Friday, March 30, 2012

Mixing English and Japanese Grammar

Everyone knows that adding 'y' to the end of a noun can turn it into an adjective, like silky, messy, rainy, or healthy, and since Japanese usually study six years of English before finishing high school, people generally have a working knowledge of the grammar here. It's common for makers of products to play with English in ways that can be very creative, spawning a line of ladies' support stockings that bears the name Supporty or a deep-cleaning shampoo called Rooty, or "Home, Homer, Homest" as the slogan for a construction company. Japanese also reverse engineer the grammar of English to create new slang terms. For example, new words are commonly made by, say, removing the "tic" ending from a word like "dramatic" or "aromatic" and tacking it onto a Japanese words, creating "otome-tic" (pronounced oh-toh-meh-CHI-ku), meaning something that a girl would do, like having a pink box of tissue on her desk, or gaijiin-tic (gai-jin-CHI-kku), meaning something that you'd expect a foreigner to do, like speak Japanese with an exaggerated accent. There's also a word called "adult-tic" (adaruto-chikku) which serves as a softer euphemism for referring to mature themes.

You have to watch out for those gaijin. You never know what crazy stuff they'll do.

The Nicest Taxi Driver in Sapporo

There are many differences between Japan and the U.S. For example, America has way more lawyers -- 1 for every 276 citizens compared with just 1 for every 5500 people for Japan -- but I'm sure the numbers are reversed if you analyze the number of talented artists and illustrators each country has. Another difference is the lack of tipping culture: no matter what kind of restaurant, hotel or other establishment you patronize in Japan, you never leave a gratuity. While this seems nice from the consumer's point of view, it has its drawbacks, essentially making it impossible to reward someone for exceptional service with a tip. In Sapporo, my son and I encountered the nicest taxi driver in the world, who took us to see the statue of Professor William "Boys, Be Ambitious" Clark, explaining various points of interest we would have missed without him then taking us to a nearby ashi no onsen (a hot springs bath for your feet) and waiting with the meter off while we warmed our frozen toes. (The elderly taxi driver also asked us if we'd heard of "Hatsune Megumi," which was so cute.) This being Sapporo, he gave us advice on the best place to find awesome ramen, which was the Sapporo Ramen Republic, a collection of Showa Era-themed shops on the 10th floor of the ESTA building next to Sapporo Station, if you're ever in the neighborhood. Yet there was no way for me to thank for man for his expert advice since tipping doesn't exist here...and attempting to tip would actually give offense in most cases.

I met the nicest taxi driver in all Sapporo.

"Haafu" Characters in Anime: Haruka Morishima

What is the "perfect" girl? According to Japan, it seems to be someone who is half-Japanese and half-British (or French), able to speak foreign languages with confidence while still retaining the core joshiki or "universal common sense" that makes Japanese people unique. In the most recent arc of Amagami SS+, my waifu the popular character Haruka Morishima is revealed as haafu (her father being from the U.K.), which explains her fashion model-like beauty as well as her many idiosyncracies, so refreshingly different from the more restrained female characters in the show. Yet when we meet her relative Jessica, a blonde clone of Haruka from England who's able to do things Japanese society forbids, such as warmly embracing people she's just met and giving kisses on the cheek as a casual greeting, we realize how very Japanese Haruka is in comparison.
So what's your perfect girl?

Haruka from Amgami is an example of an elegant haafu character.

