Friday, July 13, 2012

Verbing Weirds Language

The Japanese can be quite creative when it comes to playing with words, whether it's coming up with an advertising slogan like "Shall We Sapporo Beer?" or making textbooks called "Let's English!" or Japan's leading cellular phone company changing its name from DoCoMo to DOCOMO (all caps). They also keep their language fresh by constantly adding new words, some of which come from English, although they're often adapted for easier use by shoehorning them into Japanese grammar. Since most Japanese verbs end in -ru, there's a tendency to make slang words by tacking on this ending, which creates interesting hybrids like memoru (to take a memo), daburu (to be duplicated, from "double"), misuru (miss + ru, to miss an answer or get an answer wrong on a test) or baguru (bug + ru, to get a bug in your software). Just as "to google" has become a verb in English, the unofficial word for "to search using Google" in Japanese is guguru, used by almost all Internet users. Another example of this trend is the English word "trouble," which is converted into the slang verb toraburu meaning "to get into trouble," which inspired the title for To LOVE-ru. To quote Calvin & Hobbes, "verbing weirds language."

Kinder Capitalism

I've written before about how, although Japan is a capitalist country in which companies complete with each other to win customers, somehow things are done in a way that's cooperative, too. Panasonic never goes out of their way to kill a product that's important to Sony, and when Mitsubishi enters a new market, they don't try to undercut customers of a competing product from Fuji Heavy Industries. When we find a new distributor whose products we want to carry, we assume they'll be happy to sell to us, but instead they ask us if we're already being served by another distributor to avoid the appearance that they're "stealing" us away from a competitor. This "kinder, gentler" Capitalism takes other forms as well. When we finally got a fast fiber Internet connection at J-List, I was ready to get a dedicated connection installed although it cost more. But the technician at NTT recommended that I try the cheaper shared line option first, and only upgrade later if I needed more speed, saving me lots of money and making me very grateful.

Companies in Japan are run in a kinder, gentler way.

Thoughts on Japanese Sameness

Japan is, by and large, quite a homogeneous place. I've traveled from Sapporo to Okinawa and have seen much of the country, but except for regional differences in food, dialect and weather-dictated architecture, it's surprising how uniform modern Japan can be. An elementary school in Tokyo is very likely to look similar to one in Niigata and Kagoshima, and things like roads are apt to be pretty much the same no matter where you go, too. It's not like in the U.S., where culture on the two coasts can be as different as night and day, with large, easy-to-heat school buildings in Maryland and sprawling, open schools in California, and funny things called "turnpikes" in Pennsylvania (I never figured out what those were, since we don't have them in California). In some ways, the monoculture that you see in Japan extends to the people, too. This is a country where 98% of the population seems to believe, without ever having a conscious thought on the subject, that they are of identical stock, with black hair and "black" eyes (they mean brown, but always say black for some reason). In reality, there is quite a lot of variation in the features of Japanese people: lighter colored hair, differently shaped faces, more or less body hair, eyes that are more narrow (hitoe, eyelids with one crease in them, vs futae, eyelids with two creases), and so on. While people here would be insulted if you suggested that "all Japanese look alike" to foreigners (although I've been mistaken for other gaijin more times than I can count), the tendency for people here to think of all Japanese as coming from the same stock is a useful social engine sometimes called the Myth of Japanese Uniformity. The idea is, since the Japanese don't "see" differences in their own people, they can get along on a more even plane without a lot of discrimination, which is good for a country that values harmony like this one.

An example of hitoe, or single-crease eyelids.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012

We're here at the San Diego Comic-Con, the most excellent place to be if you love comics, anime, sci-fi movies and TV and other forms of popular culture. We're having a blast in booths 128-129, all the way at the end of the room in "Anime Alley" (it's our usual spot if you've visited us before), selling lots of T-shirts and visual novels (including School Days, of course), handing out Japanese pocket tissues and shaking hands with our awesome customers. If you're at the show, stop by and say konnichi wa!

