
Totoro Bento Boxes Restocked Love Totoro all over again, in a whole new way with these very cute bento boxes and accessories, now newly restocked.
GLIT  BRILLIA Pink Kinchaku Style Bento Bag
GLIT & BRILLIA Bento Boxes, Bags & Chopsticks Plus, we've got some more bento and dining items from GLIT & BRILLIA that will help make any outing a fun one with everything you need.
Stamp Nuki Gata Cutter
The Best Bento Accessories Restocked Also: sandwich shapers and food cutters from Torune, including the ABC Bento Cutter for creating messages out of food. Delicious!
ONIGIRI / Rice Ball Maker  Triangle
Restocked Onigiri Shapers Restocked Say goodbye to improperly shaped onigiri rice balls with the shapers we're restocking, plus the vegetable shaper and bamboo "cooking chopsticks."
Lucky Cat Mini Plate Set (Chopsticks Rest)  5pcs
Lucky Cat Mini Plate Set (Chopsticks Rests) A great little item that is sure to make your parties wildly enjoyed by all who attend, Maneki Neko mini plates.
Deluxe Pentel Fude Brush Pen 2way Type
Restocked 'Fude' Pens & Mechanical Pencils We've restocked our popular traditional fude pens for Japanese calligraphy and art, plus other fun pens & mechanical pencils from Japan.
T-Note  Concentrate on Studying Notebook produced by Tokyo University Students - (32 pages)
Amazing Japanese Notebooks & More, Too You'll get a lot more studying done when you have the right materials to help you out, giving you an edge above the rest.
Kokeshi  Shiki / Four Seasons
Restocked Kokeshi Dolls & More We love kokeshi wooden dolls form Japan, and have restocked all four "season" dolls -- winter, spring, summer, fall!
Simple Black Green Tea Leaf Container
Great Traditional Products Restocked These beautiful green tea containers will look absolutely delightful in your home. We also have some cute sakura lacquered wood business card boxes.
Yozora Mikazuki Pureneemo Doll Uniform ver.  Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai *Preorder*
Yozora Figures, Premium Dolls *Preorder* Are you in love with Yozora from I Have Few Friends? Then take a look at these beautiful Yozora dolls and figures, now available for preorder.
Hyper Nurse Milky Way Hotaru-chan 1/6 Figure Pink ver. *Preorder*
Hyper Nurse Milky Way Series *Preorder* Coming soon, a real treat for fans of hot girls with guns. These futuristic and sexy battle nurses are here to kick ass and take your temperature.
THE IDOLM@STER2 Nendoroid Petite Box (Set of 8) *Preorder*
IDOLM@STER 2 Nendoroid Petite Box *Preorder* Your very own idol unit awaits in this box of adorable chibi Nendoroids. It'll take a master producer to find just the right position for all of them.
Celty Sturluson 1/8 Figure  Durarara!!
Other Fun Preorder Figures Durarara!! fans should check out this cool and sexy figure of headless biker Celty Sturluson. Maybe you'll get to find out what's under that helmet.
Dengeki Hime April 2012
Dengeki Hime April 2012 We carry popular anime and eroge magazines that are on the ecchi side too, and we got the new Dengeki Hime in stock. Nosebleed warnings apply.
Yulia Nova Photobook Part 3
Gorgeous Ecchi Photobooks Restocked Fall in love with girls from all over the world (but mostly Japan), each with her own photobooks that leave no inch of her sexy body unexplored.
Love  Tsundere Peach Hip
Experience the pleasure of plumbing uncharted depths with this top-quality stress relief toy. Comes with both vaginal and anal openings for a variety of fun, plus lubricant to maximize your pleasure. This toy is extra special because it's so heavy, a full 1500g/3.3 lbs, for a more realistic feel when you want to lay down your burdens at the end of the day. The best friend a man can have!
View products »
Tsubu Tsubu Lotion
Amazing Personal Lotion from Japan Spice up your private time with our selection of personal lotions, including varieties specially formulated to increase your moe moe kyun.
Pretty Student's Brassiere  Shorts  White M
Ero Cosplay Products Restocked Take your cosplay to the next level with these great underwear sets from Tamatoys. Now with new pink and white sets in stock.
Demonbane *preorder*
Other Awesome Eroge from Japan Also: Demonbane is a fabulous game you should get now, perhaps while you preorder the other two Nitroplus titles we've got posted?