Cool Products Friday, March 30, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine May 2012
It's the best time of the month for moe fans! A new issue of Megami Magazine is here, bringing you 18 huge pinup posters of the cutest and sexiest girls in anime today. K-On, Strike Witches, PapaKiki, AnoNatsu, Zero no Tsukaima, Saki, Space Battleship Yamato, Queen's Blade - all your favorite shows are here, so don't wait! These issues sell faster than we can believe.
View products »
Comic Alive May 2012
Comic Alive May 2012 And for a dose of moe manga, pick up the latest issue of Comic Alive, featuring "The Perverted Prince and the Cat Who Won't Smile" w/art by Kantoku!
GeMaga  Game Magazine May 2012 (Last issue)
GeMaga ~ Game Magazine May 2012 (Last issue) This is the last issue of GeMaga, the magazine that specializes in moe games for all platforms, and it is super awesome. Don't miss it.
Dengeki Daioh May 2012
Dengeki Daioh May 2012 It's a brand new issue of Dengeki Daioh, the moeest of the moe manga anthologies out there! Packed with everyone's favorites.
Yotsubato Himekuri Daily Calendar 2012 April  2012 Mar ** Preorder **
Yotsubato 2012-2013 Calendar The 2012 Yotsubato calendar is here, which goes from April 2012 through April 2012, the Japanese school year. (The 2011 calendar was posted last time, sorry.)
Bakemonogatari Mug Cup
Bakemonogatari Mug Cup  The cool Bakemonogatari cup is also in stock, and it's covered with characters and famous lines from this awesome show.
Panty  Stockings with Chuck + Galaxxxy Twin Pack **Preorder**
Panty & Stocking Galaxxxy Twin Pack We love Panty & Stocking w/ Garterbelt, and the new "Galaxxxy Twin Pack" figures we're posting for preorder are especially nice.
Hatsune Miku Romeo  Cinderella Figure  Mikumo Original Collection
Hatsune Miku, Other Figures In Stock Today Great moe figures in stock. Try the beautiful Romeo & Cinderella Miku, the cool Uesugi Kenshin Figma, and the adorable Millhi from Dog Days.
Evangelion NERV Black iPhone 4/4S Case EV-57A
Awesome Evangelion iPhone Cases Restocked For our iPhone fans, we've got some great otaku cases that we know you'll enjoy, from series like Evangelion, One Piece and more.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable
Restocked PSP, PS3 and PSVita Anime Games I love the new Madoka game, and we have both the normal and limited editions. Also enjoy One Piece Kaizoku Musou, and several awesome games for Vita owners.
Kissing Long Sleeve Shirt  Black
Kissing Long Sleeve Shirts, Other Fashion Items Got elegant Japanese fashions on the site today, with two beautiful tops that feature kissing lips on them. Lots of other Japan fashion items, too.
SHOXX April 2012 vol. 230
SHOXX April 2012 vol. 230 Next, get all the awesome photography you've come to expect from the magazine that focuses on the J-Rock, J-Metal genre and the visual scenes in Japan.
Stripe Panty and Half Top set 5L size  Blue Shimapan
New Shimapan, Cosplay Items Are you a shimapan (striped panty) lover? Then browse the new sets we posted today. Great for Hatsune Miku fans!
A Certain School Swimsuits  Otokonoko 3L
Cosplay for 'Trap' Fans Too And speaking of moe undergarments, try this delightful invention - a girls' school swimsuit made just for men! Perfect for cosplay.
Ribbon-Holic Hello Kitty Sticker
Ribbon-Holic Hello Kitty Stickers Wow, these Hello Kitty stickers are super puffy and fun. Great for decorating your binder, schedule or smartphone case. Comes with 47 kawaii stickers.
Red Kaomoji Plushy Daruma  Medium
Red & Gold Kaomoji Plushy Daruma Dolls Traditional and modern Japan come together in these cute and cuddly kaomoji daruma dolls. Each has ASCII art straight from the Japanese internet!
Gakken Otona no Kagaku vol. 29  Science Projects for Adult -- AKARI Origami
Updated Gakken Science Projects We've got new and back issue editions of the always interesting and scientific project series Gakken Science.
Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks -- Darth  Maul **Preorder*
Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks Set Restocked Relive your favorite moments from the Star Wars saga while you engage your meals in epic combat with these amazing Star Wars chopsticks!
Taiyaki in the House  Taiyaki Pan -- Ouchi de Taiyaki Kun
Our Most Popular Taiyaki Cooker Ever Make delicious Japanese treats, like Taiyaki and Takoyaki, with these amazing cooking utensils and tools. Easy and fun to use.
My Neighbor Totoro -- Large Totoro  Totoro Doll Collection
Various Cute Totoro Products Restocked, Too Totoro fans, look for various restocked items, including the Totoro Doll Collection toys, some of our favorite plush toys and Totoro bento. Why not?
Frito-Lay Izakaya Menu Doritos -- Bacon  Cheese Mochi