We're having fun at the San Diego Comic-con!

Fun Nyanpire Products from Japan

The Japanese onomatopoeia for "meow" is nyan, and the newest nyan in Japan is Nyanpire, who is basically a cute cat vampire with a little goth-loli cross and everything. He's the most irresistibly kawaii cat since Nyancat, and our customers love him. Click to see the most popular Nyanpire bento boxes, coffee cups, plush toys and other items on the site now!

Cool Products Thursday, July 12, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
Megami Magazine Aug. 2012
Amazing Anime Magazines You know what's better than a great anime magazine from Japan? One overflowing with free stuff, like Megami and NyanType's posters.
goth Bible Reserve Subscription
Fashion & Cosplay Magazines, Too We also stock the best anime, fashion, cosplay and other magazines via revolving monthly subscriptions. Get the magazines you love sent every month!
Horse Head Mask US **Preorder**
That Horse Head is Back We got that amazing Japanese horse head mask back in stock, great for photobombing people and creating Internet memes. In stock at Comicon too.
High School Briefcase Bookbag
Popular School Book Bag, Other Cosplay Items We restocked our legendary Japanese Leather School Briefcase, as seen in anime for decades, plus other gorgeous cosplay items from Japan.
J-List T-shirt  I Love Shimapan
J-List T-shirt ~ I Love Shimapan "I was wearing the Shimapan T-shirt I got from J-List, and a random person came up and gave me a high-five." Stories like this warm our hearts.
Japanese Anime T-Shirt -- Bad Apple
Touhou Products from J-List Enjoy fun Touhou products from J-List, including our popular "Bad Apple" T-shirt, plus the official manga, figures, and the games themselves.
Intron Depot 5 BATTALION  Shirow Masamune **preorder**
Intron Depot 5 BATTALION ~ Shirow Masamune The long-anticipated fifth book to the Intron Depot series is here, and we've got it in stock now. Shirow is our favorite ecchi artist in the world.
SANRIO Cinnamonroll Kanji Practice Notebook  84 Squares
Hiragana Practice Notebooks, More In Stock We stock dozens of tools to help you learn Japanese, from the Moekana flashcards to notebooks that help you practice your writing. Browse now.
Study English with Haruhi 2  The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -- Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu de Eitango Ge
Study Japanese with Haruhi Study English with Haruhi, with the bilingual Haruhi novel books we restocked today. Compare both languages side-by-side!
NEO CRITZ 2 Way Pen Case  Transform Into Penstand
Stylish and Kawaii Pen Cases Restocked We carry popular pens and related products from Japan, and always have something you never expected to see. Click to check out our selection.
Let's Make Eraser with Microwave  Chocolate
'Let's Make Eraser with Microwave' Japan loves its erasers, that's for sure. See a big restocking of the fun erasers you make yourself using the microwave and included molds. We have these at the con too.
BUB Cool 12pcs   Summer Limited Healthy Sparkling Bath Tablet   Mint Scent
BUB Cool Fizzing Bath Tablets for Summer These are fun: BUB fizzing bath tablets which make you cool instead of warm, a great way to wash away the summer sweat and feel great.
Totoro Watermelon -- Mosquito Repellant Coil Holder
Mosquito Coil Holders, Other Things for Summer We love carrying iconic products for summer, and the katori senko mosquito coil holders are among our favorites.
Japanese Barley Tea - Mugi Cha - Summer Drink Ocha
Japanese Barley Tea - Mugi Cha Another great way to make summer special is by drinking mugi cha, the barley tea that all Japanese love to drink. Very healthy! Makes 32 liters of cold tea.
UCC Canned Coffee  Rei Ayanami Evangelion Figure Set New Evanglion Movie 'Q'
