Monday, March 18, 2013

Thinking About Anime Logic

I've got a few hobbies, including reciting lines from all Tom Hanks movies in a Forrest Gump voice and trolling the Budweiser Lime Facebook page by telling them what "BL" means to most of us. I'm also a fan of analyzing anime logic, the unique set of physical rules that apply in anime but nowhere else. Like the way eyebrows happily exist on top of hair, or the strange properties of light that cause it to bend around the glasses of a meganekko character so we can see their large, expressive eyes even if the frames are in the way. Everyone can be clumsy at times, but only in anime do characters fall down in such as way as to accidentally kiss another character, or come in contact with their pantsu. Anime hair colors may seem random at first, but they follow several establishes patterns, with red hair being matched with fiery-spirited characters, blue for "pure" characters who are usually naive, gray/silver for characters who hide a mysterious secret or power, etc. Still, it's odd that some characters are perceived as being "foreign" (and possibly scary) based on hair color, like Kodaka from I Have Few Friends, yet no one wonders about a "Japanese" girl with luxurious blonde hair (Sena from the same show). Perhaps the strangest aspect of anime is how boring, mild-mannered males always end up with a half-dozen cute girls romantically in orbit around them -- maybe someone who's better at math than me can write an equation describing the attractive force produced by the main character in a harem anime so the rest of us can try to get in on it.

It's fun to deconstruct the physical laws of anime.