'Izakaya' Snacks from FritoLay Japan We recently brought you Korean Cheetos from FritoLay Japan, and now we've got bold new Japanese flavors!
Coris Miracle Bubble Neri Ame -- Dual Flavor Pocari Sweat Flavor (Set of 3)
Coris Miracle Bubble Neri Ame (Set of 3) A crazy type of delicious treat from Japan, featuring bubbles you can eat, and include two unique flavors. Plus other wacky food fun inside.
Oreo Mini Chocolate Bar Pack (12 Pieces)
Restocked Snacks Too Enjoy Japanese Oreo Chocolate Bars, Popin' Cookin' DIY Sushi and Cake Shop candy, Fuwa Fuwa Rich Collon, Takoyaki and Pudding Pretz w/sauce and Sakuma Drops.
Tentacle Grape
San Diego-based Snacks & Drinks J-List carries Japanese snacks and drinks from San Diego now, and we've restocked Super Mario Mushroom Candy, Ramune Soda and Tentacle Grape!
Totoro Silicon Sealed Bento Box w/Elastic Band  Chopsticks  Vegetable
Totoro Silicon Sealed Bento Box Set A very kawaii way to enjoy your favorite juice, with this kid-friendly cup featuring the delightful Totoro.
OURAN  Red Sakura Bento Box With Chopsticks  Elastic Band
Sakura Bento Box With Chopsticks We carry a complete bento sets which come with everything you need including chopsticks. See these traditional bento boxes, restocked today.
BARAN -- Bento/Sushi Decorative Partition Grass
'Baran' Fake Grass for Bento Give your bento lunches a touch of elegance with "baran" fake grass, now available in various colors. No Japanese bento is complete without it.
Fundoshi -- White  Traditional Men's Underwear
Also: Fundoshi, Hachimaki, More Fundoshi (pronounced foon-DOH-shi) is the traditional underwear worn by the samurai, which we've restocked. Also: kanji headbands!
Kiseru -- Japanese Traditional Pipe
Traditional 'Kiseru' Pipes, 'Yokobue' Flutes You'll love our newly restocked selection of Japanese traditional goods, like pipes, flutes, fans, dolls, decorative items and more.
Reusable Practice Calligraphy Set with only Water
Reusable Water Magic Calligraphy Set, More See our fun water-based calligraphy set (needs no ink to write with!), plus our Happy Sweets Clay Kit and Let's Make Eraser with Hot Water.
Miku Hatsune 1/8 Figure Racing Miku 2011ver. *Preorder*
Miku Hatsune 1/8 Figure Racing Miku 2011ver. *Preorder* An amazing Hatsune Miku figure that has a body of a race queen. Big thanks for Goodsmile for coming up with this marvelous design.
Meiko Honma Petanko Figure  Anohana *Preorder*
Kawaii AnoHana Petanko Figures *Preorder* You will have to take these adorable Ano Hana figures home with you, set in cute chibi proportions.
Sanya V. Litvyak Figma Action Figure  Strike Witches *Preorder*
Sanya V. Litvyak Figma Action Figure *Preorder* Another highly detailed figure from the world of Figma, this time of Sanya from Strike Witches. Just in time for the theatrical release.
Canopuri Comic May 2012
Canopuri Comic May 2012 With huge name artists like LINDA, Shirow Masamune and Maya Miyazaki, every issue of this new ecchi manga magazine will be dear to fans.
Tamaki Kousaka 1/7 Figure Vacation ver. White Pearl Color  Toheart2 *Preorder*
Tamaki Kousaka Figure Vacation *Preorder* Toheart2 always captures our attention, with the very sexy character designs. This figure is just candy like candy for your eyes, standing at 1/7 scale.
Deluxe Stress Toy 'DIVA' Enjoy another level of relaxation and please when you use the DIVA, made from a new kind of mochi mochi material.
Sweat Scent of School Girl  Fashionable Girl
With three tantalizing fragrances, add another dimension to your enjoyment of adult videos and manga by adding the smell of a Japanese girl, with three distinct body aromas to choose from: the School Club girl, always playing sports, the Fashionable Girl, who smells so fresh and nice, and the bookish Literary Club member. Plus, don't forget our other pleasure and relation enhancing toys, accessories and novelty gifts.
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Love  Tsundere Peach Hip
Tsundere, Other Fun Onahole Toys Restocked Fresh stock of the amazing Tsundere Peach Hip deluxe toy, which can satisfying your stress in two ways, or enjoy private time with Coworker Suzuki-san.
Restocked Onahole + Pantsu Toys Bring a bit of daring and newness to your life this spring and try something new, like one of our Japanese 'relaxation' toys, or always appealing shimapan.
Eiyuu Senki  Record of Hero's War
Eiyuu Senki ~ Record of Hero's War We love moe versions of famous people like Alexander the Great and King Arthur. This new strategy eroge has over 70 of them! Check it out.
Idols Galore! - Please Enjoy the Idol
Idols Galore! - Please Enjoy the Idol Every wanted to manage super cute idols, like AKB48 or the Idolmaster? Every wondered what "fringe benefits" might come with the job? I think you'll like this game.