We Love Anime Snacks & Drinks We carry many fun products for anime fans to eat or drink, like the UCC Coffee + figure sets, which we reduced the price of today.
Kyoto Candy Bento
Kyoto Candy Bento w/ Kompeito! We love these traditional kompeito star-shaped candies that make a candy bento box for you. Click to see our other traditional candies too.
Fuwarinka Gum Rose Flavor New!
We [heart] Japanese Gum We carry a great variety of Japanese chewing and bubble gum, including the Fuwarinka Rose Essence gum, so much win.
Pokemon Pokeball Bento Lunch Box  Best Wishes!
Amazing Bento Boxes from Japan We love it when anime and bento come together, and we love the Pokemon Bento Box (ball...?) a lot. Browse our selection now.
Easy Microwave Rice Cooker  Steamer with Shamoji
Popular Microwave Rice, Spaghetti Cookers Now you can steam food in the microwave! These innovative cookers let you make rice, spaghetti, and more with maximum speed and convenience.
OMUSUBIYAMA Seaweed  Salmon  Colorful Flavor ONIGIRI Mix
Fun Bento & Kitchen Accessories See the most popular kitchen items, including great furikake powdered rice for eating over steamed rice. It's delicious in bento or anywhere.
My Japanese Table
Japanese Cookbooks and Bento Books Learn how to make all the delicious dishes that can be found in Japan, all detailed and beautifully photographed in this wonderful book.
Ishigaki Takoyaki Pan set
Ishigaki Takoyaki Pan set You can depend on J-List to bring you amazing takoyaki products, like the new Octopus Ball cooker we posted.
Mini Magic Sakura Tree
Fun Traditional Products from Japan J-List carries hundreds of traditional products, including the Mini Magic Sakura Tree, a little sakura tree that blooms on your desk.
Super Pose Book
Awesome Photobooks For You We are dedicated to carrying great photobooks on the site, and sock hundreds of items. Click to see the selection now.
KAN -- Satoshi Urushihara illustrations ** preorder **
Super Awesome Ero Artbooks Enjoy the most amazing 2D artbooks, including the ecchi works from Satoshi Urushihara and the other greats of the industry.
 Hana Parody Toy
Restocked Anime-Themed Onaholes, Lotion Stress toys that parody famous anime characters are fun, and we've got a lot of amazing items for you to check out. Click to browse now.
New Air Dutch Dolls -- Sayaka Ver. (Horse-Riding Type)
Air Dutch Dolls & Related Fun Products Enjoy fun "Air Dutch" (apologies to our friends in The Netherlands), with several dolls restocked, along with "Sweat Scent of Virgin Spray" if you like.
A10 Cyclone
A10 Cyclone & Starter Set Stress Relief System The most famous stress relief toys ever is the A10 Cyclone series by Rends, which promises to bring more stress relief than you can possibly imagine.
Restocked Tenga Flip Hole The most popular Tenga stress toys have been restocked, including the Tenga Flip Hole, which will, we can say from experience, change your life for the better.
Tsubu Tsubu Lotion
Amazing Personal Lotion from Japan Spice up your private time with our selection of personal lotions, including varieties specially formulated to increase your moe moe kyun.
School Days HQ
School Days HQ School Days is the most amazing eroge ever, with full animation, 13 mb install size, and 21 endings to explore with much more development than the anime.
Casual Romance Club
Special Price on Casual Romance Club The only English-language eroge published in Japan is nearly out of print, and we're helping it by offering a special price this month. Collectors take note!
STARLESS *Preorder*
Restocked 'H' Games from Japan, Too See great restocked eroge today too, including Starless, Mahjong Dream Club, Touch Shiyou, DC III and Muramasa.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Funny Words in Japanese

One of the first things you do when learning a foreign language is, of course, to investigate all the "naughty" words. But this usually isn't too exciting in the case of Japanese, as the language lacks the satisfying range of curse words and anatomical references you find in English. Most of the "bad" words aren't even that bad, with the "s" word (which is kuso in case you were curious) used regularly on Japanese children's shows, and the average insults being along the lines of baka! "Stupid!" or kono sashimi yaro! "You cold fish without rice!" (Actually that last one was a joke.) Instead of focusing on the naughty words, some students instead find themselves giggling over words that sound "goofy" to the English ear for one reason or another. One such word I encountered early on was the word for "sometimes," toki-doki, written using the kanji for "time" twice. The word sounded so similar to "okee-dokee" that I couldn't stop using it in every sentence, to the great annoyance of my Japanese teacher. Some other Japanese words that stood out because of the way they sound included haha, which means "my mother"; ware-ware (WAH-reh WAH-reh), a formal word meaning "we"; doki-doki, the sound of your heart beating in anticipation of something; and mokkori, which is defined as the sound something makes when it protrudes or sticks out suddenly (i.e. pitching a tent).

Baka (stupid) is about the strongest insult that exists in Japanese.

Why do Peanut Butter Cheerios Exist?

Since I don't live in the U.S. full time, but only come over for the summer for Anime Expo and the San Diego Comicon, I sometimes notice things in the U.S. that I might not pick up on if I were here year-round. When prices of the things I buy go up or down I generally notice it, and when some new slang word becomes popular suddenly -- this trip I've visited several restaurants in San Diego where the staff calls me "boss," e.g. "sure boss, that'll be $9.50, boss" -- it tends to stand out to me. Whenever I go to the supermarket, I know I'm likely to see several random new variations on familiar products, like Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale, or Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch, or the new Peanut Butter Cheerios.

I always find strange new foods when I visit the U.S.

A New Gaijin Registration System for Japan

Some changes are coming for foreigners living in Japan, which will be welcome indeed. Gaijin -- the word literally means "outsiders" -- living in Japan must naturally be registered with the Japanese government, and since 1952 foreigners have been issued an "alien registration card" which records the pertinent information Japanese officials might need access to. Now this card is going away, replaced by a streamlined ID card that embeds various information about the cardholder in an IC chip. The new cards go out of their way to abolish the word "alien" (which a lot of people disliked) fingerprint information is also kept out of the registry system entirely (since it made honest foreigners feel like criminals). The new registration system brings many improvements, including increasing the length of stay for most types of visa-holders and ending the requirements that zainichi ("residing in Japan") Koreans and Chinese, were were born in Japan but maintain Korean and Chinese citizenship for cultural and/or political reasons, carry ID cards at all. Best of all, the "re-entry stamps" most foreign residents had to get before leaving the country (which required a day waiting in line at the local immigration office and cost $60 a year) are eliminated. The goal of the new system is to make gaijin feel more welcome in Japan and hopefully reverse the trend for foreigners leaving, just as the country needs them most.

A new foreigner registration system for Japan.

J-List will be at San Diego Comicon!

J-List will be at the San Diego Comicon, in our usual spot (booths 128-129), all the way down in the "Anime Alley" section of the dealers' room. Our booth will be well stocked with excellent anime and kanji T-shirts, our visual novels and eroge (including both versions of School Days), plush toys, TENGA stress toys, manga, and other random products. If you'll be at the show, be sure and come by and say hello! And for those who can't make it to the show, we've got a nice surprise: during the show, we're offering 2x J-List Points on all visual novels and eroge titles when purchased through the website!

Amazing Anime Magazines from J-List

At J-List we love anime magazines, because the anime magazines that Japan makes are so gorgeous to look at. Each is filled with beautiful visual images of the newest anime series, and all are heavy with omake (oh-MAH-kay), Japanese for "free stuff," like the many posters you can find in Newtype, NyanType and Megami Magazine. In addition to selling single issues, we have popular revolving monthly subscriptions -- you can get each issue sent to you charged month-to-month, with no need to prepay and you can cancel or change magazines at any time. Click to see the top anime, manga and moe magazines from Japan.