Tentacle Grape from J-List

In addition to hundreds of fun Japanese snacks of every size and shape, J-List now stocks various random Japanese snack and drink items in San Diego. While we're always happy to sell you some melon soda flavored Ramune or delicious Vermont Curry, one of our favorite products is definitely the Tentacle Grape, the wacky drink that makes you think of Japanese "naughty tentacle" yet is a really delicious and refreshing grape soda. Available by the single bottle, or grab a six-pack! Try some Tentacle Grape today, and get graped in the mouth!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How Japanese Family Names Work

It can be fun to study how Japanese surnames work. One of the mysteries of family names in Japan is the large number of different ones that exist, around 120,000, compared with a few thousand in China and only 249 in Korea. This is caused partially by how late Japan was in adopting universal surnames, which only became required in 1870, and a lack of a specific tradition of naming families up to that point. It'd be hard to imagine a neighborhood in the States where everyone was named Smith, but (as I wrote about a few weeks ago) for some reason nearly everyone who lives around our house has the same last name as us, Yanai, though no one is related. Part of this is due to the fact that we live in a small rural city where no one ever sells their land, because if you sold your land and moved to another part of the country, what would you do with your family gravestone? Your ancestors would be so lonely. One amusing aspect of living in Japan is hearing people with names like 田中 Tanaka ("in the rice field"), 山田 Yamada ("rice field on the mountain"), 井上 Inoue ("over the well") and 中村 Nakamura ("in the village") argue vehemently that their ancestors were samurai warriors despite their agrarian sounding names.

Japanese love to believe their ancestors were all samurai.

Osana-najimi, Japan's Unique Childhood Friends

You wouldn't think a simple word like "friend" could be a potentially complex linguistic concept, but in Japan you might be surprised. In English, we use the word to denote any person we're genuinely friendly with, while sometimes extending it to casual acquaintances as well as using the word (perhaps in quotes as "friend") as a euphemism for someone we're dating. The word for friend in Japanese is tomodachi, and it has a more "close" feel to it than the English word, never used as a throwaway term for someone you only know casually. Tomodachi in school years are almost always the same age; otherwise you'd use the term senpai or kouhai (upperclassman/lowerclassman), which adds an invisible layer of politeness that makes it difficult to become true friends. One interesting concept is the word osana-najimi (o-SAH-NAH NAH-jee-mee), meaning childhood friend, someone you've been close to ever since you were children, and it carries unique connotations of knowing the person as well as you know yourself. In the anime Ano Natsu de Matteru, aka Waiting in the Summer, there are many unrequited loves, with Tetsuro in love with his childhood friend Kanna, who loves a guy named Kaito, who loves a glasses-wearing alien named Kazami Ichika, and so on. Because Tetsuro and Kanna have known each other all their lives, they're more like cousins than potential dating partners, which makes it hard for Tetsuro to get Kanna to see him as a man. Childhood friends are a fixture in eroge too -- the Japanese title of our popular recent game release translates as My Childhood Friend is the President.