Cool Products Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here are today's "really cool products" that I've picked out for you, out of the 30+ new items we've added to the J-List and sites today. Note that some products may be "not safe for work" but that all links will allow you to redirect yourself either to the J-List or websites. To see all the J-List products, check out J-List or the updated products link.
NyanType Aug 2012
Another awesome issue of NyanType, the anime magazine that, like Megami Magazines, showers awesome omake (free stuff) on you. This issue is an especially wonderful one, loaded with an amazng 18 gorgeous original posters from the top anime series in Japan today, featuring Nanoha A's and Nanoha Force, Accel World, Dog Days, Nyarko, Is This a Zombie and more. Don't miss out!
View products »
Newtype Aug 2012
Newtype Aug 2012 Another great Newtype, the Moving Pictures Magazine, for your source on the hottest anime in Japan today, always packed with great stuff (as usual)!
Otomedia Aug 2012
Otomedia Aug 2012 Catch up with the hottest characters in anime today in a new issue of Otomedia! Tons of cool art and exclusive info for otaku girls everywhere.
Quartery Pixiv vol. 09
Quarterly Pixiv vol. 09 The Quarterly Pixiv is here, the archival magazine of all things modern art and digital design, packed with pages and pages of gorgeous illustrations.
Necomimi Nerowear **Preorder**
Necomimi Nerowear *Preorder* The closet thing to having real cat ears is almost ready for the worldwide release. The ears read your brain waves and move in response!
JK egg vol. 02
JK egg vol. 02 JK Egg is the little sister of Egg magazine, the super popular gyaru fashion and culture magazine, for High School Girls. Super cute fashions to be found here!
Japanese Bosozoku Biker Jacket  Black (Tenka Muteki)
Japanese Rebel Jackets Become the ultimate concert going JPOP fan with an authentic Bosozoku style jacket for men. So cool!
Zettai Ryoiki Long Knee-Socks
Sexy Cosplay Products Restocked We've got some fun cosplay products restocked, from those elegant over-knee socks to cute <>pantsu that the Japanese love.
Japanese School Swimsuits  Skirt type
School Swimsuit, Cat Girl Outfit & More Also: the legendary <>sukumizu (school swimsuit) for cosplay or, you know, swimming, plus the Gothic Lolita Cat Girl maid uniform.
VOCALOID Leak Folding Fan
VOCALOID Leak Folding Fan Get cool this summer with a fan designed for Miku fans. It's so much fun to wave it around and keep cool.
Project DIVA Presents  Miku Hatsune 39's Giving Day  (Blu-ray Disc)
Hatsune Miku Concert Blu-rays, Nice! Get caught up on the world's hottest digital idol, or continue collecting her kawaii goods. We have something for all levels of leekgirl fans.
Kriska Barchenowa 1/7 Figure -Guren-  Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse *Preorder*
Kriska Figure - Muv-Luv Total Eclipse There's Muv-Luv in the air these days, and we've posted the gorgeous figure that will be perfect when Christmas rolls around in a few months.
Hatsune Miku Yumimiru Kotori Figure  Mikumo Original Collection 06 **Preorder**
Mikumo Original Collection #06 Enjoy this unique and amazing take on Miku, in a very traditional Japanese geisha outfit. This is truly the spirit of Japan. Now in stock.
Yukiko Amagi Nendoroid Figure  Persona 4 **Preorder**
Yukiko Amagi Nendoroid Figure ~ Persona 4 Show your love for Persona 4's Yukiko with this cute Nendoroid. Comes with everything you need to find a pose that will fill you with moe feelings.
Persona 4 Can Pen Case A Yu Narukami **Preorder**
Persona 4 Can Pen Cases We stock lots of Persona products, and have restocked the awesome Persona 4 pen cases, which all fans should be using.
Aim for the Top GUNBUSTER 2  Blu-ray Box Complete Edition (Blu-ray Disc)
GUNBUSTER 2 ~ Blu-ray Complete Edition Those familiar with Hideki Anno, best known for Evangelion, will have fond memories of his classic Gunbusters. Get the sequel to the story, now in perfect HD!
Spirited Away Hanafuda
Spirited Away Hanafuda These are the coolest thing in the world as far as I'm concerned: a traditional card game played in Kyoto for centuries, now in Ghibli form.
Kaomoji Sweets Mascot set (Full Set of 10)
Kaomoji Sweets Mascot set (Full Set of 10) Kawaii mini companions for you to snuggle with at home, on the train, or in your car, all shaped like popular Japanese sweets.
3D Cake Shop Origami  Folding Paper
Amazing Origami from Japan Origami is awesome Japanese folded paper art, and we've restocked several items for you, including 3D Cake Shop Origami and more.
Ichinichi 15 Fun no kanji Renshu (Ge)  Fifteen Minutes a Day Kanji Practice (Volume Two)
Fifteen Minutes a Day Kanji Practice, More See various restocked Japanese study products, and today we have the popular "15 Minutes a Day Kanji" series and more.
The Ghost in the Shell -- Bilingual comic
Bilingual Manga Restocked Another fun way to study Japanese is to read "bilingual" manga like the popular Ghost in the Shell manga, which has both English and Japanese on the page.
Hokkaido Premium Sake Caramel (Set of 3)
Hokkaido Premium Sake Caramel (Set of 3) Experience the authentic flavor of Hokkaido sake in a fun candy package. A fun treat to share at parties and special summer events.
Morinaga Milk Caramel Japanese Snack Candy Treats
Restocked Snacks, Too Enjoy the "official" milk caramels of the Totoro plus Hi-Chew in new flavors, Meiji Poiful jellybeans, Ramune Bottle Candy & Bontan Ame (with a wrapper you can eat since it's made of rice).
Panda 3D 2 Tier Bento Box w/ Elastic Band   Usagi
Panda 3D 2 Tier Bento Box w/ Elastic Band ~ Usagi And keep your food yummy and delicious inside a protective cute panda bear, complete with separate boxes to keep flavors fresh. Cutest bento ever!
Genuine Lacquered Miso Soup Bowl Style Bento Box  Rabbit
Traditional Bento Boxes Restocked Big restocking of bento boxes for traditional bento fans too. The Miso Soup Bowl Bento Box, Onigiri Style Bento Box and more.
Kawaii Animal Die-cut  Bento Sauce Bottle
Kawaii Animal Die-cut Bento Sauce Bottle  We love the little soy sauce bottles for bento enthusiasts, and carry any we encounter here in Japan. I love selling stuff like this!
Animal Chocolate Pocky Stick Silicon Mold w/ microwave  Oven
Pocky Decoration Molds and More! Japan is having a "silicon mold boom" right now, and today we've restocked our awesome chocolate molds for decorating Pocky!
Yellow Wing Lucky Owl Mini Display  Economic Fortune
Yellow Wing Lucky Owl Mini Display w/Kanji Bring along a lucky owl to give yourself an edge on getting money, love, success or happiness. Click to see these cute owl friends from Japan!
Lacquered Paulownia Geta / Block Check
Lacquered Paulownia Geta / Block Check Get into the summer mood with some amazing footwear form the Edo period of Ninjas and Samurai.
Mini Kinun OMAMORI  Fortune
Other Traditional Products Restocked See traditional <>omamori good luck charms, plus a Japanese comb carved out of a single piece of wood in Japanese style and more.
Airu Furi Furi Mascot Keychain w/Poogy  Monster Hunter **Preorder**
Monster Hunter Products Posted We love Monster Hunter and stock everything we can on the site. See the fun keychains, which we just got in stock today.
Evangelion EVA01 Chopsticks  **Preorder**
Evangelion EVA01 Chopsticks ~ *Preorder* The mark of the true Evangelion fan is a pair of stylish collector's chopsticks modeled after your favorite EVA unit!