A childhood friend knows you better than you know yourself.

Flowery, Poetic Language in Japanese

One thing the Japanese love very much is making long speeches at official ceremonies, and when I went to my daughter's graduation I knew there'd be several to sit through -- the official speech by the principal of the school plus others by representatives of the faculty, the graduating students, the class below the graduating students, and the parents, all of which must be done in order to satisfy the proper kata or expected social form. One interesting aspect of these kinds of speeches is the way they're decorated with flowery adjectives which are often related to the seasons, which would sound something like, "We stand here on this day, still feeling the cold shadow of winter as it gives way to the brightness and promise of renewal of spring..." if rendered into English. There's a whole subset of extremely poetic words in Japanese, which are rich and beautiful to the ear but which are challenging for foreign students of the language as they're encountered only rarely. This kind of beautiful language is also used when writing formal letters, which unfortunately is fast becoming a lost art in our hyper-connected world of email, Twitter and Facebook.

The Japanese love long, flowery speeches that are hard for gaijin to understand.

Peter Recommends: Liminal States, by Zack Parsons

My friend Zack Parsons has published a really cool novel called Liminal States that I thought I'd mention here, since I thoroughly enjoyed the pre-release copy he sent me. It's one of the hardest SF stories I've read, but wrapped in several other genres in a way that's really fresh and new...and since it's written by a member of our "tribe" (Zack has been a fixture on the Internet for years), it's definitely worth your consideration. See the book on Amazon or check out the Facebook page for a soundtrack and trailer plus sample chapters.