Yagi Akumako (Black Goat Daughter) 1/6 Figure  **Preorder**
Yagi Akumako (Black Goat Daughter) 1/6 Figure *Preorder* From figure maker Beat, take home the stunning Yagi Akumako and Hyper Nurse V from the mind of Inoue Junichi.
Dalian 1/8 Figure  Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian  **Preorder**
Dalian from Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian This beautiful 1/8 scale figure of Dalian, the moe and tsundere gothic Biblioprincess, ready for preorder now.
Sci-fi Revoltech No.010 Woody  Toy Story
Naughty Woody is Coming Back The "Woody" action figure is coming back, so hide your other figures, since this is the Revoltech that spawned the infamous "Perverted Woody" meme.
X bomb bomb -- HITOMI 1st photobook (3000 limited)
Gorgeous Photobooks Restocked See limited stock of the popular photobook of Hitomi, the red-hot JAV star with the amazing oppai, plus Machiko Ono and more.
Tangerine Treacle Limited Edition
Tangerine Treacle Limited Edition Follow the erotic stories of Momona and Seiyu, a young student couple who enjoy their first sex experiences together. By Renri Suzudama.
Cure Girl - Coffee Kizoku Artworks
Amazing Artbooks Restocked Enjoy some amazing erotic art with this artbook from the popular moe eroge Cure Girl plus the thought-provoking artbook "Hell."
Tamaki Kousaka 1/7 Figure Vacation ver. White Pearl Color  Toheart2 *Preorder*
Tamaki Kousaka Figure Vacation *Preorder* Toheart2 always captures our attention, with the very sexy character designs. This figure is just candy like candy for your eyes. Delicious!
ATS 48  Teen Style Hole -- Saki
ATS 48 ~ Cute Onahole for Idol Lover Uniforms and College student lovers will love this new Onahole series that will relieve your stress pretty handily. Great for AKB48 fans.
Cutie Hip with Shimapan
Fun Products for Super Sonico and Shimapan Fans We also restocked popular love doll products including the Super Sonico toys, featuring a doll that can wear real <>shimapan and heal you.
Twins Sister Sandwich  Chihiro
Twins Sister Sandwich Onahole + Pantsu This popular onahole series is back. It even comes with shimapan in the box for extra realism, plus lotion and an ero sound CD.
Panchira Office Lady -- Usual Panty with the Scent of Office Lady  White M
Ero-Kawaii Cosplay Products For yourself or your friend, see our restocked OL pantsu plus the popular striped "over knee socks" from Tamatoys. Smokin' hot!
FAULT!! SERVICE  Become king of the courts in this new eroge from Ciel-soft. One of the best games ever, and you can order it now!
Awesome Import Eroge Restocked, Too See some great restocked import H-games too, including Those Who Are Sung, Custom Ai-Droid, Artificial Academy plus Shiny Days, the sequel to School Days!
Be Boy Gold Aug 2012
Be Boy Gold Aug 2012 More B-Boy action for yaoi fans! With over 300 pages of delicious boy on boy romance, you'll want to take this magazine home.
Puella Magi Cosplay Best Collection HD 4 Hours (Blu-ray Disc)
Puella Magi Cosplay HD A fantastic production for cosplay sex fans and those who enjoy adult parodies, featuring Madoka costumes worn by the best JAV stars!
Yuma Asami 200 Sex 20 Hours ***5 Discs  20 Hours***
Yuma Asami 200 Sex 20 Hours Yuma Asami fans, don't miss the ultimate best-of your favorite actress. From Alice Japan, this 5 DVD box features 20 hours of sex action Yuma-chin!
Ecstasy Hot Dog Stand 6
Ecstasy Hot Dog Stand 6 The sweet Haruki Sato and Kana Oohori take on a naughty part-time job, in which they'll be made to serve hot dogs to customers while being fondled and much more from behind.
Lesbian  When a Woman Loves a Woman
Lesbian ~ When a Woman Loves a Woman From the Lady label, here's a new delicious lesbian release featuring Megumi Shino and Nozomi Hazuki.