Cool Products Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
NewType Ace vol. 6, 2012
NewType Ace vol. 6, 2012 Here's a cool new anime + manga magazine: Newtype Ace, a thick and satisfying manga magazine published by Kadokawa featuring all your favorites. Free stuff too!
Shonen Ace May 2012
Shonen Ace May 2012 Pick up the latest issue of Shonen Ace for another 1000 pages of awesome manga like Fate/stay night and Steins;Gate. Great for Japanese learners!
E2 vol. 33  Etsu
E2 vol. 33 ~ Etsu Only the best moe artists make it into the pages of E2. Enjoy cute girls drawn by Kantoku, Nishimata Aoi, and other artists. Limited stock of this issue.
E2 Plus vol. 2  Etsu Plus 2
E2 Plus vol. 2 ~ Etsu Plus 2 And for even more great artwork, pick up this supplement to E2 and immerse yourself in the artist's world. Comes with 7 beautiful pinup posters!
Hobby Japan May 2012
Hobby Japan May 2012 Grab a new issue of the top magazine for model and figure enthusiasts, packed with otaku-tastic photos of Gundams, tanks, cute figures, and more.
Panty  Stocking with Heaven Coin Angel **Preorder**
Panty & Stocking Figures, More In Stock The Goodsmile company brings us Panty &amp Stocking figures, now in stock for your viewing pleasure. See our other new arrivals too!
Fruits May 2012 NO. 178
Fruits May 2012 NO. 178 The magazine that brings you the best in Tokyo streetwear in a no-frills package that gives you hundreds of HQ photos of authentic fashion.
Fuwa Fuwa Panda Poncho  White
Kawaii Japan Fashions Restocked Add a new level of style to your wardrobe with these fashion items we've picked up in Shibuya, the center of young Japanese fashion.
Touhou Project illustration Tutorial Guide
Touhou Project illustration Tutorial Guide Learn how the best Touhou artists work their magic with this stunning artbook and guide. Great for both artists and admirers.
Yotsubato Himekuri Daily Calendar 2011 April  2012 Mar.
The 2012 Yotsuba Calendar is In Stock!! Great news -- the 2012 Yotsuba calendar is in stock finally. This calendar goes from April 2012 through April 2013, the Japanese school year.
J-List T-shirt  I LOVE SAKE
J-List T-shirt ~ I LOVE SAKE Show off your love for liquor with the new sakebito (Alcohol Lover) T-shirt. A great gift with a secret meaning close to your heart.
Star Wars Silicon Tray -- Han Solo In Carbonite
Star Wars Silicon Ice Cube Trays Restocked These awesome Star Wars silicon molds are selling fast! Now restocked, so grab a few and start making Han Solo ice cubes (or...chocolate?).
Evangelion  Logos Field Operation Stainless Mug Cup for  EVA-02 Pilot (Asuka ver.) **Preorder**
Gorgeous Evangelion Stainless Steel Cups These high quality, stainless steel mugs are designed by the popular outdoor sports company LOGOS, so they'll last nearly all your lifetime.
Little Busters! Converted Edition
Little Busters! Converted Edition for PS Vita Little Busters is now in stock for the Playstation VITA! Prepare for hilarious romantic hijinks with 9 cute girls in this visual novel masterpiece from Key.
Black Rock Shooter Blu-ray Box  Perfect Limited Edition **Preorder**
Black Rock Shooter Blu-ray Box *Preorder* Fans of the beautiful Black Rock Shooter anime will be happy to know that the complete series is coming to Blu-ray. Preorder your copy today.
Campus Wide Japanese Learning Word Book
Today's Restocked Japanese Study Products Japan's stationery is the most awesome in the world, and we've restocked some fun notebooks for you, including great Japanese study aids.
MINI JOY STICK for iPhone or Android
Restocked iPhone & Android Products Improve your "work efficiency" with some great add-ons for your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.
Hello Kitty Moffle  Waffle Maker Pan
Hello Kitty Waffle Maker & More We've also got many kawaii Hello Kitty products, like waffle makers, massagers, bento accessories and many more!
Sakuma Yuki Miku Drop
Sakuma Yuki Miku Drop A great traditional hard candy from Japan but designed for all us Hatsune Miku fans. This very limited, regional product that will sell out soon...
Meiji Fran Cereals -- White Chocolate (Set of 3)
Meiji Fran 'Cereals' Give You Roughage The crunchy, chocolaty taste of a Meiji in a new, healthier option for adults, with a biscuit stick made from flour, rice and rye. Sounds great.
Kracie Happy Kitchen Humberger
Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger Set Create your own mini snack-time cheeseburger fast food meal, with this amazing Japanese kit. Tastes like the real thing!
Tokyo Nihonbashi Limited Kit Kat 'Eitaro' Kuro Mitsu (Black Honey)
Other Japan Kit Kat Flavors Restocked Kit Kat is huge in Japan, with tons of great flavors you won't find anywhere else. Try Wasabi, Black Honey, and the fun Orange Sky Tree version.
Ninja Meshi Shigekix  Ninja Food (Grape Flavor) Set of 3
Restocked Ninja Food, Other Fun Snacks Enjoy Meiji Choco Baby, Morinaga Caramels, March of Koala in Creamy Cafe Latte flavor, Ninja Meshi for making smarter ninjas, Sushi Gummy, Fusen no Mi and more.
Totoro Round 2-tier Bento Box w/Chopsticks  Clover
More Totoro Bento Boxes from Japan We love carrying Totoro bento, and take our jobs very seriously. Click here to see today's new and restocked Ghibli bento box items.
Suitcase Style Bento Box with Elastic Band  Microwave and Dishwasher safe without Lid
Cool Modern Bento Boxes Restocked, Too Take your bento everywhere and never worry about making a mess, with great styles and characters that can only be found in Japan.
Pikachu Silicon Cake Mold 2pcs  Pokemon
Pikachu Silicon Cake Mold, Bento Cup Mold And speaking of fun lunches, these silicon molds will let you shape your favorite snacks into cute Pikachu heads. Works on cakes, ice cubs, and more!
Kawaii Animal Die-cut  Bento Sauce Bottle
Kawaii Animal Die-cut Bento Sauce Bottle  When life gives you lemons, make a beautiful bento lunch with soy sauce or other condiments in these cute little sauce bottles. Big restocking today.
IROHA KARUTA  Japanese Kotowaza Card Game
Authentic 'Karuta' Cards, Harisen and More See fresh stock of our popular karuta cards, a traditional Japanese game that teaches you hiragana and wisdom. Also, harisen fans for comedic head-smashing.
Women's Modern Sakura Kimono
Restocked Kimonos, Yukatas and More Don't forget our superior selection of traditional fashion products lovers of Japanese fashion will want to own. For both Men and Women.
Sena Kashiwazaki  Kobato Hasegawa Figure Set Twin Pack  Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai *Preorder*
Kawaii Haganai Figures *Preorder* Befriend two kawaii girls with this great Haganai miniature set. Features arrogant beauty Sena and gothic lolita Kobato. Irresistible!
Kanu Uncho  1/6 Figure  IKKI TOUSEN XX **Preorder**
Kanu Uncho 1/6 Figure ~ IKKI TOUSEN *Preorder* One of anime's sexiest babes is getting a new figure release. Don't miss this opportunity for yet more delicious Kanu Uncho.
Rinon Vinyl Collector's Doll  Ano Natsu de Matteru **Preorder**
Rinon Vinyl Doll ~ AnoNatsu *Preorder* And if you're a fan of AnoNatsu, you'll want to check out this adorable vinyl doll of Ichika's loyal companion, Rinon.
Miu Takanashi Nendoroid Figure *Preorder*
Other Kawaii Anime Figures Finally, we have this fabulous selection of moe figures. See Ikaros, PapaKiki's Miu, Tomo from Horizon, and catgirls Kobato and Maria.
Love Story -- Ai Shinozaki
Love Story ~ Ai Shinozaki You can't pass up checking out this new photobook, featuring Ai from the Japanese idol group AeLL, posing in tiny bikinis and more.
Dengeki Otona no Moeoh vol. 01
Dengeki Otona no Moeoh vol. 01 Next, check out the great new magazine from Dengeki, the new place to find all your 18+ moe and bishoujo characters, series, eroge and more.
PIECES 8  Wild Wet West -- Masamune Shirow ** preorder **
PIECES 8 ~ Wild Wet West ~ Masamune Shirow * preorder * Shirow Masamune is a legend in the manga world, and today we've got his amazing Pieces 8 artbook, filled with his recent illustrated works.
Bubble Shake Onahole Toy  'Real Type'
Popular Onahole Toys Restocked From the popular Bubble Shake series to the exotic feel of Fera Zoma and Airi Himekawa "Air Doll," we've got great products for you.
Greatest Stroker II
Greatest Stroker II is Back in Stock Not your regular stress toy here. This motorized toy is sure to add an extra level of relaxation for men looking for a release. SCIENCE!
Huge Restocking of Personal Massagers Every girl needs a break at the end of the day, and we've restocked our most popular "rotar" [sic] vibrators plus PLESTO and UNICORN.
Demonbane *preorder*
Today's Recommended Eroge Demonbane is a fabulous game you should get now, perhaps while you preorder the other two Nitroplus titles we've got posted?
Kaminoyu ~ God's Hot Spring The latest game from developer light (Dies Irae, Soranica Ele) is a fun romp through a hot spring full of cute girls, each with a sexy secret!
Strawberry Nauts
Fun Eroge Titles Restocked Enjoy some restocked import games too, including Kamidori Alchemy Meister, the sweet love story of Strawberry Nauts, Rance Quest and Dies Irae.